I don't have to tell you that we are living in a time of confusion. What we're suffering is evident in every area of people activity. The majority of Afrikan people cannot, or will not, agree on which values and culture we should live by as a people. This confusion is understandable considering this confusion is not an accident. Our foundation has been stripped away from our minds. This situation is similar to building a house. You cannot do anything until you build a strong foundation. Fortunately, The Creator has given us an indestructible foundation on which to build a way of life. The way I was put on to this fact was...well, I'll say it was just strange.

Yo, peep this. I was out on my porch last summer when a brother and a sister walked up to my gate and just started talking to me. Now you all know that because of how people are today, I wasn't too receptive until one of them asked me, "what is truth?" I said, "the opposite of a lie." The sister then asked, "Do you know where we come from brother?" I was immediately hyped when the sister asked me. The week before, some jehovah wickedness ­ oops! I meant 'witness' came to my door and I had to beat them with the truth for almost an hour until they began asking me questions about things they did not have an answer for. The reason they had these certain questions is because they were not exposed to a foundation built on truth. So I opened up the front gate preparing to do the same thing again, "Come in, let's talk," I said. "Of course I'm sure that both of you know that we all come from Afrika right?" I said as they walked in. "Yes and no," the sister said. Now when she said that I knew something was up, so I told them to chill for a moment as I went inside and got a few selected books off the shelf. When I cam back I asked, "By the way, what are your names?" The brother said, "My name is Baaqasta and her name is Tiraqasta." I told them mine and we continued with the conversation. "So you say 'yes and no' about our ancestors coming from Afrika," I inquired. Both of these people were brown-skinned like myself, so I said, "based on the melanin content in all of our skin, we are, without a doubt, descended from the first people who lived in the equatorial region of Afrika. This is the tropical region where Ra (the sun) shines brightest and melanin absorbs and protects from the rays of Ra. The remains of the oldest and very first of all human beings were found in that region." Then Baaqasta responded, "wait brother, all of what you said is true but that's not what we meant when we asked if you knew where we come from. So let me ask you this, what kind of culture did your Afrikan ancestors live by?" I tried to correct him, "I think what you should say is OUR ancestors' culture used to measure if anything or anyone was true." Baaqasta explained, "All of what you said is true except the part when you say that OUR ancestors are from Afrika. That phrase is questionable." Then I said, "well you look just like me and I know that my ancestors came from Afrika but I want to give you a chance to state your case." Then I lightly tapped my hand on my little pile of books and said, "but then I will state mine."

Tiraqasta smiled and said to me, "Now we come to the real reason we are here today. I know that we really confused you when we say we are not sure our ancestors come from Afrika, but I am glad you mentioned MAAT because it will be based on MAAT that you will be able to understand how we can say what we say." I just sat back in my chair and folded my arms and arrogantly said to myself, ­ yeah, they're down wit MAAT but not down with our ancestors who handed it down to us. They must be in some type of cult. Whatever the case, I'm gonna lovingly spank that ass with some information that will help them question their way on the right path ­. I was waitin' for them to make a mistake so I could jump on 'em like a panther! "Yo, you got my attention, I'm listening," I said with a sly smile. Then Tiraqasta said, "MAAT is made up of 7 laws or principles, what are they?" She asked the question as she started to look at the books I brought out. I said to myself that she was gonna try to use my own stuff against me, I gotta represent! "The first of the seven in The Universe is Mental, meaning whatever is seen or created in the mind (mental plane) can be created in the physical world and stand firm just like the pyramids in Afrika as long as it does not conflict with the spiritual world (spiritual plane). The second principle is Correspondence, which is usually defined as "so above, so below"; which can further be defined as if you want to learn about the unknown world, learn as much as you can about the known world. Our, - oops!, I mean MY ancestors said the study of nature is the first step to greater understanding. The third principle is Vibration. It recognizes that everything in the universe is moving from the fastest thing to the very slowest. Even the chairs we are sitting on at the moment is moving at a very slow rate of vibration." "True indeed, brother, please continue," Baaqasta said. I flowed on, "The fourth would be Polarity, which means everything in universe has its pair of opposites, which are really the same in nature, but different in degree. Like the coldest of all ice is dry ice, but when it makes contact with the skin, it burns; so the coldest of the cold crosses that thin line by a few degrees and becomes hot.The fifth principle is Rhythm. It means that everything operates in cycles; everything has its ups and downs. Spring (time of birth) was here, which was followed by summer (life), then fall (decay) comes, followed by respectively by winter (death). Then the cycle repeats each spring (rebirth). The sixth is Cause and Effect, meaning every effect has a cause; nothing happens as an accident. Everything that we think and do will determine our future experiences negatively and positively. The last, but definitely not the least is Gender, which means that everything has its Masculine and Feminine principles. Gender is on all planes. Spiritually and mentally, The Creator has equal masculine and feminine aspects; and physically, life can only be created by male and female bodies, or one body that has male and female properties like some plants do. So basically, anyone who operates ignoring these laws do not operate under truth." I sat back and looked at them like, "yeah, deal wit that!"

Baaqasta responded, "Well it sounds like you know what the laws are but lets see if you can apply them." Then Tiraqasta went on, "Let's take a closer look at Correspondence. One of the main reasons why the ancient Afrikans were such masters and originators of all the sciences was because they had a good understanding of this principle. Now remember you said it means the best way to learn the unknown is to study the known right?" "That's right," I said with a raised eyebrow. "Then lets talk about something you should know to help you learn something you may not," Tiraqasta said. "Please stop me if I say anything wrong. The smallest particle of matter in the universe is the atom. The atom is made up of an electron or electrons that circle, or orbits, a proton or protons and a neutron(s). Is your body made up of more than one atom?" "Yes, of course," I said. I started to wonder where she was going with this. "So again, based on what you know, lets apply that to what you may not know. Just like an electron orbits the nucleus made up of a proton and a neutron, this planet and others orbit the sun. So all of these orbiting planets and the sun could be looked at as a giant atom or what you call, solar system. Just like there are many of the same types of atoms in your body, do you think there are other types of solar systems in the universe?" she asked. "Well, when you put it that way, yet," I replied. Then Baaqasta broke his silence and said, "Then you could not say we were incorrect for saying that our ancestors may not be Afrikans because Tiraqasta and I are from another planet." Automatically, I had this blank look on my face and thought, ­ Oh shit! I let these 2 crazy asses in my gate with this off-the-wall shit. My shottie was upstairs and Baaqasta wasn't the smallest brother I ever saw. What if they were trying to be the black version of 'natural born killers' and right after I say their story is bogus, they pull some big axes out their pockets and start hackin' a brother? ­ Bottom line, I was vexed!

Aaah well, "based on the principle of Correspondence," I said, "I can't deny that there could be intelligent people on other planets; but that doesn't prove that you are." Baaqasta nodded his head and calmly responded, "That's true but I think you are having a hard time accepting us as beings from another planet because of the brainwashing received in your television and movies about so called alien lifeforms. According to the history of your planet ­ and believe it or not, at one time on our planet ­ beings from other planets were pictured as pale or greenish deformed-type creatures which cannot be considered true if we look at the facts." Tiraqasta then held up one of my books and opened to a certain page and got back in the flow saying, "This book called Stolen Legacy, by George GM James, says right here on page 80 that in the universe, there are 4 elements throughout the universe that exist at different rates of vibration or degree. Although we do not call our planet earth, our planet and others that have intelligent and biological life forms are made of the same earth-like substance and there are only small differences between the planets. On these types of planets, the receiving of lifegiving is the same. There is a lifegiving nucleus (positive) or center like your sun and the energy with a substance that you call melanin. So there is another point of correspondence based on the facts. Due to the fact your earth contains melanin needed to receive energy, you must change your image of natural beings from other planets that use the same substance to absorb energy to an image like your own." No doubt, they were hitting me with some information that I would definitely have to give some more thought to. I was getting a little uncomfortable talking about sci-fi space-type shit with 2 people I didn't know and still did not believe.

With these thoughts in my head, I then said, "Look, like I said before, I don't have a problem with the scientific facts and all, but it still doesn't prove that you're from a different planet...but let's pretend you are. Did you come all this way just to tell me that you're here from another planet?" The both said no. "Then why are you here?", I asked anxiously. "We were sent here by our elders because of what they learned from the ancestors. After we had overcome problems similar to yours you face here, we were entrusted by the ancestors to help the natural people of your planet to overcome yours." I chuckled and asked, "what kind of problems do they have in outer space?" Tiraqasta said, "brother, the pendulum swings for everyone. Remember the 5th principle of MAAT, Rhythm. I'm sure you've heard of the saying, 'what goes up must come down', well in our case, and yours, no matter how high our civilization's were in the past, they all eventually fell. Our great civilization, just like all other's throughout the universe were built by observing, understanding and applying the laws of MAAT in every aspect of life. This is what brought great success and prolonged happiness. Our ancestors understood Vibration to the point where they were able to control all matter. Mater controlled was from the hardest and slowest vibrating substances, like a diamond; to the lightest and fastest vibrating substances like a thought (brainwave). Our ancestors, like yours, knew that the negative Cause, like one aspect of creation dominating another, would produce the negative Effect of destroying life and civilization rather than create life. Our ancestors knew Gender well enough to see that the FAMILY is the first technology of an advanced civilization. Men and women, although at times had different roles, were always valued as equal and worked together to build civilization. Our ancestors understood because the Universe is Mental, to think of a world of balance and justice based on spiritual oneness with The Creator, through nature, was the first step to physically building the great civilizations of the past. These civilizations went all over both of our planets. We were what you call Grand Master Builders."

Daaam! That was hot. Just like the jehovah witnesses, I beat on last week, I was knocked off my guard and started to ask questions about the future when Baaqasta looked at me intensely and said, "Daawiyd, Rhythm and Polarity are very important to understand at this time for the natural people of your planet. Our ancestors lost the knowledge of truth. Out of an imbalance of evil over good in some of the natural people on our 2 planets, helped create unnatural imbalanced beings that robbed all of the people the truth and they stopped knowing and began believing and having faith in untruth. We began to worship false gods recreated by unnatural beings." I cut in and asked, "How many of their people were jews, christians, muslims or other religions?" They both laughed and responded, "How would our people know of the physical lives of Yeshua (Jesus), Moses (Thutmose) or Mohammad on your earth?"

It all made sense to me, but then I thought of a question I knew would stick 'em, "Yeah, but it seems like you so-called aliens know a lot about my people's history. I guess you are just incredible speed readers right?' Tiraqasta then held up one of my books and said, "Yes, As helpers of your planet we do study the mental," as she looked at Stolen Legacy again. "He tells you that your ancient Afrikan education was built on the foundation of MAAT through the study of nature and was to 'provide knowledge development of the will of the student that allowed SALVATION OR FREEDOM OF THE SOUL FROM THE FETTERS OR CHAINS OF THE PHYSICAL BODY." Also this brother, Dr. Richard King, in his book, Melanin: A Key to Freedom, he tells you how we know about a lot of the past story of your planet. He says, on the back cover, 'the whole Human Body Black Melanin System serves as an eye of the soul to produce inner-vision, true spiritual consciousness, creative genius, beatific vision, to become Godlike, AND TO HAVE CONVERSATIONS WITH THE IMMORTALS OR ANCESTORS." So this will help you understand our statement, 'we are not sure that your Afrikan ancestors are ours' because, although we are all natural beings of the universe, there was a time we didn't know your ancestors by their physical existence. We knew the past story of your planet by communication with your ancestors on the spiritual plane, which is universal. Your Afrikan ancestors like Imhotep and Yeshua, who went through the Universal Education System and live their lives under truth, are part of the Afrika family lineage, which we are not, but are also Spiritual Ancestors whom even those on our planet receive guidance." Then with the timing of a boxing combination, Baaqasta hit me with, "Remember that religions are simply deviations, or branches of MAAT and over time, natural people will take these religions back to their source. Religions are also planetary, or local, while MAAT is limitless like the universe. For example, it is said by christians that the holy trinity of the gods are Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Under MAAT, this is out of order and untrue. The correct trinity would be Father+Mother=Son/Daughter, which is correct according to the law of Gender. For a period of time, our people were blind and could not see, but then the pendulum, which had swung to the negative side, began to swing back to the positive. The ancestors began to hear our libations and began to push us forward. One way they did this was sending natural beings from other planets, like us, who went through this same problems you face and reminded us that Universal Law or MAAT is the way to freedom. This is what we are doing for you now and you will, at some point in the future, do for others."

The last point the left me with is that although change throughout the universe is constant through Rhythm, our people should not sit by and wait for a change for the better. "There can be no day without night, or no good without evil," he said. "There is a picture of a king in one of the Temples of Kemet in your Afrika that has a picture of Heru (good) on one side of his head and Set (evil) on the other. This means that your people must be good enough to love nature and yourselves, but evil enough to defeat the cancer and imbalance that's destroying your planet. Do not feel guilty because of this evil. It is necessary for the sake of Polarity, or balance. The imbalance of evil over good produced this problem and it will prevent you from solving it." Tiraqasta ended the conversation by telling me to continue to embrace the Universal Laws of The Creator. "Do what you can to make the pendulum swing quickly to the positive side and slow to the negative. Just like the sun rises, falls and rises again, so will your civilization. It is still important for your people to strive for the greater good and to one day free yourselves of your physical bodies and become one with the Creator and ancestors, only to fall back to the physical world, then rise again. It will not stop because life is about experience."

I was done and they knew it. So they both shook my hand and started to walk down the street. I still wasn't going for the space stuff, so I had the crazy idea that if I could just see what kid of car they were driving and get a license plate number, or if they was gonna tell anybody else this truth unwrapped up in confusion, I could write them off as 2 nuts with a bunch of information. I watched them walk down to the corner and as they turned, I started to run after them, like I had yet another question to ask. When I came to the corner, I saw...NOTHING! Yo, I'm telling you they were gone! I did catch a gust of warm air but that wasn't unusual, with it being summer and all. The sidewalk I was standing on was next to a 7-foot wall and there were no parked cars on this one-way street, because the streetsweeper was due. And, of course, no one was on the block at the time, so I couldn't ask for witnesses.

I sat down on the curb for about 20 minutes; no doubt, I was a shook-one. I started thinking someone had really gone out of their way to get me to better understand MAAT. This is when I really began to believe that those 2 disappearing acts might have been real. Usually, when I talk about MAAT and understanding nature, I tell my people about different books I read like The Ankh: Afrikan Origin of Electromagnetism, by Nur Ankh Amen; Afrikan Genesis, by Ishakamusa Barashango; Afrikan Holistic Health, by Llaila O. Afrika; and Afrikan Origin of Biological Psychiatry, by Dr. Richard King, plus many other books as well as lectures and conversations with Steve Cokely, Ashra Kwesi and local historians in my community. It's easier to refer to those sources than a couple from another planet, youknowhatI'msayin'? I mean, just talking about representin' real truth (MAAT) and our culture is enough by itself to make people treat you strange.

So check it, I could've just told you a wild story just to prove a couple points, or I could be telling you something that I finally had to get off my chest. The question remains: based on the principles of MAAT and natural science, DO U BELIEVE ME? One love.


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