(written 2005)


After 68 yearz, the ancient Axum obelisk - properly called Tekhen (Tekhenwy for more than one) - was returned to it's home in Ethiopia. The first piece of the 1700 year-old obelisk was stolen from Benito Mussolini and his Italian troops in 1937. The 58-ton middle section came from the Circus Maximus in central Rome to the northern town of Axum, April 20, 2005. Axum was once the center of the Axumite kingdom tha lasted just before the tyme of alleged birth of the biblical Jesus. I say alleged because many authorz, Anthony T. Browder for one, has proven the biblical Jesus' life is identical to the life of Heru mistakenly called Horus of the original trinity, Auset, Ausar and Heru (mistakenly called Isis, Osirus and Horus). In fact, the original trinity is some 4100 yearz before christianity!

Now if you're familiar with the legendary Ausarian Drama, it's a story of how Ausar was murdered by his brotha Set (origin of the word 'Satan'). Set then cut Ausar into 14 pieces spreading them everywhere across the world. His wife, Auset, literally walked the four cornerz of the planet finding every piece of her husband with the exception of one, his penus. The Tekhen is symbolic for Ausarz penus - not in the sexual text but realizing the penus is a vital piece to the creation of life. His son Heru (where the word 'Hero' derived) avenged his fatherz death by fighting Set. From this battle, Ausar was resurrected from death.

Our Ancestorz didn't erect these wonderz in pieces, they were made from one piece of solid stone, hence the reason so many statues and other artifacts are still intact today. Even Her-Em-Akhet is still well carved despite Napoleonz order to blow off the broad Afrikan nose and lips so the world would have trouble seein' Afrikan people were behind the building of these sky scraperz.

When it was stolen by Mussolini's troops, the obelisk was broken into fragments after being toppled during a 16th century Muslim rebellion. Once in Rome, it was restored with metal rodz embedded in concrete. To return to Ethiopia, the obelisk had to again, be dismantled in 2003.

Since 1947, after Italy signed a pledge to the United Nationz to return all property stolen from Ethiopia, it wasn't until nearly 70 yearz was this piece returned. But after having waited all this tyme, two questionz should follow: (1) Has everything stolen been returned and (2) why hasn't everything else stolen by europeanz, italianz, asianz and the like been returned?!!?

If you were to take a visit to any museum in a major city like New York City or The British Museum, or even if you were to walk down the street, most likely you'd see somethin' that was stolen from Afrika that has yet to be returned.

Browder in his book, 'Exploding the Myths Vol.1: Nile Valley Contributions to Civilization' revealed several ancient Afrikan artifacts that were stolen from colonialist's who erected these monumental structures still standing today, which in essence continues to celebrate the theft, exploitation and murder of Afrikan people. Many pieces were stolen from the notorious Giovanni Battista Belzoni in the early 1800s, who would later be referred to as "the greatest plunderer of them all." "Within a period of three years," Browder writes, "Belzoni excavated the Temple of Abu Simbel, gained entry into the Second Pyramid of Giza, discovered the royal tomb of Seti I (father of Rameses II), recovered a statue of Amenhotep III, an obelisk from Philae Temple and a host of numerous other artifacts."

Browder published a written account of Belzoni's exploits as a tomb raider as well as him describing his reason for living: "My purpose was to rob the Egyptians of their papyri; of which I found a few hidden in their breasts, under their arms, in the space above their knees, or on the legs, and covered by the numerous folds of cloth."

Browder pointed out there's tekhenwy at the following places:

  • One pair of Tekhenwy which formery stood at the entrance of the first pylon of the Philae Temple. Belzoni sold it to William Banks for 1000 sterling poundz. It currently standz on the groundz of the Kingston Lacy House in Dorset, England
  • There's one right in the middle of St. Peter's Square where the pope gives his annual easter sunday speech
  • There's the Tekhen of Rameses II in Paris
  • Tekhen of Thutmose III in London
  • There's also one stuck in the middle of Central Park in New York City

Where are our movements to have these ital fragments of our legacy returned? Oh no, we should not be satisfied with the return of just one stolen piece of our history. Along with the fight for reparationz, we must insist that these structures be returned and properly placed where they originated. And although YT will do everything in their power to delay the return of every item stolen 'cause it would cost them not only a fortune, but be a form of admitting their guilt.

It is obvious YT has no intent to return such itemz thus we should've retaliated long ago. I suggest we use the recent momentum gained from the Live 8 Concert which focuses on the AIDS epidemic in Afrika, to publicly put YT on blast and demand for the return of stolen property. This would serve as a warning...

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