(written 2005)

It’s been said just as a coin has two sides, so can a person; like yin and yang if you will. Although they are opposites, they should compliment each other. Like the swing of a pendulum, the force that makes it swing to the right is the same force that moves it to the left, this is a form of complimentary balance. This same principle can be applied to humanz via self awareness. However, the imbalanced society we live in stifles our ability to reason and because of this, instead of complimentary balance, we have convoluted contradiction.

Take Boule’ member [Who Iz the Boule’?], Bill Cosby. At a Washington, DC gala commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Brown v. Board of Education earlier this summer, Cosby put the financially lower-classed Black family on full blast as he compared us with the 60s civil-rights movement. “These people marched and were hit in the face with rocks to get an education, and now we’ve got these knuckleheads walking around... The lower economic people are not holding up their end in this deal.” He added, “These people are not parenting... I can’t even talk the way these people talk: ‘Why you ain’t,’ ‘Where you is’... You can’t be a doctor with that kind of crap coming out of your mouth!”

Although some of this may be valid, his critique was one-sided. Bein’ that he’s been financially wealthy for decades, it seemz he strategically left out the apparatus responsible for instillin’ this lethargic state of mind: Propaganda; designed, financed and implemented by YT.

Lest we forget Cosby once tried to buy NBC and was denied most likely because to “them” no matter how much money and clout you have, you still a nigga! He also was very blunt about the virtually non-existent presence of positive, serious roles for Afrikan actorz on tell-al lie-vison and movies. I would think Cosby would be aware of the false images of Black culture that are displayed through YTs propaganda mechanizm everyday, all day. So Y would he blast just us?

Lest we forget, Bill that his depiction of todayz use of ebonics is no different than “Far

out,” “I’m a split,” and “Ya dig;” wordz he used in his younger dayz [and no could hardly understand what Mushmouth would be sayin’]? The contradiction is that the use of street lingo and “ghetto” wayz was showcased at it’s highest for over 10 yearz with his creation, Fat Albert of the 1970s. Here, Cosby created a vehicle for the entire nation to see Black life; the struggles, pain and abstinence of wealth, yet was still able to “nah, nah, nah, gonna have a good time” as the Cosby kids made instruments out of a radiator and trash cans with spoons for drum sticks. This was us makin’ the most out of a fucked up situation. Bill has forgotten that.

Cosby has gone on to make several tv series and cartoonz depicting Afrikanz in more successful roles. No beef with that. But up until 2002 – when the first production of the movie, Fat Albert was in production – We read all about his books and cartoonz on Nickelodeon [Lil’ Bill and Fatherhood], but Fat Albert was left out... until recently...

It seemz greed has Bill reachin’ back to a realm he wanted us to forget. Before production of the movie when you look his bio up on the web, you rarely read anything about him in association with the Fat Albert franchise. But I guess he realized the success of Scooby Doo and superhero movies like Batman, Spiderman, The Hulk, Catwoman and The X-Men, that he too could rack in several million. Can’t blame duke for capitalizin’ on his own invention, it just seemz he virtually abandoned the series after the last season in 1984.

Rightfully so [in his eye’s I perceive] if he did. Afterall, The success of NBCs “The Cosby Show” and the short-lived “Cosby” on CBS perceived Afrikanz in more positive roles. But it seemz Bill has been hangin’ ‘round the rich and privileged too long. After beefin’ about us and these comedic or negative roles, he comes out with Fat Albert: ghetto youths havin’ fun, bein’ silly and whatnot.

In addition, what buggz me is to alwayz see Cosby wearin’ Morehouse and Lincoln sweatshirts, Y can’t you keep your creationz Black?! One would think he would have our

people workin’ his projects. But sadly, this isn’t so. Like his white crew behind ‘Fatherhood’, he had Forest Whitaker as director of the movie, ‘Fat Albert’

back in 2002 but because of differences, split with him and now has some other white cat’s, Joel Zwick and Charles Kipps. I’m sure there are hundredz of Afrikan directorz and writerz waitin’ for a chance!

What’s drivin’ him to resurrect 7 ghetto youths – slang and all – month’s after he criticized the youth of today showz the bitch in him. On one hand chastises us for bein’ who we are and the next he wants us to buy tickets for his movie!

He’s no better than YT criticizin’ us for bein’ who we are and then turn around and wanna cake off us to see his movie!


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