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DGT 2010 Review
We are blessed to have completed another twelve months, of which I owe it all to you! 2010 proved to be an outbreak year for To name a few, there were in-depth perspectives on seldom spoken takes on the challenging relationship religion has on the Diaspora, psychological analyses' on the Afrikan mental-makeup, and heated cyber-debates. Take a moment and relive some of the highlights that transpired at DGT...

3) DGTv
7) 2011 PREVIEW

Graciousness or Gluttony
Haiti's need for assistance didn't start with the recent earthquake, nor flood from a couple yearz ago. Haiti has lived most of its existence well below the poverty line and no one gave two s#@t's about 'em until Tuesday, January 12th at 5:14pm.
The Superman Complex
Rivalries can be personal and even get a lil' grimy, usually bringing out the best in each other—or worse. But the latest I want to build on is a rivalry that goes much deeper than the usual one, for this one involves the psychological makeup of an individual...
Blood Mineralz
In the Democratic Republic of the Congo, children account for 19% of the population, yet amount to 47% of the deaths, with a tally of 45,000 dying each month. While most ignorantly think most of these deaths are attributed to malaria, diarrhea, pneumonia and malnutrition, we find the seldom talked about weapon used stemz from outside nationz who simply want what the DRC has... an abundance of natural resources, mainly the mineralz used to make cellphones and laptop computerz.

Do Rasta's Have Jewish Roots?
Herein lies the dilemma, if Haile Selassie I is connected to King Solomon, then what I've found about Solomonz promiscuity could put into question the true virtues of Rastafarianizm: is it really royal or part of a bastardized faction? Is the Rastafarian movement born as a result of predatory sexual abuse? And if so and Solomon standz as the foundation, should his reverence put the entire belief in question? Let's take a look at history…
IZ Islam 4 Afrikanz?
When it comes to Afrikanz changin' their english names to the name of another oppressor, historian and author of 'Destruction of Black Civilization', Chancellor Williams couldn't have said it better, “Blacks in the US seem to be more mixed up and confused over the search for racial identity than anywhere else. Hence, many are dropping their white western slavemasters' names and adopting, not Afrikan, but their Arab and Berber slavemasters' names!”
Christopher Kill-umbus: The Mind of a Serial Killer
Every second Monday, Banks and schoolz are closed and government offices are empty in remembrance of the infamous European explorer, Christopher Columbus. For hundredz of yearz, Columbus has had a special place in the history of the New World. To Afrikanz, celebrating Columbus Day is actually celebrating the mass destruction of our own people! Instead of a day where we see parades and floats down Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, it should be a day of mourning…

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Versus: Our-story vs. His-story
Whereas ignorance was deemed a sin in the dayz of Afrikan antiquity, it has thrived in todayz world. Ignorance has become bliss. Practically everything that goes on today operate from the deedz of Global White Supremacy. From invasion then plagiarizm, to the renaming and appearance of Afrikan names, symbolz, and icons; these are but a few war tactics vital to the success of YTs control. We at DGT intend to challenge certain names, historic iconz, and word terminology in an effort to define ourselves, ourself, using historical truths:

• Djhuiti vs. Hermes
• American-Afrikan vs. African-American
• Maangamizi vs. Maafa
• Heru vs. Jesus
• Jegna vs Mentor

The Terrorist Factor Series
Right after the 9/11 attacks in 2001, DGT produces a six-part series giving both a conspiratoral and metaphysical perspective of why this happened and this sublime historical context behind it. Read and become enlightened to the culprits we found involved. You may or may not be surprised...
Masonry Series
Just updated from our R-Kyvz Vault, our series on Masonry has been a cornerstone to our entire conspiracy index. Find out about the father of modern-day keeperz of secrets which reveal how modern colonializm started...

Skull&Bones: the Illuminati Resurrected
Just updated from our R-Kyvz Vault, read about the Illuminati and their offspring who are the puppetteerz in the game of global white supremacy.
IZ YT Human? or Mutant! Series
For one to understand the relationship of any two subjects, it is vital to start at the beginning. I pose the following questionz: (1)Who was the first man and woman on the earth? and (2)How did we get all these different ethnic backgroundz from this one, or same man and woman?

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DGTv Sesaon 3 DVD/Digital download
Earlier this year, we released the 3rd installment of our series, DGTv in HD on DVD and Digital download. Season 3 included 4 new Video Articles:

• T.I.M.E.: The Inner Mind's Eye
• Numerical Mystereez
• White Sugar: Killin' You Sweetly
• The Classified Origin of D.C.'

Video Article: The Classified Origin of D.C.
When speakin' of the origin of Washington, D.C., the founding pirates of this country showed their enormous affinity toward ancient Kemet. Master Historian, Anthony Browder revealz this Afrikan influence with his tourz in D.C. This Video Article both honorz and serves as a complimentary visual of his works.

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M'Bwebe Ishangi on BlogTalk Radio
We've r-kyved (arhived) a few of M'Bwebe Ishangi's recent guest inner-viewz on BlogTalkRadio. Click links below to hear and download a free copy and stay tuned as we add more:

Occult Science Radio Inner-view 09.16.10
Occult Science Radio Inner-view 07.29.10
More Inner-viewz

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IZ Islam 4 Afrikanz?

Masonry pt2: Deeper Roots of Wickedness

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Boule' Series Update
Back in 1997, we revealed one of our most popular conspiracy reports, 'The Boule' Series: The History of Black America's First Black Fraternity.' Over the yearz this series has proven to still be one of our most talked about pieces. To honor the many hedz this info has helped refrain from pledging black greek-lettered organizationz, we gave it a design face-lift. Peep, digest and continue to spread the vybe!
2010 DGT Survey
In celebration of our 17th Anniversary/15th online, we've completed our 2010 Annual Survey and welcome you to look at the results and feedback. Give thanx for all who participated.
Social Networking
As noted in our 2010 Survey, we saw increased exposure linking our Facebook and Twitter pages.

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The Unknown-Known
M'Bwebe is working hard on the release of his second book, 'The Unknown-Known: Enduring the Seldom Quest of Questionz'. This book takes off where the initial part of his first book, 'Analitikul Cogitationz', began, 'Deja Vu', exploring the metaphysical realm of question addressing thoughts that may have crossed your mind before, but was missing an outlet to further examine. You will find the discussion of the metaphysical phenomena deepenz in this epic conversation about the unknown realm of life oftentymz overlooked. Like Analitikul, this book will be available in hardcopy, eBook and audiobook slated for this Summer 2011!

DGT Digital
We are slated to release four digital issues of Da Ghetto Tymz magazine this year. In addition to the enhanced user-friendly features, each issue will feature more pages than the previous issues, new department features, and of course, dope articles written by Pan-Afrikanist's around the globe. Read free issue here

Versus Series
Expect several additionz throughout the year...

New Articles Coming January/February!
• When Knowledge Became Kryptonite
• Afrikan Burial Ground Project - Remnants of Slavery in America
• I Am Future of Black (Multi)Media pt2 (read part 1)

DGTv Season 4
We will be launching Season 4 of DGTv this year. Stay tuned!

Anniversary Week
Last year we kicked off our Anniversary week. As we enter our 18th year, expect special and exclusive releases and projects as we gear up for our 20th year basement!

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As alwayz, we look forward to bringin' you new material and overall user-friendly and dope designz here at I can't tell you how much your support meanz to me. I hope you will continue to support DGT by joining our eBlast list if you haven't already. Your help in tellin' a friend or two, or three, or four, or.... you get what I mean, helps also!!

More importantly, we hope 2011 will be prosperous year for you all.


M'Bwebe Aja Ishangi
CEO & Creator
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