The History of America's First Black Fraternity and the Derailment Toward Afrikan Self-Reliance


Who IZ the Boulé? is a hybrid of the books ‘Behold A Palehorse’ and the epic ‘Stolen Legacy’ chronologically detailing the historic timeline of individuals who created white and then black organizations to sustain the likes of Toynbee’s sentiments.


Written by M’Bwebe Ishangi, this book details over twenty years of research and first-hand experience with the intent of “offering, for many the first time, a side of organized academic and cultural intelligentsia responsible for the derailment of Afrikan people toward self- reliance from Alexander the (not so) Great to W.E.B. DuBois,” he states. “Many of our black organizations today were founded by the actual individuals responsible for the intergenerational mental, spiritual, and socioeconomic conditions we’ve endured that has had a polarizing effect on how we see ourselves in the world. What’s alarming is black individuals and organizations had to be created in order for the practice to be sustained.”


Inside this 281 page book you will learn of the forefathers responsible as well as the subordinate black organizations created to divert and dissect us over the last century—namely Sigma Pi Phi, Fraternity, Inc, aka the Boulé. “You will find many of the faces of Black leadership have been handpicked by overseers who groomed them to steer us clear away from self-reliance. If we are to have a say for the direction of our future, an assessment of our organizations is in order for they have failed to liberate us as intended,” Ishangi notes.


Both full of information as well as a pager turner, Ishangi believes this book will aid in the reclamation of our past to enable us to be the true vanguards of our future.


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The History of America's First Black Fraternity and the Derailment Toward Afrikan Self-Reliance

There’s a side of America's first black fraternity that has stood in the shadow of Black organizations as a puppeteer since its inception making it difficult to see any bad they could do... until now. Learn of this groups role in sustaining the Greek myth over Afrikan identity, which in turn has been a vital obstacle toward  self-reliance for Afrikan people. Charles H. Wesley revealed the Boulé's base mission quoting founder Henry McKee Minton  in their history book, 'History of Sigma Pi Phi: First of the Negro-American Greek-Letter Fraternities’ page.28:


“In summary, Minton wanted to create an organization which would partake, in his own words, of “the tenets of Skull & Bones at Yale and Phi Beta Kappa… for Sigma Pi Phi members are still chosen on these bases and departures from them have been rare.”


For those who consider themselves “woke”, It’s about time you learn Who IZ the Boulé.


Book Release Trailer and clip, 'Who is the Boulé?'

Audiobook Excerpts

Audiobook Excerpt 1: OUR-Story Whitewashed

Audiobook Excerpt 2: Who Influenced Black Organizations?

Audiobook Excerpt 3: The Boulé's Alliance with Global White Supremacist Organizations



Black Greek Lettered Organizations (BGLOs), NAACP, Urban Lague, HBCUs, and UNCF are subordinates to Sigma Pi Phi Fraternity, Inc. also known as the Boulé. To comprehend the nature of the Boulé and BGLOs founding is to understand Yurugu’s intense focus on controlling the mindset, devotion and direction of newly freed Afrikanz and their bloodline.


What folks are saying...

Brother M’Bwebe’s work ‘Who Iz The Boulé?’ is the true definition of warrior scholarship. He has done an excellent job with providing facts that challenge the very foundation of the western world and the so called “black upper class”. This book should be read in every college and university throughout the country, and should be used as a blueprint for understanding what has contributed to our current conditions as a race. It takes courage, honor, and a true understanding of yourself to walk away from something once you learn that it does not represent the truth, but rather disrespect to your ancestors. Brother M’Bwebe has not only produced a powerful work that can educate Afrikans about that truth, but he is living out that truth which is equally as powerful.

                  — Ahmose Kheperkara, Khui Land Productions, Creator of the DVD 'Black Greeks, White Masters’



In summation, ‘Who IZ the Boulé’ is where ‘Behold A Palehorse’ meets ‘Stolen Legacy!’

— Da Ghetto Tymz magazine


This book should be added to the list of must reads for all Black people. There's so much we've been misled to believe and although deep down we know our organizations continue to fail us, this book shows you just how deep and old this has been going on.

— Carlos Jones, TN


As mentioned in this book, in order for us to really understand how things became the way they are, we must include a chronological time line of events so that we may be able to clearly see all parties involved in the suffering we've had. This book delivers!

— Asante W., Atlanta, GA


I wasn't sure about joining a sorority. After reading this, I know for sure why I'm not!

— Traci B., Spelman College


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