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(written 1998)

I've dwelled in the realm of conscious game for 14 semesterz and I've seen 'em come and go. One day we wearin' Afrikan black medallionz, the next we wearin' versace. You got peeps who just "know" what time it is and do nothin' and those who can't even tell time but, in the wordz of Biggie Smalls, "ready to die" for any and everything—except Afrikan! We got hedz who went from beef, pork, and chicken to vegetarian, vegan, then back to the swine stating reasonz of eating healthy being too costly (although you wind up paying with something more in the end—your life! And of course we got those "righteous" brothas who say they all about us while, on the low, beatin' their Queen and neglectin' they seedz. Amidst the elements of negative stress, I parlay. Although the illmatic whisperz of wickedness are constant, I persist to exist on a higher level.

Everybody speaks to themselves, askin' "why" and "should or shouldn't I". It is with this quest of questionz that we find balance; for it is what separates God from dog (beast), so eloquently encoded in the structure of Her Em Akhet (erroneously called the Sphinx) in front of the pyramidz in Kemet [also erroneously called egypt (watch 'The Riddle of Her Em Akhet on DGTv)]. But this battle remainz confined between the wallz of my mental leaving the ever-present question: how can we manifest consciousness physically??

Like an addict feenin' for a hit, I yearn to politic on relevant issues of Afrikan advancement, but I keep runnin' into pimps and pretenderz. Abandoned, alone, yet still motivated, I find my pineal as my safe haven. Since there ain't many doin' -ish, I'll do it myself. Since no one will interview me, I'll interview myself...

Let me redirect that question, what makes one not?!!? Dependency! Since I was a youth, I had and independent mindset mainly 'cause I had no male influence, no father, no brotherz. With consistency, The 'Creator', whom I call 'Energy' (watch 'The God Complex on DGTv), kept throwin' sublimz at me and when I turned 20, I was awakened. This was only a process of reconnecting me to my youth. See, when you're a child, you want to know everything. Every other word out your mouth is, "What's this, What's that, How'z that? & why?" As a seed, this marks your closest connection to the natural elements that make up the universe. Because western civilization—which we are products of—is of a dominant, controlling, and oppressive nature, Afrikan people have been stripped of the will to ask why as well as conduct proper research ourselves without some kind of white influence. That was wiped out on the first day of kindergarten, yo! Malcolm X once said, "only a fool would let his enemy teach his children!" The day we entered their mental programming institutionz (schoolz), our connection to Nature was severed. I embrace consciousness because that is who we are originally. It is the ever-vybrating Afrikan consciousness that gave the world what it has today! Today's technology is only an artificial contraction of what we have naturally, including computerz. All that comes from our melanin! As historian/futurologist Steve Cokely said, "we don't have to log-on to a computer to get 'on line'!" With proper mediation we can connect with otherz mentally anywhere in the galaxy! That's the -ish I'm about!!

Hmm, good question. Cokely put it best when he said that this is a field that is in the Want Ad's very few apply for. It offerz no vacation dayz, no pension, and no benefits like medical and dental. Being conscious, or better put, culturally aware, is an everyday affair! I can't just turn it on for 8 hourz then go home and chill, I live this everyday! And of course, it's not popular. Our values have been whitewashed! We've removed the word "we" and replaced it with "I". "We" know -ish is madd hectic for black people, yet we won't stand up and make it right for ourselves! We got wiz's on the other team. We send our Afrikan mindz to white institutionz where they graduate and get drafted for the opposing team! For example, it's said some 70% of the people that enable space missionz to leave the earth for NASA are black people! We got hundredz of thousandz of black engineerz, lawyerz and doctorz all working for the "away" team, whereas the "home" team has but a few (honestly, if any!). I choose this field of education/history/multi-media because in the realm of education for the ensuing generationz 'cause there seemz to not be that many young Afrikanz who care just as much about the streetz as they do education—and no not school, knowledge of self education!

As I previously quoted Malcolm, no question! Especially when these institutionz aren't run, financed, nor owned by Afrikan people! From day one we are told the irrelevant fable of George Washington never telling a lie and some cherry tree B-S! They never teach us about his connection to the Luciferian Conspiracy and Masonry, nor even that he owned kidnapped Afrikanz, but, they want us to believe he was an "honorable" man. Along with that, you know how much they disrespect our people by not including us in their version of history until slavery! Yo, that's mentacide! I went from kindergarten through 12th grade, and damn near all of college not knowin' anything about my people and culture! What's worse, they were predomininatly black schoolz!

Life exists in cycles. If you study astrophysics, or cosmography, the starz are revealing we are entering another stage: the age of Aquarius. KRS spoke briefly of this. We are entering an age where the quest to know will be intensified. The information age is what is going to lead us back to where we were when we built pyramidz and created electricity with the use of our ancient symbol, the ankh. Information bringz power and because right now many don't have this urge to know, it affirmz the age we're in currently. As the new millennium nearz, more and more of our people will awake from our 6000 year mental slumber. I'm not pressed about all this hype of the "new world order", I just study it because I want to know what YT has planned. Doesn't mean tingz g'wan 'appen. The pendulum is swingin' towardz positivity and guess who's system isn't included?? Babylon!

Oh, shit, my opinion?? Well, the one's society wants us to acknowledge are weak noodleback's if you ask me. The real leaderz are the one's who get no prop's, the George G. Jackson's, who dedicated his life to our people but died alone and broke; the Chancellor Williams, John Henrik Clarke, Dr. Ben, Francess Cress-Welsing, and Eraka Rouzarhondu's. It's dedicated hedz like Chi-townz, FRONTLINE magazine, that pumps madd info into the atmosphere; hedz like charter and homeschoolerz that oftentymz go unnoticed by our people who're our real leaderz. The 'appointed-by-other' leaderz exist because we haven't decided to think for ourselves yet. We haven't decided to choose our own. We have yet to develop and fund our own institutionz and yes, reconnect ourselves with our original spiritual identity. But no worry, the age is coming. As far as the "leaderz" you're talkin' about, the Jesse's and Farrakhan's, don't have much luv for 'em. I'm all about economic strategy but when you wearin' madd bling and got golden ceilingz in your home, well, I question your agenda. With "black" organizationz like the Boule' and NAACP preserving the eurocentric values, it makes me wish I remembered the D.R.O.P. Squad's 1800 number!

Let me make it crystal clear, I am not of the 5%, nor muslim for that matter. I am what was before these. In other wordz, I am an anti-semite. And anti-semetic only meanz that your belief system predates the 3 major western religions: christianity, islam and judaism. The termz God & Goddess originated before that. Because of the history of Her Em Akhet, what YT callz the sphinx, I know the science about the God and the beast that resides within' each of us. I refer to ourselves as God's & Goddess' because that is the part of you I am aiming to connect with. When we politic on mental stimulation, we are simply suppressing the beastly nature within us that is often provoked by the imbalance society we dwell in. "Sun" is a play off the New York word, "Son". It was changed to the Sun—a star, because our Ancients knew the importance of the Sun, along with carbon—which is melanin, and that all life if fueled by it's radiant energy.

Man-made Religion? I look at it as one of the toolz YT uses to control the masses. Religion is a very touchy subject when it comes to blackfolk. Many won't even spar with me on religion, and that's not ego! I know I'm not invincible, I'm just a humble student who wants to learn more. But I keep findin' these preacherz, church goer's and even muslimz that don't want to talk about how the Qu'raan and the Bible hasn't even been around for 1500 yearz! When we are humble enough to realize that life existed well before these texts, we may see some mental and then physical elevation in our people.

Absolutely I'm a God! Ok, forreally, I support the theory of a higher energetic entity! And truthfully, I think I am God, because I'm of God! But this 'God'—'Energy' as I previously said, ain't no white man! BUT, I also know I am not the Energitic Creator, I'm of it. As far as a belief in a higher being? I do. Is it a man or woman? No. When you break us all down we are simply matter: molecules and atomz... Energy! The Creator is that, everything, and I am of The Creator; therefore everything is me, both good and evil, it's just that I have the abillity to choose. Religion has taught us to look for Energy outside of you, whereas our Ancients taught us it is within. If you think Energy is just outside of you, you've already been disconnected. This is why our people feel so helpless and are so quick to "leave it up to God to take care of". Naw, that's B-S. B! Energy helps those who helps themselves! We've been separated from our natural/spiritual powersource. All those feel good sessionz every Sunday is only a mind fuck, because the only one's truly happy are the reverend (who just got paid) and white supremacy, because we still remain awaiting for this mystery God to come flyin' over the sky to take us away from this hell. Our leaderz make sure they put that mainly in our sistaz hedz so they won't wanna hook up with a free-thinking, self educator who has a thirst for the truth and ain't afraid to blaze a trail alone if need be.

Yeah sun, you did. Because I'm tryin' to do what the forces will me to, but yo, I must admit, it's not really gonna be tight until we win our sistaz back. A lot of our sistaz are mentally gone, without a trace! I be tryin' to wake my brothas up and they are, semi. I mean, they readin' books and condunctin' deep cipherz, but is there any physical manifestation? Hardly! I can't entirely knock these kidz because I'm not the one to keep a brotha in check, that's what a sista can do! It's sorta like a cat chasin' it's tail: Bruthaz are readin' but ain't doin'; a sista can make a brutha do, but she's caught up into either church or materializm. Yo, shit is madd hectic. But, as said before, I am soothed by the subliminal faxes received from the starz: "keep doin' wha'chu doin'; like will attract like". My efforts of today only add to those ancients that came beforey.

We could go on and on about quamz, beefs and biggup's about our people and consciousness. The most important factor is that time is dictating a change; a change for the good. We will cross the bridges of blacks and religion, leadership and consciousness; time willz it. It is not a race, and when I'm around a circle of freethinker's, the thought of the new world order manifesting isn't so real to me. What's real is the resurrection of our mindz dictated by the universe; what's real is being in touch with my inner thoughts. LIK SHOT!

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• I couldn't have stated anything written better myself. I can't explain how much it means to see "my thoughts" written down so eloquently. Someone out there sees what I see and feels what I feel. The part I did not take into account is the importance of the female. They will and can make a brother "do" instead of just talk about it. Thanks.
xxxxxxxxxxPosted by B. Amienyi ( on Friday, April 13, 2012 at 3:19 PM

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