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(NOTE: for more info on Skull&Bones)

(written 2004)

One of the messages we at DGT have alwayz conveyed is when dealing with Global White Supremacy (the Illuminati, Rhodes/Rothschilds, Phi Beta Kappa and Skull&Bones to name a few), there is no such thing as a coincidence! We have also echoed Gary Allen, author of The Rockefeller Files, belief that the Illuminati alwayz play both sides of the fence. Meaning, while they may have the masses believe two people or parties are against each other, in secret, they are in fact, comradz; thus makin’ it impossible to lose.

For example, while they may have you thinkin’ McDonalds is better than Burger King; Mobil One gas is better than BP; or even Byron Allen is “blacker” than Wayne Brady, the fact is, more tymz than none (at least for the first 2 examples), corporationz are not in competition of each other. On the upper echelonz of power, above the CEOs and COOs – I’m talkin’ ‘bout the Board and the Financial investorz who are the backbone of these companies – there is an allegiance between these parties to “share” the wealth. As long as they can maintain control of the diverse choices conveyed to the masses as competition (KFC, Popeye’s Chicken, WalMart, Target, etc.), they win. This is about winnin’ regardless of who’s “on top.”

Case in point. Last presidential election, many felt Al Gore was stripped of his chance to be president. His competition being George W. Bush, Jr. (Skull&Bones class of 1968), in most eyes won because of his father George, Sr. Whether true or not is not the point, the point is regardless, if it were Bush or Gore BOTH were memberz of the same elite 2nd chapter of the Illuminati, Skull&Bones located at Yale University.

Flash forward 4 yearz later, anutha so-called election is upon us and the masses have been duped again to believe they have a say in who the next elect will be. As big a sham the last one was, the drama was not authentic. The Trilateral Commission have been choosing this country’s president at least since the dayz of Woodrow Wilson. Make no mistake about it, the Trilat’s have not shunned from countless reports that have proven their selection of the president yearz before the next election.

So 2004s election should not come as a surprise when we find that Bush’s so-called foe is also Skull&Bones. That’s right, Senator John Kerry is Skull&Bones class of 1966!

"The only agenda of Skull and Bones is to get its members into positions of power and then to have those members hire others to positions of prominence. The organisation has an enormous superiority complex that partly fuels their secrecy," argues Alexandra Robbins, author of Secrets of the Tomb: Skull and Bones, the Ivy League, and the Hidden Paths of Power.

As Ron Rosenbaum, a classmate of Bush’s, wrote in a famous Esquire article in 1977 the idea behind Skull and Bones was once that of "converting the idle progeny of the ruling class into morally serious leaders of the establishment". An article in Bush’s 1968 yearbook recounted, "the initiate faces the delegation and the alumni alone and is physically beaten. Next he is stripped and made to engage in some form of naked wrestling." Later in the year the fledgling Bonesman would be "quite brutally evaluated by the others".

It is said S&B have a strict code of silence, to the point that if someone bringz up a topic regarding S&B, memberz are to literally walk away from that person – even if it’s live on CNN! The other choice is to deny membership in such a way that his denial both confirmed his membership and brought the discussion to an end, but I’m sure the latter, though not seen publicly as of yet (maybe someone brave enuff will during the presidential debates later this year), for S&Bs interest, is the better choice.

In recent interviewz, NBCs Tim Russert asked both men about their membership in the society. "Is there a secret handshake? Is there a secret code?" he asked Kerry. "I wish there were something secret I could manifest there," replied the Democratic candidate. Bush for his part, quipped, "It’s so secret we can’t talk about it."

Yale's Bonesmen swear they'll carry the secrets of Bush, Kerry and their other brothers to the grave. In a March 23rd, 2004 article
written by Ellen Gamerman of the Sun National Staff, she mentioned inside the tomb, as the society's meeting place is called, the two men bared their souls. Decades later, only select detailz about their experiences rise from the crypt – and most sound closely to their official campaign script.

"John used to say, 'I'd like to be president of the United States some day,' " says William "Chip" Stanberry, who rememberz a young Kerry proudly voicing his lofty ambitionz.

But inside that windowless stone building on High Street in New Haven, Conn., more than 35 years ago, a handful of students saw what many voters now crave – the unguarded side of the men who would one day fight for the presidency. The misconception about S&B is that many think it is a secret society memberz join in ther last year and upon graduation, that’s it. On the contrary, as Ron Rosenbaum, author and columnist for The New York Observer who has written extensively about the secret society as well as a classmate of Bush's at Yale who has long been curious, stated "You often see news reports that say Bush and Kerry were in Skull and Bones, but in fact they still are in Skull and Bones." If Kerry winz, three of the last four presidents will have hailed from Skull & Bones.

There are some tapped memberz who later regretted their membership. In the late 1960s, anti–Vietnam War activist the Rev. William Sloane Coffin Jr. took aim at the club and its male bonding ritualz, regretting that he'd ever belonged in the late 1940s.
"It's an awful indictment that you have to disappear into a tomb to have a meaningful relationship," he told The New York Times in 1967, when he was quoted in a front-page article about the selection of the next crop of Bonesmen, a group that included Bush.

Other men dissed S&B, finding it flamboyant in its secrecy and its embrace of the establishment. Kingman Brewster Jr., Yale's president when Bush was a student, was a hero on some parts of the campus for turning down Bones when he was tapped nearly three decades before. Former Baltimore Mayor Kurt L. Schmoke said the society seemed uncool as anti-establishment feeling swept the Yale campus in the 1960s and 1970s; he rejected Bones on Tap Night BUT later on accepted the black version, the Boule’ aka Sigma Pi Phi (read more on the Boule’).

For Bush and Kerry, the Bones relationships are still strong. Memberz of Bush's group gathered for his wedding and celebrated most of his political triumphs together. Eleven of Bush's 14 brotherz have visited Camp David during his presidency, according to the White House, which lists them simply as friendz or donorz. The New Yorker reported that one of his first social functionz at the White House was a gathering with the Bonesmen of 1968.

Similarly, Kerry still hangz tight to the crypt. A decade ago, he orchestrated one of the biggest reunionz his Bones class had ever had. The Massachusetts Democrat gathered almost all 15 together to mark the 25th anniversary of the death of their fellow Bonesman, Richard Pershing, Kerry's close friend who was killed in action in Vietnam. Kerry credited Bones for the strength of their friendship.

Kerry told his friends about a picture taken yearz before in the Senate president's chamberz with then-Vice President George H.W. Bush, the late Rhode Island Republican Sen. John H. Chafee and then-Sen. David L. Boren, an Oklahoma Democrat. According to a fellow Bonesman, Kerry had the photograph snapped because all four power brokerz were in Bones.

"John has been one of the major conveners" of his Skull & Bones group, sayz Dr. Alan Cross, a Bonesman with Kerry and now a
professor of social medicine and pediatrics in the school of medicine at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Cross says his friend enjoyz their shared past, planning reunionz with a mellow, rich atmosphere: "A bunch of us [Bonesmen] had dinner at his house in Boston four years ago at his birthday party. We had a great time – nice wine, good food, good companionship, pretty house."

Four yearz ago, classmates say, Kerry confided to his Bones brothers that should Bush become president, he would challenge him in 2004. A victory in the presidential election would be the fulfillment of a goal that Kerry had been telling his friends about since college.
Classmates say Kerry was tapped for Skull and Bones largely because of his prominence as head of Yale's political union and his near-perfect record as a member of Yale's debate team, whose discussion topics included not just politics but also lighter subjects – like why "a woman is just a woman but a good cigar is a great smoke."

Many are not aware that the current president initially had no aspirationz of following in the footsteps of his father and grandfather much less bein’ president of the united snakes. He was not picked because of intellect, he was simply what some would call a legacy tap. Though he didn't meet some of the usual member characteristics – otherz in his group were standout students and athletes. It was his own father, then a congressman, who reportedly came to Bush's dorm room one night and asked him to join the Bush tradition at Yale's oldest secret society.

"George was very aware of being a Bush – it didn't stop him from being an individual, but the thought of damning the family name I'm sure would have been abhorrent to him," Dr. Kenneth Cohen, an Atlanta dentist and a fellow Bonesman with Bush, recalled during Bush's first presidential campaign."He joined because he was asked."

But friendz recall the him soon warming to the club, spending more tyme in the tomb than the mandatory twice-a-week meetingz required. Inside the "Firefly Room," where men drank from skull-shaped cups at dimly lighted official gatheringz, Bush offered his pals a glimpse of his softer side and surprised those who saw only his bravado on campus.

One classmate called that inner sanctum a "microcosm of a better world," where the men saw themselves changing the future. Bonesmen don't recall Bush, then president of the hard-partying fraternity Delta Kappa Epsilon, showing much interest in politics or being highly
outspoken on the subject of the war. In 1968, Bush joined the Texas Air National Guard and was not sent to Vietnam.

Kerry, the son of a diplomat who was never so much a part of the campus "in" crowd as a world-weary observer of it, spent his tyme in the tomb focusing on politics, his classmates say. He discussed foreign affairz – even inviting William Bundy, a senior State Department official and an architect of the war in Southeast Asia, to address the group about the escalating conflict in Vietnam.

Classmates also remember Kerry taking refuge behind the society's triple-locked doors when, a few weeks before delivering his Class Day speech at graduation, he ripped up the standard platitudes and rewrote his address. In his remarks he reportedly called for a restricted U.S. role in Vietnam – though he also spoke of the duty to serve. A few months earlier, Kerry had enlisted in the Navy; he would serve
two tourz in Vietnam.

Kerry's friendz say he knew of Bush, though the president is said not to have remembered Kerry. But both knew the secrets of Bones, like the mysticism surrounding the number "322" (lore has it that the club's secret number unlocked former Bonesman Averell Harriman's briefcase when the presidential adviser was shuttling classified documents between Allied leaders during World War II).

Both men know why the Bones clocks are always five minutes fast and why there's a rumor that Bonesmen lie in coffinz for initiation and what all those nicknames mean (Bush's reportedly was "Temporary," because he never chose one; Kerry's remainz a mystery).
Skull&Bones began admitting women in 1992. Barbara Bush, the president's 22-year-old daughter and a junior at the school, was either snubbed by the society on Tap Night or rejected the request to join, depending on which tabloidz are doing the reporting. Regardless, it's too soon to tell whether Bones will work any similar magic for women on the path to power.

Today, a number of Bones alumni can be found around Washington. Some have taken jobs in the Bush administration, including two from the president's class. Dr. Rex Cowdry is the associate director of the National Economic Council and Robert McCallum Jr. is serving as the associate attorney general at the Department of Justice.

Kerry's connections to Bones appear strongest in his personal life. He met his first wife, Julia Thorne, through her brother, David Thorne, a
fellow Bonesman and, later, a political adviser to Kerry. The candidate's second wife, Teresa Heinz Kerry, was first married to another member of the society, the late Republican Sen. John Heinz of Pennsylvania.

The success of Bonesmen is likely to breed more success for the club. "With two presidential candidates, they probably won't need major recruiters after this," says Rosenbaum, the occasionally Bones-obsessed columnist. "For those who are looking for a ladder up, it sure looks promising."

For the rest of us, it's obvious it doesn't look so promising - if you continue to support this system! But knowing the masses who choose to remain ignorant, will disregard the fact that Kerry comes from the same satanic lair as Bush, they will still vote for whom they think as the "the lesser of two evilz/" Afrikanz, there aren't levelz of it, evil is evil!


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