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(written 2000)

My Dearest Elderz/Brutha Cokely, Respect Due, I greet you and all readerz of this piece in the spirit of MAAT. Although my attempts to correspond with you, Brutha Cokely, in the past have gone unsuccessful, I felt the only other avenue to travel was this way; for I believe the Afrikan diaspora, Pan-Afrikanists, those on the quest for truth, readerz of DGT, etc. need be informed about a situation I have been enduring for several yearz. Word out, Brutha Cokely, is that you have labeled me as "an Agent" and "an Oathtaker". At first, I didn't dwell on it when you told a very dear friend of mine behind my back that I "didn't come clean" and that I need "to confess" what I know about bein' in a greek letter fraternity (pledging alpha phi alpha in November 1991). It's just that this dilemma has not happened once or twice, but several tymz. In fact, this has been goin' for approximately 4 yearz runnin' now. And the best way I felt I could address this challenge was this way. For I believe I am not the first of the next generation of Afrikan Liberatorz who may have encountered this situation.

Above is the ancient Adinkra symbol, Nkonsonkonso, meaning "We are linked in both life and death. Those who share common blood relations never break apart."

If one were to read the series I did on the Boule', in particular part 2 of the series, they would see that I exposed thingz no one else has yet to reveal dealing with the black greek letter relationship. Of the numerous lectures I've done on this topic, I've given ev'rything I know. At this moment, my research continues as I prepare for a part 4 on the Boule'. To be called an oathtaker, I overstand your accusation. But an oathtaker never revealz what he knowz for that would be breakin' his word. Now look at my work. Did I not reveal thingz that you, yourself did not know?! Did I not have an indepth conversation with you over dinner one night after a lecture and showed you my brand?!!?

I've never hidden my brand from anyone! Although it is something I wish I hadn't done, I am branded for life, but I look at it now as an advertising piece, because when greeks wanna greet me with secret handshakes and whatnot, I inform them of the Boule'. When the youth ask me about my brand, I tell them NOT to join a frat or sorority and give them the reasonz Y. Livin' with this mistake, I've learned to use this to my advantage. Having been guided by the Ancestorz to your work, leading me to break my allegiance to greek life, has enabled me to dedicate portionz of my work to "freeing" other misinformed Afrikanz ­ oblivious to the origin of black greeks.

There have been tymz that I wished I had not pledged a frat; but that thought immediately dies when I think of what I would not know had I not been "initiated". I give massive respect for your dedication and courage to stand firm on your knowledge, and I give an even larger biggup to the Sister who was able to get the Boule' history book to you!! The length she was willing to go is commendable and greatly appreciated. We all make decisionz and rather than sit back, ponderin' on how "lost" I was to want to join what I thought was a "black" organization and finding out it is based on greek principles, I use the info to my advantage. Think of how many young Afrikanz you've saved from goin' down that road. I think of it all the tyme!

Now, I know you probably get vexed ev'rytyme you do a lecture and someone asks you about Da Ghetto Tymz and the info we put out on the Boule'. I am not sorry for that, Brutha. An ancient Adinkra symbol is the Nkonsonkonso, meaning "We are linked in both life and death. Those who share common blood relations never break apart." I wish that you could see that our work coincides with your work. Isn't the whole purpose of exposing info to promote awareness and eventual action to combat against it?? I've never claimed to be the griot on the Boule' nor would I ever. I am simply an Afrikan student who was blessed to be in your presence back in '94 and tried to do somethin' about it to make otherz aware. My situation with you is not the first, for there have been and may be otherz in the future. That is Y I felt I should publish my thoughts. I find there are many tymz an Elder may find it difficult to share the "spotlight" as a messenger of Afrikan truth. Brutha, I seek no stardom (not to say you do). I have found that just as you have been effective in reachin' hedz, so have I and otherz like me, despite the age difference. Though our stylez may be different, we are still capable of reachin' our people, effectively. So Y am I being labeled "not to be trusted" by you? I am hopin' that you sorta see me as a student of your work, for I am also a pupil of Ashra Kwesi's - who's a student of Dr. Ben and Clarke; I'm also under the tutorage of Tony Browder - who's a student of Clarke, Ben and Jackson, and so on. You are one of the shoulderz I stand on as I, in turn, prepare for a generation to stand on mine.

Back in 1991, I was blessed with a re-initiation into the realm of Afrikan consciousness by non other than Blast Master KRS-One. Before him, I had been exposed to many enlightening historianz/writerz like Diop, Chancellor Williams, Sertima and even Boule' member, Asa Hilliard. But no one opened me and shook me awake like KRS. Now this is no diss, for after KRS fertilized my seed and instilled the code of Knowledge of Self, it was like I could now decypher Williams work on a deeper level. Diop's brilliant research on melanin appealed to me with much vigor. It was no diss to the works of those I was not yet ready to overstand...it simply was not my tyme. I was just like most of us are...ignorant, rather, ignoring the constant vibration of our legacy. There was even a tyme when I could be quoted sayin' "I don't wanna hear the 'Black' shit." It simply was not my tyme yet.

I'm sure ev'ryones heard of how someone can tell you somethin' a million tymz and you don't listen, then some new jack tellz you the same thing...AND IT CLICKS! As many tymz as I heard and witnessed the atrocities of American-Afrikan people, I did not recognize the beckoning call of my subconsciousness to my conscious until I heard KRS speak. The message was the same, the delivery different; the tyming the same, for the vibration never ceases; yet it manifested to me at the right moment. That is one of the main reasonz Y it doesn't bother me that most hedz may not feel me, or DGT. Because with continuity, coupled with tyme, someone will be enlightened. Brutha Cokely and my Elderz, I do not wish to stampede on the countless wo/man hourz of your study and research and dedication you have sacrificed. I stand on your shoulderz. But as I stand, you must overstand that we "co-exist". Your tyme is my tyme, as mine will be with the next flock of Liberatorz. True, I am young and still a lil' damp behind the ear, yet I have the heart of a lion and stand on the wisdom of my Elderz who stand on our Ancestorz. There is no need to fret when you see my youthful presence preserve the work of you and otherz. I hope you overstand my message and wish you continued success in your research. Although you may harbor the same feelings even after reading this, I assure you, I will not have a problem sittin in the front row of your lectures because I luv your research.

On the other hand, if you do feel me dear brutha, "can you help a brutha get the post 1994 copy of the Boule' roster so I can include the new names on DGTonline??

If I don't hear from you soon, I will take your silence in a way I wish not...

I greet you as I came, Shem Hotep & Respect.

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