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(written 2001)

I open this 6-part series with a short rant: You wanna really know wha’gwan?? Watch the Wall Street ticker! Notice as of October 2, 2001, Federal Reserve chief, Alan Greenspan — the unelected, yet secretly known Governor of the United States — issued yet another interest rate cut, putting it at the lowest level in almost 40 yearz! Howz does that equate to us?

War is STRICTLY about makin’ money! Although I really don’t think the Illuminati felt no one was bold enough to do what the so-called “terrorists” did, they are prepared to make some dough by goin’ to war. Afterall, this ain’t ‘bout revenge for knockin’ down the modern Babylonian Towerz (ok, maybe it is... a little), this is about takin’ over the oil reserves in the Middle East!

Everyone talkin’ ‘bout how it’s the Bush clan that’s behind this, but to think it’s them and them alone would be complete ignorance! Remember the countless Skull&Bones pieces we’ve done? Besides, everyones talkin’ ‘bout how big an idiot Bush, Jr. is, yet hedz get on him for decisionz that were made post-9/11. Now who’s the idiot, Bush? or the one's who knowz he’s intellectually challenged, yet still think he’s actin’ on his own accord. Bush, as was Clinton, as was Bush, Sr., as was Reagan, on down (to at least) Carter, have all been groomed, trained, and instructed by the infamous, Trilateral Commission.

Why can’t negroes get it? Since we’ve been bumped down off the top spot for hedz who could jeopardize YTs rule, we suddenly want to be patriotic. This cracka don’t give two saltines about us! This rang loud when we found immediately after 9/11, Washington, DCs Mayor, Tony Williams (who’s black), didn’t even receive a phone call and was kept out of the loop the entire time!

As usual, American-Afrikanz have been reduced to being the first to be exploited and the last to do anything about it — thanks in part to COINTELPRO. The mentacide (mental suicide) we suffer from is evident when we started waving ‘Ol Glory dayz after the towerz fell. Why? Now that there was an attack on U.S. soil, most didn't know if they're gonna lose their lives, much less their 'way of life' on good ‘ol massa’s plantation.

It’s well past time we leave this plantation and create our own, yo! Most hedz put up the Star and stripes — the same starz our Ancestorz saw after bein’ bashed in the head and bloody stripes on their backs — not because they're patriotic, but because of fear. Scared to lose the lifestyle we're accustomed to living! Face this fear Afrikanz and lets build up our strategic defense through intuit observation and knowledge. Ready? -ight, turn your 3rd eye on, we goin’ in!

How do you feel knowing your Ancestorz were buried under colossal skyscraperz? Within dayz of the fallen towerz, YT was already speaking of rebuilding it. Although there were some who felt the area should be left as some kind of memorial, I shook my head at the audacious mindset these people possess.

We must realize YT will only memorialize thingz they claim to be victimized of. They’re really not in the practice of honoring slain people for no other purpose, for if they were, the towerz, more precisely lower Manhattan as a whole would not be where it is!! Why you ask? Because Lower Manhattan used to be an Ancient burial ground for enslaved Afrikanz!

Those kidnapped Afrikanz who endured the 6-month-plus Middle Passage journey aka Maangamizi to the America’s arrived first in New Amsterdam — today called New York when the British took the city from the Dutch. They were then brought to an auctioning block in the area known today as Wall Street. This was where slave traderz placed their bidz, commencing the further separation of the Diaspora across North America.

New York, had the second largest population of enslaved Afrikanz on the eve of the American Revolution in 1775. Enslaved Afrikanz were used in the city to accomplish the back-breaking work of creating an industrial urban center.

Our Ancestorz were also used to work on lengthening and widening the city’s main streets like Broadway. When Afrikanz died, no recordz were left of them except their age, gender, and physical condition, which were marked into a slave ledger. No Afrikanz were allowed to be buried in the town’s Trinity Church graveyard. All were to be placed instead in the African Burial ground, just outside city limits, where perhaps 20,000 blacks would eventually be laid to rest over a period of 78 yearz.

The history of this gravesite is heavily embedded in one of the largest cities on Earth. New York grew from an “island of rolling hillz” (that’s what Manhattan translates to) into a bustling metropolis. As the city ran out of space to spread, it began to grow upward. Each generation of buildingz were stacked on top of the last and the skyline rose higher and higher. It was not rare that on one city block, ten or twelve different buildingz stood on one spot at different tymz in New York history. The graveyard became a row of stores and even a parking lot before the US Government decided to bulldoze the lot and the land underneath, to build a new federal building.

Bulldozerz don’t belong in graveyardz, and skyscraperz shouldn’t be built upon corpses. In 1991, this destruction of the first African burial ground in the United States occurred in the heart of lower Manhattan. Continuing with their lack of respect for Afrikan people, the government wanted to build a skyscraper in this busy financial district to house some of the most notorious organizationz responsible for the degradation and enslavement of the Diaspora, the FBI, CIA and EPA (Environmental Protection Agency).

On top of that they removed all the remainz and now reside at Howard University in Washington, DC, for what they call scientific observation. For all we know, they just threw their bones in the trash or better yet, up in some museum where hedz’ll pay money to see like our Ancestorz of the Nile Valley of ancient KMT are showcased [watch 'Secret In the City' on DGTv]! Because of this, nearly 500 hundred skeletal remainz of our Ancestorz have not been able to rest.

The large federal building was built, minus a small grass area that has was sectioned off and identified as a site of the African burial ground, which was opened in February 2010. This “memorial” meanz nothing when the masses are unaware of what is now called the Financial District — yeah, money — especially when white designed pieces of artwork in commemoration to our Ancestorz are placed inside the Federal building, which was initially off limits to the public unless being led on a guided tour and are willing to pass through an X-ray and security checkpoint.

What's also interesting is the identity of the party responsible for this cover-up, the Financial District’s co-creator, the Rockefeller Clan!

Just like in the movie, “The Siege”, staring Denzel Washington, the US. Government is responsible for training these alleged "hijackerz"! If the attacks can be linked to Osama bin-Laden, this is, as been said, a simple case of ‘Chickenz comin’ home to roost’. Afterall, it was the CIA that trained bin-Laden; think of how many other bin-Ladenz they’ve created and multiply that by how many bin-Ladenz returned to their homelandz with the knowledge and technology to teach their countrymen.

You can’t hate on that! If it’s bin-Laden, he simply pimped a system that was out to pimp him! When you want to deal with war, it is war! The arrogance of the US. to think they can go pull some “3rd world useless eater” as they may call him; teach him how to strategically wage war against the very people they put there to war against him (the Palestinianz vs. Israelis) then EXPECT them to contain their battle there and not go for the puppeteer (the US.) is complete egotizm!

Just like the movie, ‘Wizard of Oz’, it took someone considered small and therefore, overlooked, to pull up America’s skirt, showin’ the coward he is! In addition, now that the US. has to show some kind of resilience, they go over to Afghanistan threatening to strike back, but not to fight by himself, oh no, see, that’s not how a bully works. He tryin’ to bring his serpent siblingz along through NATOs Article 5: the centralization of worldwide people. Their motto is “they bombed me, they bombed US!” But ask yourself, what makes you think your highly publicized leave to fight on their home turf, makes you think there aren’t hedz here positioned to attack/counter attack?!

In addition, why not stage this war in Saudi or Egypt where all the 'Terrorist' and thus, 'Terrorist Factories' are said to be?!!? Simple, this is not about bin- Laden, this is about takin’ over the land of Afghanistan.

What’s in Afghanistan, you ask? Remember, the Russianz fought the Arabz there for 10 yearz and lost. See, what YTs after is black tea, aka, OIL! I mentioned yearz ago how NASA has this telescope, LANDSAT 7, which navigates the Earth’s natural resources (gold, silver, copper, oil, etc.) and the largest abundance is in Afrika (erroneously called the Middle East), but the Illuminati got control of that through illegitimate billion-dollar corpationz like Oppenheimerz, DeBeer Diamond Co., but the neighboring Afghanistan has yet to fall under YTs rule, hence the possibility of war. [UPDATE: It was recently revealed (July 14, 2010) that there's an abundant amount of Lithium, Copper, iron, gold and other precious metalz lay in Afghanistan. Makes you wonder why it took 'massa'-media all these yearz to report this.]

However, in the absence of the Afrikan Revolution, the recent attacks have YT second-guessing the power of the people! Although I got no luv for no Arab Muslim ‘cause I know they in turn have none for us (peep the enslavement of Afrikanz in Sudan, by Arab Muslimz), their belief — no matter how insane — to die for their ‘cause is one to respect. They call it a jihad, or holy war, but “Holy” and spirituality got nothin’ to do with this.

This preliminary act of war is not ordained by ‘God’, it’s initiated by man and his greed! If it ain’t YTs greed to rule the world, it’s the Muslimz will to die so that they will allegedly be rewarded 100 virginz in the afterlife. Is this about Freedom or about the usual ‘Cash money and hoes?!’

[Please note, the info here has barely been mentioned and to date, have resulted in no answerz, nor personz exposed who possessed such intelligence]
On the morning of 9/11, 4000 Israeli employeez didn’t report to work at the World Trade Center in New York City. After the towerz fell, the international media, particularly the press from Israel, started mourning for Israelis who worked at the two towerz. Then suddenly, it stopped later becoming known they suspiciously took the day off! Questionz are, who got the word out, and why they kept it to themselves? Moreover, why hasn't there been an investigation into the 4000 who didn't show up on 9/11?!

Arab diplomatic sources revealed to the Jordanian al-Watan newspaper that those Israelis remained absent that day based on hints from the Israeli General Security Apparatus, the Shabak, the fact which evoked unannounced suspicions on American officialz who wanted to know how the Israeli government learned about the incident before it occurred, and the reasonz why it refrained from informing the US. authorities of the information it had. Suspicionz had increased further after Israeli newspaper Yadiot Ahranot revealed that the Shabak prevented Israeli premier Ariel Sharon from traveling to New York and particularly to the city’s eastern coast to participate in a festival organized by the Zionist organizationz in support of the “Israel”.

To this day there’s been no further investigation on this matter (at least revealed to the public). It is clear that it was more than just the alleged terrorists behind this conspiracy! The 4000 that took off are guilty by association!

The United Nationz held the Conference on Racizm in Durban, South Afrika, from August 31st to September 7th, but did you know who was really behind it? The Rockefeller Family! It was the Rockefeller clan who also formed the United Nationz, wrote the Treaty for the UN in San Francisco, literally created Lower Manhattan, where we find what is called the Financial District built on top of the Enslaved Afrikan Burial Ground; yet they wanna point the finger at otherz about Racizm and take the side of the "Is-it-realz" (Israelites) — when we know it was Rockefeller along with their Illuminated bredren who created and continues to instigate the war between them and the Palestines — and walk out the conference, as if to say they haven’t a racist bone in their body!

Khadam Gishogi, who is the American Business Representative for Saudi has immediate-direct family relationz to Osama bin-Laden. But Y IZ it we find, according to historian, Steve Cokely, that he ownz mallz in Dallas with the Bush family?!!? Just how personal an attack on the US., was this for bin-Laden, that’s if it was him?! This answer we may never know...

As fellow bredren, Kamou Voudon wrote, “We should know that the devil likes confusion, because confusion leads to ignorance, hate and other wickedness on that end of the pendulum. We know the Illuminati is trying to spread One government, One currency, One nation, and mostly overlooked, One language. With these recent terrorist attacks the illuminati and George W. Bush will look at the evolution of the computer processing unit chip (CPU). That started out huge, now it fits into watches, pens, hearing devices, etc. The world powers are putting financial and political pressure on countries to pledge their allegiance to them. And if you look even deeper you’ll see the Rothschilds right there behind it all. The chess pieces are almost all in place. Now one that many are ignorant to is the one world language. That language is english period.”

Our focus over the next 90 dayz should be on ourselves! We should be creating a systematic operation dealin’ with food, water reserves, medical supplies, survival skillz (in case hedz gotta run for the hillz), weaponry, homeschooling, etc. Basically we need to build our own counter-terrorist factories, not to defend the red, white & blue, but the Red, Black & Green, Ashe’!

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