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  1. What would you do if you showed up to work Monday and found out you were being let go. What would be the first thing you’d think about?
  2. a) Do you live paycheck to paycheck and if so, what is your plan to earn more? b) If not, do you have more than 6 months savings?
  3. Have you ever said, “I really can’t complain. At least I have a job.”? If so, refer back to question #1.

What are you doing to break this cycle?

If you don’t design your own life plan, chances are you’ll fall into someone else’s plan. and guess what they have planned for you? Not much.

Take the Cryptowoke Financial Sustainability Movement Course Today!

If you’re like me, you’re here because you want more… (1) Financial Security and (2) Reliable and Sustainable Savings Plan.

We’ve been taught managing money is hard! Many of us become disinterested in dealing with our finances thinking it’s too complicated so we settle thinking this is the way life is supposed to be. We know we’re sinking, but don’t know how deep! Is is 3 feet or 100 feet?

I created a 7-hour (spanning over 3 weeks) course called the Cryptowoke Financial Sustainability Movement (CFSM) Master Online Course where I share intricate money-making methods and practices that will enable you to become financially literate to the point of being able to live off your savings and investments without having to work for someone—eliminating the anxiety of untimely job and wage loss, and/or the fictitious "security" traditional savings models fail to live up to.

No matter how much education you have, these institutions will not teach you how to manage money. If they did, they’d be rendered powerless jeopardizing their bottom line… make money off your ignorance!

CFSM Program Overview

The Crytowoke Financial Sustainability Movement's Master Online Course is broken into 5 modules:


Module 1: Assess Debt - Finances? I hate finances!

What is the ratio of your income to expenses? Learn what your monthly FEN (Financial Endurance Number) is so you’re fully aware of your spending habits and how to improve them. This is the first step to financial freedom!

Module 2: Leverage Credit - The Fallacy of Credit Cards

Credit? Why would I want more credit cards?! Learn how to use credit to put you on the path of financial sustainability.Use other folks money and get rewarded for it!

Module 3: Eliminate Debt - Expedite the expiration of debt!

Most aren’t aware low payments only feeds your debt, not decreases it. Learn how to reduce the life of 4 and 5-figure debts over 50% in duration!Why pay off a debt for 10 years when you can in 2 without having to take a loan or get another job?

Module 4: Intergenerational Wealth Plan - Recession Proof Wealth Transfer

What makes rich folk stay rich? Learn several money-making methodologies successfully used over 200 years by families that have been able to hand down multiple generations.Plan and act intergenerationally!

Module 5: Communal Cooperatives - Sticks in a Bundle are Unbreakable!

Buy the block can actually happen! As part of CFSM, you'll have access to domestic/global communal cooperative projects to create additional wealth streams!We are our Ancestors wildest dreams manifest!

Get #Cryptowoke with M'Bwebe Ishangi

Of the several fields I share, I highlight two; one whose methods date as early as this country began, and the others origin born within the past decade:

  1. Leveraging the Awareness of Finances: We have been taught to attain as much education we can get not realizing there's a dwindling number of careers that will deny you not only to prosper, but more so, pay off the loans taken out to attain said education. Case in point, we are simply—and dare I say, PURPOSELY—not taught a full understanding of how money works. This isn't about learning how to budget a checkbook. This is about knowing how to leverage simple money-managing strategies that not only can enable financial sustainability, but the opportunity to fire your boss before they fire you!
  2. Infinite Banking: A system that saves you money through insurance policies and other compound interest strategies. It should be more important to have access to money you pay into traditional investment savings platforms (ie. 401(k), IRAs, and insurance policies) while you’re alive rather than in some cases either be taxed huge amounts to use before you retire or even be prohibited from accessing until after you die. Much more, these traditional savings models face volatility that causes more loss than gain. Becoming Cryptowoke, you will learn ways to access create funds without tax so that businesses can be started, land can be bought, and paths of residual income can be created.

CFSM founder, M'Bwebe Ishangi has been learning about and investing in this space since in 2017 and have found an even more important niche that’s been overlooked: understanding how money works and learning how to make your money earn money so you are in a position to move from paycheck-to-paycheck to intergenerational wealth.

These findings are shared particularly with our people (POADUS, or People of Afrikan Descent in the United States) and Global Diapsoric Afrikans because we are the demographic who needs it most, Additionally, there’s a strong need to reinvest our learnings into ourselves as I find we’ve recently re-entered an era in time that mimics the days before the Civil Rights Era and in some cases, before integration! We must take care of ourselves because frankly no one else will!

If we are not mindful of how this world is changing, we will find ourselves in social and financial situations our children's-children won't be able to dig themselves out of!

This is the core-reason why this topic is timely essential. More people with degrees are unable to find work in their field of study. Employees are overworked and paid less, leaving many of us no choice but to show up at a thankless job that pays you just enough to return every Monday. We simply have been conditioned to trade labor and hours/decades of our lives for money in the form of a check that will never enable you to leave. This is the tenants of the Rat Race Psychosis.

Through the Cryptowoke Financial Sustainability Movement, we have an opportunity to break this cycle.

If you are looking to secure you and your family's financial future, you need to get Cryptowoke!

Ready to get Cryptowoke? What you'll get in the CFSM Master Course


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CFSM Master Online Course

Cryptowoke Financial Sustainability Movement (CFSM) offers a full 7-hour (spanning over 2,5 weeks) course called the CFSM Master Online Course where I share intricate money-making methods and practices that will enable you to become financially literate to the point of being able to live off your savings and investments without having to work for someone—eliminating the anxiety of untimely job and wage loss, and/or the fictitious "security" traditional savings models fail to live up to sessions.

  • Self-Paced Course Version: $450
  • Module 1: Assess Debt
  • Module 2: Leverage Credit
  • Module 3: Eliminate Debt
  • Module 4: Intergenerational Wealth Plan
  • Module 5: Communal Cooperatives
  • CFSM Workbook
  • CFSM Coaching & Group Thread
  • Exit strategies/protect and pass on

When: On Demand! Enroll today, start as early as within 48 hours
Length: 7 Sessions 1.5 hours each | Group, One-to-One & Self-Paced Course
Cost: $504.00 USD



CFSM Master Online Course - Combo & Group Packages

What better way to become finanically literate than with family and friends! Using collective accountabilty tactics, we will aid in having family members and friends "level up" with you! Imagine all your close loved-one's have stellar credit scores, six-figure lines of personal and/or business credit, now equipped to build wealth together! It can be done here! Check out our combo and group rates for 6 people or more:

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About M'Bwebe Ishangi

A publisher and writer for 30 years and author of 6 books on issues pertaining to the Afrikan Diaspora in the field of history, spirituality, health, culture, economics, interlaced to what Ishangi terms as ‘Self-determined Sustainability'.

Ishangi emphasizes cultural resuscitation can only happen with the tenets of financial literacy as a substructural piece allowing one the freedom to express the life they’ve been born to live. This is exercised through his creation of the Cryptowoke Financial Sustainability Movement.

A former Brand Marketing Strategist for the NBA (National Basketball Association), Ishangi demystifies Financial Literacy and shares how he went from loyal, corporate employee to financially sustainable living off his savings and investments.

Ishangi teaches personal finance, business and career development skills that encompasses much more than financial education. He focuses on instilling knowledge and confidence in his clients/students so they can experience—sometimes for the first time in their lives—financial dignity by simply enabling the ability to live off their savings and investments. This practice then leads to the creation of intergenerational wealth and sustainability.

As an author, his latest, ‘A Pot to Piss In: Intergenerational Wealth Planning For Black People’ (2020), Ishangi explains there are numerous ways to create individual and intergenerational financial sustainability by following similar playbooks of those well-to-do families that have been able to live off their savings and investments for generations.

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