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"DGT is exactly what we Afrikans all need!"
— Mascell Senior via email

"My name is Tre'Von Quinn and just by reading this I want u to become my teacher off top! I learned the truth of the little bit of info that u talked about from a documentary called Hebrews...but its a lot of Shit that I didn't know that is on this website... And it straight got me thinking, like forreal. I love my African people.... It just does something to my heart when I see truth about our history....and not just history...its the art work/black beauty...keep spreading the knowledge... The truth my brother from the same mother. and her name is Africa!!"
— Jordan Quinn via email

"This site right here got more jewels than Zales!!! This brother has done some serious research and I have been peeping it for a few years now. Check it out."
— Clarence Tad Cromwell via email

"I have been reading DGTZ since the late 1990's and I can truly commend you on helping me awake and to show my students that their history is rich, deep and hidden. Many of my students subscribe to your magazine today. Thanks much brother, love and blessings. Hotep."
— Tatia Biddle via email

"I remember when you first started I lived in Brooklyn on Halsey Street and used to go to Soul rebel do you remember those days? I still have a couple copies from back then."
— Agnes FreeSpirit via Facebook

"I've been reading articles for hours. I especially enjoyed the 9 question inner-view, if your site had like a "if you're new to this start here section" this definitely should be the first piece listed. I got a better understanding of what, better yet who Da Ghetto Tymz is really about...the history and purpose of your process in becoming aware."
— Darline Romain via Facebook

"When I first laid eyes on the cover of your magazine I was impressed with the artwork! I am an avid lover of abstract art and understood what it is you meant by the popular words, "Wake Up." Your depiction of knowledge of self being underground was also ingenious. I've watched DGT emerge from colored paper with no graphics to pages with impressionable drawings as well as layouts! Keep up the good work!"
— Kenny Johnson, Strong Island, NY

"Thank you for sharing Da Ghetto Tymz with me. I commend you on your efforts to impact the psyches of our people in a meaningful way. I read your article with considerable interest and found them to be worthwhile. Please keep up the good work of bringing the message of empowerment to our people. Best wishes for continued success."
— Dr. Na'im Akbar, Author of 'Chains & Images of Psychological Slavery'

"I am a recent subscriber to your magazine. I read the piece on the Statue of Liberty. I must say, I was totally unaware of the origin and I live in New York! I went to the Museum of the City of New York and saw for myself the original statue! I now question every element that makes up this society we call "America" and hold them suspect of plagiarism! Thank you for making this information available to the public. I can't envision any other African-American publication having the courage as your magazine has!"
— Soul Sister, Brooklyn, NY

"Ancestor Listervelt Middleton wrote, "Look around you Black child, your history is everywhere, so sharpen your eyes, tune your eyes, so you'll know what you see, understand what you hear." In M'Bwebe's 'Versus series', he reminds us of just how true those words are."
— Bro. Kwasi via email

"I remember back in the day, even down on the campus of Norfolk State (BEHOLD!), brothas and sistas were read'n Da Ghetto Tymz. Congratulations on your perseverance, bro! "
— Bomani Howze via Facebook

"Congrats Brother! Love your work! You have my support."
— Djehuti Khepra Amun via Facebook

"20 years?!?!!! Man!!! I think I still have some of my original paper printed issues! congrats man!"
— Sewra owner of Waistbeads.com

"This site is in the A+ class of sites in the world. You, your team and the information are a definite benefit to the quest for Afrikan Liberation on this planet. I will definitely continue to follow and refer back to."
— R.R. White via email

"I was reading your eBlasts yesterday and I got sucked in... DEEP. Your website is SO fruitful M'Bwebe, and theres ALOT of things I'm learning. wow! I was trynna figure out what YT meant. But I found it cuz I juss kept reading. Its like a puzzle. I read the hidden history, and then theres a link within that reading, click on that, connect the dots, keep on reading... and it goes on and on and on...."
— IRose Understanding-Earth via Facebook

"ThAnkhs for the many articles you've done! You're a great writer!"
— Gabrielle Burgos via Facebook

"Greetings, Just wanted to let you know, I have been listening to some of your shows and reading your articles. I must say you are an intelligent brother. I hope some of the positive energy bonded with the wisdom and consciousness flows this way. Thanks"
— JeVon Harvin via FaceBook

"You're the truth Bro!"
— Larry O'Neal Jr. via Facebook

"I've been a fan of your work for a few years now. I own a few of your T-shirts(which I took with me to Kemet) and I share your Vids and the Book with quite a few of my friends. Keep up the good work. Much Respect! Ankh Uja Seneb!"
— Ryan Chapple via Facebook

"I love your site! Its so rich in content, I don't know where to start! I am feline' it! I have also subscribed."
— Tama'Re Shante via Facebook

"Very informative. You're the one that stopped me from cooking with canola oil!"
— Sahasrara Aten Ra via Facebook

"I love Da Ghetto Tymz!!!! Bought T-shirts and all and I love your book, Analitikul Cogitationz!!
— Tashamee Trotter via Facebook

"Peace Brotha Ishangi. Those videos on DGTv are great! WOW! So much great info, those are things our people need to think about. Thought envoking, Please keep it coming!"
— Ariadne Abena Joseph via Facebook

"I've spent quite some time checking out your pieces. I'd love to see a live lecture. Much respect to your work on the Boule society - I've had many heated discussions about the origins of "black" fraternities."
— Jazz Lee via Facebook

"Very impressive writing. I found myself up at 3am reading work."
— Mary Taylor via Facebook

"I read and listened to some of your work on DGTv. I will say I am completely impressed. I admire your work and dedication to making your ideas and thoughts truly manifested into ur wonderful website. You kept it real simple. This will be a favorable success…"
— IRose Understanding-Earth via Facebook

"I love wat u doin with da ghetto tymz. Jus wana say keep goin'. You've really opened my eyes and gave me a better overstanding on things I've questioned for yrs!"
— Theo N. Taylor via Facebook

"I have enjoyed everything you have ever chose to bring to the light. Keep on keeping on Brother."
— All Eye Seer via Facebook,

"I just started visiting this site and find myself deeply engrossed in the Tymz. I almost missed a mid term exam because I couldn't tear myself away at five in the a.m.! Thank you for taking the time with this message."
— Erica Gibson via email

"I came across DGT about 1.5 years ago while looking up a word on the internet. The information I came across had to do with the Boule’, the knock off version of the Skull & Bones. Until then I had not heard of them even though I had researched the Skull& Bones society and other people and their connection to masonry. I know that there are other brothers and sisters out there who are on a quest for the light but I have not run into to many either in person or cyber-space, so I am happy to know that their is a website dedicated on exposing the hidden truth about the world we live in. I wish all of yall Peace and a long life!"
— Clint Askew, Jr. via email

"Uhuru. One of your articles made me stop eating meat “cold turkey!” This was 5 yearz ago! Give thanks for putting out the information."
— Lizz Straight via email

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This is DaGhettoTymz.com's Viral Video Verses Vault (V4), where supporterz have sent their thoughts on DGT dispersing Afrikan-centered information for 20 yearz!

Using your smartphone camera, you can record a 1-minute message on anything you'd like to share about your DGT experience like:

1) What are some of the articles or Video Articles on DGTv you like most that appeared in our magazine or website?

2) What does DGT mean to you? What has it inspired you to do?

3) Is there anything you read or heard (audiobooks, inner-viewz) in DGT or DGTv that had an effect on you?

4) Or just well wishes for providing dome-splitting content for 20 yearz!

To send in a video, follow these steps:

a) Record your up to 1-minute clip.

b) Email your recorded video to: info@daghettotymz.com (NOTE: If file too big to send via email, you can use large upload sites like Dropbox, SendSpace & YouSendit). Don't worry about editing, we will handle that. Just make sure you have good lighting and audio; and,

c) Look for your video to be featured on our 20th Anniversary site a few dayz after submitting.

Also be sure to read and send in our 'Photo, Audio, and Video Consent & Release Agreement' that can be seen and downloaded at here and instructionz here.