All praises and thanks to the creator, my mom, my dad (who prematurely departed this earth in 1993), our ancestors, and to all the gods and goddesses of the universe.

There's an old pimp on the block with a new attitude. The panderer of the month is the United Negro College Fund (UNCF). I certainly sympathize with the past, present, and future students that have/are/will attend the historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) that the uncf sponsors, but I also feel compelled to expose this non-Afrikan institution for what it actually is. This institution ranks up there with some of the all-time best hustlers in the Afrikan community (naacp, urban league, religion, and government operated social service programs, to name a few) that assist in destroying the true essence of the Afrikan's nature. There have been many sincere Afrikans that have generously donated to this organization in efforts of supporting young Afrikans in obtaining degrees in "higher education." Little do many know that the organization is a politically tied entity under the guise of an Afrikan oriented institution, participating in altruistic endeavors aimed at uplifting Afrikans. In fact, when you read the list of names of many of the past and present board members, presidents, and major sponsors, one will easily understand that participation on their part is nothing more than good public relations and the continued institutional prostituting of Afrikans in america. To understand the present condition of the uncf, we must first look at the roots of the organization.

In a 1933 pittsburgh courier article, frederick douglas patterson, president of tuskegee university, appealed to the presidents of the HBCUs for unity in order to survive the financial problems they all were experiencing, and after a year of planning the united negro college was founded. The 1933 uncf board (made up of non-Afrikans) included executive director william j. trent, jr; walter hoving, president of lord & taylor, as the first national campaign chairman; and winthrop aldrich, chairman of the board of chase national bank (chase manhattan bank), as the first national treasurer. At present, the president and ceo is minister william h. gray, III and chairman is michael h. jordan. reverend gray left his $125,000 position as majority whip for the house of representatives to accept the $175,000 (plus an apartment in new york, paid for by the fund) position with the uncf in 1991. jordan is from westinghouse electric and succeeded former chairman jonathan bush (not a coincidence, it's george bush's brother) in 1994. A partial listing of the present and past board members are john g. smale of proctor & gamble co.; hugh cullman of phillip morris co, inc; john h. johnson (boule') of johnson publishing; robert l. johnson of black entertainment television; bryant gumble of the today show; colin powell, and last but not least, the honorary chairperson former president george bush.

Between the years of 1944-1993, the uncf raised $830 million (of this, $200 million was raised between 1991-'93). This does not include funds for "Campaign 2000: An investment in America's Future", which was the $50 million gift challenge by walter h. annenberg, former ambassador to great britain and publishing magnate, with the challenge being that the fund had to raise $200 million. At a press conference to announce this "gift", annenberg stated, "It is psychologically important that blacks indicate to the rest of the population in the country that they have the capacity to teach and serve. If one segment of the people is behind other segments of the population, you obviously have a very unwholesome citizenry in the country." During the press, samuel dubois cook (boule'), chairman of the presidents of the uncf member colleges, took bowing and scraping to new heights for a picture with george bush and annenberg. In the picture, "tom ass" cook shook hands and simultaneously bowed to "massa" annenberg (Chronicle of Higher Education, 1990) for his "generosity". cook responded to the increased inquiries of the Afrikan community by stating that he bowed so he wouldn't block bush's view. Check the photo for yourself and you do the math. If, in the future, you see a photo with me stompin' cook, don't believe cook when he tells you I had something on my shoe and he was helping me get it off.

Some of the other past and present major contributors are the rockefeller foundation, andrew mellon foundation, julius rosenwald fund, general education board, martin marietta corporation foundation, national football league, and chase manhattan bank. For a complete list of contributors and amounts contact the uncf at (703)205-3400 and ask for an annual report. The us. government's foreign relations policy is also being carried out by the fund. The fund is copulating...I mean cooperating with the world jewish congress, the world zionist organization, and the israeli consulate office of academic affairs in the usa. The program includes a faculty exchange, summer study abroad and kibbutz (a communal farm or settlement in israel) work experience, semester study abroad at hebrew university in jerusalem, an expansion of the national center for black-jewish relations at dillard university ("tom ass" cook's school). The fund does not (if they do, they don't publicize) take steps to increase education in Afrikan history nor stress the need to enhance Afrikan relationships in and outside of this country. All I keep hearing is the need to heal black-jewish relationships. If I here someone say that shit one more time, I'm gonna fuckin' lose it!

When do we, as Afrikans, heal our relationships? When do we atone to ourselves without having to include atoning to white amerika and jews specifically? I say that not one cent should go to healing relationships with anyone except to fortify relationships with one another. If statements like this make me anti-semetic, I ask that these so-called semetic organizations (descendants of ashkenaz [non-semetic]), boule', and you "we are the world" niggas, put me at the top of your pseudo anti-semetic list. We, as Afrikans, must stop buckling to the label of anti-semitism and start buckling to label of anti-Afrikan, your very life depends on it! Any foreign relationships and financial power the uncf professes to have, is primarily a result of non-Afrikan sources with the ultimate result being non-Afrikan control. And as brother Tony Browder pointed out, "power is nothing without control." If the uncf possessed real control, they would recognize that it is imperative to change the name of the organization. As we know, the word "negro" in spanish means black. Tony Browder, in The Browder Files, expanded on this concept by adding, "the spanish language comes from latin, which has origins in classical greek. The word negro in greek, is derived from the root word necro, meaning dead. What was once referred to as a physical condition is now regarded as an appropriate state of mind for millions of Africans now residing in America." Keep in mind that when you change the way you speak, you begin to change the way you think. The uncf also needs to solicit board membership from conscious Afrikans of various walks of life, open the fund's doors to all Afrikans at all colleges and universities, and institute a mandatory summer program for award recipients that would emphasize true knowledge of self. Until then, I ask that Afrikans no longer support the uncf and their non-Afrikan endeavors, but instead support Afrikan students in your own communities. Corporations, small business owners, entertainers, and philanthropist (all Afrikans) can either set up or contact local college/university organizations, community groups, and high schools to set up scholarship opportunities for individuals interested in attending colleges/universities and/or trade schools.

Since you religious institutions (thought I forgot about you pimps) have no problem obligating members to pay a tenth of their earnings to contribute to the countless "praise" offerings, surely you can begin giving back to the people you've pimped by following the previous advice. Each January, whey you see uncf and anheuser-busch sponsor the new and improved minstrels (lou rawls parade of stars) stressing that "a mind is a terrible thing to waste," you'll know what the real waste is. Peace!


 dr. david l. beckley  dr. oswald p. bronson, sr.
 dr. thomas w. cole, jr.  dr. samuel dubois cook
 dr. james h. costen  dr. norman c. francis
 dr. john l. henderson  dr. burnett joiner
 dr. john q. taylor king, sr.  dr. thomas m. law
 dr. william a. mcmillan, jr.  dr. robert l. mitchells
 dr. lee e. monroe, jr.  dr. benjamin f. payton
 dr. prezell r. robinson  dr. julius s. scott, jr.
 dr. adib a. shakir  dr. talbert o. shaw
 dr. s. dallas simmons  dr. calvert h. smith
 dr. myer l. titus

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