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Who IZ the Boule'? The History of America's First Black Frat and it's Relation to Afrikan People
Learn about the history of America's first black fraternity and their unsavory quest to be a black version of Skull & Bones of Yale University.

Price: $20.00 | $17.99 eBook | $15.00 PDF | $20.00 Audiobook
Publisher: DGT NTR-Prizes | Copyright Year: 2018
ISBN#: ISBN: 978-0-578-21516-7 English United States
Site: daghettotymz.com/wib/wib.html

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The Unknown-Known: Enduring the Seldom Quest of Questionz
M'Bwebe is working hard on the release of his fifth book, 'The Unknown-Known: Enduring the Seldom-Travelled Quest of 'Questionz'. This book takes off where the initial part of his first book, 'Analitikul Cogitationz', began, 'Deja Vu', exploring the metaphysical realm of question addressing thoughts that may have crossed your mind before, but was missing an outlet to further examine. You will find the discussion of the metaphysical phenomena deepens in this epic conversation about the unknown realm of life oftentimes overlooked. Like 'Analitikul Cogitationz', this book will be available in hardcopy, eBook and audiobook slated for release September 2019!

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Pages: TBA
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Publisher: DGT NTR-Prizes | Copyright Year: 2019
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Urban Unrest: Afrikan Burial Ground - Remnants of Slavery in New York
His-story has done a great job in havin' people think slavery in the United States was below the Mason Dixie line. They're doin' an even better one in tryin' to conceal its role in the cover-up of Afrikan free labor in both the building and maintenance of one of the worldz most popular city, New York.

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Publisher: DGT NTR-Prizes | Copyright Year: 2013
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Analitikul Cogitationz (Paperback, eBook, and Audiobook)
For nearly twenty-five yearz I’ve attempted ‘shock therapy’ on the mindz of Afrikan people by challenging us to dispute everything from history to politics, diet to religion, on down to historic African-American organizationz. My quest was and alwayz will be to challenge you; to dare you to face who taught you; to reveal that not everything you may believe now, you had the opportunity to thoroughly investigate. Analitikul Cogitationz gives insight on the person behind Da Ghetto Tymz magazine, Déjà vu overz the first few yearz of my re-awakening to Pan-Afrikan consciousness. In this memoir, I speak of spiritual encounterz I once was afraid to speak about. You may or may not agree with the message I convey, but I hope you will use my arguments as inspiration to further confirm your own beliefs whatever they may be.

Pages: 140
Price: $20 ($27 Canada/Int’l), $10 eBook, $17.00 PDF, $13 Audiobook
Publisher: DGT NTR-Prizes | Copyright Year: 2007
ISBN#: 978-0-6151-4651-5 English United States

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The Terrorist Factory Series eBook
Right after the 9/11 attacks in 2001, M’Bwebe Ishangi produced a six-part series that appeared in Da Ghetto Tymz magazine and daghettotymz.com giving both a conspiratoral and metaphysical perspective of why this happened and the sublime historical context behind it. Read and become enlightened to the culprits we found involved. You may or may not be surprised...

Pages: 73
Price: $12.99 USD eBook | $5.00 USD ($7.00 Canada/Int’l) eBook
Publisher: DGT NTR-Prizes | Copyright Year: 2011
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Boule' History Month Synopsis
In case you missed it or need a refresher, we compiled a short recap of noted events that has transpired at the handz of Black America's first Fraternity, Sigma Pi Phi aka the Boule'

Pages: 28
Price: Free PDF eBook
Publisher: DGT NTR-Prizes | Copyright Year: 2013
Site: daghettotymz.com/rkyvz/articles/bouleseries/DGTs-Boule-Month-Recap.pdf

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Da Ghetto Tymz Presents: Facebook 2013 in Review
We post a lot on historical and current facts on Facebook. Here's 2013s compiliation.

Pages: 41
Price: Free PDF eBook
Publisher: DGT NTR-Prizes | Copyright Year: 2014
Site: daghettotymz.com/year-review/2013/Facebook 2013 Wall Post Compilation PDF.pdf


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