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As a Supporter you will receive recognition in our 20th Anniversary issue of Da Ghetto Tymz magazine and DaGhettoTymz.com, and if you choose the Black or Green level package, additional gifts will be added including a ticket to attend one of the Communal Forums. For more info›

As a Sponsor, your business will be co-featured in our two events with signage placement in our programs and gift bags given to first 200 guests at our Urban Black-Tie Social Affair. You are also welcome to add sample products. For more info›

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In 1993, Da Ghetto Tymz magazineDGT for short, was created by M'Bwebe Aja Ishangi; an Afrikan-centered publication that shares the Historical, Health, and Spiritual experience of Afrikan people. DGT also serves as an outlet to address the ever-increasing muted voice of a generationz cultural and spiritual position unknowingly at the onset of the virtual revolution, the internet.

Ishangi, a representative of the 1970s baby, comes from a generation that embodies the identity of a hybrid, if you will; integrated into the post Civil Rights era, yet not far removed from the Black Power movement. As he humbly ascendz to the rank of Elder, he acknowledges Black America's voice in media still findz itself at the bottom due mainly to the resignation of our own media—thanks large in part to Integration.

M'Bwebe recognized this need, and soon the accessibility the world wide web could offer. The internet provided a new opportunity to emgage, one providing direct entry to mass appeal without having to go through the traditional filter of "elite acceptance". From this DaGhettoTymz.com was additionally created. Now, two decades running as of April 10, 2013 and over 800 articles under his belt, DaGhettoTymz.com has compiled more than enough data to begin the next phase: Active Activizm. more ›

Whether for a season or seasonz, throughout the yearz many have read and shared DGTs articles, bought our magazines, books, and other products, or attended M'Bwebe's speaking engagements—or all of the above; in some way, you've supported DGT, of which we are eternally indebted. This is what makes 20 yearz so special, you've co-piloted this endeavor with us!

We are inviting you to celebrate with us, our 20th Year, as we challenge the future by being a Supporter for our two events: a Communal Forum Series, beginning this September which will be held at Medgar Evers College and an Urban Black-Tie Social Affair that will follow the first forum.

The Forum will be a 5-part series entitled, ‘Who’s NXT (Nubian Generation of Thinkers) Forum’ with ‘Reviewing the Past. Challenging the Future’ as its theme at Medgar Evers College, Brooklyn, New York. We will use Drs. Neely Fuller, Jr. and Francess Cress-Welsing’s modified ‘10 Areas of People Activity’ thesis to address issues and resolutions on where Afrikan peole will be in the immediate future of these areas — especially for young adults and youth.

Made up of a collaborative gathering of guest’s speaking on each of the 10 APA, we will establish a communal network that will serve as a Think-Tank/Resource Group as well as a precursor to a Rights of Passage/Apprenticeship for young adults and youth.

With “Each one, teach MANY” as the energetic concept we aim to project, the ultimate goal of this forum is to both prepare and create opportunities such as this that will address a plethora of socioeconomic challenges we face as a people globally. more ›


Urban Black Tie Save the Date!
We will celebrate DGTs 20th Anniversary in style with an Urban Black Tie Event in Brooklyn, New York this September!


NXT (Nubian Generation of Thinkers) Communal Forum
September 2013
Brooklyn, New York

(ART)icles Virtual Art Exhibit
(ART)icles' Exhibit & Silent Auction of featured framed article portraits that appeared in Da Ghetto Tymz magazine and DaGhettoTymz.com
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• DGT is exactly what we Afrikans all need!
— Mascell Senior via email

• Just by reading this I want u to become my teacher off top! I learned the truth of the little bit of info that u talked about from a documentary called Hebrews...but its a lot of -ish that I didn't know that is on this website... And it straight got me thinking, like forreal. I love my African people.... It just does something to my heart when I see truth about our history....and not just history...its the art work/black beauty...keep spreading the knowledge... The truth my brother from the same mother. and her name is Africa!!
— Jordan Quinn via email

• This site right here got more jewels than Zales!!! This brother has done some serious research and I have been peeping it for a few years now. Check it out.
— Clarence Tad Cromwell via FaceBook

• Greetings, Just wanted to let you know, I have been listening to some of your shows and reading your articles. I must say you are an intelligent brother. I hope some of the positive energy bonded with the wisdom and consciousness flows this way. Thanks!
— JeVon Harvin via FaceBook

• I find your material vey insightful and videos well done... I am apart of other groups and have done some studying on my own... I watched the video Hidden Colors, which gave me more insight of the Moors. You have added more of the missing pieces... I am in awe of your work & look forward for more... I love your fb page too...
— Cosandra Shackleford Harris via Facebook

• Congratulations to Bro M'Bwebe on the 20th anniversary of his work of love and dedication to the best interests of the world wide Afrikan community through his hard hitting "DaGhettotymz Magazine"!
— Baba Kwasi Imhotep via email

• I LOVE THIS SITE! I use it often for research. So now you got the (Facebook) page poplin', I can post on others wall! Congrats!
— Clarence Tad Cromwell via Facebook

• "20 years?!?!!! Man!!! I think I still have some of my original paper printed issues! congrats man!"
— Sewra owner of Waistbeads.com

• "You're the truth Bro!"
— Larry O'Neal Jr. via Facebook

• "I was reading your eBlasts yesterday and I got sucked in... DEEP. Your website is SO fruitful M'Bwebe, and theres ALOT of things I'm learning. wow! I was trynna figure out what YT meant. But I found it cuz I juss kept reading. Its like a puzzle. I read the hidden history, and then theres a link within that reading, click on that, connect the dots, keep on reading... and it goes on and on and on...."
— IRose Understanding-Earth via Facebook

• "I remember back in the day, even down on the campus of Norfolk State (BEHOLD!), brothas and sistas were read'n Da Ghetto Tymz. Congratulations on your perseverance, bro!"
— Bomani Howze via Facebook

• "I love what your magazine represents!"
— Shon Parker via Facebook

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