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DaGhettoTymz.com 2010 Survey Review
As we celebrate DGTs 17th year, we're releasing a synopsis of our recent 2010 survey. We compiled data from the first 1,000 participants who took time out to take our survey (many thanx to everyone who participated). This enabled us, for the first time, to hear what it is you feel is needed from us, and after 17 yearz goin' strong, we know it was past due!

Our purpose of this survey is to assure you, our readerz, we've taken to heart and are working diligently to bring results to your concernz and requests. We are humbled immensely by your continued interest and support over the yearz and hope to continue growing together in this journey some may call 'Knowledge of Self'.

What you'll see following are a few of the questionz that were asked, the most popular answerz with a few general responses and replies to some of the responses from DGT creator, M'Bwebe Ishangi, cool? Here we go!

KEY: black text = question/answer | grey text = participant response | orange text = M'Bwebe's response

1) How did you learn of daghettotymz.com?

41% found by surfing the web
34% via friend/colleague

  • I viewed "The God Complex" on MySpace.
  • The first time I read the paper, I could not put it down! Then I saw the website… WHOA!
  • Researching the Boule'.
  • Forwarded by a friend on Facebook.

2) How often do you visit daghettotymz.com?

43% monthly
40% weekly

  • Once or twice a month but now I will weekly!
  • Sometime's daily. I can't get enough!
  • Whenever directed by eBlasts.

3) Select age group:

50% ages 25-39
31% ages 40-54
12% ages 55+
7% ages 18-24

This proved to be one of the most interesting stats. Although I was surprised to see how the high number of Elderz that's down with DGT, you would think with our urban flave, we'd have bigger numberz in the 18-24 bracket. Proves we need to improve our marketing approach. Afterall, if you don't have the youth, the message doesn't get passed on [some strategic solutionz are mentioned in the 'What's Next' section below].

4) How satisfied are you with daghettotymz.com?

72% very satisfied
18% somewhat satisfied

5) On your last visit, what was your primary reason for visiting daghettotymz.com?

51% read articles
25% watch DGTv
12% looking for updates

6) How much time do you spend on daghettotymz.com?

41% up to or over 1 hour
30% 30 minutes
21% 15 minutes

We were really pleased with these numberz. I do realize a contributing factor is watching our Video Articles on DGTv, but I also think its the fact of our having 17 yearz worth of FREE information on our site...

7) On a scale of 1-5, rate the following attributes to daghettotymz.com:

Ease of navigation - 3.8
Freshness of content - 4.0
Accuracy of information - 4.2
Quality of content - 4.3
Quantity of content - 4.1
Layout/Design - 4.2
Customer support - 3.6
Meeting your needs - 3.9

  • I think people should comment more about the articles and express their viewpoint. It would help you better serve their needs.
  • the articles are very informative and always topics that aren't discussed in the main stream.
  • I love this website! It is very informative regarding truth and the history of Africans and black americans!

Was Impressed with our highest marks (accuracy of info, quality and quantity of content, and layout/design), but know none of this matterz if we don't improve our lower marks. In particular, Customer Service is an area we will definitely be improving.

8) What do you feel is missing from daghettotymz.com?

  • Live feed lectures
  • More conscious and cultural music videos
  • A national radio/tv program
  • More articles on health and nutrition
  • More releases of DGT Digital magazine
  • Book lists
  • More interviewz
  • Closed-Caption for DGTv

We have been considering the creation of a radio/blog-type show in the near future—perhaps in 2011 (hint, hint: DGT720). We're currently redesigning the interface to DGT Digital magazine which will enable both viewable and downloadable back issues to subscriberz as well as enhanced functionality. We're also working on resurrecting our book list as well as adding a Closed-Caption feature and script download of all our Video Articles on DGTv—not to mention kid and school-friendly versionz of our Video Articles. Oh, and we got somethin' crazy lined up for 2011 where userz can log on and watch lectures by M'Bwebe Ishangi.

9) What do you like best about daghettotymz.com?

  • I love the info I find here. I have learned so much from the articles and Video Articles on DGTv.
  • It's content rich!
  • The manner in which the info is presented with the conscious music in the background (DGTv), it intensifies what we're receiving. The knowledge is very well researched.
  • The whole presentation. I alwayz recommend the site to those needing the basics.
  • I really like the creativity involved in all of your work.
  • The variety of topics. I like the way it's presented.
  • The graphics! Your skills are unprecedented!!
  • The honesty and realness of the content.
  • Just the fact that you've been holding it down for so long!
  • The alternate to what's known as news.
  • The Video Articles are amazing! I show them to my students regularly!
  • They are very informative and the research is impeccable. I know that when I read an article completely that I am going to learn something new and I love to learn. Especially the truth!!
  • The layout and videos and deep awaking information
  • The quality of the articles and the subjects that are tackled, I can't get this info any where else on the web... DGT has opened my mind to undiscovered plateaus...
  • The loyalty of the site. It's 1 billon percent pro-black, and the information is intriguing and very accurate. This site is wonderful for blacks by blacks. Its ours. U give us the truth... The good the bad and the ugly. I love that you are pro-black like me, its very inspirational!!
  • The content, the daring, the unapologetic stance to represent truth; the truth of history, science, metaphysics, etc. I also like that DGT is a live organically-growing entity! It has responded to its own evolution and it is beneficently noticeable.
  • DGTv and reading articles... love the newspapers, I have some old ones that I got from a friend and that's how I got started reading and knowing about DGT.
  • Ahead of its time, direct no matter who and what it is and always on point. Straight no chaser AND GREAT topics. He is a great writer and gets his messages out in a very unique and intriging way.
  • The raw but important information and applied knowledge that shatters space & Time while depicting truth!
  • Its commitment to Afrikan development.

10) What do you like least about daghettotymz.com?

  • The z's are sometimes distracting.
  • It would be nice to have a quicker response to questions.
  • The ghetto language
  • Takes too long for pages to load sometimes.
  • The spelling
  • The inconsistency of DGT Digital magazine
  • Site is too big! So many pages. Needs better navigation.
  • No Closed-Caption for DGTv
  • Sometimes too much conspiracy laden, although it is usually on point.

My writing style emerged in 1993 and if you read any of my first pieces, the rawness was clearly evident for, at the time, I was experiencing a cocktail of emotionz: Anger—realizing the world I'm a part of coming into adulthood lied to me, coupled with an urgent and vivacious need to share what I was beginnin' to learn with the world. That time period didn't permit me to parlay my thoughts in wayz that would be considered with eloquence. It was unrefined, gritty and sometymz rather graphic as I went for tha juggler; purely a rebellious attempt to lyrically behead those who did the Diaspora wrong! As a perspective writer, which meanz I write from a biased point-of-view, my emotionz are spread throughout and it my hope it can be felt. Over the yearz, I still share the same perspective and passion and know my writing has matured. And although there are hedz who still can't get past my use of "z's" or the occasional ebonic spelling of wordz, I have worked on eliminating my use of profanity—only when I gotta do a Lauryn Hill on you and "add a muthaf@#*a so the rest of ya'll can hear me." I'm sure if I'm blessed to continue DGT, my writing will continue to evolve. I hope you will grow with me. Besides, as I heard a wise person once say, "don't get caught up in how I'm sayin' it, focus on what I'm sayin'," feel me?

We are working on the overall look and feel of the site to meet the standard demandz of the latest web browser versionz (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, etc.). If you are having slow loading issues, make sure you have the latest versionz of your web browser and I would caution you to discontinue using Internet Explorer—they're being fazed out. I find the best are Firefox and Safari.

We're also in the ongoing process of creating a better navigation feature allowing you to find what you want easily as well as make it a little less intimidating—but again, realize there's 17 yearz of content on daghettotymz.com. Without our knowing, we've become sorta like a virtual library/museum and with this approach, you will notice an implementation of this new found notion in the coming months.

11) What would you change or improve on daghettotymz.com?

  • I would like to see youth-friendly versions of your material for schools and parents. The earlier they know about their history, the better off they'll be.
  • Easier navigation.
  • More social networking (Facebook, Twitter, etc)
  • Update outdated articles like updating the Boule' Roster names.
  • More personal contact with who owns DGT. Wanna feel connected. I need to logon more.
  • I understand your style of writing—not an issue with me. However, I would like to see a few articles written in regular english format only because when I try to get others to read them, they often stop at the front door, hence never get to digest your important info.

We are working on not only kid and educationally-friendly versionz of our Video Articles you see on DGTv, some time next year we hope to release DGT4Kidz—a fun and interactive site for kid! We're still tryin' to find the updated roster of the Boule' and hope someone/somehow, we'll be blessed with it! Rest assured, as soon as we get our handz on it, we'll post it.

*UPDATE: we've added both Facebook and Twitter accounts.

12) How likely will you recommend daghettotymz.com to a friend?

82% Very likely
7% Somewhat likely

13) How does our website compare to similar websites?

42% Well above average
34% Above average

  • It's very organized and understandable!
  • David Icke, Chris Everard, Alex Jones have NOTHING on you. I am a Bible college teacher, and I study you all and many more.
  • I don't know of any other
  • ...from a raw & potent aspect, unparalleled...
  • Content is excellent... layout is awesome...
  • Never experienced a website like the daghettotymz!

Although I welcome and have no problem promoting other sites that have the same focus as ourz, my goal is to maintain our self-appointed #1 ranking as the Universes best Pan-Afrikan-centered brand!

14) How likely will you visit daghettotymz.com again?

82% Very likely
9% Somewhat likely

15) Rate our site:

63% 5 Ankhs
28% 4 Ankhs

  • You are candid and extremely opinionated, so you seek to educate us and explain your opinions. And you are usually successful in doing so.
  • I like the realness of the site. Often times people water down their info in an attempt to appease and appeal to others. Those involved in maintaining this site have not sacrificed one ounce of their journalistic or cultural integrity.
  • The site just gets better with time.
  • Just to continue to evolve as you have.
  • Keep ahead of the trends. Your writing skillz are awesome and the topics are very intriguing. Don't lose this.
  • You are the cutting edge of the vanguard. Just because *I don't follow your Egyptology religion doesn't mean I can't appreciate your genius. And you are certainly one of the most brilliant brothers I have ever studied. Be encouraged and keep up the good work. *NOTE: I don't have nor follow any religion. I am a servant of knowledge and truth!
  • "We will be here forever....forever and ever, and ever and ever..." peace. keep up the great work!
  • I like the fact that you don't seem to come from any religious or cult (Mason; greek faternites, etc.), your religion appears to be simply the TRUTH, which is LOVE ETERNAL. I like the fact that you are open to others opinions & counter w/ intelligent facts/dialog.
  • I enjoy reading and sometimes rereading the articles.
  • This is Protected by the RED,BLACK and GREEN!!!
  • I bought your DVD, 'The Metaphysical Repercussionz to the World Trade Center Bombing' back in '03, saw your website and went to it and was hooked! It's been a wrap ever since!!
  • I first found DGT just surfing the web a REALLY long time ago. Just in case you ain't know, you're work was a PRIMARY source of knowledge and enlightenment for me: you really held it down when I was making my initial transformation.
  • Fell in love with it every since, gotta have it! Thanks so much for being my history teacher... even though Im 44 and not in school you have became my teacher.
  • You guys efforts are priceless & much needed! Please continue the trailblazing concepts & teaching! You Have my support as well as my resources in Chicago & Beyond!
  • I bought your book, 'Analitikul Cogitationz' and subscribed to DGT Digtial. I really appreciate, love and honor the powerful work you do. I'm eager to purchase your next book, 'The Unknown-Known'!
  • Wish you had a spot on the Tom Joyner show. More people need to hear what you have to say!
  • I find DGT to be highly educational and true!
  • Edutainment at its best!
  • The topics make me think and the issues are really deep! Thanks!
  • I visit your site often with my students and play some of your teachings in class.
  • You just keep doing your thing! Your choice of topics are fresh, informative and exciting!
  • I want to see more DGTv!!
  • Thank you for the wonderful work you are doing. I am truly in awe of your website. It is truly enlightening. I am an African mother of two teenage sons. You don't know how much it means to review your site and know I can have them watch it without any hesitation.  You’ve got me hooked. What you speak about resonates in my spirit as the truth.

What's Next...
For the first time, this survey allowed us to know what you, our readerz, want in DGT. With advancement in technology changing everyday, we felt the need to get feedback from you as we continue to do what it takes to keep having those who visit daghettotymz.com experience a site like no other gaining the contagious urge to spread the word.

Some thingz we have in store for you in the next year:

  • 17th Anniversary issue of DGT Digital magazine - Sept. '10
  • Mobil website version - circa 2010-11
  • Online Lectures - circa 2010-11
  • The release of M'Bwebe Ishangi's 2nd book, 'The Unknown-known: Enduring the Self-Travelled 'Quest' of Questionz - circa 2010-11
  • Who IZ the Boule'?: 2B or Not 2B… Greek? A Documentary - circa 2011
  • Multi-language site versionz - circa 2011-12
  • DGTv Season 4 - circa 2011
  • Microcozm of the Macrocozm 2 DVD - circa 2011

Humble thanks to you all, we hope you stay tuned through our eBlasts as well as loggin' on!

M'Bwebe Aja Ishangi
Creator & CEO
Da Ghetto Tymz magazine
email me

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