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"M'Bwebe Ishangi has written a coming of age story for readers in the age of Information. For more than a decade he has researched ancient and contemporary histories and published his findings in Da Ghetto Tymz magazine, which has been widely read by his peers within the Hip Hop community. With his "best of" compilation of essays, M'Bwebe is now poised to be introduced to a wider audience who I hope will use these essays as a blueprint for their mental and economic liberation. Brother M'Bwebe is to be congratulated for unselfishly doing what few souls have done — freed their minds and then helped others free theirs."

— Anthony T. Browder, author, From the Browder File

"M'Bwebe Ishangi takes us through his transformation from one who only knew that something was very wrong with this reality to one who learned what it was and how to critique and confront it in and outside of himself. The process all of us experience who have discovered the wisdom of our traditions is explained here, in an up close and personal way, in the way that it effected and molded this Afrikan man into the frontline warrior that stands before us today. It is through telling us of this process that he teaches the reader how to go about the business of thinking better as an Afrikan — how to break through layer upon layer of ignorance and humbly embrace knowing. No Afrikan should be without the lessons and experience of this book."

— Mwalimu K. Bomani Baruti, author Homosexuality and the Effeminization of Afrikan Males

"Having had the privilege of reading the long awaited book from M'Bwebe, I began to reflect on the absolute joy that one can have when they read something that truly inspires them to achieve greatness. I have always known M'Bwebe's commitment to issues that concern Africans-in-America, as well as those who are all over the world. His relentless research has been well documented via his well known publications such as Da Ghetto Tymz for 15 years. He has opened the eyes of those who were blinded by either mis-information or  sheer lack of knowledge. His biggest accomplishment, however is him allowing his audience to really know the man behind the message. It is without question a transformation that truly explains 'Knowledge of Self'."

— Daryl Robinson, Ohio

"I've been reading 'Analitikul' in my few private moments and as usual you don't disappoint me. I've also been sharing it with a close friend. It's an outstanding example of how we can do for ourselves. Your book, its creation, production, marketing, etc; shows you can do what you want to if you really want it. Reespek.   Chapter 9 (about the red hands on the bed) had me shook for a moment. I have experienced those kinds of events as early as 13. They have lessoned now but your depiction and analysis regarding those events were absolutely valid to me. Over exertion or improper rest can result in physcial, mental or spiritual ramifications we sometimes are ignorant of."

— Bro. Jamez, Alabama

"I ordered your book and I'm definately enjoying it. It's reinforcing how I already felt. This is an excellent read and I feel it's a must have for all the yout dem and older headz. Hotep."

— Af Ra Kan in Exile!! Not African American, California

"I recently finished 'Deja Vu'... I can't tell you how much I enjoyed it/am enjoying it... the parts about the dream and the spiral downward are eerily familiar — I remember having this convo with my crew a few years back and asked them if they ever 'let go' to see where it would lead... they all said no and acted like they could never consider it... I alwayz wondered what was down there but also pulled away before too long... It also did reignite my fervent opposition to the Boule'and the great eight... Love what you doin'... More Fiyah!!!"

— Freedom Writer, Tubman City, Baltimore, Maryland