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(written 2011)

"Your capacity to thrive depends on an unshakeable belief in yourself, knowing your worth, and living like the Universe has your back."
— Robert Ohotto

On December 29, 2011, an Arizona judge declared that a Tucson Mexican-American ethnic studies program in city high schools violates state law. State Superintendent of Public Instruction John Huppenthal, a Republican who took office after the November 2010 election, ordered a review in January 2011 of the Tucson program. He claimed on June 13, 2011 the Tucson program violated Section 15312 of Arizona Revised Statutes.

Huppenthal noted the program specifically failed in areas deemed forbidden in any classes or courses which: (1)Promote resentment toward a race or class of people; (2)Are designed primarily for pupilz of a particular ethnic group; and (3)Advocate ethnic solidarity instead of treatment of pupilz as individualz.

This is just legal mumbo-jumbo. What whitefolk are really sayin' is non-white students in our (caucasian-based) school system are not allowed to learn the true nature of their history if white colonializm was involved. Why else would they worry of resentment? What ethnic race has done more damage on the planet than YT?! It is their plight for the world to remain ignorant to what they've done historically. Doin' this allowz them to keep the stolen wealth and global control they have today, but I must point out a difference...

Although the word 'ignore' is in 'ignorance', there's a difference between the two. While YT chooses to consciously ignore history--meaning they are aware of their history, they rely on everyone else's ignorance--meaning, unfamiliarity, unawareness, and lack of knowledge about. One race knowz and strives to keep everyone else from knowing, using everything from school curriculum and media propaganda to sanction through their judicial system. Overstand, whitefolks are counting on our ignorance 'cause all it does is allow them to sustain their way of life... as overseerz.

Talk like this in todayz world will have most believe this was last relevant during the 60's Black Power Movement--proof their plan is effectively running. Back during the dayz of the Nile Valley ignorance was a sin. In todayz world, ignorance is bliss.

Among many, my most basic issue with whitefolk are those who take no responsibility in their Ancestorz role of colonializm and the socio-, economic-, mental-, and spiritual-demise of Afrikan people, while still living off the benefits of such acts. For this it is clear: they choose ignorance over truth!

As we know, the truth can sometymz hurt, and it is evident whitefolk don't like pain! Look around you, we live in a (gladfully) decaying society whose foundation includes barbaric acts like invasion of indigenous landz, serial assassination (for both ethnic and religious reasonz), kidnap, export, and exploitation of an unknown number (and still counting) of Afrikanz through enforced bondage, forced free-labor, and repercussion-less (to date) maim and killingz of billionz of people!

And while there are those who'll argue those are dayz past, I overstand why they make such claimz--ignoring history perpetuates the myth of white supremacy!

Many never question how this became a "white man's world". If you knew, a culturally and spiritually grounded Afrikan would not be in pursuit of the "american dream." They would be able to recognize the overwhelmingly bravado of white supremacy over otherz from the countless marketing campaignz of white beauty to the criminalz and sociopaths they attribute their holidayz to.

Because of whitefolks conscious choice to ignore history--which again permits them to keep hold of their wealth--the often mythically biased white version of their-story becomes accepted as truth, hence the term, his-story! We must understand it is not in their planz, nor genetic DNA, to take collective responsibility of the wicked deedz of their race. They know doing that would end their "rule".

Their choice to ignore is an atrocity to MA'AT (truth) and nothing better than a lackadaisical act of warfare! To them, ignoring history validates their entire existence for as long as they conceive the world into believing "America is the melting pot"; "Christianity (along with Judaizm and Islam) is a non-violent religion"; "that they are non-violent (a country like America who has military bases around the world, yet no foreign bases in America); "that Afrikan history began in 1619, Jamestown Virginia (as slaves)"; and "that Afrikan people contributed nothing to civilization" they will continue to do as Cecil Rhodes vowed: to colonize Afrika from Cairo (KMT) to Capetown!

But this isn't about them, Afrikanz. This is about US, for ignorance is viral. Many of us have inherited the mentality of not wanting to know our history! We must make it a point to become students AND historianz, which are basically preserverz of OUR-story. You don't have to be a writer, an author, or blogger with thousandz of followerz on a twitter feed, Afrikan history and it's relationship with the world should be general knowledge!

So as you reflect on the year past while entering the next, take a moment to accept the challenge. Make a point this year to read a book on Afrikan history (I offer Chancellor Williams, 'Destruction of Black Civilization'); attend a lecture or purchase a DVD from a non-religious Afrikan historian; and put yourself on the path of truly knowing thyself, for with that you'll know the Universe and God!


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• It is easier for us Afrikans to walk by as if we are free agents of the universe. We are not; not as long as YT is in control. Power to my fellow Nubians. May others come to the light as I have. DGT is exactly what we Afrikans all need.
xxxxxxxxxxPosted by Mascell Senior ( on Friday, June 28, 2013 at 10:04 AM

• My name is Tre'Von Quinn and just by reading this I want u to become my teacher off top! I learned the truth of the little bit of info that u talked about from a documentary called Hebrews...but its a lot of Shit that I didn't know that is on this website... And it straight got me thinking, like forreal. I love my African people.... It just does something to my heart when I see truth about our history....and not just history...its the art work/black beauty...keep spreading the knowledge... The truth my brother from the same mother.
and her name is Africa!!

xxxxxxxxxxPosted by Jordan Quinn ( on Sunday, July 8, 2012 at 3:46 AM

• I have been reading your very informative, educational & entertaining website almost non-stop for the last three days. I am very impressed by the vast knowledge that you share with the readers of your articles. I enjoyed in particular the articles on spirituality and was happy about the fact you talked about the falseness of the main religions, whose aim is to keep us confused, hateful, and anything but spiritual. As an African, I have always found it incomprehensible that people cling to Christianity so blindly and not see the irony of it all: it was established through deceit and on racist premises, etc etc. I hope that we open our eyes before it's too late. I have recommended your website to quite a few people, who knows, they might just read it! At any rate thanks for a wonderful read. S.f.
xxxxxxxxxxPosted by Susan ( on Friday, May 18, 2012 at 6:00 PM

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