As we approach '96, we realize the year 2000 isn't so far in the distant. Remember when we was shorteez and the tv show Space 1999 seemed so futuristic with them flying all over the galaxy, chillin' on distant planets and shit? Well those days are now right around the corner and believe me, the breath of white supremacy is steady trying to manifest what seemed fantasy yesterday.

The question is, what do you know about the future? Have you even given it a thought? I'll tell you who has...this New World Order b-s! The type of izm's I will parlay in this piece most will feel I'm buggin'. But you can look these same things up yourself. So c'mon and let me take you on a hip hop ride as we unrelish the secrets the beast don't want you to know about yet!

I can't tell you how hyped I am to know that a million-plus bruthaz can get together without no beef. Since then, I have seen madd hedz wake up! Bruthaz on wax are starting to kick the real about the future.

The main topic at hand is the trend that has begun. Our society is changing from an industrial to an information society. Companies are merging with other companies which, in turn, eliminates jobs people once held. At the same time, robotics are being introduced into the labor market which as well cuts jobs. Not only are robotics taking over the labor field, they have been implemented into our everyday lives. Take a look around. Everything is run by electronics, your tv, stereo, clock, microwave, cars, you name it. We have become dependent on electronics. Because the guru's of white supremacy know this, they are able to derive additional, more aggressive (control) type inventions that will enable them to preserve their aim at keeping the masses uninformed and enslave the ignorant.

People of color (mainly the Afrikan) have been at war with this demon for nearly 6000 years. This battle, many believe is a physical battle, but that is but one degree of our destiny. The more I study the origin of the beast, the more I understand that this war is more spiritual and mental than physical. We have lost much of our God complex dating back to the origin of evil manifesting itself in flesh, dating some 6000 years ago. As we endeavor to reattain our spirituality, we may find it may take another 6000 to get it fully back (metaphysics teaches the 360 degrees notion of 'what comes around, goes around'). This may sway most of you, but if you do not do your part, the fate of your children, your children's children, and many children to come will have any concept of "knowing thyself".

One of the major things I would like to focus on, dealing with futurology, is biochip technology. What is biochip technology? The biochip is going to enable a select few to keep tabs on everybody else. Take this for instance, In Popular Science magazine, October '94, Chris O'Mally edited a very interesting article: "Within the next ten years, we'll have miniature computers inside us to monitor and perhaps even control our blood pressure, heart rate, and cholesterol. Within 20 years, such computers will correct visual and hearing signals, making glasses and hearing aids obsolete." The company Motorola, the one who makes the phat pages, is the one responsible for this and, no doubt, they have an allegiance, of some sort, with the New World Order regime. Think about it, Afrikan. Most will think this is a good thing; we'll no longer have to wear coca-cola's and your uncle will finally be able to hear you. But if a microchip computer, put inside our natural bodies -- where, if a certain level of knowledge is attained, can heal our eyesight and perfect our hearing naturally -- can artificially "heal" what ailments we may have, wouldn't you think it may also have the capacity to take away your sight or hearing? Biochip technology will not make life easier. It will, in fact, make it easier for the beast to enslave you. Think I'm buggin'? For all you readers of the bible it says so in Revelations 13:16-18, "And he (the antichrist) causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads, and that no man might buy or sell except he that had the mark....of the beast (antichrist)...and his number is 666."

The biochip capsule shown below is the size of a grain of uncooked rice. The microchip alone looks like a small speck of dust. But this chip will hold madd info about you. It will be used as a tracking device, so that the government (New World Order) will know where you are; you will use it when you purchase items and stores instead of exchanging cash, charges, or checks; it will be able to inform others, namely stores, if you are a convicted felon; the police will know who you are without even asking, they will be able to find out if you are a part of any groups that may cause harm to the best interests of the New World Order, they will know where you work, if you work; all your money exchanges will be done on a debit/credit basis, so you will no longer receive checks and have to deposit them into the bank because the money will already be there -- in fact, you will never even see the money!; Basically, any and everyone who wants to find out who you are, what you do, and if you may be a threat to the establishment, will be able to eliminate your ass, unless you submit to the antichrist and do its bidding. The word privacy will cease to exist. Most think it hasn't happened yet, but congress just passed a bill where phonetaps will increase this and every year. For what? Because 'Big Brother' wants to monitor the people because he knows his time is almost up. Not only are the phones tapped, but your cable boxes are capable of monitoring your every move, even with the tv being off. And for those who have pagers, well you might as well be wearing a big bulls-eye target with your name on it, because if anyone wanted to find you, they could because of the tracking devices found in pagers. Western science (true witchcraft) is also devising a device that will one day monitor your thoughts. They call it artificial ESP. What type of sh*t iz dat?! So now the devil will be able to read our minds as well as input ill subliminals that can turn a large percentage of us into servants of wickedry. This sh*t is no joke yaw!! The beast has been steady at work and is picking up the pace because as his time nears end, he wants to take you down with him!

The biochip case is actually the size of an uncooked grain of rice.

The funny thing is the cockiness the beast has. None of the info I told you is top-secret. The devil puts out what he's doing everyday! As long as he knows that Afrikans live up to the stereotype of, "If you wanna hide something from a black person, put it in a book or right under his nose" he will claim victory and as modern Babylon falls, we shall with it.

The devil has had no problem revealing his plans in recent movies such as The Net, Demolitian Man, Virtuosity, and Johnny Mnemonic. I think Demolitian Man was one of the deepest movies of it's time. Think about it, Wesley Snipes name was Simon Phoenix. Sylvestor's name was John Spartan. See the connection? Phoenix is a bird that has relevance to our ancient history in KMT. A Spartan was a roman soldier. The romans came and overtook KMT, killing, raping, and enslaving many of our ancestor and burning tons of books and defacing many walls with Metu Neter (hieroglyphics) that taught our culture. Now let's look even deeper at Simon Phoenix. He was a criminal from the 21st century. He was frozen and thawed out by the government to do their bidding. They ensured this by enhancing him with computer skills, extensive knowledge of weaponry, and also gave him some karate skillz. If you remember, he was on the computer getting naughty with the computer making it spray paint on the police and what not. If you also can recall, there's was a part where a voice came to his head, telling him to go and kill somebody. These things can very well happen in real life!

John Spartan, on the other hand, was given skillz like sewing. But I guess that was enuff to kill Simon...yeah right! You know hollywood, they can't have a black man beat YT! The city had changed. Everything was "all good" and those who wasn't with the plan became cella dwellaz. Of course they couldn't go into detail how the city became suddenly pleasant. That sort of thing cannot happen unless there is a war. So we never knew what measures were taken to ensure the new city of good. And I don't remember seeing too many blacks around. Hmmm, what do you think?

The movie The Net was anutha madd deep film. Crazee subliminals was going on. Remember on The Jetson's cartoon and how they would push a button and their dinner would be served? Well, a modern example was when the girl ordered a pizza off the internet. Doing something as simple as this is but around the corner.

Which do you choose? The hand or the head?

The internet has recently introduced E-money. This is where a person on the internet can purchase items from the computer, be it appliances, software, clothes, and probably food soon to follow, and pay for it electronically. Again, no exchange of cash. I expect that once the biochip war is on and they are using some tricknology to get the chip implanted, like a fake disease scare and they trick everyone into getting vaccinated or they'll fall victim to this alleged disease; meanwhile the biochip is installed without our even knowing it! It will get to the point that if you do not have the mark (chip) of the beast, we will not be able to "buy or sell except he that had the mark of the beast..." Rev. 13:16-18. This is what probably happened to the people who became cella dwellaz in Demolitian Man.

Everyone is getting into computers now. The World Wide Web is enabling people to find jobs, mates, and an abundance of information much easier than using an encyclopedia or the card catalog at a library. What many don't know is while you are logged into a computer, your work is being monitored. You could be on the computer typing your diary or journal and someone else has access to that information. As well, your e-mail (mail received on the internet) is monitored, so you have no privacy! With the additional inventions of America On Line (AOL) and other services that allow you to look up all types of info on anything (regular computer encyclopedia's and directory's -- eventually eliminating the use for dictionaries, encyclopedia's, phone books, and operator's), the communication network will become more via computer than in person. This is a symptom, that can turn the masses into computer junkies and many will never leave home! Talk about couch potato, huh? Let's dig anutha 6 feet!

Remember Texas Instruments? You know, the ones who came out with all the crazy calculators? Most probably think they fell off with Colecovision and Atari, right? WRONG! They've gotten into the mind control business. They have a devise that will one day be used on us, but currently is being used on animals. Their devise, Texas Instruments Registration and Identification System (TIRIS), is used for farmers to ID their animals. Instead of branding they put this chip in them so they can monitor where they are as well as monitoring their health. This system is also being introduced into the field of athletics, Track & Field and road running to be specific. This chip will be attached to a competitors number (on uniform) and can give a more accurate time to when they cross a finish line. Again, all this may seem well and good, but think about it. Once this chip is inside us, they can use a code, or number (like our social security number) and be able to monitor us wherever we are, whether we're crossing a finish line or a line in the store. They'll know who you are before you even say a word! I've met madd bruthaz on the street that say they ain't with the computer sh*t, so it doesn't apply to them! Well it does my brutha! You already a part of it and don't even know it! They already doing this direct deposit tactic with our checks, what do you think is next? And once they get rid of paper money, wha'chu g'wan do now?!

I don't have all the answers. But I do intend to find solutions. If we sit here and let the devil do this work, our children and their children will live a life of bondage, not only physically, but mentally as well -- and if the mind is shackled, the physical is no threat! I suggest those interested in not becoming victim to the beast to pick up a copy of Dr. Francess Cress Welsing's book, The Isis Paper's. In it, she explains the 9 areas of people activity, the global system of white supremacy domination, concentrates its energy on. Those areas are: 1)Education; 2)Entertainment; 3)Labor; 4)Law; 5)Politics; 6)Religion; 7)Sex; 8)War and; 9)Economics. If you take a look at all of these areas, you can see where YT has a hold on it and uses people of color (in particular, Blacks), to generate the benefits (money, violence, sex, death, manipulation, dependence, and ignorance).

It is important that we study these areas and find alternatives that not only benefits us, but will defeat the jaws of wickedness. The best way to defeat your enemy is to be close to him. Is that not what YT has done to us? That is one of the reasons you are here on this planet, Afrikan; to win back your GOD complex and reclaim what initially was meant for our children. The race is on son, it started yesterday!! LIK SHOT!!!

The actual biochip is no larger than a small square on your index finger.

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