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We are proud to announce after 18 yearz, we're still going strong! With each year that goes by, I am humbled by this journey. We've gone from a 5-page colored-paper newslette- to a digital 'zine-to becoming one of the internet's oldest and best among Pan-Afrikan centered content. We still boldly proclaim DGT as the Polyverses #1 Knowledge-based website; a proclamation we do not take lightly — which I hope our work confirmz.

We started DGT Anniversary Week last year in preparation for our 20th anniversary which will be in 2013. During this week it is our intent to provide additional arsenal for your mental with a course of new articles and series additionz.

This year we'll drop two new articles, 'When Knowledge Became Kryptonite' and 'Afrikan Burial Ground: Urban Unrest... Literally'. Accompanying these spirited pieces will be four additionz to our already popular 'Versus Series'; a sequence of articles that challenge names, historic iconz, and word terminology in an effort to define ourselves ourself, using historical truths. Plus a limited free gift from our outlet store.

This year’s Anniversary Week will feature exclusive daily releases of free new content. Be sure to logon each day this week to view the new content that will be unlocked:

VERSUS: the African Renaissance Memorial vs. the Statue of Liberty
If you haven't been to Dakar, Senegal recently, you might not even know something monumental happened on April 4th, 2010. Standing perched on a hill standing at 160-feet and can be seen for miles, a statue standz erect symbolizing a declaration of Afrikan greatness, the African Renaissance Monument. And it just so happenz to be larger than the Statue of Liberty...
VERSUS: Ptah vs. the Oscar
Imitation is the highest form of flattery, replicating then erasing the original — never revealing it as the source — is the ultimate form of disrespect. Learn more of one of YTs most effective schemes aimed at the misconception of whitefolk as superior. As alwayz, you'll find Afrikan culture at its root...
VERSUS: Polyverse vs. Universe
I choose to call it a poly- instead of uni-verse because the realm we live in actually is incalculable. Using the Djhuitic principle, Polarity, with space being perceived to be limitless, there's no way of knowing exactly how many worldz, galaxies, and dimensionz that have existed!

When Knowledge Became Kryptonite
It is evident the majority of us have forgotten how Afrikan people fell from grace to the level of cellar-dwellerz on the socio-, eco-, and most important, spiritual- planes long enough for the world to believe this is how Afrikanz have alwayz been. We've all had that conversation where we're told we come from a lineage of great King and Queenz, but when I would follow with the question, "how did we lose it?", the discussion goes into lyrical bewilderment! Most come to an abrupt halt when left with the realization that somehow, we just -effed up. This is unsatisfactory to me. How did we -eff up?! Find out...
VERSUS: Uncle Tom vs. Uncle Tom
There is a myth about the character known to many American-Afrikanz as Uncle Tom. To begin with, he was not a mythical person, although his character turned out to be. What's alarming is learning how this name became the stereotypical crusade not only against history, but the identity of Afrikan people. Find out why bein' called an 'Uncle Tom' should actually be a good thing and not what we've been duped to believe...
DGTs Anniversary Week Sale - EXPIRED
To celebrate our 18th year and 2nd annual DGT Anniversary Week, we offered 3 Package Bundles to add to your collection of conscious material. Offer ended April 30th!
  Press Release
Read the Press Release announcing our 18th Anniversary and second DGT Anniversary Week April 10-17, 2011.

I want you to know how much I know we owe a tremendous amount of our endurance to you, the reader, for following us, sharing our articles, and purchasing our products. I am eternally grateful and hope you continue to believe in DGT.

We hope you enjoy this yearz offer and will join us as we celebrate 18 yearz in distributing content based on Knowledge of Self!

As alwayz, we look forward to bringin' you new material and overall user-friendly and dope designz here at I hope you will continue to support DGT by joining our eBlast list if you haven't already.

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• This site is in the A+ class of sites in the world. You, your team and the information are a definite benefit to the quest for Afrikan Liberation on this planet. I will definitely continue to follow and refer back to.
xxxxxxxxxxPosted by ( on Wednesday, February 8, 2012 at 10:05 AM

• Abibifahodie my Bro. M'Bwebe congratulations on behalf of your 18th anniversary online whut stability u've shown over this period of time, as i've followed your work these last 18months, i've grown tremendously physically healthy as well as mentally healthy, with tha help of your video articles & your r-kyvz vault. u should be a professor. keep building us up M'Bwebe (U) are truly a lifesavior, remember tha old saying don't look at tha messenger, look at tha message, today i'm gonna flip that; we must look at tha messenger for his many accomplishments bringing forth this website. asanta sana your comrade & brother Andre from Newark NJ... Hotep
xxxxxxxxxxPosted by Andre ( on Sunday, April 11, 2011 at 9:12 PM

• Hotep, you have one of the most informative websites on this planet, I truly enjoy reading your emails, keep doing what you are doing for the people. Asanta Sana, Leda Bee in Texasssssss.
xxxxxxxxxxPosted by Aleda Allen ( on Sunday, April 10, 2011 at 10:26 PM

• Hello. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!! I just want to say I can't wait to read your latest articles soon. I'm so excited. Brutha, you really have changed my way of thinking about this country/world we live in. Especially about YT. I look at white people in a whole new different light now thanx to U. Thank U. My eyes are Wide open. I just wish MOST black folks would do the same. God Bless.
xxxxxxxxxxPosted by Denise Jackson ( on Friday, April 8, 2011 at 12:34 PM