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(written 2008)

With less than a week to go before the nationz 56th presidential election, you can feel the anxiety as each candidate blitz the airwaves with urges of your vote.

Before this, I really didn't deal in politics, feelin' it's become a system no longer for the people nor by the people. But over the last 20-or-so months, my interest was sparked, large-in-part to alarming armageddon-like catastrophe's that have gone from conspiracy to reality. With all the ruckus goin' on, the Dow decline, the scarcity of jobz, and the fear of a Bank Holiday happenin' any day now, I can't remember when I actually felt safe in this country.

For nearly a decade we've watched the dayz of stability and laughter of our childhood morph into todayz youth unable to even fathom a future at all, much less a safe one. We've watched our self-annointed leaderz play their position, sayin' nothin', salivating their palettes as they receive their portion of table scraps from their masterz plate.

The recent events that have transpired in the last decade have done more damage to the middle-class than previous centuries combined. America is at an all-time high in low regard among world opinion, it's military continues to extend beyond its meanz fighting in two warz and its citizenz witnessed terrorist acts on U.S. soil for the first time since probably the bombing of Black Wall Street in Tulsa, Oklahoma back on May 31, 1921. We are nearing the eye of this global economic recession and the one's who'll feel it most are the lower and middle-class. This ringz of the old dayz where there were only two classes: the rich and the poor, where the poor were decadent servants (slaves) maintaining the wealth of the overseer.

As history's proven, on every plantation, there were revolts, but this time, instead of burnin' the Bighouse down, its bein' taken over!

Now I'll be the first to remind you I was initially a skeptic, not because I thought I knew Barack Obama — because at the time, I knew very little — but rather of what I've studied about Global White Supremacy (GWS), The Illuminati and The Trilateral Commission (TC).

But I humbly digress... a proclaimed "learned" wo/man cannot be if they discontinue seeking knowledge. Hence, this is a piece about maturity, about growth and about salvaging one's sanity, in particular, mine. Many of you know me as the one who bashes everything that isn't for the benefit of American-Afrikan people [yes, American-Afrikan; 'Afrikan' bein' the subject or noun, 'American' bein' the kind of Afrikan. (click the link for more)]. But as I am granted extended life and perspective, I realize there are generationz yet born that need to be moved to the forefront of the equation.

See, the philosophical core of my writingz are based on the desire for a better, socially moral, safe and equal America (and world). If anyone today still thinks racizm is dead (or not as prominent), we've been privy to witness it from not just common folk who aren't of Afrikan descent, we've seen this behavior from elected officialz as well.

We've heard both Republican and Democratic's question Barack Obama's affiliation with Muslimz and terrorists simply because of his name, while at the same time, Sen. John McCain's background has never been questioned. For one, it wasn't until April 4th of this year that he admitted he was wrong in bein' a strong opposer of Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday in his state of Arizona — obviously he repents not because it's the right thing to do, it's because he's runnin' for President and needz the "minority" vote (note, he also ran for Prez in 2000!). He also once said of the racist Confederate flag, "Personally I see the flag as a symbol of heritage"; Not one person who attacked Barack has questioned McCain on this, not one politician nor anyone of the media!

In addition his backgroundz in question... or rather his family tree. He's the great-grandson of John Sidney McCain, a slaveholder, member of the Ku Klux Klan and well known white supremacist who served as a politician and sheriff in Mississippi, was a major influence in the opposition of the Colored Farmers' Alliance — consisting of 1.25 million Afrikan farmerz, who simply fought for equality with white farmerz in the late 1890s. As far as Governor Sarah Palin? Look up HAARP (The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program, based in Alaska. HAARPs a government concealed program allegedly capable of manipulating weather. Think Katrina was man-made?)!

A week before the election, MSNBC reported the ATF (Arms, Tobacco & Firearms) disrupted a skinhead-led plot to assassinate Obama and then kill another 100 American-Afrikanz. Last week, a McCain volunteer — a white woman from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania — conjures up a story about a Black man attacking her and carved the letter 'B' for 'Barack' on her cheek, only to recant hourz later citing a mental disorder as the reason. Everyone knowz she's tryin' to get off sayin' she's mental, when it's clear she's racist and as dumb as dumb gets — she carved the 'B' that allegedly stood for 'Barack', get this... backwardz on her cheek! Meaning, if someone other than her did carve this in her cheek, they have a form of dyslexia! Clearly, this is a hate crime and she should be prosecuted to the furthest extent of the law! But she's more likely to get off with temporary insanity or some -ish like that! We all know what woulda happened if she was Black and a supporter of McCain!

If something were to happen to Obama, just as Louis Farrakhan claimed he helped build the climate that led to the death of Malcolm X, so should Sen. McCain admit his role. Throughout the campaign, influenced from allegationz of Barack's affiliation with terrorist's fueled by the Republican Party. There have been countless reports of participants at televised McCain rallies callin' for the death of Obama where McCain initially said nothing. Many of these racists taunted publicly despite bein' caught on camera, provin' the perceived omnipotent mentality many whites feel — especially in the mid-west! Psychologically speaking, this comes from white privilege. I bet if they knew they could get away with it, they'd hang an Afrikan in a second! Again, this is a climate the McCain/Pelan ticket created and it's only a microcozm of what an undeclared large percentage of whites feel.

Funny how hedz like these will let an imbecile like George W. Bush reign for 8 yearz with not one reported assassination attempt, but will try to take the life of one who's committed to cleanin' up the mess this country's in! The question is will America give him a chance to live and lead? Two of the aforementioned incidents were carried out by young white's in their late teenz/early 20s, generationz removed from the dayz of segregation. So how and where are they learning this? *Bottom line... many whites and non-Afrikanz are afraid.

I don't like talkin' about GWS, but I do because not enough of us are. Carter G. Woodson said it best, in so many wordz, "our lack of knowledge of ourselves is a critical problem." In addition, our lack of knowing the culprit behind not knowing ourselves is an even more vital problem. It's one thing to know you're sick, it's another to know who made you sick and overstand their reason behind it.

Collectively, we American-Afrikanz were brought as products of this government and not producerz whose cultural base has been strategically stripped from the position of vanguard of our place in this country and quite frankly, our historical contributionz to the world.

Celebrated British historian, Arnold Toynbee, who wrote a twelve-volume analysis on the rise and fall of civilizationz in 'A Study of History' wrote, "When we classify mankind by color, the only one of the primary races that has not made a creative contribution to any of our 21 civilizations is the Black race." Because fabricatorz of true history like his works have been accepted as scholastic contributionz to mankind, it makes you wonder exactly what it is YTs really scared about and with Obama running, I'm quite sure many fear a Blackman bein' Commander-In-Chief of the "free world".

GWS has been the most vital component used in detaining Afrikan people's (or dark-skinned, kinky-haired, thick nose, lips and hips — for those who have trouble identifyin' with Afrika) ability to take their place as leaderz and co-leaderz of the world. This is what makes Obama's run so unique. His run, even to this point — to become the Democratic Presidential Nominee while beating Hilary Clinton (who just knew the nominee would be heired to her due to so many aceepting her husband, Bill, as Black) and to have raised over a half billion in campaign support shattered previous recordz and proves there are many ready for change — is monumental for people of Afrikan descent and because of his success, it both is and is not about race. It's not about race because he's a worthy candidate who just so happenz to be of Afrikan descent, and it is about race because of what this accomplishment's symbolizes for Black people... We are movin' from the Plantation to the Bighouse!

Imagine... Barack Obama as President...

It took a minute, but Barack Obama has won me over. He's the best chance, not just for this country, but the world has of someone creating change from within (the government). But does this mean I now relinquish my suspicionz and have complete faith in the government and the voting system? No. Anything could happen come election nite (have we forgotten what went down in 2000?)! We still have the 25-year Voting Rights Bill to abolish (due to come up again in 2031)!

Does this mean I have complete faith in Obama? No. That would be unfair to put the historical socioeconomic illz and prejudicial wrong-doingz of this country's forefatherz and heirz (children) on his shoulderz and make it all good. You can't expect one man to extinguish a nearly 250-year fire as soon as he gets in office, let alone in 4 yearz! Obama ain't God, so it is inappropriate to look for him to right these wrongz especially when white privilege has existed here in this country since before 1776! But what he represents as a catalyst is a start...

My initial judgement of him was as everyone elses, primarily based on what 'massa'-media and his electoral competitorz wanted us to know (including Hilary). As with many American-Afrikanz, from jump, I was for Obama simply because he's black. But as the media tried to first paint him as a 'militant black' or one with possible links to Muslim terrorists, to then not bein' 'black enough', I was confused and realized I couldn't just be for him 'cause he's a brotha, I needed to do my research.

Not givin' him any exceptionz, I looked up his affiliationz to secret and not-so secret societies, as I would any other politician. The only one I found of significance was his association with the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), alleged co-conspiratorz of the North American Union (NAU). When publicly confronted, he gave a suspicious response claiming he "sees no evidence" to support the NAUs existence and downplayed his link with the CFR.

Knowin' what little I know of the NAU and relyin' more-so on what I know of the CFR, practically every politician has ties with them. so I gave him some slack. But my skepticizm grew when Zbigniew Brzezinski — an executive member of the Trilateral Commission who in 1978, was key in the strife that went down in Rwanda, who spoke of U.S. dependence on Afrikan mineral wealth and callz on the FBI and CIA to make sure that "radical" Afrikan Nationalist Movements do not get together with Black Nationalist's here in the U.S. in the National Security Council Memorandum (NSCM-46), a continuation of YTs scheme of stealin' Afrikan natural resources and creating white wealth just as Cecil Rhodes, Oppenheimer, DeBeers, Rockefeller and the sort did battling against Marcus Garvey in the early 1900s (whew) — was appointed his top foreign policy advisor in 2007 and endorsed him that August, givin' me reason to continue my research.

But as I began listening to his speeches in its entirety, his wordz and candor had the same effect on me it has had on the rest of the world. For the first time there was a politician on the inside bold enough to take on the the same 'ol 'politics as usual' and lead us toward change. Have you seen how the world has embraced this man? I definitely believe him bein' Afrikan got somethin' to do with it. With him at the helm, racizm could possibly be on its way to extinction, at the very least, a significant chunk of their "power" and influence would be lessened!

As I watched him rack up primary winz, I found myself pondering less about how and possibly why the Trilateral Commission would "let" this relatively new jack, this outsider, woven totally from a non-traditional cloth with fresh new ideas, become the Democratic Presidential Nominee, and started focusing on his message... change, or better yet, 'something different'. Change in this country that could best and probably only be brought from a non-white person.

I say this because so many non-whites (Afrikanz in particular) suffer from white privilege whereas whites, whether they believe it or not, are beneficiaries of wicked deedz of their ancestorz. A white person would be incapable of fully understanding what it's like to have nothing simply because of the complexion of your skin. Whites couldn't fathom what it feelz like to have an entire system be created with them bein' on the bottom. Frankly, I don't think they could survive if what was done to us was done to them! Therefore, they'd be unable to feel what we feel.

By the time he did the followup speech after Rev. Jeremiah Wright literally lost his mind, I realized in order to win this election, he must use the right strategy. American-Afrikanz make up approximately 13% of the American population; whites make up about 68%. While many of us wanted him to address issues like Reparationz, Jena 6 and other racial injustices, in order for him to effectively make change, he has to come across as non-threatening. The thing is, I don't think this is an act. His sincerity in bipartisan talks; his willingness to speak with whom YT defines as "rogue" leaderz — as if YTs proven they have principle and honor — without precondition to bring resolution and eventual peace; the way he's handled practically every thing thats been thrown to him — from declining any political assistance from Al and Jesse and him wanting to cut his jewelz off, to questioning his affiliationz with Bill Ayers, bein' called un-American by fellow politicianz, or called a socialist, and I'm sure countless death threats and hate mail the media's most likely concealed, contrary to what McCain wants you to think, he's tested, having felt hate from his own constituents, and I'm sure he has more scarz than McCain could ever bear!

After hearin' what everyone else had to say about him, and contrasting it with what I saw/heard somethin' different whenever I watched him speak — the cool and calmness he exudes; his inspirational choice of wordz, how communal and non-combative he dealz with opposition; and how he sticks to the issues of his plan rather than the usual attack-mode tactics we've all become accustomed to — the best depiction of him came from his own wordz in his book, 'Dreams from My Father'.

Fellow Jegna (mentor is the incorrect name, peep "Mentor vs. Jegna") and Historian, Anthony Browder, spoke highly of this book in a recent lecture I attended. The next day, I decided to get his book, but found his thoughts resonated deeper with the audiobook version where I could actually hear him speak. This proved to be the most vital piece in my analysis of Barack, for as they say, you can't judge a book without knowin' the author!

Turnz out this brotha is a real brotha, but he doesn't need to tell America that while running for President, it would scare whitefolk! This cat is sound, havin' been raised through the lenz of multi-cultural life raised by a white mother and grand-parents who instilled in him American-Afrikan ethnic and cultural pride. This is a man who had the audacity to tell men the truth... to be better Fatherz to our children, turn off the tv and help them with their studies! Imagine if every Afrikan child was instilled with a knowledge of their culture. Imagine if we, who are descendants of kidnapped Afrikanz brought over here during the Maangamizi (the Middle Passage), were able to trace our roots to the exact region our bloodline originated. How many more hedz like Obama would we have?

He must've made vowz within himself to break the chain of absent fatherz and men who blame "the (white) man" for their shortcomingz. Obama's done what every person should, simply make the most with the hand you're dealt. Far too many of us fall short of our life's purpose using the blame game as a reason because it's easy to blame "the system". It was because of this obviously conscious choice that he came back to work in the community after attaining a law degree. It is also not a coincidence he offerz a similar plan for the youth who choose to volunteer community or national service, there would be a tax credit for college tuition.

Among the other itemz of a Barack tenure in the White House: alternative energy (bio, wind and solar), increased internet broadband, making better use of the $12 billion that's given to Iraq each month on this goin' on 7-year facade of a war, 3-month moratoriumz on foreclosures, better schoolz and teacherz with administrative accountability and better healthcare. Although most are not original ideas, the way he intendz to implement them are!

Now don't get me wrong, the governmental system is unfair as well as corrupt, but it maintainz its power mainly 'cause we cease to challenge it. We give up without an honest try. Not Obama. We're very fortunate to have someone of this caliber stand up in a time where many have literally given up. But before we deify him, we should consider this. The change he speaks about can and must be done by everyone on all sides. Some can make change within, whereas otherz are effective externally, if we are to survive in this current society — for how ever much longer it survives. Obama is that change that will come internally.

As I watched his 30-minute infomercial during prime-time last night, I couldn't help shake the possibility of there bein' an assassination attempt. We must realize the courage and support one must have from his family. I watched one of his speeches he did in Pennsylvania where it was raining and I thought of Martin Luther Kings last speech — the courage they possess. As I'm sure he would agree, history has shown us whenever a person standz up for change, the possibility of death lures close behind.That is why it s so important for us to focus on the message and not so much the man. Although he's to be commended, his efforts are to be duplicated, not martyred.

Hopefully other politicianz and world leaderz will follow suit when dealing with each other. Bipartisan politics is a necessity toward peace and it should not be limited to politics because, combined with cultural and ethnic traditionz bein' held in high regard, this combination has failed in America for the past 464 semesterz.

And if Barack does not win and his 15-minutes of fame fades out, he made the most of it, and the world should be grateful for it got a glimpse of a compassionate, well-rooted family man, who realized the core of our survival belies on the treatment of the lower and middle-class... you and me! He used his time in the spotlight wisely, showing the world there are hedz in positionz of power workin' to make the world a better place. For that, Obama has sparked a movement.

Whether we institute change from the inside or the outside, Barack is an example of a reawakening. So for all you critic's, "No, we Blackmen aren't an endangered species!"

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• excellent comments on both sides. i in no way mean obama was a savior, or black messiah, but that we did not expect that he would get the nod from the electoral group as president. but what i saw the very next day - no matter how long it will last - is i see black men speaking to one another, black people with a glimmer of pride and recognition that something magnanimous happened. even if/when there is a huge disappointment from failed expectations from obama - especially since he seems to be going the way of the fed reserve/irs/trilateral/cfr path...i saw a sense of unity among black people. now no matter how fleeting that might be, it might be the catalyst to launch a globalized sense of connectedness throughout the diasporas and the african continent. there are a lot of what if's here. what if he fails? what if he betrays? what if he is betrayed? what if he does all that he does and then some? what if? what if?

i still cannot shake the throngs of whites in support of him, either. yes, they are tired of this charade of lies - see, i say whites KNOW like we KNOW. even when they deny everything, they KNOW.

i remain a pan africanist, but the truth is i see too many occasions when highly respectable people who lived and died for this, were betrayed by not only the whites and "african americans" but by so-called Black Nationalists as well.

i am gonna put this out there; even though it is one of my back-burnered projects: somebody ought to do an analysis of how we have historically betrayed us through every era/epoch. every time we were poised for a leap of revolutionary growth (Nat Turner and back to antiquity, and all the way up jesse's tears, and up until yesterday!) some black person sold his/her soul to cash in and kill the momentum, thus killing us....again....

even today, there is so much paranoia among those inside of the "movement" that they are probably trusting the wrong ones, and mis-judging the ones who might be more committed. if you dont believe me look at what COINTELPRO did to the dynamic black minds of that era. they still paranoid to this day.

so even though i wrote what i did (the last time) i know what Amos/JH Clarke and others said about (the facade) of multiculturalism - and i totally agree, but none of that fully explains all of the phenomena surrounding the entire spectrum of what is unfolding in the here and now. nor does it amalgamate ALL of the revolutionary thoughts/energies/organizations that have occurred throughout history, that we ALL have benefited from...

by the way, i respect what DGT has been doing for years, i will continue to respect your work. i am ok with WHO i am. i am here to learn. in learning is teaching, sharing, evolving...i am divinely made.....
xxxxxxxxxxPosted by Warren Northern ( on Friday, November 14, 2008 at 2:32 AM

• All I can say is 'wow. I'm deeply saddened by this article. I've been avid reader of Da Ghetto Tymz during my time in college and I can say unashamedly I credit DGT for sparking a lot of my motivation to dig deeper into constructs of Pan Africanism, Black Nationalism, African Liberation and even metaphysics. My friends and I championed DGT as an online maroon colony for like minded revolutionaries to read articles that reflected our sensibilities, our thoughts, our hopes and our desires. To read this article hurts. Admittedly I haven't been on the website in quite some time but after Obama's recent "victory" I said to myself; "I wonder what analysis M'Bwebe gave!" In some way I feel like the student reminding the teacher...

In no way possible is Obama capable of doing anything for our people. Do not mistake imagery for reality. Obama represents white power in black face; borrowing from Frantz Fanon's epic. Barak Obama is a amalgamation of every secret society, clandestine operation this planet has ever seen. He wasn't groomed? His father was a known C.I.A. member who is alleged to be apart of the coterie of people who assassinated Patrice Lamumba, his mother is related to countless presidents and is alleged to be apart of the many government mind control programs (MK Ultra, etc), his wife is a senior member of CFR...need I go further?

I think what has happened to a lot of us Black Nationalists and Revolutionaries is we've exhausted all the constructs and modalities that those once value ideologies and platforms provided. Intellectualism can only take the Afrikan but so far. That is why we NEED to deal with what we as a people, as the rightful custodians of this planet and this universe have always dealt with and thats spirituality, science and metaphysics. The powers that be (not far long) have been studying our science for centuries. They know politics dont mean shit, they present it and package it as the pinnacle of debate and change when actuality they deal with the "occult" and deep rituals to maintain their illegitimate position on this planet. We are sleeping GIANTS because we choose to deal with this bullshit material apparatus scared of what some call spookism.' Barack Obama was gift wrapped for us so we can accept him as the CHANGE instead of the real CHANGE thats going on which deals with the much talked about event of 2012. These crackas know whats going on. We are evolving, we are ascending. We do not need this material body, this plane of existence anymore and we are moving up out this motherfucker. Our DNA is returning back to its original state of 12, 21 strands. Lets deal with that for a change. Let's deal with the fact that even NASA is having trouble identifying a mysterious DARK flow, DARK matter is coming from the nether regions of the universe into our earth. Thats us!!! Obama is a distraction to keep the GODS complacent and focused on him, while these crackas is trying to crack the code to the holy grail (MELANIN). Please research Dr. Delbert Blair, Bobby Hemmitt, Dr. Asser Allah or Brother A.A. Rashid. They represent the vanguard of metaphysicians that are dealing with what is happening on a higher level, the only level that counts. We need to move with the planet. We are moving from the 3rd to the 4th/5th dimension and we're worried about a "President"? Come on black people. We built pyramids using psionic and psychic capabilities from our pineal gland...we didnt use slaves. You can run with Obama or fly with Heru, the choice is yours..
xxxxxxxxxxPosted by Gregory Ketant ( on Tuesday, November 11, 2008 at 2:21 AM

M'Bwebe's Response: Yo, hedz are somehow gettin' my piece twisted with the other "elated Blackfolk" who see him as "the Black messiah reincarnate" Gay Edgar Hoover fought so hard to find and annihilate. As stated countless tymz in this piece and even what Obama said himself, "it's not about him, it's about us!"

Lemme be clear, I never implied Obama is the solution, and although I many choose not to view him as "our leader" (which I agree), he will be the leader (President) of this country we live in! Regardless of what hedz feel he represents ('white power in black face' as you noted), I'm not expecting him to do any more than what he said he'd do. So we really need a reality check and know there ain't gonna be no Red Black and Green flag in the whitehouse no time soon!

And, yes, my skepticizm is still there of his affiliationz, but as stated in this piece, can you argue the planz he wishes to put in place? Put aside the stuff conspiracist's think will happen (even 2012 to me is part spookizm, because the Mayan Calendarz dates were different from the one we use today, so who's to say this date is correct? Who's to say it hasn't already passed or that it will come yearz, decades later??), what I do know is a brutha needz to know he can earn a living in the country he resides in; that he's able to afford food prices; that this country has planz of moving technologically with the rest of the world; that they're willing to implement thingz that will make the planet safer for us to habitat; that the money saved for retirement will be there; and that the leader of the country I reside in has the potential and in some cases, proven ability, to change the way shits been handled to this point.

The Pan-Afrikan side of me realizes Obama never and probably never will say anything about delivering Blackfolk to the promise land via Reparationz and the sort. But why should we hold that against him? Look, this part we s'posed to do ourselves! And to date, collectively we continue to be on pause. The energy we waste on wonderin' why he most likely won't push for Reparationz, Police Brutality, etc, is somethin' we should be takin' care of ourselves!

As I said in this piece, think of the inspiration his election created. In a deep convo with one of my comradz I had last night he brought up a piece that was written about Obama's crew in the Wall Street Journal. He's bring with him a lot of American-Afrikanz—thanx in part to the Clinton Administration who brought in a slew of young American-Africanz into Washington (no, I'm not a Clinton fan!). The key is, these young cats who came in under Clinton, Obama teamed up with during his campaign and I'm sure will be during his Presidency. 20 yeaz ago, this was imperceivable!

Yeah, I know what you thinkin', "it's probably just more white power in black face", but can you knock him for wanting to bring in more of our people who can possibly change this shit from the inside-out? Plus, I can't help but believe the Afrikan spirit, that resides in our basic foundation, will be overridden by greed and corruptness. And even if it does, Obama's election is symbollic for it represents ensuing generationz who now have somethin' physically they can identify with in a position of "power".

The dayz of greedy Afrikanz like Jesse and Charles Rangel are numbered, yo! They're a dyin' breed! Because of what we've seen Obama do—the innovation used to win this election; a responsible father to 2 daughterz who will no doubt grow to be strong sistaz; the infamous Fatherz Day speech; and the fact that he has an intelligent, dark-skinned Sista at his side—I cannot help but feel compelled to man-up and step up my game! Think of how many other hedz this mode of change has inpired! In 10 yearz, I predict somethin' like dead-beat fatherz will be on the brink of extinction, if not in serious decline! Is that not a good thing?! Could McCain or even Hilary inspire such change?!!?

As my comrad said, now, whenever someone tries to use the excuse that they can't, he simply replies, "Barack Obama" (dont' take this the wrong way, it simply meanz, truly put your mind to something you want and commit to it; even change the rules if you must!).

Can you really knock how Sun came on the scene and built his name up from nothing? Oh, you can say he had help from YT, which some of it may be true, but when you look at how he revolutionized the way hedz run for office. He totally changed the rules by using the internet to galvanize his following with 8,000 Web-based affinity groups, 50,000 local events, 1.5 million Web volunteerz, and 3.1 million donorz who contributed almost $700 million.

Lastly, although I agree (and hold dear) with the metaphysical aspects you mentioned, we mustn't forget that we also DO exist in this physical world and most, if not all beingz have a natural will to survive. So whether one aspires for this knowledge or not, at the end of the day, your body graves food, you need clothing and shelter and skillz are what you need that will allow you to provide these thingz. My point is, what goes on politically affects you whether you want it to or not! So, unless you know how to unplug from this realm totally and ascend to those esoteric plateau's, YOU STILL EXIST IN THE HERE AND NOW, and on this plane, you have to have the ability to feed, clothe and provide shelter for you and your luv'd ones! So, all this metaphysical -ish aside, let's be real about that! I don't see any hedz offin' themselves physically 'cause they know where they goin' EXACTLY in the 'afterlife'—again, if you do, bless a brutha!! Dont' forget, even our Ancestorz of the Nile Valley didn't get it totally right, they buried themselves with jewelz thinkin' they could take with them to the next realm!

Does it seem I'm asking for the best of 2 worldz, maybe... the difference is, I challenge myself to meet the call of actually doin' something to manifest these worldz, if not for me, at least for our children!

So you cain't help but respect his gangsta and instead of us standing by idle like everyone else waiting for him to save somethin' that literally cannot be saved by one person, we should be dissecting the strategies he used to get so many hedz behind him and use that to implement/update to Bro. Amos Wilson's, 'Blueprint for Black Power'! You down? Let's get to work!!

Gregory's Response: i still love your work brother, no matter our difference on opinion...we still have the same goal which is the unmitigated freedom and liberation of our people. just remember that piece you wrote of that hypothetical situation of the 2 hedz that stopped you in Brooklyn who said they werent from this planet? (lol). all im saying is we need to balance that science with practical solutions and we have a real revolution of mind, body & spirit. hotep/islam/peace...

put up some more articles man!!!

• Peace, Regarding your statement: "And for those who feel Obama ain't for Black people 'cause he didn't speak out for Reparationz or about the Jena 6, again, do you think he'd be in office if he did?" I don't agree with celebrating Obama, as you have already done, until he produces actual results that benefit the African community. Until then, he is just another politician. Obama's presence makes everybody feel all good and safe -far from what we need to be consciously aware of. All of a sudden, we've come so far and the system ain't that bad-that's bullsh@t. I see very clearly that Obama is bringing the world together to make the New World Order that much more easy to implement-WITH EVERYBODY'S HAPPY-GO-LUCKY, WILLING CONSENT! If this guy's down with the illuminati we are fucked... everyone's all bedazzled by this smoothie. The moral of my story is the only leaders that deserve to be bigged up the way you did Obama is real, clear, strong revolutionaries: Huey P, Marley, Malcolm, Garvey. Hoping and wanting and wishing and waiting and voting (for a democrat or a republican) and changing are not revolutionary ideals, they are reformist. This is why I praised Reverend Wright, he is my idea of a leader in modern times. He is where the masses of our people are and he puts his trust in the people because he is speaking some real harsh, dangerous truths to them. Why don't you big that brave man up? Reverend Wright clearly instilled African values in Obama and probably made Obama the man he is today, but he got hung out to dry while Obama goes on to live the elite life of our oppressors..
xxxxxxxxxxPosted by Anonymous on Tuesday, November 4, 2008 at 5:52 PM

M'Bwebe's Response: First, let me note, everyone's who's sent comments, I thank you all. This has and I hope continues to be a healthy debate of ideas!

Now. 'Anonymous', not once did I mention celebrating Obama. If you read my other piece "Politics As (Un)Usual", my skepticizm is still there. But let me ask you all something... What's the alternative??

Ok, many hedz want the whole system to crumble. I'm assuming of those hedz, they've read books like Octavia Butler's, Parable of the Sower', which depicted the survival and migration to safety during the collapse of society. During this several hundred-mile walk to the coast, the lead character faced constant physical attacks while trying to search for food and shelter.

Are hedz really ready to search for food, water and shelter?! How many of us are prepared to survive if/when -ish go down? How many hedz got over 20 gallonz of water in they crib?! I bet nadda, if there is, there's only a few! How many hedz who want this system to fall, are workin' on the next system (or at least what their place will be). How many are part of progressive groups who will be capable to implement their existence in this next society? No, I'm not talkin' about groups who talk about it, I'm talkin' 'bout the groups with the ability! How many are there? Oh, they underground, on the low?? Ok, well how can a brutha be down? How can a collective be down?!

What's wrong with hopin' for the best while preparing for the worst?! I mean, let's be honest, we all talk revolutionary talk, but how many of us really prepared?!!? What's wrong with wanting not to have to face this. Yeah, I want global white supremacy to end; I want the culprits responsible for the delay in Afrikan Liberation to suffer; but do I want to have to put my family on the streets and endure a taxing physical exodus to somewhere we hope will be safe from zealots runnin' wild? No! Do you?!

I'm not celebrating Obama (although I admit there is some racial pride, but that doesn't vindicate this country and its history towardz the treatment of our people), I'm celebrating new ideas! And unless you've found some way to exist in this country where none of this effects you (ie., you have your own money system, your own trade tariffs, your own military to protect your system)—the global economic recession we're in—then I wish you'd share it! You already ready to come out with your approval rate of Obama and he doesn't even take office until January 20th! Again, this is bigger than Obama—somethin' he also constantly states. Yeah, he in bed with a lot of white conspiratorz and I hope he ain't in there but-naked. Perhaps he's a spook—and maybe he's spookin' not just for one race, maybe he's spookin' for the betterment of man. Is that really all that bad? Regardless, we'll have to wait and see... Lastly, if you know me, I mean, really know me, then you know how I feel about the revolutionareez you mentioned, but there's one thing that standz out, they all are no longer with us! Where are our living leaderz? You mention Reverend Wright as a leader?! So we back to the (passive) church now! What Pan-Afrikan hed considerz an ordained western religion-based minister a leader?! The fact is, we can't universally name anyone as a true and effective leader! That's a problem we've had over the last 40 yearz...

NOTE: you may not recall a piece I wrote regarding the speech he made back in April (A Historical Perspective Between Deficiency and Difference), where, up until that point, I did have high regard for him. Then he showed his ass the next day at the National Press Club. Oh, and Obama didn't leave him out to dry, get your facts straight, Wright threw a monkey-wrench into his campaign and could've cost him the election. You would wonder why Wright, bein' an Obama supporter, would do such a thing to hurt someone—he's know over 20 yearz—goal of bein' President. This is your depiction of a leader? Someone who shits on their "friend" for personal gain? Does that make Jesse Jackson your leader too?! (read the piece and learn of his role in the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr.) He had to cut him off!

Regardless, we have to look beyond Obama's color and look at his idealz. Do you agree with any of them (better healthcare, energy independence, job creation, taxin' those rich bastardz, rebuilding our bridges and roadz [and I hope the NYC subway system, 'cause the foundation of the tunnelz are unsafe)]. Do you want to be able to live in a world where you're safe or not hated because you're an american (or live in america)? I do! So I continue to hope for the best while preparing for the worst, as anyone should!

• I was/am unsure about Obama. I want so badly to believe what he says, you can not help but be drawn in by his speeches, but like you and some of the others his affiliation with the TC makes me wonder. Needless to say I voted, I voted for a black man, who ever would have thought I'd get to day that...
xxxxxxxxxxPosted by Shannelle Mosley ( on Tuesday, November 4, 2008 at 7:21 PM

• I'm starting to hear a "universialist" tone in your writing. Great article Ndugu, M'Bwebe. Thank you for sharing your depth and insight. I thought Afrikan liberation included all that you mentioned (economy, foreclosure, healthcare and etc..)!?!? I understand the context of what you're saying. People want change, but will not attempt to change their behavior. This maladjusted behavior to spend money and pulling resources together. People refusing to take better care of their temples. These things have always affected everyone, but have disappropiately affected Afrikans and people of color the most. The system of Global White World Supremacy must be destroyed finally until we can have any peace on this planet. Peace, Ruler Ra
xxxxxxxxxxPosted by christopher cager ( on Tuesday, November 4, 2008 at 5:54 PM

M'Bwebe's Response: If 'universalist' consists of global peace, Afrikan people's right to self-determination and perseverance freely as other ethnicities enjoy, then yeah, I'm a universalist... to tha fullest! But I know that's not what the word meanz. There are some who aren't as gung-ho as otherz about Obama, but if you think of who woulda won had he not (McCain), would you be happy? At least we have a perceivable chance of change. Time will reveal, but it will take time to see! And for those who feel Obama ain't for Black people 'cause he didn't speak out for Reparationz or about the Jena 6, again, do you think he'd be in office if he did? If he woulda uttered the word "Reparationz for American-Afrikanz," do you really think he woulda beat Hilary? Do you really think all those white folk woulda made those online contributionz to his campaign?!!? C'mon ya'll! Let's not put all our hope and dreamz of liberation on his shoulderz and instead, use this momentum to focus on what we will do ourselves!!

• Great that you shared your feelings about the election. Just hope you as a Pan Africanist not getting soft, looking for racial tolerance instead of racial justice. We as Africans can't put down our guards. We not free yet!
xxxxxxxxxxPosted by Joan ( on Tuesday, November 4, 2008 at 8:05 AM

M'Bwebe's Response: My allegiance and stance to the Pan-Afrikan-centered mindset is sound. No need to question that! But as with anyone fighting for anything, you eventually want peace and prosperity. Not that this election will bring that, but we gotta realize we got a lot of thingz against us that are taking precedence over Afrikan liberation, like, the economy, foreclosures, healthcare, etc.

These thingz affect us all! Rising food prices affect us all; lack of job security affects us all; the possible elimination of the current currency will affect us all—if not moreso, our people because we are at the bottom of the socio-economic ladder! And truthfully, you won't find many willing to fight for any kind of liberation if they don't know where their next meal is comin' from, their family's not protected, or a Bank Holiday freezes everyone's account. As far as us not puttin' our guardz down? Sadly, they ARE down! We collectively have no plan, no strategy, no loyal following, no financial backing, NO MILITARY to back this movement, nada. This is a sad fact, and I wish we who choose to be followerz and supporterz of this mindset will move towardz that!

Perhaps we can adopt some of Obama's strategy, "if you can make some phone callz for me, knock on doorz for me,... I promise you, we'll change the world!" Me gettin' soft? Wanting racial tolerance?? Naw, Sun! I intend to contribute whatever I can to restore our legacy! Believe dat! Bless...

Joan's Response: Thanks for still being yourself. So many of our people have excited over the race, saying racism is over and their race is of no importance anymore. stay Black, stay Strong, and continue the good work. hotep.

• you r blessed,n alwayz will be.keep it real bro..
xxxxxxxxxxPosted by Benjamin Sanchez ( on Monday, November 3, 2008 at 7:23 PM

• My people understand..Any member of the CFR is not for change in the good sense of the word.Understand the patriot act and all the other stuff Bush/Cheney did during thier tenure was for the new president to have those powers!!!!I If Obama throws the Patriot Act in the trash than I will be a believer.U dont join the CFR get in the white house and become a saint or crusader....Not going to happen.Uhuru!!!!
xxxxxxxxxxPosted by Dwayne Taylor ( on Monday, November 3, 2008 at 6:13 PM

• I dig the article, but I have some questions about Obama that have not been reconciled that I believe warrant discussion. What about Baracks support of Israel or his affiliation with Zbrignew Brizenski of the Trilateral Commission? How about his support for the FISA bill (wiretaps and domestic survelliance) or his encouragement for African Americans to support the Shawn Bell verdict? How about his non-support for reparations for African Americans stating that reparations should go to education for all americans? How about the FBI document from COINTELPRO cited to PREVENT THE RISE OF A BLACK MESSIAH, how can Obama be good for us (africans in america) when they killed MLK, Malcolm, Medgar Evers and exiled Marcus Garvey? Lastly, what about his stance on prolonged occupation of Afganistan? These are all issues that Obama has to reconcile for me before I vote for him, how have you reconciled them as you cast your vote?
xxxxxxxxxxPosted by Manifest ( on Monday, November 3, 2008 at 3:55 PM

M'Bwebe's Response: I feel you, B. I have the same concernz, but an even bigger concern for me is the economy (which dictates whether we're able to keep food on the table for family and whether your 401k will be honored for retirement), safety in the most basic's of sense, and shelter, need I go into the forecolsure crisis?

Anyone who's watched Obama speak knowz if anyone has the ability to sit with hedz around the world—both allies and enemies alike—to bring peace, if not at least a resolution, it's him. John McCain certainly ain't that dude!

We students and followerz of Pan-Afrikan-centered thought must realize this country may never, EVER bring restitution for Afrikan reparationz—further, our people are so brainwashed through the annihilation of a cultural foundation, we'd wind up spending it all on material itemz, givin' it right back to non-Afrikan-owned businesses! I use Soulja Boy's recent comments as an example: on a BET show, he was recently interviewed by “Black Carpet” host Touré, who asked random, thought-provoking questions of those stopping to chat with the network. Soulja was asked: “What historical figure do you most hate?” The 18-year-old appeared stumped, so Touré prompted, “Others have said Hitler, (Osama) bin Laden, the slave masters…” Soulja then blurted out, “Oh, wait! Hold up! Shout out to the slave masters! Without them, we’d still be in Africa. We wouldn’t be here to get this ice and tattoos.”

Frankly, Afrikan people in america simply aren't READY for reparationz—especially our youth! When we get enough active activist's, businesses, financial institutionz and educational institutionz established, maybe then we'd be ready! As I said in my piece, I don't like the Zbigniew Brzezinski, CFR nor Trilateral Commission connection, don't even like the fact that he's in the same treeline as current Vice-President Dick Cheney! And again, I cramp ta undastand how they'd let someone who boldly speaks of universal change as he, would be "allowed" to make it this far. But the fact is, despite all that, he HAS made it this far!

Do I agree with EVERYTHING he's about? No. Do readerz of DGT agree with everything I (write) about? No. But Obama does exemplify a "'change". Change from the obvious racist white elite who blatantly have left not only American-Afrikanz at the bottom of the totem pole, but have literally run this country into the cella puttin' our motherz, sisterz and children in danger. If not Obama, then who? And when I say who, I mean who that whites will also vote for, because no candidate can win if there's aren't enough whitefolks voting for 'em too!

So let's just see what Obama can do. If hedz can f%#k up and put Bush in office a 2nd term, we certainly can give the brutha a chance! Again, if not him, then who??

• Dear "Joe The Plumber". Time is running out. The snide sense of entitlement that shows on your ignorant face is fading faster than the hair on your bald head. Can you feel it? In less than 36 hours all of your notions of true democracy and patriotism will be forever altered.We won't be forced to hear your ideas on taxes that you yourself seem to ignore.We won't have to listen to your concerns about illegal immigrants invading your borders. Concerns regarding an income bracket that you will never be a part of will cease. Some say you have been treated unfairly and that it's not your fault you were thrust into the spotlight. I say you knew exactly what you were doing when you were handed the baton of Republican racist rhetoric and you chose to run with it. So run a little longer while you still have a chance because the race is almost over for you and "Joe Six-Pack" and those who you adamantly represent.
xxxxxxxxxxPosted by Daryl Robinson on Monday, November 3, 2008 at 3:16 PM

• Damn M! what happen to the truth. I mean atleast give props to Cynthia Mckinney. Barack doesn't and cannot relate to Black folks.
xxxxxxxxxxPosted by Wendy Jones ( on Friday, October 31, 2008 at 7:22 PM

M'Bwebe's Response: Honestly B, (1) Don't know enough of the McKinney/Clemente campaign, large-in-part to 'massa'-media never considering other parties as legitimate candidates in a race that primarily gives the illusion there are two choices: Republican or Democrat (look at Ralph Nader and even Ross Perot from back in the day).

(2) I can blame the media for #1, but #2 is aimed at the McKinney/Clemente Party. Knowin' you're an underdog and basically a very long shot—Green Party AND two, not one, but TWO women who are not white is a challenge enough! This country's barely able to stomach the idea of a white female president and they've gradually warmed up to the notion of a Black President!

Whites currently make up over 65% of the country and a respectable percentage of them are pro-white, plus chauvinists. So choosin' to run wiht all these oddz against them, is the steepest of climbz, Obama has not had to face. With that said and all that's against her campaign, we have to admit there's somethin' she didn't do that Obama did 'cause he faced his own obstacles many felt he could not conquer!

In addition to the direction he intendz to steer the country that have received praise from everyone from Economic strategist's to everyday middle-class hedz, he raised over half-a-billion dollarz using innovative and revolutionary non-traditional tactic's that are to be commended. His focus on accepting small pledges via the internet ballooned to the record number his War Chest amassed! None of the other candidates—I'm assuming McKinney as well—didn't think about that until it was too late! We have to give it up to him because he changed the whole game!

My opinion is that Obama realized it was wise to not focus on the Black vote and I'm not mad about it! Up until I read his book, 'Dreams from My Father' (did you read it? If you did, I don't know how you can say he "doesn't and cannot relate to Black folks."), I felt the same way, but this was based on me hearing him never speak of Reparationz and other Black issues. But when you think about the facts, we make up 13% of this country's population. How he gonna win if he addresses "Black issues" to white folks and expect to win their vote? The media woulda tore him to pieces (as if they already haven't tried), hence he wouldn't be nowhere near where his is now! Would you rather have the next president be Hilary Clinton?!!?

I know he's been shady about his affiliation with the CFR, I already mentioned that in this piece and have throughout all other joints I've written about him, but again, he's the best chance the world has of change, and McKinney simply isn't, at least not now. She doesn't have the world, much less the nation pullin' for her! Again, reasonz #1 and 2 are base reasonz, but that's somethin' she shoulda known and strategized for it, and if she didn't know, she should fire her existing adviorz—again, I don't know much about her campaign and what she standz for, but when I went to her site before I wrote this response, I wound up shakin' my head...

Look at her site ( and look at Barack's ( You can't even find her platform on issues she standz for, whereas, when you look at Barack's site, whatever you need to know, it's right there, EASY TO FIND (look at 'Issues'). On top of that, she got a Hiphop-laced video on her home page. Although culturally sound, not strategically smart. In order for one to win this campaign, you must win a respectable percentage of the white vote. And yes, white kidz may like Hiphop, but do their parents and grand-parents?! Again, not a smart idea... Among a list of other problemz with her site, here's a few: too many dead links and images (a light-blue box with a question mark appearz); new supporterz don't have real pictures of them; when translated into other languages (which is a good idea), the site layout is out of wack; basically, the site is incomplete and looks like an amateur built it, which is a reflection of her, translating her into not lookin' legitimate, hence, hedz won't take her seriously and looses their vote.

I mean, ask yourself, would you half-ass your promotional material if you were comin' out with an album or a book release? You only get one chance to make an impression and its evident herz is not a lasting one, for if it were, she would at least be mentioned with Ralph Nader (at least his site looks professional)!

When I googled McKinney, there were several sites that came up. On one of the first sites mentioned,, it isn't even active?! I mean, how many sites does she have?!!? Google her and see for yourself!

No disrespect intended, just tough luv... the Green Ticket has done a poor job in marketing their ideas to the masses. In summation, McKinney is nowhere near Barack's level! Whether she's more for Blackfolk than he doesn't matter when they can't even validate their issues on their own site (which is basically the best vehicle they have to promote their campaign 'cause it's clearly evident she doesn't have the financial ability to run media adz and the sort).

Perhaps this critique may find its way to her and if she decides to run in 2012, she'll take into consideration. Bless...

• great, Great, GREAT!!
xxxxxxxxxxPosted by Wendy Jones ( on Friday, October 31, 2008 at 7:22 PM

• Sondao, Wow Baba! I have to say I am soooo elated on your new perspective! I have to admit, when I first saw the email I thought "If Baba is sending something out trying to downgrade Barack I might as well just send this email to the TRASH." That's just my truth coming from someone who respects, honors and appreciates the work that Baba has done to keep us "folks" out of the dark, but who had already prayed, consulted, researched and decided that Barack had my commitment and support (in a BIG WAY). I also have to admit that my research was not as thorough as yours. So I am glad I opened up the article for many reasons. I too enjoyed and was touched and inspired by "Dreams From My Father". A friend handed it to me during the holidays as a gift about 2 or 3 years ago and I became interested in the man and his message ever since. What a beautiful article! Insightful, researched, detailed, encouraging, uplifting and inspiring! It reminded me of a chant/song I learned in South Africa: "che che che hekitzo mani, yotzwana Baba M'Bwebe Aja Ishangi!" tranzlation: "Yes,yes,yes there is no one like Baba M'Bwebe Aja Ishangi!" Its a song that speaks to the uniqueness/special divine talents of a person who has used them to bless others...Thank you for your work... In the Spirit of Community,
xxxxxxxxxxPosted by Tanita Harris-Ligons Manyansa ( on Thursday, October 30, 2008 at 2:58 PM

M'Bwebe's Response: Wow! I am deeply humbled by your wordz. Give thanx, so much!

• Great Journalism and a Great critique!
xxxxxxxxxxPosted by Got Melanin? on Thursday, October 30, 2008 at 2:50 PM

• wooooooooow, Good article Homeboy, I'm speechless.....I think if M'Bwebe supports Obama , I'm officially not voting for my man John McCain, even though if McCain won and got popped, having Sarah Palin for president would be so . This is gonna be real interesting to see how things turn out........
xxxxxxxxxxPosted by Jahmed ( on Thurday, October 30, 2008 at 11:20 AM

• Dope article!
xxxxxxxxxxPosted by Lovett Hines ( on Thursday, October 30, 2008 at 10:49 AM

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