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(written circa 2003)


I was buildin' with some comradz a while back and whatnot and the question of what God (Jesus) looks like came up. Jesus is included because he is said to be the son of God, made in his image. So, takin' this literally even though bible believerz would say the Bible shouldn't be (taken literally — as if there's another way to take it. I mean, the other way is individual interpretation, now how can I get you to overstand what I'm sayin' if I leave your individual perception to be your guide? If I want you to comprehend what I'm sayin', my best bet is not to confuse you and just tell you directly what I mean, right?). Bein' a man, the Biblical Jesus had identical physical attributes as you would your father and mother.

Many of us, when presented the question of God/Jesus' looks, first visualize a picture of the lily-white defeated-lookin' Jesus, with long, straight brown hair. This image can be attributed to the picture-Bibles and framed drawingz on your Grandparents wall. Of course, this is incorrect.

After you shake that off, you might envision the black version. Although we've seen black versionz, the physical characteristics are not that different than the white one (ie, locks/dreadz opposed to the long, stringy brown hair). This search for a black identity in white images is a symptom we continue to suffer from which stemz from mentacide, or mental suicide, a phrase coined by Dr. Bobby Wright. Thing is, hedz don't realize this too is incorrect. Why? Because we allow ourselves to be limited in our thinking. Think outside the mental parameterz society placed on us.

What makes up our environment? Broken to it's origin, it's molecules, electronz and neutronz. These same elements exist not only on Earth, but they do in you; even greater, they exist outside the Earth, that's right, in space! Space has a reading of -273°K which is the frozen state because it is too cold for the molecules to move so they stop or freeze.

What makes thingz move if space is so cold are the starz like our star, the Sun. The Sun radiates energy that forces movement th, like the planets that orbit around it. What happenz when cold meets heat? You get steam! What's the molecular code for steam? H2O, which is water! If there's water on Earth, there is in space and every thing that's of space. The same elements "here" are "out there." We are the microcozm of the macrocozm.

If God is omnipresent (everything), that meanz how we've been programmed to perceive "him" (from here on, I will refer to "God" as "Energy") as human, limits what Energy is. We are basin' this perception on what we're used to seein' instead of what we haven't seen. Think, Energy is much bigger than our Earthly perceptionz. What makes up Energy? Everything on Earth is also in space — because the Earth is in space.

The second of the Djhuitic principles is Correspondence which translates as "as above, so below." In other wordz, if you wanted to understand the unknown, study the known, because everything is a microcozm of the macrocozm — in other wordz, everything small is part of a bigger or whole thing. For example, when you look at the skin on your hand, you don't realize there are billionz, probably trillionz of moving activity goin' on that your naked eye cannot see. Just because we cannot see it, or even feel it, does not mean it doesn't exist. It's been estimated some 6 trillionz thingz go on at any moment in your body. If you were to get a high-powered microscope and focus on your hand, the deeper you get, you'd be able to see moving objects, some even with legz.

Just as when you look at a plants soil, you see crawling lifeformz livin' their lives on the plant, so is the same with the living organizmz that crawl on you. These thingz help protect and maintain your physical! Hard to believe, and even more to perceive, but it is true! See, to the crawling lifeformz, your body is their planet; just as we walk on this Earth. Look a the wrinkles and crevaces in your hand. To the lifeformz t0o finite to see with our eyez, these crevaces are valleyz most likely as big as Grand Canyon, just microcozmically! This makes the perception of what we are much bigger than the illusionary parameterz the european-based western society wants us to see.

If you were to look even closer, you'd see the skin and crawling elements disappear and begin to see what everything is in its natural state... elements. Elements like molecules, electronz, and neutronz. We are, just as everything is; a mere element of the bigger thing, a microcozm of the macrocozm! I believe at birth, comin' out of the womb and probably our first yearz we are aware of this. Once the reprogramming system beginz (school) — which also happenz to be where they separate science from spirituality — many of us become imprisoned behind the transparent prison barz of trained thought. It is in school (as well as church) where we are taught that God isn't within but outside ourselves "up there" somewhere. But in every lie there is truth.

See, they separate science from spirituality, yet studyin' chemistry [root word "chem-" or "Khem" as in "Khemit" (or Kemet, also spelled KMT) meaning "Black"; and "-istry" meaning, "the study of"; hence, Chemistry is, "the study of Blackness" or YOU], we find truth. So this bringz me back to the conversation I was havin' with my peeps, "What does God (or Energy) look like."

Pry open the transparent prisonbarz, Afrikanz. Start to erase everything you were taught and start to think for your (inner)self. What does logic tell you? To me, what "God" or "Energy" looks like does not matter because I feel I cannot picture somethin' that is the macrocozm.

Well, lemme change that, actually, if I were to picture "God", it most definitely would not be what we've seen in the picture Bibles or stained-glass windowz at the cathedral. Again, if "Energy" is omnipotent, logic would tell me that if I wanted to picture it, I'd have to include everything.

The only thing that symbolizes that would be the Periodic Table! It entailz almost every element found here on Earth! But realize these same elements can be found in space. Think about it...

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