We offer a full range of multi-media, design and web services. We handle all sorts of projects from the smallest logo to enterprise level business partnerships.

Level One : quote range: between $900 - $1,200.00 includes 100 hours
For websites generally requiring an estimated 4-8 pages. A Level One project gives the client with a lower budget a highly professional and dynamic website with some advanced frontend and backend functionality.

Level Two : quote range: contact us for estimate. includes 100 hours
The scope of Level Two includes custom design, programming, multi-media incorporation, e-commerce development, database development, and/or professional branding development. Ideal for your more interactive/entertaining site looking to infuse HTML5, Flash, music and/or video. Custom made for any kind of business looking for greater visual impact and website capability.

Blog/WordPress sites - quote range: $250 - $800.00 includes 35 hours
Blog or WordPress sites entail a simpler design with a more universal template.

NEW! Smartphone/Tablet App for iOS and/or Android - quote range: contact us for estimate. includes 100 hours
Businesses everywhere are creating mobile apps to enhance their sales and operational initiatives. Mobilize your business for Smartphones and tablets on iOS and/or Android platforms.

Contact us for consultation and rates

• Digital Web-based Magazines
• Wordpress Websites
• Audiobook Recording Package » Audiobook, digital formatting and digital cover design
• Video Commericals/Documentaries for various platforms
• Custom Logo Design
• Animated Ads
• Flash enabled e-Flyers
• CD/Web Catalogs
• Digital Flash Interactive CDs

:: FAQ ::
How much of a financial investment are we looking at here?
Like a good accountant, the right website should pay for itself in short order and many times over. Historically, Nebulution provides the highest value on concept-to-completion web projects in the range of $5000 to $10,000. Standalone design or development services may start as low as $1500, and we've also been involved in projects much larger. Your best bet is to get in touch and together we can figure out what makes sense for your company.

Do you charge a flat fee or bill by the hour?
Flat fee. Nebulution proposes a fixed bid on all projects, except in cases where the project scope or timeline is indefinite. Give me a ballpark... how long is this process going to take? From kickoff to launch, the typical mid-sized website project takes about 6-12 weeks. That's a ballpark.

Will my site work on an iPhone, Android, and Windows mobile device? 
Yes. We create Mobile-friendly design compatible with all current platforms. Nebulution can extend your primary website to adapt seamlessly to iPhones and other smartphones. Same goes for web applications.