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(written 2002)

On September 11th, 2001, the World Trade Center was hit in the heart of New York City’s financial district; but so was the Pentagon out in Washington, D.C. But have you noticed, with everything that happened on that day and since, there hasn’t been much talk of what actually happened at the Pentagon?? Somethin’ did happen at the Pentagon, exactly what is the question. After readin’ this, you’ll see it certainly was not the Boeing 757 they claim! But before that, let’s think about a historical link 9/11 shares with the Pentagon.

Throughout this series, we’ve dealt with numberz and dates, showin’ these are not randomly selected, and have subliminal meaningz. Well, what happened in D.C. is no different. Did you know on that same day, September 11th, but in 1941, during the presidency of Franklin Roosevelt, the ground breaking ceremony of the Pentagon occured? Is it possible the alleged terrorists’ were tryin’ to draw attention to the year 1941(1+9+4+1=15 –› 1+5=6 – read part 5 for the definition of the #6) as well as a connection with Roosevelt. Before you say ‘no,’ consider this...

Could what happened in D.C. be a subliminal callout for World War III? In parts 2 and 3 of this series, we spoke of the millennium-old beef this whole thingz really about. It’s an old grudge between the arab muslimz and descendants of the Knights Templar (the Illuminati).

Now when we look at the year 1941, it was also the year World War II started. I could be reaching’, but again, when studyin’ global white supremacy, there’s no such thing as a coincidence. So, 1941 comes out to equal 6 (1+9+4+1=15 –› 1+5=6); there are 60 (6+0=6) yearz between 1941 and 2001; and World War III (or 3) equalz 1050 (World=138+90+118+72+24=442; War=138+6+118=262; Three=120+48+118+30+30=346 –› 442+262+346=1050 –› 1+0+5+0=6. See 666?? (For the alphabetical-numerical chart, watch the DGTv Video Article, 'Numerical Mystereez')

But there’s more, it appearz Roosevelt has somethin’ to do with this also. He was sworn in on the March 4th, 1933 as the 32nd President of the United Snakes. Hedz may not know he was also a 32nd Degree Scottish-Rite mason. In addition, the Vice-President, Harry Truman possessed the 33rd Degree!

In 1945 Truman became America’s 33rd President. Now, to common-folk, they won’t see a link, but to a deeply religious sect like the arab muslimz or someone who’s anti-masonz, they might see them as grave enemies.

Geographically, the 32nd-degree parallel passes just a little south of the city of Jerusalem. It has often been said the ‘Mother Lodge’ of the Scottish-Rite Supreme Council of the 33rd Degree was fixed at the city of Charleston, South Carolina because the 33rd-degree parallel passes almost right through it. Is this a coincidence? In addition, in some certificates of the Scottish Rite 33rd Degree, the actual geographical latitude given in degreez is shown next to the name and location of the issuing lodge. This showz there’s sort of a mystical connection between the “Degree” ritualz and the geographical latitude “degree” of the lodge.

This can easily show how the arab muslimz might see the creation of the State of Israel — who created the Zionist Organization during the Roosevelt/Truman administration — which happenz to be stolen land that just so happenz to have a wealth of natural resources under it’s soil.

We must have an innerstanding that all this has nothin’ to do with terrorizm, because the western world [dominated mainly by the United States and (not so) Great Britain] are some of the biggest terrorists of all time. This is all about natural resources; oil, gold, silver, uranium, copper, water, etc.

The thing is the arab muslimz are no better! They both are fightin’ over land that is not thierz, it is on Afrikan soil! But we are the Black Zombies, Nas speaks of, unaware of what really a’gwan.

That said, let’s focus on what YT continuously does... make mistakes. The unfortunate thing is because they control the media and they’ve got us all convinced what they tell us is the truth, they are able to make these mistakes with little to no penalty.

Let’s first look over the timeline of American Airlines Flight 77 (AA77), Boeing 757 that allegedly crashed into the Pentagon:

• 8:20am: Flight 77 departs from Dulles Airport, about 20 miles from the Pentagon.
• 8:50am: Last radio communication with flight 77 recorded. The plane is now some 280 miles from the Pentagon.
• 8:56am: Radar receiver contact lost. Plane’s now approximately 335 miles from the Pentagon.
• 9:00am: Flight 77 turnz and headz for the Pentagon. Now some 370 miles away from the Pentagon. The hijackerz finally make their move after waisting all this time and fuel flyin’ away from a target they already were at.
• 9:37am: AA77 allegedly crashes into the southwest side of the Pentagon. Now, precisely 0 miles from the Pentagon.

So, according to this timeline, the fearless hijackerz give the Air National Guard/US. Air Force (USAF) a fighting chance by waiting until they damn near 400 miles away from their target before turning back?! This “delay” (from 8:56 to 9:37am) gave the USAF more than 40 minutes to send up reinforcements to investigate and shoot down if need be. But it didn't happen. Why? Oh, it get’s more deep!

When AA77 left the airport at 8:20am, the radio to track the plane wasn’t turned on until 8:56am… that’s over a half-hour later, yet it was still visible by radar!! This alone is proof positive this was an inside job, because planes are tracked using radio and radar. I would think proper rules would regulate one fully investigate any flying object that is on radar yet has no radio contact, afterall, it could be alienz (a lil’ joke)!

Then, a couple minutes later, AA77 disappearz from all radar screenz near the Ohio border. Suddenly minutes later, a plane appearz on radar just south of Washington, D.C., then crashes into the Pentagon. Notice I said “a PLANE appearz on radar,” which meanz its quite possible it was not Flight 77.

So we're expected to believe AA77 turned around and flew over 40 minutes or 370 miles without radio or radar detection until just before it crashed into the Pentagon?! Why do we believe that a large Boeing 757 hit the Pentagon? Simple... we were told by ‘massa’-media. We’ve become so dependent on what YT chooses to tell us, we refuse to look into thingz ourselves! We accept what they want us to know with no question and certainly no investigation of our own. So, if this is so, where’s the evidence?!

Officially, YTs sayin’ that AA77 was jacked by terrorists who flew it approximately 40 minutes unnoticed and then slammed into the Pentagon leavin’ no debris. If you’re familiar with the D.C. area, there’s madd military bases around it, as far out as Virginia. So you got these cats who allegedly steal a plane and fly around a high military area with not one, NOT ONE fighter jet encounter?! The jokes really on us, because many did and still believes what they told us!

Was there ever really a flight AA77? There are some skeptics who believe there wasn’t and whatever happened at the Pentagon served some other purpose. When lookin’ at the crash site, logic would tell you it was impossible for a plane that big, to do so little damage as well as magically disappear, leavin’ practically no remnants of its existence, as if the plane disintegrated after the crash [fig. a].

On top of that, there are photos THEY released that contradict what they’re sayin’! When you look at these photos, the damage to the Pentagon was not as bad as they led us to believe. For one, look at how small the hole is in the Pentagon that was said to be created by the plane [figs. b-d]. What makes this more of a mystery is that the Bush administration has refused since day one, to release the black boxes, voice recorderz and any pictures of any wreckage from this so-called plane! Y IZ dat?! What are they coverin’ up?!!? Where they messed up is when the U.S. military released madd high-rez shots on their website ( photos/Other/ Pentagon/ & pl?Lbox= defenselink.Pentagon _Attack) [Note: don’t be surprise if these links are no longer available...]

Research done by an unknown author on, was able to prove the contradiction in what was reported. If you look at the pictures, you will see 3 shots before the part of the Pentagon collapsed. You will also notice the outline showin’ you the part that wasn’t demolished. The 4th and 5th shot are the 3 images together, so that you can see how a Boeing 757 cannot possibly fit into the picture [figs. e-i].

Notice the wingz do not fit, plus a plane that big traveling at a high rate would definitely do more damage. But what was found was if this plane did hit, it was at about 45° angle. What does this do? It increases the wingspan!! Hittin’ head-on, the wingspan would've made a hole about 125ft. But since we know it hit at a 45° angle, this increased the wingspan to 177ft! [figs. j, k, and q]!

So, if you look at these pictures, you can conclude the hole in the Pentagon wall is too small to have been made by a Boeing 757. In addition, you can see that the damage to the Pentagon is not all that extensive as ‘massa’-media had us believe. We’ve seen the entry wound, what about the exit?

YT tellz us a plane as wide as flight AA77, weighing about 100 tonz and traveling over 300 miles an hour, was only able to damage the outer ring – called the E-ring (of a total of 5 ringz) of the Pentagon. Now that’s complete B-S! C’mon yo, over 100 tonz travelling over 300 mph?! What, is the Pentagon made out of Kevlar?! Sure enough, they want us to believe so. The media reported that the Pentagon wallz and windowz were specially hardened to resist a crash.

They also claim the aircraft hit the ground first and slid into the Pentagon. They said the wallz were specially reinforced however, the outer Pentagon wall containz a framework of 10-inch reinforced concrete with the adjacent space filed with 8-inch thick brickwork. Over this was placed about 6 inches of limestone. So the outer wall is about 16 inches thick. That’s like takin’ a ruler and add 4 more inches! That's not really thick to be a wall, especially a government one. Does that seem sturdy enough to take a hit from a 100-ton 757?! Even if it were 16 feet instead of inches, much more damage would’ve been left to see!

Now, after this fact, the media will claim they reported the wallz are blast-resistant. Maybe so, but that does not translate to crash resistant! A photo was released of the whole inside of the 3rd or ‘C- ring’. The whole is about 12 feet wide and was later said to have been caused by one of the jet engines. This meanz in order to exit out the C- ring, whatever it was that did it, had to enter then exit first through the E-ring, followed by the D-ring, then the C-ring. But when we look at the photos, there is no sign of anything “exiting” through the 5th, 4th and 3rd rings! [figs. c, d]

The Pentagon has 5 floorz, and reports say the plane hit the ground and skid into the Pentagon — which would make the impact at ground level. But the photos [figs. e-i] show the damage was not at ground level. They say 3-ringz were damaged, yet we see damage in only 2 (the outer E-ring and inner C-ring), with no damage in between. To cover up this lie they could not explain, they chose to demolish the first 3 ringz [fig. l]… I smell a coverup!

As stated, the Bush administration still refuses to release the black boxes, voice recorderz or photographs of the crash site. This probably woulda been swept under the rug of mysteries had the military not released pictures of the crash site. From these photos [figs. a, m-o], we can see the remnants from the crash.

Fig. a showz the entire wreckage. Fig. m and n showz blown up pictures. Does any of this look like pieces from a Boeing 757?? All that can be seen are small metal scraps. Where are the large parts?! There’s no way a plane can slide into a building and disintegrate into small pieces like what was scene here. The only big piece found were parts from a helicopter [fig. o] eye-witness, Lincoln Liebner, reported was struck by the aircraft before it hit the Pentagon. Now, how many heard of this??

Speakin’ of “slide” (as the media put it), if it did slide into the Pentagon, take a look at fig. p, seemz to me the grass in front of the Pentagon is in tact. I don’t see ANY signz of somethin’ sliding into it. There’s absolutely no evidence that showz wreckage from a Boeing 757 was at the Pentagon. Bush could clear all speculation just by releasing the wreckage, black box and recorderz of AA77, but again, he has not, and I’m sure will not.

Now I’m not sayin’ an aircraft didn’t hit the Pentagon. But it certainly wasn’t the plane they said it was. The question that’s also not been asked is if Flight AA77 didn’t hit the Pentagon, where is it and where are the passengerz?!

On the website,

“the first report on NBC said there had been an explosion near the Pentagon heliport. There was no mention of a plane. If you were watching ABC, the first reports cited eyewitnesses who said a business jet had crashed into the Pentagon. Notice that this description is similar to the first report about the WTC, where there was a New York woman who was the first eyewitness on NBC. She had no question about what she saw. She said she heard an airplane coming in low and looked up. She saw a small private jet, and watched it fly into the first WTC tower, the North tower. She was certain in her description — most people know the difference between a big round- nose commercial jet and a smaller plane).”

It was also reported on the website that after the smoke died down, everyone could see the Pentagon but no one could see the plane. The Pentagon is made of masonry — limestone — not steel and glass. The aluminum wingz of the plane should have been ripped off and left outside the building. We should have been able to see wing wreckage. But there was none. Regarding the explosion that happened, somethin’ even more fake appeared to happen. This leadz to more questionz as to what exactly happened...

The government released a series [figs. r-u] they claim were at the exact moment of impact. The photographs were not officially released by the Pentagon, but officialz say the images were authentic and had been provided to law enforcement investigating the attack. So they provide pictures but won't release the black boxes and voice recorderz??

These photos were taken by a surveillance camera positioned north of the section of the Pentagon destroyed by the impact and the resulting explosion and fire. The images are said to cover a span of four one-hundredths of a second.

In fig. r, we see a small, blurry white object near the upper left corner — they claim this was possibly the plane just a few feet above the ground. The second [fig. s] shows a white glow immediately after the impact. In the other photos [figs. t, u], a mountain of orange fire and black smoke rises above the building.

What makes this smell like a cover-up is when you look at the date typed near the bottom of each image. Notice the date sayz September 12th and not September 11th. Also, look at the time. The explosion was said to have happened in the morning, 9:37am to be exact., these are stamped 17:37, or 5:37pm. Officialz explanation was that the date was probably after the shots were catalogued for investigative purposes. If you ask me, it still soundz like them covering up a mistake...

On the website,, they wrote, “Notice that, in the ‘impact’ picture, the intense light source of the explosion does not cast any shadows of its own. In particular, the parking control structure does not have a (fainter) second shadow.”

They added, “notice also that in the ‘impact’ picture, the Pentagon wall is much brighter than in the other photos. The forger seems to have realized that the explosion would light up the entire Pentagon wall (but overlooked the fact that it would cast shadows of its own). He has tried to imitate the flash of the blast by increasing the brightness of the entire picture, unfortunately for him, this also increased the brightness of the areas that should still be in shadow (and thus darker). For example, the sides of the parking control structures facing the camera have also increased in brightness.”

Also peep how the heliport control tower [figs. s-u] is engulfed in the fireball. The cat who touched up these photos must've forgot the close (to the camera) end of the heliport control tower is a long way from the impact site. The remaining photos show the fireball has increased in size, but somehow it has managed to shrink back behind the heliport control tower, and leave it in shadow. The camera took shots at 4 one-hundreths of a second, that’s one picture a second. Oh, I see, the government has a high-powered camera that takes low-res pictures. Still not convinced? Peep this additional info...

This crash, is not like the usual air crash. A usual crash, when a plane hits the ground, the fuel tanks rupture and the fuel spills along the ground at high speed, mixing thoroughly with the air and exploding out and upward. Well here, most of the fuel is spilt into a confined space with little opportunity to mix thoroughly with air. That bein’ the case, the explosion should be much smaller than normal and since most of the fuel enterz the building, the direction of the visible blast would be parallel to the ground, as it explodes back through the entry wound.

In the faked explosionz here, we have a huge one, with the main direction of the blast being upward. Just before the plane impacts the wall, 100% of the fuel is still in the wingz and body of the aircraft. So this fuel can't explode because it has not been mixed with air. It can’t even burn until it is exposed to the air! Most of this fuel should’ve entered the Pentagon. The type of phony explosion in this series of photos, looks more like a Hollywood explosion.

Further, it was reported the fuel that did not enter the building, and spilled some distance down the wall, where a little of it exploded, but most of it just ignited and burned. So explain to me how fuel mixed with air before hitting the Pentagon wall?? Witnesses claimed the plane hit the ground some distance in front of the wall, spilling a lot of fuel, then sliding into the wall miraculously exiting in the inner side of the 3rd ring without leavin’ an exit wound from the 1st ring, an entry nor exit into and out of the 2nd, and an entry into the 3rd.

It is clearly obvious there’s some kind of cover-up. The question is why? Why would our government conspire to mislead the world, claimin’ to have this illusionary enemy, convincing us we could be attacked again at any time? Why should we believe this when the facts they have released make no sense? Are they doin’ exactly what the Illuminati say they do, playin’ both sides of field (victim and antagonizer)? Looks like it to me!

Knowing the way YTs judicial system works, if the truth is ever released, it may not be until 75 yearz later, as does most conspiracies/mysteries that happen in the U.S. Until then, we are left to speculate...


RESOURCES FOR FURTHER STUDY (*some sites may have expired as this piece was written in 2002)

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