It's spring time and you know what other season it is?...No, it's not duck season, nor wabbit season, it's TAX SEASON!! It seemz that it never failz when studyin' YT and conspiraceez. Thanks to research done by organizationz like Inform America, lecturerz like Brutha O'Tim Larib and my man Brutha Rick, we've found that all people livin' in america are bein' shammed! Yes, this is anutha form of white supremacy, but in this case, they "stickin' it up the ass" to their own people!! In the spirit of DGTs 6th anniversary, I must reiterate one of our major purposes.

We strive to ask questions because if you breakdown the word 'Question', you get 'Quest'. Life is exactly that...a 'Quest' or a journey. Throughout our 'Quest', or travel, we have the right to investigate any and all thingz we feel effects us during our life in the physical world. With question bringz wisdom, 'cause back in ancient KMT, on the wallz of the pyramidz were the wordz, "Ignorance is a sin". Today in the 90-now, here in the western world, ignorance has proven to be bliss - for those in power. We are "powerless" because we do not read. If you don't read, you don't know. Simple as that. If we did read, including myself up to this moment, we would know that the 16th Amendment showz that we are not obligated to pay taxes each spring. Because we do not know the true history of how this country was formed, we have been on autopilot, regurgitating whatever massa-media tellz us to believe, instead of using our God-given right to research the answerz ourself. So what's up with the IRS conspiracy??

Name me one person who doesn't like paying taxes each year! I'm sure everybody thinks payin' taxes is bullshit, and if you don't pay you'll go to jail. Each spring, just before tax season, massa-media feedz us stories about celebrities like Willie Nelson,Pete Rose and Leona Helmsley gettin' "got" by the IRS. These agents don't give a shit, they'll come and take all your shit!!

What would you think if I told you you don't have to pay taxes?? I know, you thinkin', "this nigga smokin' some powerful shit!"; but it's true. Even they know it!! In 1969, former Senator Henry Bellmon opened the eyez of thousandz of americanz when he revealed, "In a recent conversation with an official at the Internal Revenue Service, I was amazed when he told me 'If the taxpayers of this country ever discover that the IRS operates on 90% bluff, the entire system will collapse.'" An equivalent statement can be found in section 5221 of the Internal Revenue Manual, entitled, Returns Compliance Programs.It states, "...some techniques can be used only in connection with a full-scale program due to the nature of THE TAX SITUATION and the need to AVOID UNNECESSARY TAXPAYER REACTION". In other wordz, the IRS has every intention to conceal the truth from the public.

Remember when I was talkin' about ignorance?? The US Supreme Court warned that, "Because of what appearz to be a lawful command on the surface, many citizenz, because of their respect for what appearz to be law, are cunningly coerced into WAIVING THEIR RIGHTS due to IGNORANCE."

What I'm gettin' at is that payin' taxes every spring is simply VOLUNTARY!! On the front of the 1997 Form 1040 Tax Instruction Booklet it sayz, "You are among the millions of Americans who comply with the tax law VOLUNTARILY...Two aspects of the Federal Income Tax system - voluntary compliance with the law and self-assessment of tax - make it important for you to understand your rights and responsibilities as a taxpayer. 'Voluntary compliance' places on the taxpayer the responsibility for filing an income tax return. YOU MUST DECIDE WHETHER THE LAW REQUIRES YOU TO FILE A RETURN. If it does, you must file your return by the date it is due." (IRS Publication 21)

Oh, the shit is out! Hedz just ain't listenin'. Check what these officialz said: Mortimer Caplin, IRS Commissioner in 1975, "Our tax system is based on individual self-assessment and VOLUNTARY compliance."; "Our system of taxation is based on voluntary assessment and payment, not upon distraint (force).", United States v. Flora, 1958; Fred Goldberg, IRS Commissioner, April 13, 1990 on Nightline with Ted Koppel said, "We have a VOLUNTARY compliance system."; and in the first sentences of the 1994 Form 1040 Tax Instruction Booklet readz, "Dear Taxpayer, Thank you for making this nation's tax system the most effective system of VOLUNTARY compliance in the world...Margaret M. Richardson."

Make no mistake about it, it is not a coin-ki-dink that all IRS officialz kept sayin' the word 'voluntary', 'cause they know they can never be persecuted for sayin' the wrong thing; they have said voluntary instead of sayin' somethin' like "required". We'll get into semantics in a sec.

Just as Malcolm said back in the 60s, "we've been hoodwinked and bamboozled!!" And how'd they do it? Easy, by making us "believe" without "knowing". See, most of us believe we live in a democracy. I mean, that's all we hear the president talk about right? The fact is that america is not a democracy and never has been. America is a Republic (written in Article 4, Section 4 of the US Constitution which states, "the United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a REPUBLICAN form of government") - you know, the "Republic for which it standz, one nation, under god, indivisible" that we say when sayin' the pledge of allegiance to the flag. In fact, if you look at the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, "democracy" isn't mention not once!! So who are the main playaz in this scheme?

The Federal Reserve System is a government agency setup by International Bankerz. It is a PRIVATE, FOR-PROFIT corporation and is therefore, never audited nor payz federal and state income tax, just property tax on its buildingz. The Boston Federal Bank admitted in its publication, Putting It Simply, "When you or I write a check, there must be sufficient funds in our account to cover that check, but when the Federal Reserve writes a check, it is creating money." The Federal Reserve is no more FEDERAL than Federal Express. You won't find it listed in the phone book under 'Government Agencies', you'll find it in the white pages along with other private businesses.

You may think I'm buggin', but accordin' to Larib, there's really 2 United States! The first being the Federal US (Washington, DC - which isn't a state), and the second being the 50 states being the Continental US. The US government works with the 'Bureau of Engraving and Printing', who's owned by the Federal Reserve.

The Bureau is not a division of the US government and is run by the 12 most powerful banking families in the world under the Central Bank House of London, owned by none other than, Lord Mayer Amschel Rothschild (more on this beast later). Every financial move America makes has to be backed by someone. Anyone who "backs you", you basically owe, which is a debt. Check this shit out, the wordz, "Federal Reserve Note" is what you see on the top of paper money, right?? That's because they're the onez who print the money, not the government. The US. government charges the Federal Reserve 3¢ per bill, whether the bill is $1 or $1,000. The Federal Reserve then authorizes the loot by puttin' it's name on it and then sendz it back to the US (Congress) and, in turn, charges them the face value of the bill, plus interest. In other wordz, when Congress needz $500 million, they ask the Federal Reserve; they then "create" the money out of thin air (because it's no longer backed by gold or silver, will explain later), and charges the US $500 million, plus interest! This is the reason DC was setup the way it was, so that Congress (the Federal US) could "borrow" money for themselves from the Federal Reserve and have the Continental US (50 States) foot the bill. That's Y we keep hearin' 'bout this $5.5 trillion deficit they say WE owe. I ain't borrowed shit, DC did!! How do we pay off the "debt"??...TAXES!

Because of the deficit, we think our taxes serve as a contribution to the debt; but, if we're virtually "givin'" billionz of dollarz each tax season to the "national debt", Y IZ it Dat the deficit is still growing?!!? You would think if we owed the debt to ourselves, we could just forget the bill, write it off and start over; but that isn't the case because the debt is owed to someone. The government owes the Federal Reserve, and as said before, Federal Reserve is owned by Rothschild, via the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 (remember all the paper money they print for the US that has no value backing like gold or silver). We're talkin' about inflation, yo.

Inflation is engineered as each new paper lent dollar into circulation reduces the value of all dollarz already in existence. On Info America's website ( in one of its articles, they said, "Experience has taught the 'Fed' that 5% annual devaluation of the money supply can be consistently maintained without alarming the public. To date, this insidious tax has gradually robbed Americans of over 90% of their purchasing power, thereby generating trillions of dollars in profits to the private banking monopoly that rents us our money supply."

So who ownz this country, the people?? Obviously not. This country is still being run by those within and outside the borderz. This is global white supremacy! This country is really owned, not by the government, but by International Bankerz. In fact, in 1955 the United States of America declared itself bankrupt!! That's because the person(system) we owe is the Central Bank of England who is owned by, none other than, Lord Mayer Amschel Rothschild!! Rothschild (A DGT Most Wanted) was a thief who stole silver, gold and other natural resources from our homeland, Akebulan (Afrika). See, this goes all the way back to the American Revolutionary War of the 1760s.

In school, we weren't taught about Lord Rothschild, cofounder of the Illuminati, and his relationship with Alexander Hamilton and George Washington. At the climax of the War, Washington was losing the battle to Col. Corin Wallace. Rothschild wanted to come to the new world with the fore-pirate's to establish the colonies. Hamilton, an agent of Rothschild's, coerced Washington to let Rothschild finance his operation, assuring him a victory. Rothschild was quoted as basically saying he didn't care who ran the new world (America), he just wanted to be in control of the money! See, even way back then the Illuminati was playin' both sides of the fence, for Washington (a fellow mason), owed Rothschild for his victory. Rothschilds did have some resistance though. Thomas Jefferson wasn't down with his plan and he was ousted out of congress. Soon after, they started the War of 1812. This time, Andrew Jackson was against the financial assistance of the English (again, Rothschild's) and was too, exiled. In came the Central Bank of England again and stopped the war.

The first IRS was in Delaware and was called the Internal Revenue Agency (IRA), Inc. Since they wanted to be a for-profit corporation, they unincorporated so they couldn't be audited. What does that mean? It meanz all they do is collect money and never payz taxes like you and I have been duped to believe we have to.

Upon unincorporating, a meeting was held in Col. Howse (Woodrow Wilson's assistant) in Georgia, 1913. This was a meeting with International Bankerz who made up the Federal Reserve Act. The only ones invited were those in the Illuminati's bloodline. There they called an end to the use of silver and gold (one of the first western elements used as money like the paper money we use today). If you recall, we've alwayz stated that the OWG, aka New World Order, aka Rhodes/Rothschild's secret society, winz by playin' both sides of the fence. For example, they both funded the Americanz during WW2 with Hitler, and, through use of OWG member (Henry) Ford, made Hitler's tanks and through Mobil One (Rockefeller), supplied gas for their tanks. It's like bettin' for both fighters in a championship bout...You can't lose!! In every major war that has been fought, Rothschilds funded both sides. That includes the Civil War, Russian Revolution (where he gave them $20 million in gold) on up to Desert Storm.

The real reason behind war is not beef, but to make money! Gregory Allen's, Rockefeller Files, speaks of this!! It must be noted that the OWG amassed all this wealth by the selling of Afrikanz as slaves. Virtually all "royal" families including those of the Illuminati would not have the wealth had they not sold our Ancestorz and robbed our temples in Afrika.

The Internal Revenue Service is a subordinate to the International Monetary Fund (IMF). If you're not aware of the IMF, ya needz to pick up a couple back issues of DGT. Briefly, the IMF is anutha front for the OWG. According to the Bretton-Wood Agreement Act, the Secretary of Treasury is on the payroll of the IMF and is really the Governor of the United States. Didn't know we had a governor did you. The Governor of the IMF, Nicolas Brady, is the receiver of all bankruptcy's. The ATF - Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms - are also a division of the IMF. They are the ones who are behind the FEMA - Federal Emergency Management Agency - program written about each month in our Global 2000 section, whose main ambition is to get the gunz out of citizenz handz so their takeover can be more effective.

So how did they get us to pay taxes?? During World War 2, there was the depression. The US needed financial backing and thought of a way to get the people of the country to support them. They monopolized massa-media by using the wordz "Patriotic" and "Help Uncle Sam Win the War" campaignz to make the people feel that donating money was the right thing to do. They introduced a volunteer system of taxation that was initially set to last for 2 yearz to help fund the war. This was 1913, the same year the International Bankers had their meeting. After the 2 yearz passed, the government asked to reinstall it for 4 more yearz. After the additional 4 year campaign, they introduced the Social Security Act, which was anutha form of taxation, making people believe if they take out a portion of their pay now, they'll have some for their last yearz (how often do you hear elderly people talk about how social security isn't enuff to live on now). Since then, we've been payin' taxes, VOLUNTARILY, ever since, not even knowing that it started voluntarily and is still, under the constitution, voluntarily!!

For each job you apply for, your potential employer (really the IRS) makes you believe you have to fill out a W-4 form before being hired. This form is basically a contract where we denote how much we want them to take out of our salary in the form of taxes. If you look on the form, nowhere does it say US. Government, it sayz Department of Treasury/IRS. What we don't know is that the IRS is not a part of the United States. REPEAT: The IRS is not a division or branch of the US Government! The IRS is a front organization for the One World Government, who serves as a bookie, coming to your door "bluffing" you into paying taxes or you'll go to jail because they know you don't know your rights.

Would it surprise you if I told you that not one cent of your Income Tax is used to run this country?? In fact, the only tax we should (as citizens of this country) pay is the Constitutional Tax which is the tax you pay on food, liquor, import/exports, etc. This tax totalz $600 billion a year and is used to run this country. So where does the W-4 tax go to?

It goes to the Federal Reserve. If you've ever had to pay on your taxes, look at the back of your check. Does it say US Treasury, or Federal Reserve Bank/Treasury Department. If it was under US operation it would say US Treasury. So who cashes your check? Where does the loot go?? It didn't go to the US Treasury but to a private, FOR-PROFIT corporation, the Federal Reserve Bank. The Federal Reserve are "illegally using the income tax to remove paper money from circulation so they can print hundredz of billionz more dollarz every year."(Info America). According to Info America, "You can't have a paper currency, and a Federal Reserve Bank that prints paper money, unless you have an income tax to remove the excess paper money from circulation to stop inflation...So far they have been successful in keeping these secrets because people all over the world have been deceived into hoarding paper dollarz as a storehouse of wealth, instead of historically sound gold!" It doesn't take a brain surgeon to realize you can't continually print money unless you also remove it from circulation somewhere. That's Y it isn't a coink-ki-dink that the Federal Reserve Bank and the Income Tax were both created in the same year, 1913! In essence, the only "bill" citizenz of this country are payin' are the billz DC and the rest of the Federal Department operations around the country!

The only people who are obligated, by law, to pay taxes are Federal employeez (anyone who works for the government or city) and alienz (from anutha country). As far as we are concerned, we have an option, but were never told. You can pay taxes if you'd like, but according to the 16th Amendment you don't. Many have been miseducated into thinking the 16th Amendment of the US Constitution is the bill that authorized us to be taxed. But according to the Supreme Court (the highest court of this land), in 1916 in Stanton v. Baltic Mining, the Amendment did not repeal Article 1, Section 2, Clause 3 or Article 1, Section 9, Clause 4, which ABSOLUTELY FORBID CONGRESS FROM DIRECTLY TAXING A US. CITIZEN! See, the semantics of the 16th Amendment creates an illusion of a new authority to directly tax US citizenz, an illusion which the IRS is banking you'll continue to see. The true purpose of the Income Tax is to maintain economic control by ridding off excess dollarz from circulation that would ordinarily result from printing too much paper money.

But again, this is all hype, for if you do not know the law, you are a victim. You may find this all hard to believe because you know that each spring there are millionz of blank Form 1040s piled up in the post office and libraries, as well as the IRS mailing you your W-2s. We've been duped to believe that Form 1040 is to be used by ALL working americanz to report their income. But according to the Department of Treasury which supervises, on March 21, 1916, it stated, "The responsible heads, agents or representatives of nonresident aliens...SHALL make a full and complete return of the income there-from on Form 1040." The word 'Shall' is a tricky word, for it also meanz "may", meaning you don't have to; optional, or VOLUNTARILY!

Even deepuh, under the 1980 Paperwork Reduction Act, Congress made the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) the watchdog required to approve any government agency form that asks for information from a US Citizen. The OMB and the National Office of the IRS stated that the required form for a US Citizen to used to report income is NOT Form 1040, but Form 2555, entitled "FOREIGN Earned Income", which has the 1040 used only as a supplemental worksheet. 'Foreign' would pertain to fundz made outside the country, again, citing your right not to file taxes on money made within the US.

The IRS knowz the difference between an 'Individual' and a 'Citizen', do you? For most of our adult lives, we've been filing 1040s, swearing under penalties of perjury that everything listed on it is income to us regardless of the source, foreign or otherwise; and who wants to commit perjury? Especially realizing the penalty could be imprisonment. The IRS presumes you are tellin' the truth ('cause you don't wanna go to jail). This is the exact meaning of VOLUNTARY COMPLIANCE. You get someone to believe they "have" to do somethin' (or pay a stiff penalty) and you got them by their necks.

So if we haven't been payin' for income tax, what are we payin' for?!!? We've been payin' the Employment tax, aka, the Wage or Social Security tax. But who's s'posed to pay the Employment tax?! The "Employee"; which is legally defined as "working volunteerz". Those who VOLUNTEERED to apply for a Social Security Number who use that number to build up credits towardz retirement and other federal benefits; those who VOLUNTEERED to sign a Form W-4, "Employee's Withholding ALLOWance Certificate", who ALLOWz loot to be taken from his/her paycheck in the form of FICA, Federal, State and City tax.

See, the W-4 is not required to be filled out by law. It is strictly elective, but you won't know that because your employer has you sign one before being hired. But most employerz don't know it's not mandatory because even they haven't read the law; they've been coerced into the game as well! The W-4 is a permission slip of okayin' the IRS to withhold taxes from your salary.

So is everyone who hires otherz automatically an employer? No, only those that sign Form SS-4, "Application For Employer Identification Number", which isn't mandatory either!! Think about it, an application is alwayz voluntary, otherwise there'd be no reason to apply! An application is like a contract you sign, once you sign your "Hancock" you are bound, for your signature serves as your word. You break it, and you have to suffer the consequences. The key is not to sign it!!

So where's all the lawyerz and shit? It is said that most lawyers will not back you in person because they are representatives of the Judicial Branch of the Government, and are oath taker's vowing to never let you know that the US is bankrupt and not under a Common Law, but an Admiralty jurisdiction. In law, there are 3 different jurisdictions: Common, Equity and Admiralty. Common Law is, according to the Constitution of the US, the highest law, for it is God's law. Meaning you have a God-given right to do whatever you wish, be it positively or criminally. This is the will of wo/man; Equity Law dealz with contracts where you agree to do a service (job), you sign a contract (W-4) and are bound to that job because you signed on it, pending a penalty; and the last is Admiralty, which is also International law, where monetary fines and/or jail time serves as punishment.

Because I parlayed so much shit in this piece, I will bring part 1 to an end. Take the rest of this month to do some research on your own, I promise you next piece will be even doper. We will parlay the proper procedures and paperwork to stop tax withholding, the ID number sham, the court history of those who fought against the IRS, some madd info on the Universal Commercial Code (UCC) and how this can be used to free you from payin' taxes, and a whole lot more.Continue the 'Quest' of Questionz, LIK SHOT!!

"If the taxpayers of this country ever discover that the IRS operates on 90% bluff, the entire system will collapse"
- Sen. Henry Bellmon interviewing an official of the IRS in 1969

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