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(written 2001)

In part 2, I spoke about the Masonic numerical principles in the design of the Twin Towerz as well as using astrology to show the longitude and latitude of certain places at the time the planes hit New York and the alleged one in DC. Hopin’ I left your mouth’s droolin’ for more, I promised part 3 would entail even more, shall I say, coincidences.

After 9/11, President Bush and other political figures urged us to “go out and live your lives”, “spend your dollarz”, and “support the slumping economy.” It is the establishments wish that we do this to diverge the many unanswered questionz about what happened. Instead, it is preferred we be caught up into bein’ patriotic rather than findin’ out the parties involved.

Within dayz after 9/11, Bush flooded the airwaves with “getting back to normalcy.” But exactly what is normalcy?! Normalcy is how “we” got in this situation in the first place! Exploitation of the land, reserves, and impoverished people/countries, racizm, material hording and tricknology have been the practice of “normalcy” for the U.S. for centuries!

Goin’ back to this practice gives YT the ability to continue with its scheduled final acts of instituting a One World Government, somethin’ that has been in motion since May 1st, 1776 — the day the Luciferian Conspiracy was ordained, as well as the birth of the Illuminati, in Bavarian, Germany. [NOTE: Those same wicked men who signed a pack with the devil (LUCIFERian Conspiracy), met 2 months later, July 4th to meet about signing this countries’ Declaration of Independence, although it actually wasn’t until the following month (August 5th) that they actually signed it. So why isn’t YT lighting firecrackerz in August instead of July?? More on this later...]

As I stated last piece, the inner-standing of YTs structure is deep indeed — especially when we see that the root is of the original Afrikan trinity, Ausar, Aset, and Heru (erroneously called Osiris, Isis, and Horus). Imitation is the highest form of flattery while flipping it is the ultimate form of disrespect. Everything we’ve researched has nothing to do with our Afrikan legacy, yet they’re using this science for destruction. What we will find is the founding fatherz of this nation, Washington, Franklin, Hancock, and everyone else who signed the Luciferian Conspiracy were intimately connected with the original Knights Templar who fought against the Islamic forces over half a century ago.

For the past months we’ve heard YT call these people terrorist’s as if America never was. However the majority of America’s citizenz may never know this because we simply do not read; instead we listen to what ‘massa’-media’s TV, radio and newspaperz want to tell us. All it takes is a little desire to know thyself and the truth and you’ll find ill info like, Fouad Kamil, former diamond detective for Rhodes/Oppenheimerz DeBeers Diamond Co. in the 1950s who said this of their operationz on forcing Afrikanz to quarry diamond mines in South Afrika: “We did everything... there were beatingz, everything we could to extort the information from them. To put it bluntly, we were a Terrorist Group.

These wicked men rely on our desire to remain in the realm of ignorance to further their missionz as the soul controllerz of the world.

When we go back to 9/11, the 4 planes involved were ‘American Airlines 11’, ‘United Airlines Flight 175’, ‘American Airlines Flight 77’ and ‘United Airlines Flight 93’. Besides all the 9s and 11s, we noticed that the alleged flight that crashed into the Pentagon was Flight 77 at 9:39am, according to NBCs, Dateline.

At 39°, the three-belt starz of Orion were seen. Orion represents the god Ausar, overseer of the dead, judge of the underworld and resurrection, also known as the “god of the dead.” To find Ausar at such a point overlooking this scene of death and destruction was deep.

It gets even deeper when we find that the actual location of DC is at 77° longitude and the latitude is 39°. Remember, 39 and 77 are magic numberz Masonz, use along with 9, 11, 19.5 and 33 (refer to part 2). So it would be safe to say we weren’t reachin’ if we concluded the crashing of Flight 77 into the Pentagon in DC with Ausar at 39° above the site, was probably sayin’ “death to those at 77? x 39?.” [fig. a] But the design of DC is a topic that needz further elaboration, and for that, I invite you to watch ‘The Classified Origin of D.C.’ playin' on DGTv.

Along with the unknown masonic work of Benjamin Banneker, fellow mason Pierre Charles L’Enfante encoded not only the masonic symbol of the [fig. b] Compass and Square into DCs design, he also created an inverted pentagram, commonly known as the Goat of Mendez… the satanic symbol [although many white "historianz" will claim this isn't so sayin' it isn't a full pentagram, it's missing only one piece, that's like drawing the letter 'J' and not putting the top horizontal line above it.]

In masonry, the pentagram is found commonly in the inner chamberz of the lodges. Before bein’ adopted by satanic cult worshipperz, it was a symbol for the star Sirius, which is a character representation of Aset, wife of Ausar, later adopted by the Order of the Eastern Star, the female version of masonz.

The most obvious way to encode a masonic message in the creation of a city would be to place the city on an obvious tetrahedral latitude. However, 19.5°N x 77°W would have placed DC off land and into the ocean off Mexico, an area the English pirates hadn’t stolen as of yet. As well, placing it at 33°N would have left them trying to build their city in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Georgia. So the only logical place George Washington could choose in North America was 39°N, which at the time was literally a swamp (remember, 39 divided in half is 19.5). But the coding didn’t stop there...

The 2 main streets in DC, Pennsylvania and Maryland Avenues, which connect the Capitol Building to the White House and the Jefferson Memorial, depart at the exact masonic angle of 19.5°.

One other popular, yet unknown place these numerical mystereez can be seen at is Cape Canaveral, Florida. NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration), which have consistently chosen astronaut’s who are masonz, launches the Space Shuttle from the Kennedy Space Center that has two launch padz numbered ‘39a’ and ‘39b’.

Now ask yourself, Afrikan, why would they start the number of two padz at 39 and not at 1?! Plus, if they’re gonna start with 39, why not the second one be numbered 40?! Here’s the closer, the runway down to the launch padz is numbered ‘Runway 33’!

The name ‘Cape Canaveral’ has a lesser known secret as well. It translates in English as the ‘Cape of Reedz.’ Now what ancient Kemetic deity was associated with reedz? None other than Ausar!

Lookin’ at the Flights number 93 — the one that crashed in Pennsylvania — said to be headed for DC, if you flip it, you get 39. Back in 1993, the year of the first bombing of the Trade Center, we noticed some very deep thingz that were goin’ on in the constellationz.

[fig. c] At 12:18pm, when the Trade Center was bombed, the star Sirius (again Aset), was at 33° at the horizon. When we look at Flight 93 of September 11th, it was expected to arrive in DC at 10:20am, had it reached DC, Orion was again at the masonic altitude of 33° on the horizon.

It must also be noted this is not the first time America has had beef with Osama bin Laden. August 7th, 1998, Bill Clinton responded to the attack on US. embassies in Tanzania and Kenya. The spot in Tanzania was at 39°E Longitude. In response, Clinton launched a cruise missile attack on bin Ladenz base camps in Afghanistan and Sudan on August 20th near the town of Khost and Khartoum.

Guess where his training camps were? 33.3°E. This spot was s’posed to be one of bin Ladenz nerve gas factories. But what they found was that this place was actually where they made aspirin, no way connected to bin-Laden. So why did Clinton order the attack? Because the location was at 33.3°! In addition, the time of the attacks was 1:30pm EST (Eastern Standard Time), or 13:30 (1+3+3=7) military time, but in Khartoum, the time was 19:30... or 19.5!! Oh, it don’t stop there, I’m just gettin’ started! (for more, again, watch 'Numerical Mystereez' on DGTv)

A few months later, Clinton launched a similar attack on Baghdad and Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein [fig. d]. The attack was done at 8am EST, December 16th, 1998 (16: 1+6=7; 1998: 1+9+9+8=27 -› 2+7=9). When we looked at the starz, we saw that at that time, Sirius was at 19.5°W on the horizon. When they launched the first cruise missile at 4:26pm EST, the star of Orion was at 19.5°E!! [fig. e]

And what about Bush and his response to the bombingz on October 7th, 2001?! Bein’ brought up in masonry himself, he “retaliated” at 12:20pm EST where the start of Orion was at 19.5°. [fig. f]

So it should be clear that there’s more to the story than what the US. government wants us to know when they decided to go to war. They’ll have you think these thingz happen at random — if you even know at all — when they actually make conscious calculationz that usually end up claiming the lives of countless victimz as well as ignorant servants aka the military. All these are premeditated murderz! So I ask, who are the real serial killerz?!

In addition to all this, let’s not forget that according to Gary Allen’s, ‘The Rockefeller Files’, there really isn’t war, it’s all a fraud to get hedz to pick sides. The real deal is YT goes to war for the sole purpose of makin’ money! Oftentymz by financing both sides, they're able to literally make a territory they want to colonize become indebted to them by simply supplyin’ weaponry and supplies to their opposition — and this isn't alwayz done by physical war. Take a look at how the IMF (International Monetary Fund) crippled Jamaica (see the documentary, 'Life & Debt').

Ask the so-called American "Indian"; YT sold him used and defective armz in trade for gold, then came back, fought and obviously colonized 'em. No how you gonna win when you use the weaponz your enemy gave you?!

Still don’t think these wicked men didn’t premeditate this “War on Terrorizm?” Think. How long does it take to make a movie? The movies we see on the silver screen usually are in production more than a year ago. So how is it all of the sudden we got this string of war movies?! Think, Afrikan, with your 3rd-eye!

Within the last year, before the “War on Terrorizm” campaign began, ‘Behind Enemy Lines’, ‘Black Hawk Down’, ‘Hart’s War’, ‘We Were Soldiers’ and HBOs, ‘Band of Brothers’ were in production, with several airing before, around or just after September 11th. Could it be that Hell-y-woodz instructionz were to persuade us into becoming more Patriotic by prepping us with a war-type mentality instead of trying to find out those behind this farce of a terrorist plot??

See, while the majority of hedz purchased american flagz putting them on their homes and carz, this country is puttin’ into action possibly the final stages of a One World Government, where everyone will have to have a National (and eventual International) ID Card, so that your whereabouts, financial transactionz and god knowz what else for their surveillance files (watch, The Biochip on DGTv).

All this makes even more sense when you look at some of these silver-screen companies. As mentioned before, NASA is a co-conspirator to all this madness. Approximately a decade ago, they allegedly closed a program down called SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) citing budget cuts among other thingz. This program was used to shoot out signalz in space in hopes of the signal bouncing off anything that may be out there and send back info to confirm there's intelligent life beyond our planet.

A little digging led us to September 1998, where SETI detected a signal in the direction of the star called ‘EQ Pegasi’ of the Pegasus Constellation. Hoagland, a symbol decoder, revealed that the name Pegasus meanz “death”, emblematic as a horse with wingz.

Knowin’ how romantically involved the Illuminati is with death (their 2nd chapter, Skull & Bones, goes by the alias, Brotherhood of Death), we find that many of their corporationz, that serve to establish legitimacy to their behind-the-scene demonic acts, have this horse with wingz as their logo, one in particular that ringz out is Mobil Oil, owned by Rockefeller.

In Hell-y-wood, one of the top grossin’ movies was Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator2: Judgement Day. Guess who distributed the film? Tri-Star Pictures. Ever seen their logo?? A white horse with wingz!

Part 4, We’ll get more into Hell-y-woodz role in all this, as well as why YT is so interested in Space. Is there somethin’ out there they know that we don’t?? Stay tuned!


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