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(written May 15, 2014, Boule' Founder's Day)

"The Boule' was created to keep the black professional away from the ranks of Marcus Garvey."
xxxxxxxxx — W.E.B. DuBois

"We hope the white man deliver's cause we crushed a great black thing, but we know he'll deliver or our people will attack and plague us forever more."
xxxxxxxxx -- Alain Locke on the elite black cartelz campaign to sabotage Marcus Garvey's self-reliance message

Although there's no mention of Alain Locke being a member of the Boule', as the first Black (Cecil) Rhodes Scholar, he was part of the Black Cartel of elite wannabe europeanz who served as pivotal pawnz used by the Round Table Group.

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My reason for writing and speaking about the Boule' aka, Sigma Pi Phi Fraternity, Inc. and black greek-lettered fraternity and sorority organizationz (BGLOs) is simple, we have not been told the whole story.

Every May, each member of the Boule' is required to re-read their organizationz history book re-dedicating themselves to the founderz wishes: to "partake in the tenants of Skull & Bones at Yale" (written on page 28 of their history book, History of Sigma Pi Phi: First of the Negro-American Greek-Letter Fraternities, written by professor Charles H. Wesley). You should be well aware of who Skull & Bones is, if not, read, 'Skull&Bones: the Illuminati Resurrected'.

More importantly, we are not aware of the reason why these organizationz were founded. This meanz they must be investigated from using a chronological and historical timeline. Back in 1904, when the Boule' was founded, American-Afrikanz were 40 yearz removed from slavery thanks to the Emancipation Proclamation. With this country now having physically-freed Afrikanz roaming about, there was an even greater need to at least keep their mindz enslaved.

It is not a coincidence around the same time the Boule' (Sigma Pi Phi, Fraternity Inc.) was founded, several other "black" and "black-greek lettered organizationz (BGLOs) were created in the next decade-and-a-half: The Niagra Movement (1905), Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. (1906), Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. (1908), the NAACP (1909), the Urban League (1910), Kappa Alpha Psi & Omega Psi Phi Fraternities, Inc. (1911), Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc. (1913), Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. (1914), Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. (1920) & Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc. (1922), to name a few.

It is also no coincidence these organizationz where either founded by europeanz [as in the case of the NAACP or had a major white influence--as in the Niagara Movement and the foundation of fraternities the founderz of Alpha Phi Alpha learned from white frat houses they cleaned.

Since 1997, in my travelz speaking about the Boule', I find so many people refuse to shake their allegiance to something that has dishonored our Ancestorz who were stolen from, enslaved and murdered, for over a century!

If you don't know, it needz to be known now! THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A BLACK GREEK!! This historical relationship between Afrikanz in the Nile Valley and the plagiarizing greeks was not harmonious in any way!

So why do we, milleniumz later, continue to honor this atrocity by wearing the letterz of our invader?! Herein lies a serious form of mentacide, or "mental suicide" as coined by historian Dr. Bobby Wright, which is defined as 'when a descendant chooses the culture of their oppressor instead of their own!'

Why haven't these historically black organizationz not felt the responsibility to change their letterz from greek to something Afrikan?!!? These incorporated organizationz have had more than enough chances to align with the 'Stolen Legacy' fact, author of the same title, George GM James revealed, "greek mythology is stolen Afrikan history!" At this point, it is evidently clear the Boule' and BGLOs have no intent in relinquishing their greek identity; having made the choice to remain allegiant to the greek myth and all the amenities a plagiarized european way of life can offer to a spiritual and cultural amnesiac!

Many memberz argue they are not trying to be greek and that although they're a black greek-lettered organization, they are not greek. Well let's just say this... if they're not trying to be greek, or rather, honor the greeks by continuing to wear greek letterz and identifying their fraternal names with their ritualz and symbolizm, we can also attest for certain THEY ARE NOT TRYING TO BE AFRIKAN!! Calling yourself a black-greek lettered organization is nothing but semantics!

Some may even venture further in saying greek letterz evolved from Afrikan Medu Neter (erroneously called heiroglyphs). That excuse had its time when it was relevant. We've been emancipated 150 yearz! It simply does not fly in the here and now.

For those greeks, it may be a hard decision, one that may deter you from even reading further about the Boule'. I invite you look at the bigger picture. You owe it to yourself to learn about Black America's first fraternity and its behavior toward the memory of our Ancestorz, our people presently, and the future of those yet unborn.

How important is it to you that our children embrace our Afrikan origin before colonializm erases our collective memory totally? Just by reflecting on the past 100 yearz, we can see this in play. I invite you to read our entire Boule' series in hopes it at least awakenz you to a few thingz you might not've known, nor would ever be told if you remain affiliated.

I also offer this piece, 'When Knowledge Became Kryptonite'.

Abibifahodie (Afrikan Liberation)

M'Bwebe Ishangi

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(NOTE: This is an excerpt between myself and an Elder journalist on Facebook. To read in its entirety: click here)
• Yet another ignorant individual postulating on something of which you know nothing about - and we're not about to tell you, now are we? As a member of a BGLO - and proud of it, I find it interesting that you are launching an attack against organizations that spend 99.44/100% of their time working in the Black community - and in reference to letters - whether they're Greek, European/English, or whatever, we are all subjugated to a language other than our own origins, aren't we? Would you say that just because you put a "z" at the end of a word instead of an "s" that you have somehow broken from speaking the dominant language? I think not. Regardless of what the tenor of the relationship was between Greeks and Africans, the principles upon which the BGLOs are founded are still structurally more positive and enduring than most of what's available currently. Denigrating the NAACP because it was co-founded by Blacks and whites does not diminish its impact and the efforts they've successfully made over the century to thwart racism in this country. No one is denying your efficacy, how dare you deny theirs. We all have a role to play in moving Black people. We all need to learn to RESPECT each other from each other's standpoint. I am tired of divide and conquer, crabs in the barrel negroes who have little more than rhetoric to offer. Mentacide is also dealing with a house divided against itself - let it be known that when we hate on each other, it's adding to the sickness that we claim to decry. Also, there's nothing cute, different, or unique about mispelling the english language, especially when so many of our children are now being challenged by those of other countries and cultures who come here to get the very jobs they don't have access to because they don't have competent skills. Unless you've found a way for us to employ ourselves, build our own comprehensive businesses within this infrastructure, you are actually doing them a disservice. In the interim, I applaud the fact that you at least care and have given some modicum of thought about where we are in the midst of our progress - or lack thereof - Stay Blessed & ECLECTICALLY BLACK.
xxxxxxxxxxPosted by Gloria Dulan-Wilson via Facebook on Monday, February 2, 2015 at 1:03 PM

Let me first say I strive to both honor and respect my Elderz at all tymz, so I welcome your reply Gloria Dulan-Wilson. I also know there's a time when an Elder needz to be checked. You claim I am ignorant to BGLOs (Black Greek-Lettered Organizationz)? You are incorrect. I am an ex-member of alpha phi alpha having been a part of the wannabe "greek" life for nearly a decade. So I speak not only from yearz of dedicated research, I speak from first-hand experience. Like all other BGLOs, you miss the point. You are so quick to defend something that was here before you were even a thought. You were not here when Sigma Pi Phi colluded in 1904 becoming America's first black greek lettered organization basing their ideology on the tenants of Skull & Bones at Yale--a known white supremacist organization first founded as the Illuminati May 1, 1776 at the University of Ingolstadt, Germany, the same day the forefatherz of the united states signed the Luciferian Conspiracy. Phi Beta Kappa soon followed December 5, 1776 then resurfacing as Skull & Bones, or the Brotherhood of Death in 1832.

You speak of all the community service project work that's done (which I have no qualmz with), yet refuse to look at the most profound and incriminating fact that the "divine 9" [alpha phi alpha fraternity, inc. (1906), alpha kappa alpha sorority, inc. (1908), kappa alpha psi & omega psi phi fraternities, inc. (1911), delta sigma theta sorority, inc. (1913), phi beta sigma fraternity, inc. (1914), zeta phi beta sorority, inc. (1920) & sigma gamma rho sorority, inc. (1922), with the 9th or capstone being sigma pi phi, aka the Boule' (1904)] are a group of negroes who prefer their alliance be among the tenants of greece and white supremacy rather than Afrika.

You speak of principles BGLOs are founded on. Would it surprise you BGLOs father, the Boule's tenants coincide with that of Skull & Bones at Yale?! Would you be even more surprised this cesspool the Boule' chooses from to be considered for membership must be in a BGLO?! Do you know all Boule' memberz must have a mandatory lifetime membership with the NAACP (the National Association for the Advancement of CERTAIN People)?!

This is truth, for even today in 2015 there's not one of these century-plus old groups that have had the courage to do right by our Ancestorz by absolving the use of greek letterz and "their"-story and replace with any kind of Afrikan letterz and ideology! Case in point, you still call yourselves Black Greeks?! A few of the sororities still call their regional meetingz "Boule's"! Wearing kente-patterned stole's with greek letterz should not even be considered half-ass attempt at acknowledging Afrikan roots, it's blatant disrespect and complete hypocrisy! Have we not learned from George G.M. James who stated, "Greek mythology is STOLEN AFRIKAN HISTORY"?!!?

To be clear, I am in totally opposition to your efficacy! You speak of your impact and this agree. You have made an impact... on the delay of reclamation of our Afrikan cultural identity! No amount of charity work with impressionable youth in your presence with all your greek regalia can hide the fact they are being mentally programmed to "think" when they grow up they wanna be part of a greek organization!

It's so disheartening we don't study history as we continue repeating it. You really think Afrikanz who want to be ourselves without any white influence can actually work with "blacks" who have adopted their oppressorz tenants?! If that were true, how is it the Boule' couldn't support Marcus Garvey's movement on buying land in Liberia which would've changed the automotive and rubber industry as we know it?! Tell me, why would "blacks" who's sworn allegiance to the white establishment in exchange for table scraps not have enough faith in ourselves EXCLUSIVELY to do for ourselves ourself?! Even in your Elder yearz, you are so naive! You speak of crabz in the barrel. Based on the seldom spoken history of BGLOs, the Boule', Urban League, NAACP, Jack & Jill, In Roads, etc, who's really the crab regulating progress?? It's very clear to me and it is as evident BGLOs are too brainwashed with greek ideology to see it.

Yes, our Afrikan house is divided... there's many house negroes amongst us. And although they can be cured, they must first see the true relationship of the Afrikan and greeks as well as the romanz. They have been attacking our way of life for millenniumz and have been so effective, they've cloned many of our melanated folk--hence the nature of your historically incoherent rant.

Since 1997 I have been studying, researching, and writing about the Boule' and BGLOs. I know this level of info is not taught nor revealed to BGLOs--especially on an undergraduate level for various reasonz. Throughout these yearz, I've come to learn why so many BGLOs have a difficult time letting go of those greek letterz. I have posted two shorts:
? A Plea to Black Greeks:
? A Plea to Black Greeks II:

Ask yourself, if the Ku Klux Klan started allowing non-white memberz to join and they conducted similar charity efforts, do you see yourself participating? If you know the history of the KKK, I would hope not. But then again, maybe I shouldn't assume. What about 100 yearz from now? How about 500 yearz from now? Because history get's lost, forgotten, or tainted, it's probable you would join had you no knowledge of it's origin. The same goes for BGLOs.

And it's also very interesting that you end saying "Stay Blessed & ECLECTICALLY BLACK." The definition of "eclectic" is: "Philosophy of, denoting, or belonging to a class of ancient philosophers WHO DID NOT BELONG TO OR FOUND ANY RECOGNIZED SCHOOL OF THOUGHT but selected such doctrines as they wished from various schools." We didn't derive ideas and schoolz of thought from otherz... Afrikan people are the innovatorz of practically all we know (and don't know) today! Very interesting word choice for I can attest, I am NOT eclectic! I am Afrikan, 100%! So again, I see you find difficulty in acknowledging the full extent of your heritage.

Ignorance or rather, IGNOR-ing your true cultural birthright is a mentacidal (mental suicide) issue BGLOs suffer from because you simply cannot rid yourself of one of the most murderous, plagiarizing and cover-up of culprits our people still fight against in the reclamation of ourselves, our history, and our self-respect.

If you feel a need to reply, I welcome it. Your emotionally-laced attack on my writing preference... amateurishly juvenile. Come with substance!

Blessed indeed I am for I'm an Afrikan and I know what's happenin'!

Still not sure why I'm against BGLOs and the Boule'? I offer you to read and hear:

Abibifahodie (Afrikan Liberation)!

I know Sister Gloria Dulan-Wilson, and I know that she loves and wants what is best for our people. She has labored as a journalist for a long time in service of our people. So Brother M'Bwebe Ishangi (I hope you will allow me to call you brother) she has paid and continues to pay her dues; therefore, she is entitled to our respect, love, and admiration both as an African-American warrior and an elder. Brother Ishangi, you make some valid points that are worthy of consideration, and your emphasis on the power of symbols and their meaning is critical to our understanding of how we and many of our organisations have been manipulated and controlled by our oppressors without our even realizing what was happening to us. However, Brother Ishangi, I believe that in your zeal to educate us that sometimes you speak from a position of anger and frustration more so than from love, understanding, and patience. We need the benefit of your years of dedicated research, but if you communicate the results of that research intemperately, insensitively, sarcastically, and disdainfully, then you will turn off some people who would otherwise be willing to listen to what you have to say. Respectfully.
xxxxxxxxxxPosted by Ernst Perodin via Facebook on Monday, February 2, 2015 at 8:21 PM

Brother Ernst, first I concur that you are my Brother and Elder as Sis. Dulan-Wilson is my Sister and Elder. I made a point to emphasize that to her in my very first wordz. I will admit I do not know of Sis. Dulan-Wilson but still, I overstand the importance of acknowledging and respecting our Elderz. But this was not about me addressing an Elder. It's two adults having a discussion.

Now we may agree or disagree (of which we can also agree to disagree), but Eldership does not entitle one the freedom to reply in scorn or disregard and expect one (at least me) to not respond in kind—although I based my response strictly on facts, nothing personal.

I understand you may find my words a bit "spicy" and I will not say you're totally incorrect in saying there's some anger and frustration in my wordz. I assure you it has roots, Brotha. I'm a 1970s baby. My generation experienced the aftermath of MLK and Malcolm X's assassination and the sudden exodus of father figures from the home only to have the streets be our measuring stick of manhood. We've endured firsthand the residual effects of post-integration and have physically been raped of our Afrikan identity that was resurrected in the '60s only for it to be stripped to now skinny jeans and even some of our lost brothers wearing Stilettos!

It's not to say we've had it worse than anyone, our Ancestorz have weathered worse, but their time has come and gone. My focus is today, and I cannot even fully fathom what our youth are going through; I am just conveying to you where this "spice" originates. We have too many people, many our Elderz who because of their protection of these organizationz have allowed influence on continued generations who are too willing to protect these century-old organizationz—many bearing no knowledge of the true originz of their founding.

Lets give an assessment: absolutely none of these so-called "Black" organizationz that's supposed to be for "Blackfolk" have emancipated us educationally, economically, in entertainment, health, labor, law, politics, religion, sex, nor war (acknowledging Drs. Neely Fuller, Jr. and Francess Cress Welsing) but they have in fact most certainly delayed it! When it's clearly written in their history books of their allegiance to global white supremacists; when the board memberz of these groups are public-domain and they have alliances with global white supremacists, and a fellow Afrikan whose joined said collage of organizationz speaks out in defense of them, as long as I'm around, I will speak up and I can't promise it will alwayz be diplomatic. Depending on the kind of reply received dictates the level of spice added in my response.

I just hope you understand I represent a generation that has grown impatient and have only expeditiously centered our aim—for the sake of generationz after us—to work toward a lazer-focused realignment on the path of liberation. We've learned, from the deedz and sacrifices of our immediate and legendary Ancestorz, who we are dealing with and realize the first line of defense unfortunately are our very own people. So please trust, Brotha, I do come from love, it may be a little tough, but it is love.

I look to continue the work for there's much to do!

Abibifahodie (Afrikan Liberation)!

• Donna Sue Johnson, what was your grandfather's name who attended Lincoln U with Thurgood Marshall? I am a Lincoln Grad and we are in the process of recognizing and honoring those who have gone before us. Kyle Unity Day Davis, the fact is that the Sororities and Fraternities not only head up many corporations and hire African Americans, the organizations themselves also hire African American brothers and sisters in their local and national offices.

Additionally we mentor, teach, provide scholarships, job training and advocate for African American students for equal opportunity, equal pay, etc. Have done so since the beginning of our existence. My sorority, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., is a public service sorority and has been since our inception - such great sisters as Mary McLeod Bethune, Ida B. Wells Barnett, Dr. Dorothy Irene Height, Marcia Fudge, Yvette Clarke, Susan Taylor, Sheryl Ralph, Soror Lynch who is being confirmed as our new Attorney General, and many others have and continue to distinguish ourselves publicly and privately. So maybe we don't own megamillion dollar corporations, but when we head them up, we make sure that we bring our brothers and sisters right along with us.

I also find it interesting that the brother was an Alpha - the fraternity of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, Thurgood Marshall, and other great exemplaries, and he is yet so bitter. That said, I also know that it's not for everybody - so perhaps he should couch his comments from his own personal perspective, and stop trying to pour poison in the water. Thanks to my brother/friend Ernst Perodin for standing for me, I truly and totally appreciate it.

BTW: I also did my research on Sigma Pi Phi - and found that they are a very honorable, high echelon Black Greek Professional Fraternity - I saw no evidence of their having anything to do with Booker T. Washington's demise. I also learned that they pulled their operations completely out of California in the 80's when California denied Affirmative Action to Black employees - including removing their offices from there, and have refused to hold meetings or conferences there until California changes its laws.

FYI, Boule` is also a term associated with Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority - and one I heard often from my Aunts - both of whom were AKA's - so it has meaning far beyond that of Sigma Pi Phi, For the most part, our Black organizations, which admittedly started long before I was thought of, are social service organizations on the alumnae level, which is where most of them operate, and play pivotal roles in Black communities throughout the US. They deserve respect and support. Stay Blessed & ECLECTICALLY BLACK.
xxxxxxxxxxPosted by Gloria Dulan-Wilson via Facebook on Tuesday, February 3, 2015 at 7:03 AM

I'd like to expound on your notion of there being "many" (as you say) corporationz. To support this, what companies are these? Also, of the "few" who may have some kind of illusionary hiring power, Ancestor Steve Cokely pointed out in many of his lectures it's a "good 'ol boy" network where kappa's hire kappa's, alpha's hire alpha's and the sort. The unity you speak of among BGLOs is barely existent at the higher elite level. Cokely mentioned in his works the friction between Martin Luther King, Jr. (an alpha) and Jesse Jackson (an omega) and how it spilled over to beef between Boule' memberz who were also alpha's against memberz who were also omega's because of Jesse's role in MLKs assassination. Even MLK told Ralph Abernathy not to trust Jesse.

I'd like for you to give a listing of these so-called BGLO memberz head of these "many" corporationz you speak of with a listing of their hiring track record of blackfolk and give detail of the BGLO affiliationz each one they hired, belong to. I challenge you to give proof to back your claim.

I must also point out another flaw and evidence of colonization of the mind of Afrikanz who choose to remain in greek-lettered societies. You use the term "Mentor". Are you even aware of who this man was? Are you aware this man was a pedophile?! This gives deeper meaning to when people speak of being "mentored" by an Elder when we know in greek society, the elder men took great pride is sodomizing young greek boyz using the notion of injecting male principles through the acts of involuntary anal intercourse—as if that's the only area male principles can be developed. I dare to say it is contrary, for this is the area where one's male identity is actually put in jeopardy! Need I mention the young men in Stiletto's again?

When you call on a personz name, you give energy to that being and their legacy, so for everytime you choose to use the term "mentor" when speaking of helping the youth, you are calling on the his spirit, honoring AND condoning the acts of this homosexual predator! It's too late in the day to ride the fence; we've been doing just that far too long, and the evidence is shown in the continued generational decline of the Afrikan family. We are becoming more like our oppressor than our Ancestorz! I humbly offer for further insight, 'Jegna vs Mentor'

I dare to say the vast majority of "Black Greeks" are unaware of exactly who the greeks were and their relationship with Afrikanz for if they are, then they are consciously choosing to uphold the lifestyle of our captorz. Putting if frank, there's no such thing as a Black Greek, yet we have organziationz mimicking the dream of WEB DuBois (talented 10th) who resemble the house negro more than the field Afrikan.

You speak of my bitterness as Brotha Ernst Perodin of my anger/frustration. It is triggered by BGLOs choosing to ignore facts. Let's speak in particular of your ignorance or rather, choosing to 'ignore' and address points I made in my previous response to you. Can you address those?

You name drop memberz of your sorority as I respect many of them individually, but as memberz of BGLOs the contradiction beginz. Can you explain why your organization, delta sigma theta has a white woman on an African-American sorority's shield? Who is this white woman? She is Minerva, a plagiarized greek impostor of the Afrikan deity, Neit (or Nut). Tell me, why in 2015 is she STILL white?! Why haven't all you AFRIKAN women taken this white woman off your shield and honor our original Afrikan Ancestor?!!? Will you ever do this?? Who are you honoring, our Ancestor or oppressor?? Further, this lie is protected and given further life as new, young and impressionable members join not even—and possibly never knowing this.

It's typical for someone looking to protect something to try and persuade readerz of this post if you're angry, bitter, frustrated or all the above, as misdirected. it's how you use this emotion. You think Harriet Tubman wasn't frustrated? You think she wasn't angry our people didn't want to fight for our freedom? It was these emotionz that made her vigilant in returning again and again to free our people for she knew deprogramming is just breaking the mental block. I ask, in all her frustration, how successful was she? How successful was Toussaint L'Ouverture in his fight against oppression? How successful were the Black Panthers? You think they organized out of happiness of our condition and situationz?

The frustration comes out of negroes who could be in position to deliver change but instead choose to at a snail pace—if any pace at all. The delta's along with all the other BGLOs have numerous symbolz on their shieldz that raise question of their allegiance.

You speak of my bitterness in being an ex-alpha, a frat that included MLK and Thurgood. Again I state, who wouldn't be bitter when they learn of their secret oath to resurrect the Round Table Group as Charles H. Wesley, who authored their official history book, 'History of Sigma Pi Phi: First of the Negro-American Greek-Letter Fraternities,' wrote on page 28, "(Founder, Henry) Minton wanted to create an organization which would partake in the tenants (basis, or root) of Skull & Bones at Yale." When you know who Skull & Bones is and their role in the physical and mental enslavement of the Afrikan Diasporically, how could you not be?!

"Couching my comments" is a wish you will not be granted which further gives your notion of wanting to conceal this side of the oxymoronic 'Black-Greek" life—there simply is no such thing as a Black Greek! Historically, the greeks came to gentrify, rape, murder, plagiarize, and lastly, replace Afrikanz, so how ignorant is it for a person of Afrikan descent to merge the two?!

We are in the information age and it is well past time any and all groups who play a hand—no matter how big or small—in the delay of Afrikan liberation so metaphorically, I cannot "poison" a water that is already laced with toxic impurities from our historical enemy.

Further, I question the kind of research you did on the Boule'. I find it extremely disheartening to hear you have no issues with Wesley's additional wordz on the Boule's mission: "The Round Table lives only in poetic life and history. They can live again in life. And we can make them live through us. It can continue as a dream — and it can continue through us." Have you done your research on the Round Table Group? Be careful of your answer for if you say yes, you are showing where your alliance lies. Again, you cannot ride the fence for it is fence-riding that has us in the state we're in now.

You saw no evidence in their role of Booker T's demise? They most certainly did with his self-reliant model, Tuskegee. Do some research on Boule' member R.R. Moton who replaced Booker T. after his death who also derailed Garvey's purchase of 1 million acres of land in Liberia for his white overseerz, and what, as Ancestor Cokely noted, was his reward for betrayal of his people? They gave him syphilis, aka the Tuskegee Experiment.

Lastly, your notion of the term Boule' being used by alpha kappa alpha for their regional meetingz does not diminish the original meaning for the Boule' was chronologically founded in 1904, the aka's founded in 1908 who didn't' have their first Boule' until December 1918 at Howard University. So please, stop with the shenaniganz.

I welcome you and everyone reading this to read my entire Boule' series and after, welcome any debatable disputes you find: The Boule' Series: 'The History of America's First Black Fraternity'

Not trying to change you but for any reading this, we can see how allegiance can be a struggle. It is evident is her choice to remain an "eclectic" black as the definition was given in my previous reply. We have our work cut out for us…

Each one teach MANY!

Abibifahodie (Afrikan Liberation)!

• You really have diarrhea of the mouth, don't you brother Ishangi - but I guess it's a cathartic process for you - It's a good thing you love to hear yourself talk - makes - because no one else does. I don't have to match the Sororities or Fraternities hiring capacities to your meanstream measures. I'm sure since they are the meanstream they will outweigh anything we have. It falls upon you to find out who they are and where thy are - suffice it to say that they are indeed here. However, Kyle, I do believe I said that there are those who have their own companies; those who are employed in key positions - I don't specifically recall stating that any of them were employed in or by major white corporations - though some are - in terms of your example of the former Basketball all star who routinely earned $300k a year - is insane - by the way show me yours - for that matter Ishangi shot me what you do or have done for society in comparison to the ladies I named. I am not pitting our combined 1,000 year record of service against yours - just show me where what you do or say has materially, spiritually, physically or intellectually benefited Black people over all - in the manner of a Dr. Height, ida B. Wells Barnett, Mary McLeod Bethune, Marcia Fudge or others. Like I said, RESPECT - we all have a role to play in the history of the progress and success of Black people. Stay Blessed & ECLECTICALLY BLACK Y'ALL!

• What student of history doesn't have diarrhea of the mouth? I take it as a compliment but it's also a run-of-the-mill move for one who clearly isn't capable of continuing a debate--one which YOU started I might add! It is obvious the diarrhea you speak of are facts presented you either can't, nor care to disprove which I find typical of most "Black Greeks" that can't shake their allegiance. But for you as a journalist, who should understand the importance of conveying research to support any claim, it's a bit demoralizing. To think I was having an intellectual exchange with someone prepared to "defend" their devotion of being a "Black Greek" is but wishful thinking I guess.

Instead of conceding, you lower this exchange to that of sophomoric snaps, claiming I speak just to hear myself speak while further stating "no one wants to hear". Is this the best you got? What's next, "Mama jokes?!" Tell me this, if no one is listening, how do you explain the several thousand (and growing) who's seen this post?. Sad to hear this from an "Elder".

On the contrary, I speak in honor of our Ancestorz who physically endured the tyranny of plagiarizing greek colonialists. I speak in reclamation of our Afrikan identity, and as well, if not more important, I speak for our future, those who are unaware of the identity crisis BGLOs like yourself seem to be battling who may fall prey to (again) the oxymoronic gesture of even considering becoming a "Black Greek".

How disrespectful it is to our Ancestorz and future generations for a person who knowz--or at least been exposed with info to at least revisit their beliefs--the genesis of BGLOs to consciously continue covering the truth as the Boule's logo showz with a sphinx covering an urn!

This is proof-positive how serious BGLOs take their oaths never to reveal these "secrets". Well, secrets they are no more for there are those working to honor our past and reclaim our future through research and engagement. So you are obviously free to hide behind your "shield"--which again has a plagiarized white woman posing as an Afrikan Deity--all you want. The people are listening... and learning!

I stand by my statements and I welcome any intelligent response from anyone, be it pro- or against what I've presented. But come on now, is this the mature acts of an Elder? And you wonder why there's an intellectual generation gap.

And as for what I'm doing--my plan in comparison to the ladies you named? Let's just say I'm hoping but not looking to base success to theirz, but I do have something tangible to match the rhetoric. If anyone interested in knowing, feel free to inbox me.

As for sharing with you Gloria, you've pretty much personally disqualified yourself because anything Pan-Afrikan contradicts your "greek ties"...

In the spirit of Afrikan History Month, "Each One Teach MANY!"

• ee em hotep!
Very interesting for me to find a kindred sprit. I was also an alpha. Since I new greece was cosmopolitan and we were surrounded by african imagery the so called 'sphinx', pyramids etc., I didn't see anything obscene in being the 'first of all black greeks'. As I continued my education at Indiana University it wasn't my studies of African Culture that started the change, there were no credible classes. It was the continued study of 'Greece' that caused me to go WTF? Who would want to copy these psycho, homosexual, homicidal people? Without having any sound foundation in Afrikan deep thought I still intuited that what we wanted to be was Afrikan organizations, let's be the ' first rebirth of Afrikans'.....ha,ha,ha talk about having no clue. I approached some local alphas in Indianapolis. You would of thought I talked about somebody's moma. Still the mission continues, and just like there was a time when I didn't know, it's job 1 to bring these brothers back to Afrika!

shem em hotep.
xxxxxxxxxxPosted by Mark L Ramsey ( on Wednesday, June 11, 2014 at 3:36 PM

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