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(written circa 2005)

They made Jesse repent for his infamous ‘Hymie-town’ remarks during his election run in the 1980s; spied on american Black Muslimz to South African spies (revealed in 1990), the NAACP, Rainbow Coalition, United Farm Workers, among otherz totalling up to 950 political organizationz; have bribed countless police and sheriff departments country-wide, illegally obtaining classified government data on at least 20,000 American citizenz; sold info on antiapartheid groups to agents of the South African government; enjoying tax-exempt status from the IRS; they have known and unknown memberz who are also in the KKK as well as their historic collusion with arab terrorists; and now they want you to believe that as they put in their latest ad campaign running throughout the streets of New York City, “Anti-Semitism is anti-everybody.”

Pick up a copy of The Ugly Truth About the ADL, by EIR (Executive Intelligence Review), you’d find this is but another fraud by the Anti-Defamation League, ADL for short — who really serves, as the book stated, “nothing more than a protection racket for the drug cartel.” You will find that the ADLz foundation is “more closely aligned with the Ku Klux Klan than with Judaism; more closely aligned with the murderous Medelin Cocaine Cartel than with any civic group,” as stated in the book.

Its partner in crime, the International Order of B’nai B’rith have a lengthy marriage that dates back to 1865, playing pivotal roles in the British Freemasonic plot to destroy the Union of the United States before and during the Civil War.

Since 1948, the ADL has devoted over 1/3rd of it’s legal efforts to support activity that may rightfully be called ‘the plot to kill God.’ The ADL has filed dozenz of briefs in legal cases often settled by the US Supreme Court, whose results have included banning school prayer, banning released time for religious instruction and banning the celebration of religious ‘holy’-dayz, causing federal, state and local governments to be neutral on religious issues, but turn around and contradict themselves when they have you swear on a stack of bibles!

Havin’ been on the hush for some time, they re-emerged with an ad campaign claiming “Anti-Semitism is Anti-Me.” The question that should come to mind is exactly who is the ‘me’ they’re talkin’ about?!

Afterall, this is an organization that went against Dr. Abdul Alim Muhammad and New York City physician Dr. Barbara Justice, who treated more than 600 patients who were HIVpositive with a drug they brought back from Kenya, Immuviron.

The list of pirates associated with the ADL is proof enough of their wickedness: Edgar Bronfmann [read Vivendi Universal: Industrial Vampires,], George Bush, the Rockefeller's, the House of Rothschilds, Kuhn, Loeb and Company; Metro Goldwyn Mayer (MGM); are but a few.

These pirates should be charged with perfidy (treachery or deceit) for it seemz what they sayin’ is if you ain’t down with them and all their wickedness, then you're an enemy! But because the masses are ignorant and they rely on this, they can put out a subtle ad out like this, implying that everyone who’s semitic is good when in fact it’s the opposite! Do your homework on all these organizationz! You'll find most (if not all) have conspired in the continued deceit and degradation of the world, in particular, Afrikanz!

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