The Garden Metaphor of Finance

Far too many of us have certifications, Bachelor, Masters, and even PhD level education and with all this scholastic status, many find themselves in a quicksand-type of debt, slowly sinking deeper.

This is the kind of reality we all face yet do our best to ignore until our late 40s when we realize we have a few “good” employment years left and suddenly think about what retirement looks like. The challenge is, these days, tenure is no longer a luxury. The shift in the global economy has caused millions of jobs to be lost… and this is before Covid-19!


How Can You Live Off Your Savings & Investments?

To be frank, to many the topic of money is taboo to speak of in our households not because of its sacredness but more so out of ignorance. Who really wants to talk about how broke they are unless they owe someone? Even worse, who wants to be honest about the struggles they face in managing their finances?


From Fired to Hiring Myself: A Year's Reflection

To survive in America is changing drastically. We're approaching another economic crisis and the current monetary and savings model is failing. Jobs are scarce all-the-while your employer is not obligated to pay you for the rest of your life. In 2017 I was abruptly fired from a Fortune500 company after twelve years——but not for my work performance. Rather than fight a job that I didn't really own, I decided to study financial literacy as a tool for sustainability that would break the dependancy of a job to survive. Read about my first year after getting fired that allowed me to aspire higher by hiring myself!


How to Fight Racism... Financially

Black people have been victim of hate crimes since brought here on slaveships, and still there’s no hate crime laws for us! It should be obvious it will never come under their volition. Want to learn another way? Read on!


What Banks Don't Want You To Know

Banking is the most important business in the world! Without it, all business come to a screeching halt. However, a little unknown fact is in order for banks to function, they rely heavily on us. This leaves a heavy dependence they have on us and wish you not to know. Find out why...


Eugenics & Economic Depravity by the Numbers

We currently are experiencing not only a financial depression, we are going through an emotional and spiritual one as well. Lack in understanding your finances plays a big role in stress; a stress that can be inherited. Learn how its foundation is as old as this country's apple pie...


Use Credit to Pay Off Debt While Building Wealth in Seven Steps

When we think of credit, most hate it or are scared of it. Some see the use of credit as a moment of euphoria—when you purchase that vacay to Cancun—but then come crashing down when the bill is due a month later. What if I told you it could be used to get yourself both out of debt and buld wealth at the same time? Follow these 7 steps...


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