If we were to examine the American Educational System (AES), the curriculum includes a full diet on ethnic background except the Afrikan Diaspora. We study foreign policy and find that Afrika is not a part of it knowing the Motherland holdz the worldz largest supply of natural resources. Students of all races (except Afrikanz) are taught of their foreparents contribution to society, while the rich history of our people are "commercially" examined during the shortest and coldest of months; that being February (although historian Carter G. Woodson and the 'Association for the Study of Negro Life and History' chose the second week of February to be "Negro History Week" in 1926 because it marked the birthday of both Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass).

As unknowing victimz of the AES, we must realize there is a conspiracy. Todayz eurocentric society has been covering up something they wish people not to know. Education is the root of ones knowledge as well as ignorance. The AES is guilty of consistently producing Afrikanz with low self-esteem—and can do so because we have been stripped of a foundation. That foundation being a knowledge of ourselves and culture.

Knowledge is power; however, the majority of us are not aware of this. Da Ghetto Tymz magazine (DGT) was founded on April 10, 1993 to merge the "scholar" mentality with the "street" mentality. We want to inform every Afrikan to realize the situation we are in is not by accident. There is a reason Afrikan people in the United States possess the strongest buying power (projected to reach $1.1 trillion by 2015, according to The Lousiana Weekly) in the United States, yet own no companies to complement this purchasing power.

There's a reason we have not followed the Chinese with their "chinatownz"; the Italianz and "little italy"; and so on. Mainly because we exist in a system that has been grafted to benefit non-Afrikanz.

It is now time to return; if not physically, definitely in the mind. Which brought the title of this work, Da Ghetto Tymz, because it is our time to rise!

DGT's mission is to reach the world and educate those who don't know; to put the Afrikan back on the map where we we've been whited-out, white-washed and ignored; to raise our self-esteem to the realization it is not my brother or sister who is my enemy; to rekindle the connection of our kin in Afrika, the Caribbean, South America, Europe, Asia and throughout the universe; to use the history of our past to develop solutionz to our present and future conditionz; to no longer be reactionary and become revolutionary; to inspire the development of Afrikan-owned schoolz, businesses, and institutionz so that we will be in a better position to benefit from our tenacious spending power; to make our childrenz children aware of the deedz of Imhotep, Sojourner, Garvey, Queen Tiye, Diop, YOU and so on; And to finally, unite the entire Afrikan race culturially and break the shackles of dependence from this oppressive society chauffeured by the caucasian.

We hope you enjoy daghettotymz.com and will support us by subscribing to our eBlast and letting the vibration of "the word" be passed to all your family, friendz and acquaintances.


M'Bwebe Aja Ishangi
Da Ghetto Tymz magazine
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