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Whether for a season or seasonz, throughout the yearz many have read and shared DGTs articles, bought our magazines, books, and other products, or attended M'Bwebe's speaking engagements—or all of the above; in some way, you've supported DGT, of which we are eternally indebted. This is what makes 20 yearz so special, you've co-piloted this endeavor with us!

We are inviting you to celebrate with us, our 20th Year, as we challenge the future by being a Supporter for our two events: a Communal Forum Series, beginning this September which will be held at Medgar Evers College and an Urban Black-Tie Social Affair that will follow the first forum.

The Forum will be a 5-part series entitled, ‘Who’s NXT (Nubian Generation of Thinkers) Forum’ with ‘Reviewing the Past. Challenging the Future’ as the theme at Medgar Evers College, Brooklyn, New York this September (dates TBA). We will use Drs. Neely Fuller, Jr. and Francess Cress-Welsing’s modified ‘10 Areas of People Activity’ thesis to address issues and resolutions on where Afrikan peole will be in the immediate future of these areas — especially for young adults and youth.

Made up of a collaborative gathering of guest’s speaking on each of the 10 APA, we will establish a communal network that will serve as a Think-Tank/Resource Group as well as a precursor to a Rights of Passage/Apprenticeship for young adults and youth.

With “Each one, teach MANY” as the energetic concept we aim to project, the ultimate goal of this forum is to both prepare and create opportunities such as this that will address a plethora of socioeconomic challenges we face as a people globally.

Stay tuned for further detailz in the coming weeks.

NXT (Nubian Generation of Thinkers) Communal Forum
September 2013, Brooklyn, New York
Dates of Forumz TBA in the coming weeks
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We will celebrate DGTs 20th Anniversary in style with an Urban Black Tie Event in Brooklyn, New York this September!
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(ART)icles' Exhibit & Silent Auction of featured framed article portraits that appeared in Da Ghetto Tymz magazine and DaGhettoTymz.com at the NXT Communal Forum, September 2013