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(written 2001)

Take a breath Afrikanz...a deep one, because this -ish is more intense than YT wants us to know! Just as with all the other pieces I’ve written about secret societies, in order for you to get an inner-standing of this, you will need to rid yourself of the notion of coincidences, because when studyin’ these cults, it is our ignorance they count on to maintain their “secrecy”, which is the essence of their power.

The war on terrorizm is proving to have as many secret corridorz than the pyramidz of Giza, yo! If you stay glued to the idiot box (tv) or base your info on what ‘massa’-media’s sayin’ in their newspaperz, you’d think the attacks, although planned for some time, were random with no real significance than to instill fear in the mindz of the masses.

Make no mistake about it, whoever and whatever parties are behind this wanted to connect an ancient Middle Eastern secret society, ‘the Order of the Assassinz’. In addition, it had to be on that day, September 11th, or 9/11, because if you take the year the secret society, Knights Templar was founded (1118AD -› 1+1+1+8=11) along with the 9 founderz of the Templarz, we get 9/11 or 911. Again I ask you, Afrikanz, to take a deep breath, ‘cause this is subterranean! [for more on numerology, watch 'Numerical Mystereez' on DGTv]

To my surprise, several newspaperz came out with the consistent repetition of the number 11 during the Pentagon and World Trade Center attacks. Here’s some additional notes:

1) Each World Trade Center had 110 floorz — a multiple of 11
2) The aircraft that hit the Pentagon was allegedly American Airlines Flight 77 — a multiple of 11
3) American Airlines Flight 11, the first plane that hit World Trade Tower 2, had a total of 65 (6+5=11) people on board. 11 were crew memberz and 54 passengerz (5+4=9)
4) The second plane, Flight 175, hit the World Trade Tower 1 at 9:02am (9+2=11)
(This ability for a pilot to strike a point at an exact time equal to 11 takes pure Wile E. Coyote, “Super Genius”)
5) 9/11 is the 254th day of the year (2+5+4=11)
6) After 9/11, there are 111 dayz left in the year
7) New York City (where 2 planes hit) consists of 11 letterz
8) New York was the 11th state admitted into the Union, July 26, 1788 or 7/26/1788 (7+2+6+1+7+8+8=39)
9) President Bush ordered flagz to fly at half mast until 9/22, making an 11 day period of morning

Now you may feel all these are mere coincidence, but I mentioned before Afrikanz, YT operates on sciences stolen from the tymz of the Nile Valley (although they use it negatively). So when we dealin’ with conspiracies, overstand, there are no such thing as coincidences!!

Additional numberz we will prove to be in the coded language of Masonic communication are 33 (relating to the highest degree a Mason can attain), 39, 19.5, 19 — again, watch DGTv Video Article, 'Numerical Mystereez' and 'The Classified Origin of D.C.'. Why was this day of all dayz chosen? If you go back in history, September 11th is also the New Year's Day in the ancient Kemetic (erroneously called Egyptian) Coptic Christian calendar. This date serves of additional significance with it being the day Egypt drafted its new constitution in 1971.

Most have been misinformed to believe the start of Masonry was around the 18th Century when in actuality it stemz back to ancient Kemet. However, like YTs done with everything else — probably due to their lack of melanin which affects mental balance — they turned something good into bad. Back then they weren’t known as Freemasonz, they were known as the Knights Templar.

This “recent” War on Terrorizm — as ‘massa’-media would persuade you to believe — is not something new; not even recent. This war between these two is nearly a millennium strong! In 1095AD (note one of the numberz I mentioned to look out for was '19.5'), Pope Urban II declared a Christian jihad (holy war) on the Muslim invaderz of the Holy Land (even though they, themselves were invaderz), in Jerusalem. This is where we find the beginning of the war between the Christianz and the Muslimz.

Four yearz later they won the advantage and in 1113, the Catholic Church was reformed into a new cult. This cult became known as the “Knights Hospitalerz.” One of the original memberz, St. Bernard also created a monastery in Seborga, Italy that same year. Documents found in the monastery said it was built to protect a “great secret.”

As with all other secret societeez, there were inner differences. In 1118 (1+1+1+8=11) 9 Knights split from the Hospitalerz and met with King Baudoin I of Jerusalem requesting the duty of keeping Christian pirates — I mean, pilgrimz safe on the roadz and highwayz leading to the holy city from the port of Jaffa.

We later find this was not their true intentionz. Once they arrived in Jerusalem, they went to the Temple Mount — the ancient site of the Temple of Solomon — and began diggin’ out the ancient ruinz, stealin’ anything they could. For this burglary, they received the name, 'Knights Templar' short for the 'Knights of the Temple'.

According to research about the Hiram Key, the Temple of Solomon was a structure designed under the teachingz of sacred geometry by the earliest founderz of Freemasonry, and was made in such a way as to raise the essence of the Ausarian Drama — the legend of Ausar, Aset, and Heru (erroneously and purposely called Isis, Osiris and Horus in hopes of erasing their Afrikan point of origin).

In 1867, British engineerz found a secret room beneath the Temple Mount. Legend has it the Ark of the Covenant was there before the fall of the Roman Empire. Those 9 Knights mission was not to save Christianz but to locate the Ark and bring it back to Europe. After the mission, they returned to their native landz. Two were from Rosslyn, Scotland (probably where the Scottish-Rite Masonz were born) and set up a headquarterz. For their theft — oops, I mean successful mission they were given the official seal of the Roman Catholic Church. This increased their membership; with many bringing wealth with them.

After this, they enjoyed numerous victories against the Muslimz, along with stealin’ madd wealth. It was believed by many, the Knights Templar could attribute their power to the fact that the secret they stole from Solomonz Temple was a piece of the cross of the alleged “crucifixion” of Christ. It was said they never lost a battle while in possession of the cross. The streak ended when they lost to the Muslimz in the battle of Hattin in 1187.

It was then the Templarz became a threat to the Catholic Church. The Pope and the King of France, Philip le Bel, plotted to fight against the Order and seize their stolen wealth.On Friday, October 13th, 1307, they moved in to arrest the Knights where most of the Order was wiped out. This was the creation of the infamous legend of Friday the 13th, a date considered to be unlucky and to many evil and even depicting death. This is the origin of why the very powerful number 13 get's no love, not Jason Myers of Camp Crystal Lake, the madd serial killer of the ‘Friday the 13th’ horror flick franchise.

The leader of the Order, Jaques de Molay, was burned at the stake. If you’re familiar with de Molay, the Masonz have an auxiliary organization for youths called the Knights of Pythagoras. The black version of Skull&Bones, the Boule’ (Sigma Pi Phi) makes reference to de Molay as well. Surviving memberz went underground and re-emerged as the “Freemasonz.” What’s deep is the official date the Templarz were recognized by the Vatican is 1118AD (1+1+1+8=11, where we we see 11 again!).

As mentioned before, this war on terrorizm is not new and it dates back to the beginning of the first millennium. From what we’ve discussed so far, you would think only YT uses Masonic practices as a part of society, but remember, these Arabz and caucasianz been at each other for a long time. The person(s) behind 9/11 have brought an ancient battle to center stage: the ‘Assassinz’ versus ‘Masonz’. And throughout this period certain war tactics have been implemented into each otherz strategy.

Mustafa al-Amin, author of 'Al-Islam, Christianity & Freemasonry' states, “During the period of the Crusades, many of the ideas and practices of the Muslim groups were adopted by the European Christian warriors. More specifically, it was through the Knights Templar that most of the Eastern secret societies’ methods were introduced to Europe. The Templars were influenced by the Order of the Assassins.”

So what we have is a learned behavior YT adopted, not somethin’ they originated — which is their exact nature, master plagiarist’s! So what about these Arab terrorists?

Osama bin Laden has been referred to as the modern day Saladin — the Islamic general who defeated the Templarz at Hattin. Before there was the Templarz there were the Assassinz. Formed in 1090 by al-Hasan ibn-al-Sabbah, the Assassinz were a murderous sect who called themselves defenderz of Islam. They came out of Kemet (Note that by then the Afrikan presence had been completely colonized) but soon moved to the mountainous region of present-day Iran. Most of their battles were fought against the Knights Templarz as each other tried to overthrow and steal each otherz wealth, in particular the search for the Ark and the biblical Jesus’ cross.

One of the key strategeez that instilled fear into their foes was their willingness to sacrifice their own lives for the cause — just like the Muslimz of today. What also must be noted is how they were able to get people to commit themselves to the point where they would take their own life. According to explorer, Marco Polo, who visited the Assassinz castle in Alamut in 1273, they used a variety of techniques that would today be called “mind-control”. The main technique used was by drugging the initiate with hashish and placing the recruit to, as Polo stated, “a sumptuous garden filled with beauty, feasts and women.”

In this drug-induced state, when the recruit woke up he was convinced he had literally gone to Paradise. Once the drug wore off and he returned to the real world, eventually the recruit’s original beliefs in Islam were replaced with a version called “Nizari Ismailis” which convinced him he would return to Paradise if he sacrificed himself for the cause and its leaderz.

So it all makes sense now why we hear of how young their soldierz are willingly, ready and able to give their life to “Allah”. If they were reprogrammed to believe, what person wouldn’t sacrifice their life if they were promised paradise and 100 virginz as their reward?! They’re used to livin’ in underdeveloped regionz (rocks and caves) and hear gun claps everyday, who wouldn’t want paradise?!!?

History notes the Assassinz were present during the battle Hattin. When looking a the word, 'Assassin', we attach a negative meaning to it. But when lookin’ at the origin of the word, we find the word ‘Assasseen’ and in Arabic it meanz 'Guardian'. What exactly are they guarding? Perhaps whatever the Knights of Templar stole during the crusades and break-inz into Solomon’s Temple in 1118, and bringing it to Europe, then Scotland and eventually America.

Most would think the reason the World Trade Center was hit was because it was the biggest and most visible structures that would get the worldz attention. True, but not entirely the truth. True, if you wanted to make an impression, the Towerz was it (remember it was also targeted in ’93). But as I stated earlier, this is a long enduring battle and to keep the traditional feud going, what we will soon see is that these parties are playin’ a much deeper game than we, the outsiderz, are privy to know. If you look at these attacks, you will find Islamic/Masonic code written all over it! Let’s take a look at the Trade Center’s.

Just like how our Ancestorz built the pyramidz using mathematics — bein’ placed at the center of the Earth’s landmass, positioned at the apex of the Nile Delta, with its base twice its height yielding the infamous number ‘pi’, or 3.14 — math was used in the design of the Towerz.

Freemason/Templar mythology speaks of the legend of Jachin and Boaz, aka the Twin Pillarz of Atlantis. In all Masonic lodges, you will find these 2 pillarz. Inside these pillarz was said to be engraved all the then known sciences to preserve them from destruction by fire or flood. These secrets allegedly came from the children of Lamech of Atlantis.

Jumping in time to the American Revolution, these 2 pillarz were made of brass to represent the pillarz erected at the entrance of Solomon’s Temple. It is said these pillarz contain the source of the deepest Masonic secrets, conveying in detail the end of dayz and the Masonz role to preserve and strategically time the re-dissemination of this knowledge to maintain their power.

After knowin’ this about the 110-story Towerz, even an idiot would think they resemble the modern Jachin and Boaz. But if you are in need of additional suspicion, take into the fact that the Towerz were designed by a Mason, Minoru Yamasaki!

Yamasaki on the Towerz, “There are a few very influential architects who sincerely believe that all buildings must be ‘strong’. The word ‘strong’ connotes ‘powerful’ — that is, each building should be a monument to the virility of our society.” Yamasaki’s belief in the strength of a structure happenz to be the very meaning to one of the pillarz of Solomonz Temple.

The pillar, Boaz, sits on the left or north, representing strength. Lookin’ at the attacks, we find it was the left or strength portion of the pillarz, I mean Towerz, that was hit on the 11th, by Flight #11. So subliminally, or metaphysically, the terrorists’ went to attack the strength of America FIRST.

On top of that, when you look at the design of the Towerz, due to their height, 110 (where we see the #11) feet, they were designed to sway on wind bracing columnz, called a prefabricated steel lattice, that were 39 inches each. The floor construction of the lattice was only 33 inches in depth spanning the full 60 feet to the core. So let’s see, we mentioned the numberz 110, 39, 33 and 60.

39 is twice 19.5 (will elaborate in a sec); 33 is the highest degree in Scottish Rite Masonry as well as the (get out your calculatorz, for those good in trigonometry) ‘sin’ or ‘sine’ of 19.5°. THIS IS WHERE IT KEEPS DEEP!

There are certain constellationz that become of significance now. Sirius, which represents the goddess Aset (greeks call Isis), the 3-belt starz of Orion, which represents Ausar (Osirus), and Regulus, the “heart of the lion” of the constellation Leo.

Leo also happenz to be symbolic for Heru (Horus), the son of Aset and Ausar. What is significant is the positionz of these starz during the attacks. When we apply these same numberz to these constellationz, we find serious "coincidences" when the starz were at 33° and 19.5° above or below the horizon. (Note: the horizon itself symbolizes the passage between life and death)

American Airlines Flight #11 struck the first Tower at 8:45am. It was at this time Sirius was slightly above 32° over the horizon. It must be noted that although it technically was not at 33°, it was but 1° off because Sirius never really got as high as 33° that morning. When doin’ these stellar calculationz, there is a 0.5° margin of error. However, when we look at Giza, Kemet (Egypt) at this time, which is the home of the Assassinz as well as the birth of the Templar/Masonic system itself, it showed the belt starz of Orion were well within the half degree margin of 33° at the time of the first hit.

In Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, Regulus, the heart of the lion, was dead on the horizon, which could be translated as the western death, or the day American dominance died. Now, Regulus or Leo represents Heru, who avenged his fatherz death. Could it be whomever is behind these attacks see themselves as avenging a millennium-long beef??

The 4 involved planes were numbered ‘American Airlines Flight 11’, ‘United Airlines Flight 175’, ‘American Flight 77’ and ‘United Flight 93’. Notice a pattern? In addition to the 9’s and 11’s, Flight 77, which allegedly slammed into the Pentagon, the 3 belts of Orion was precisely at 39° over Washington, DC.

"And?!!?..." You may be sayin’... Orion, the representative of Ausar, overseer of the dead, judge of the underworld and resurrection of the dead, was at 39°! However, the longitude of DC was at 77°!! What was the latitude? 39°!! As stated earlier, 39 is twice 19.5. These numberz are key code numberz in what is called Templar Magic. If you go back to the architecture of DC you can see it (again, watch, 'The Classified Origin of D.C.' on DGTv).

In part 3 of this series, we continue to bring the fire as we cover how these numberz were also influential in the design of the Nationz Capitol, how the National Aeronautic Space Administration (NASA), planet Mars and how these all tie into when and where there are military strike and counter-strikes in each and every war America was involved in.

Until then, continue to study and don’t use tell-a lie-vision and ‘massa’-media as your primary source!


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