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Why Everyone — Including You — Needs Financial Therapy!

    Practically every adult who is not financially free thinks about money several times a week if not daily. Let’s face it, the world has us preoccupied with it. Everyone hustling to make no longer a “buck”, with today’s prices, we need the whole “bag!”


    In this relentless pursuit we become disillusioned on the true tenants of life trading for an undisclosed figure of what we deem “financially secure” which spawns monetary gluttony usually ending in a laced concoction of stress and compound-interest debt.


    This begs the question, is this why we’re born? Is this what life is really about? No wonder we’ve lost the pursuit in exploring our spiritual essence while on this planet. This mindset was seeded the moment they began to mint “In God We Trust” on paper notes derailing us from wanting to know the reason of our being in exchange to serving a fictitious deity made of paper and ink.


    Because of this relentless pursuit of money, we aren’t even aware we’re literally killing ourselves trying to get something that doesn’t even qualify as the top 3 of life missions list.


    Ask yourself, what’s more important than money? Instinctively—better yet, programmagbly (I know it’s not a real word)—you’re having a difficult time thinking of something, right? It’s not your fault. Pretty much everything we do involves money. Beside breath, everything costs. We need it be able to:


    • Have a place to lay your head
    • Pay your bills that allow you to have familiar amenities like running water, heat, food, and
    • Purchase gas or public transit to get to work so you can pay for all those amenities you like


      Suffice it to say, money has become the most vital tool needed to live in today’s world. But does that mean it’s correct? I can think of three things more important than money—which you will soon agree.


      If you had the opportunity to be given one-million dollars for one year but you die after, would you trade it for time, health, and relationships?


      Your initial pondering proves how effectively we’ve been programmed to put more value on money, actually forcing you to have to think before deciding your life is possibly more precious. But let’s consider if you actually took the money. For the first few months, you most likely would spend more than half of it on things you always dreamed of: car’s, cribs, travel, lobster and scrimps (yep, I said scrimps!).


      But as that year comes to a close, you’d start realizing you sacrificed money for time, relationships, and your health, because per the agreement, you will transition after one year. Talk about a serious buzz-kill!


      In essence we are doing this now only it’s not necessarily a million dollars, it’s a salary, and we most likely get to live longer than a year. However, during this time, we are so occupied with earning money just to live, we don’t realize we are sacrificing:

    1. 1) Time: because we work all day and come home too tired to do anything else, especially knowing we have to get up and do it all again tomorrow. The average adult wastes six hours a day after work. This adds up to over 2,000 wasted hours annually. And when we ask how many hours does it take to become a master of something, the answer is 10,000. So within five years, we have become masters of wasting time! The realization is that many adults hold double, triple masters, even PhDs in wasting time!

    2. 2) Health: We sacrifice our health in order to make money. Then we sacrifice money to recuperate our health. And then we’re so anxious about the future that we don’t enjoy the present moment. As a result, we don’t live in the present or the future, we’re actually living as if we’re never going to die. And then we die having never truly lived.

    3. 3) Relationships are affected, many with stagnant growth leading to breakups with friends, children, and even significant others. The #1 core reason marriages end is rooted in money—or the lack of—or even better, the lack in understanding money. It’s even more difficult when we realize the challenge it is to keep pace with the cost of living. The current rise of inflation—or better put, stagflation (look it up)—proves this is diabolically designed to never let up, keeping the masses in perpetuity in pursuit you’ll never achieve… unless they you do something different.


      I hope you agree money is not more important than these three things—that’s if you like actually living. But money’s illusion as the bar of success in life puts emphasis on material status which has people literally spending their life working to death!


      This is financial suicide, and like one who considers physical suicide, this warrants a psychological review as to why a patient ponders such thoughts, hence therapy is needed.


      Most of us—correction, WE ALL need some kind of financial therapy and don’t even know it! We’re stressed with thoughts of “do I have enough?”, “I hope they don’t raise my rent”, or the anxiety of realizing you have twenty-plus more years to pay the bank off until you own your home but you just heard there may be layoffs at your job before Christmas.


      This creates fear, which manifests as stress. Stress creates dis-ease. Dis-ease leads to an imbalanced lifestyle (physically and psychologically), which can lead to an unfulfilled life (aka mid-life crisis’) and even premature death.


      Do you see now the cyclical death trap the Rat Race is? It’s all based on chasing that dollar! Problem is, most of us suck at it!


      This isn’t the life we were born to live. This is a life of F.E.A.R. that was systemically created and governs over 90% of the minds of the world:


      F - Funds
      E - Exhausted
      A - Awards
      R - Restrictions


      When you don't know how to manage money, it restricts you to many things you may spend your entire adult life trying to attain, while at the same time never having actually truly lived!


      Case in point, your job pays you just enough to keep showing up every Monday. Unless you got some scandal on your boss, s/he will never pay you to where you can retire. In fact, retirement is a joke because most retirees don’t retire because they want to, they retire because they’re aged out! It's less expensive for companies to hire younger/cheaper labor than a seasoned-vet.


      The average retiree has less than $150,000 in the 401(k) and/or stocks/bonds. If their annual living expenses is $30,000, they will burn through their savings in just five years!


      In addition, no matter how much your annual salary is, you only have incremental access to it. Say you make $50,000 at your job. Minus taxes, you bring home about $33,500. Now ask yourself, do you have access to the entire $33,500 at one time, say like every January 1st? No, traditionally you are given bits and pieces of it every two-weeks: about $1200.00 from the hours you work.


      With the many kind of investment opportunities out here, how successful can you be when you can only contribute $1200 at a time? I must also mention that most of that $1200 is tied up in paying bills. So where is there room to use these funds to invest?


      In contrast, having your annual salary all at once ($33,500) gives you an opportunity to participate in wealth-creating investments. One that could not only change your life, but your bloodlines!


      To do so, we’d need to be able to redefine what F.E.A.R. is:


      F - Finances
      E - Explained
      A - Aids
      R - Resilience


      When we have an overstanding of how money was created and why its functionality’s been a coded/privileged-type practice shared via arbitrage and nepotistic learned methodologies, we will be in position personally—and even greater, as families—to use finances as a wealth-building modality, one who’s resilience can spread well into the future of our bloodlines!


      If this resonates with you and admit you’ve never been truly taught how to get money to work for you instead of you working for it, I offer to be your Financial Therapist by way of the Cryptowoke Financial Sustainability Movement!


      Not only will I diagnose the traumatic origin we all have had with money, you will be equipped with a total new look at finances—as a tool that can be put to work for you instead of you working for it!


      Want to learn more? In order to do so requires a will to forgo what you’ve been taught. I invite you to join the Cryptowoke Financial Sustainability Movement where I show you ways to live off your savings and investments without falling victim to job loss or being taken advantage of in money markets rigged to fail.


      Break the cycle of generational poverty! Get @Cryptowoke and learn how to live off your savings and investments. Change not only your future, change your bloodlines!

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    Wishing you health and well(th)!

    Read this and more in my book, 'A Pot to Piss In: Intergenerational Wealth Planning for Black People'. For details, click >> here <<


Dr. Blackwood via Social Media

Yebo! The article is therapeutic! It provided us with an opportunity to start unpacking the fear and trauma centered around money. It opens the door for us to recognize and reflect about our relationship with money. I am confident that your sessions will help us to explore our money relationship through “clean” pain rather than trying to deal with the “dirty “pain by ourselves. I appreci-love” that you always give us strategies to reflect. It’s my one year anniversary since I read your book and took your class. I am looking forward to sign up for yet another! You have a way to make me think 🤔 deeply! Lo,ve peace, prosperity, and abundance my brother! One love!

Janelle Naomi via SMS

Greetings and blessed. I read this article and very much enjoyed it. Iearned two new words: arbitrage and stagflation. I will share this article with a couple family members and will look further into your movement. Thank you for sharing.

Nana Kwame via SMS

Yeooo. Article is 🔥. It flows, engages and is easily relatable. I was about to spell check and grammar check you then I realize you do it on purpose. 🤣. Nice touch.

Heru Ofori-Atta via SMS

Financial Therapy gives a deeper insight on the generational behavior patterns that’s plagued not just our families, our community. Going to sign up for my session today!

Yaa Animwaa via email

"Money’s illusion as the bar of success in life puts emphasis on material status which has people literally spending their life working to death!" 💯


Great article. A lot of times financial articles are dry, impersonal and feel like the college lectures you fall asleep in. This was engaging and informative. Mo! Mo! Woayɛ Adeɛ! (Well done)!

inspire2empower via Instagram

Super informative and a major need personally. Thank you for attempting to bring awareness to me regarding financial literacy.


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