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written 2003

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In part 1 of this series, we dealt with the historic genesis of white sugar, citing it's primary function as the key component behind the beginning enslavement of our Afrikan Ancestorz and the notorious Atlantic Slave Trade. Noel Deerr said it best:

"it will be not exaggeration to put the tale and toll of the Slave Trade of 20million Africans, of which two-thirds are to be charged against sugar."

For more in the history of white sugar, review part 1. This piece will deal with the exact affects of this drug that continues to kill us sweetly...

Back in 1964, a book written by a Japanese natural healer, Sakurazawa, wrote:

"Western medicine and science has only just begun to sound alarm signals over the fantastic increase in its per capita sugar consumption, in the United States especially. Their researches and warnings are, I fear, many decades too late. [They] will one day admit what has been known in the Orient for years: sugar is without question the number one murderer in the history of humanity — much lethal than opium or radioactive fallout..."

Puttin' it bluntly, the human body cannot handle man-refined sucrose, which is erroneously called and widely accepted as sugar!

William Dufty, author of Sugar Blues said:

"the difference between life and death is, in chemical terms, slighter than the difference between distilled water and that stuff from the tap."

The brain is likely the most sensitive organ in the human body. The difference between feelin' up or down, sane or insane, calm or bugged out, inspired or depressed dependz largely on what we put in our mouth. In order for normal function, the levelz of glucose in the blood must balance with the amount of blood oxygen, an operation supervised by the adrenal glandz. Dr. E.M. Abrahamson put it best when he coined the phrase, "Body, Mind and Sugar (instead of Soul)."

Dr. Linus Pauling, an orthomolecular psychiatrist, stated in "Orthomolecular Psychiatry:

"The functioning of the brain and nervous tissue is more sensitively dependent on the rate of chemical reactions than the functioning of other organs and tissues."

He goes on:

"I believe that mental disease is for the most part caused by abnormal reaction rates, as determined by genetic constitution AND DIET..."

What happenz when one eats white sugar? It starves the body's cellz especially in the brain. When one induces white sugar, because of its close resemblance to glucose, it foolz the body, evading the chemical process goin' directly into the intestines where it becomes "predigested" glucose. This then is absorbed into the bloodstream where the glucose level drastically increased — some may refer this to the "rush" or "pick up" in energy they may feel — where balance is destroyed.

Now you may feel this rush is a good thing and harmless to your body, but if I were to equate this to someone takin' a hit of crack or heroin, the rush is fast and quick and a soon as it's over, you come crashing down... HARD and even further away from balance. We begin to feel even more tired and listless. We become irritable, jumpy, and unable to focus. What do you do to feel better, you take another "hit" of crack, I mean, white sugar, by drinkin' a soda, eatin' a candybar, or potato chips.

When you eat white sugar, one of the most vital vitaminz is destroyed, vitamin B12. Deficiency B12 has proven to lead to mental illness. Since the brain is the most sensitive organ, white sugar attacks there first. And because we cannot see our brain, the mood swingz, nausea and hallucinationz are overlooked. By the time the dis-ease is spread throughout and beginz affecting the body, the brain has already been poisoned. When I say mental illness, you think of someone in a straight-jacket — which is true — but if you really look at the world we live in, the straight-jacket is put on someone who's be diagnosed as a disturbance. This illness, however, is seen in various degreez. Depression is one of the most notable symptomz. You may think, "ev'rybody get a lil' depressed ev'ry once and a while." Yeah, and hedz get got every day too! Read the tabloidz and see all the sex and violence... all these are symptomz of mental illness.

The chemi(kill) breakdown of white sugar is C12 H22 O11. White sugar is considered an empty carbohydrate, meaning it has no value whatsoever! How does this affect the human body? Why do you eat? Not because you're hungry but because it's fuel for your body to operate. Without food and water, the body will eventually cease to function and shutdown leading to the deterioration of the body. The ending result is death, but, as with any process, there are stages.

Many think a person that's starving is one whose skeletal bones are showing. If you were to see a walking skeleton, you'd say that person was malnourished and sick. Although in most cases, this is true, we've stereotyped what a starving person looks like. Never have we visualized a slim, mid-size or even obese person as one who's sick or malnourished and believe me, the FDA (Food & Drug Administration), the WHO (World Health Organization), the AMA (American Medical Association), HEW (Department Health, Education and Welfare), the government, Hospital Administration, and a string of other constituents are hopin' you continue to see sickness this way. Our ignorance to health ensures their wealth.

So what happenz when you continue to eat empty carbohydrates? Are you familiar with what cancer is? Lemme break it down. Just cause you eat 3 mealz a day don't mean your body is gettin' what it needz to sustain itself. When you continue over the yearz to feed your body material that has no nutritional value, it inevitably leadz to cancer. See, cancer isn't just a tumor, cancer is developed after eating foodz that offer the body nothing it needz to continue flowing like calcium, all the vitaminz from A to Z, chromium, magnesium, zinc, and many of the other elements on the periodical chart. When your body does not get this from the food you give it, it has no choice but to get it from its own reserves. Yes, the body does create the nutrients, but it cannot continue to do it if it doesn't get any help from you (the food you choose to feed it). See, we take our body for granted. We expect it to do thingz on demand, yet most of the time we do not nurture and maintain it.

Funny how we can have more love for a car than the most important ride we'll ever have, that bein' the human body! Think about it, we'll splurge on some 22" rimz, wash it every week, even throw in the dope coconut air freshener, yet the only thing we do to maintain the real ride, our body, is a daily shower and a fresh cut. What about the inside? I mean, if we're gonna vacuum the inside, wipe the inside windowz, make sure we maintain consistent oil changes, tire pressure and radiator pressure, why don't we for our very own insides (hedz is deathly afraid of colonics!)?!!? We feed our body cheap fuel in the form of fastfood, fried foodz, and (nuclear) microwaveable dishes, yet we wouldn't dare put cheap gas in our SUV!

But I can't blame y'all. The health education we've been taught in school didn't deal with the importance of diet. On top of that, the imposter food that's manufactured (cause it ain't natural) has chemi(kill) additives to make it taste good, makin' it even harder to give it up! What we're not told is where this road of careless eating leadz to.

See, we've been told to expect deteriorating health as you get older. We are not taught we have an option that enables us to live a prosperous life as elderz with clean kidneyz, thin blood and a strong heartbeat. The road of careless eating, in particular, one that is heavily laced with white sugar leadz to cancer. Again I ask, what is cancer? When the body beginz to eat itself alive, so much that the body can no longer replenish what it needz.

In other wordz, when you eat a lifetime of white sugar, white flour, white rice, white bread, and basically any other thing that's white (including dairy), your body will digest it; but when the food goes through your intestines, it's not only forming waste (feces) it doesn't need, there's s'posed to be some type of exchange where the food, as it passes through the intestinal wallz after bein' digested in the stomach, the stage where it passes through the intestines is where the nutrients are to be sucked out of the food. What the intestines does not need is compacted into feces and of course, emitted when you're on the "can." However, many are not aware that 100% of the waste is not completely out of you. Approximately 20-30% of it stayz in your colon, and you know how bad it smellz! Over the yearz, your colon becomes a gravesite to all the corndogz and happy mealz you ate, rotting more and more in the 98.6 degreez oven our body's temperature maintainz.

What's more, the body wants and needz food to give it nutrition. When you give the body empty foodz it still craves nutrition which is one reason people gain weight. The other reasonz are addictionz to certain foodz (e.g. white sugar, salt, caffeine, etc.) and the lack of exercise. White sugar moves very slowly out of the stomach. This creates over-acidic conditionz in the stomach which influence the secretion of enzymes and hydrochloric acidz to help digest our food. This over-acidic condition also affects the entire body.

Back to the cancer. Since none of the nutrients are in the food you ate, the body pullz it from it's reserves. After yearz of this continued exchange, the body, after givin' you madd symptomz that something was wrong (most people get real sick a couple tymz a year), the body, no longer bein' able to supply the demand of vitaminz and nutrients it needz, bottomz out and cancer develops. Actually, cancer can be equated to AIDS, 'cause the immune system becomes deficient (Acquired Immune Deficient Syndrome) leavin' you open for other dis-eases to settle in. On top of that, when one is diagnosed with cancer, they are given kill-o, I mean, chemotherapy, which is s'posed to kill the cancer. But what it really does is charges it because the radioactive treatment expedites the growth and strength of the cancer. But the Hospital Administration won't tell you this, for if they did, they'd be out of business!

One of the most vital organz affected from yearz of white sugar consumption are the adrenal glandz. Not from overwork but from continued whiplash! The overall production of hormones is low, the entire endocrine circuit (glandz that secrete hormones directly into the lymphatic system or bloodstream) is shot and the brain may soon begin having trouble tellin' the unreal from the real. Sound like Alzheimerz Disease to you? Alzheimerz is the deterioration of intellectual functionz such as memory and other senses.

"Day-to-day efficiency lags, we're always tired, never seem to get anything done. We've really got the sugar blues," Dufty states. He further notes, "...Doctors won't tell you that since the cells of the brain are those that depend wholly upon the moment-to-moment blood sugar level nourishment, they are perhaps the most susceptible to damage."

This info isn't to scare you. We've just been misinformed of what the worldz most addictive drug does to us. You ask, why do I say white sugar is a drug? Because of it's addiction. You may say it is not addictive. I say it is more addictive than crack-cocaine! The only reason this is hard to prove is because white sugar is legal and in basically EVERYTHING! If white sugar were a banned substance, you'd see just how addictive white sugar is!

Refined sucrose — erroneously called and purposely marketed as white sugar – has no food value and containz no nutritional value. For the sake of familiarity, we will call it white sugar, but keep in mind we are talkin' about refined sucrose, not natural sugar or cane sugar!

The process of making refined sucrose starts off right coming from the sugar cane or beets. They are heated and calcium hydroxide (lime, and a know toxin to the body) is added. This process is done to remove all ingredients that hinder the complete processing of sugar. Carbon dioxide, which is another toxin, is then used to remove the some of the lime. Now, just starting out, we already have two highly toxic chemi(killz), that bein' calcium hydroxide and carbon dioxide.

The sugar then turnz from a sticky black substance to a clear juice which is further heated to remove other impurities. In addiction, I mean addition, if that's not enough, the sugar is then bleached white with a chemical solution that uses pork by-products primarily based with blood albumin and/or animal charcoal. By the time we see it as we recognize it, the sugar has been processed at least three tymz.

According to Arron Muhammad, white sugar is used for different purposes. There's the grade that's commonly used for table sugar, the grade used in processed food (such as cakes, ice cream, candy, and soft drinks) and the sugar that's used for non-food purposes such as making plastic, cement mixing, and leather tanning. Muhammad stated he's used table sugar along with white flour for yearz to make glue for hanging posterz. So if you don't mind having your intestines glued shut, then feel free to continue eating this deadly substance.

The chemicalz used in white sugar processing are phosphoric acid, acid calcium phosphate among otherz. They are potent and health-debilitating. White sugar has a tremendous amount of carbonic acid which disturbz the nutritional balance in the body. White sugar robz the body of almost all nutrients, especially the mineralz chromium, zinc, and calcium, and vitaminz C and B-complex.

White sugar also destroyz food digestion enzymes in the mouth, stomach, the small intestines and the pancreas. It also reduces the amount of hydrochloric acid — a necessary digestive acid in the stomach. Without it, the food doesn't get broken down properly, thus inhibiting the body from properly absorbing the nutrients. A symptom of this is frequent bouts with constipation.

White sugar interferes with activities of the small intestine which digests the food. The small intestine pushes the waste along and most importantly releases the nutrients in the food to give us energy and nourish cellz. But when we eat white sugar, digestion is disturbed. According to Muhammad, the amount of food nutrients available to the body are limited.

In addition to this, white sugar is released into the blood. This toxifies the blood, putting too much carbon in it which further damages the body cellz. Since there's no real nutrition in white sugar, it represents a toxic waste material in the blood that the body will try to get rid of. The lymphatic system will grab some of this waste in an attempt to purify the blood. When the lymphatic system becomes overloaded, health problemz occur, which could have been avoided.

Too much white sugar, salt, and starch can work together to create an excessive appetite. These food cravingz create an imbalance in the body. I was recently told that over 60% of Afrikan women in America are obese. The amount of food that is consumed by us is sickening! In this country alone, the average hed consumes entirely too much white sugar, more than 125 poundz of it annually! Even deeper is the fact that many may not be aware of it. That's 'cause white sugar is hidden in many foodz such as cerealz, ketchup, canned foodz, frozen foodz, etc. In fact almost 70% of the white sugar that we consume is hidden in foodz!

For instance, a typical 12-ounce soda containz 10 teaspoonz of white sugar. The typical candy bar is almost all white sugar. Even pizza has a considerable amount of white sugar in it. The sweetness of the pizza is hidden by putting in a lot of salt and other ingredients which give a semi-sweet taste. As I mentioned before, we do not know what malnutrion looks like. When you see somebody walkin' down the street and their gut is so big they can't see their nuts or womb... THAT'S MALNUTRITION!!

The body really desires nutrition. Cravingz are but the body tryin' to tell you what it needz. But we have not been taught how to listen to our body. If you continue to ignore your body's warningz, such diseases as cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure and otherz are the results of eating too many highly acidic foodz.

For those who are career boycotterz need to gather Jesse and Sharpton to boycott The Nutrition Foundation. Who are they? They're a front organization for the leading sugar pushing corporationz in the food business. This front operation includes multi-billion dollar businesses like the American Sugar Refining Company, Coca-Cola, Pepsi-Cola, Curtis Candy Co., General Foods, General Mills, Nestles Co., Inc., Pet Milk Co. and Sunshine Biscuits to name a few. Last we checked, there are about 45 companies in total.

In the 1930s, Dr. Weston Price, a research dentist traveled across the world (from Alaska to the South Sea Islandz and from Afrika to New Zealand). He wrote a book entitled, Nutrition and Physical Degeneration: A Comparison of Primitive and Modern Diets and Their Effects, in 1939. In this book, he concluded that people who live under what YT classifies as "backward primitive conditionz" or hedz who live in 3rd world countries, had excellent teeth and exceptional general health. What's deep is that after these regionz became in contact with YTs civilization and they started importing their poison (white sugar), the physical degeneration was so fierce, it was easily visible within a single generation. Harvard professor, Earnest Hooten said in Apes, Men and Morons, "Let us cease pretending that toothbrushes and toothpaste are anymore important than shoebrushes and shoepolish. It is store food that has given us store teeth."

Most of these researcherz who published their findingz in numerous books — that, by the way, were not publicized to the public — the serious effects of white sugar, were financed by sugar corporationz. But when the researcherz went to reveal their findingz, the funding suddenly dried up and their work was silenced. 'Time' magazine, in 1958, reported that a Harvard biochemist had worked with mice and the effects of white sugar and how it causes dental cavities for over 10 yearz. They were financed by the Sugar Research Foundation, Inc. What the biochemist found was that there was no way you could prevent white sugar from causing dental decay. After the findingz, the chemist and his crew reported their finding in the 'Dental Association Journal,' soon after, they lost all their funding.

Because there was research after research disclosing the severe problemz white sugar caused, the drug, I mean, sugar pusherz had to rely on marketing adz to get their product out. Author of The Magic of Findhorn, Paul Hawken, wrote, "...[T]he more you see a product advertised, the more of a ripoff it is." Little did we know back then, just how effective the advertising campaign of sugar-laced products would be over the next 50 yearz...

Of all the sugar-laced products that are on the market today, none have been more successful than Coca-Cola. Why? Mainly because they been the sole-source of this madness since day one! Many are not aware that Coca-Cola containz known poisonz, destroyz teeth and the stomach, yet at the same time has one of most successful ad campaignz in the history of YTs reign. Dufty stated:

"...This unreal amount of money creating an illusion — the illusion that 'Coke is the real thing.' Now young America is searching for what is real, meaningful in this plastic world, and one bright ad executive comes up with the idea that it is Coke. Yep, Coke is the real thing and this is drilled into the minds of 97% of all young people between the age of 6 and 19 until their teeth are rotting just like their parents' did."

He further addz:

"There's nothing truthful about advertising. Imagine a young pimply faced kid in front of a camera telling folks how clear his complexion was before he started drinking Coke; and even though he knows it's bumming his social life, he just can't seem to get off the stuff. That would be truth in advertising. Or how about a young girl holding up a can of orange drink made in New Jersey saying the reason it's orange is because of the food coloring. The reason it is bad is because we use coal-tar artificial flavors, and the reason we would like you to try it is because we want to make money. Truth in advertising would be the end of three major networks, 500 magazines, several thousand newspapers, and tens of thousands of business. So there will never be truth in advertising."

So what is Coca-Cola? For one, it containz a high amount of phosphoric acid. In 1951, a Navy nutritionist, Dr. McCay found at the Naval Medical Research Institute, that human teeth softened and started to dissolve in a short period after sitting in a cup of Coca-Cola. McCay stated the acidity of cola beverages is about the same as vinegar, only its masked by the sugar content. I guess this gives meaning as to why they call soda "SOFTdrinks," 'cause it can soften your teeth, including our other bones — which is what? Osteoporosis!!

McCay documented he was later speaking to an unnamed Congressman who asked if he had any findingz of the effect of cola beverages on metal and iron. McCay said no and the Congressman told him a friend of his once dropped three tinpenny nailz into a cola bottle and forty-eight hourz later, the nailz had completely dissolved!! McCay added that you could drop phosphoric acid on iron or even limestone and it would dissolve, even concrete steps!!! That was 1951.

Today, it's even more ill! There are figures that show almost 30% of sugar consumed in the United States comes in the form of softdrinks! Look around you... everywhere you see Coke and Pepsi machines. As co-conspiratorz, all the professional sport leagues endorse they products. In our community, we blast hedz for all the churches and liquor stores present but after all our yellin' at the boycott rallies, how do we reward our thirst? We "obey our thirst" and drink Sprite (owned by Coca-Cola) or Gatorade (owned by PepsiCo, who ownz Pepsi, Quaker Oats, FritoLay and Tropicana) or any other liquid-cocaine-laced drink! Dufty couldn't have said it better, "our addiction to drink —from the cradle to the grave — is an addiction to sugar."

In the early 17th century, an Italian voyager to South America found the second-native Americanz (second because they were not the first in the Americaz, dark-melanated Afrikanz were. In addition, they're also mistakenly called Indianz thanks to Columbus) there constantly chewing on the leaf of the coca plant; at work, on trips, they carried it in small pouches and kept it in their mouths with a small amount of ground lime or ashes of the quinine plant. Three or four tymz a day, everything stopped for the coca break. For the Peruvian Indianz, it had been the pause — from time immemorial — that refreshes, stimulates, sharpenz the mind and increases physical ability. Through the refinement of the South American coca leaf, a constellation of alkaloid drugz, called cocaine, were derived. Today, the coca plant is now grown in the West Indies, Java, Sumatra and other parts of the tropical world. In North America, the second-native Americanz chewed or smoked tobacco, while in West Afrika, the natives had a habit of gettin' high from chewing kernelz of the cola nut, which contained caffeine.

In the ol' dayz of the South, many hedz used Coca-Cola as a remedy for headaches. Back then, drug pushing was a multibillion dollar LEGAL operation. "Opium, cocaine, morphine and later heroin were advertised on the front pages of newspaperz and magazines as a cure for everything form syphilis to bad breath," writes Dufty.

The Coca-Cola addiction became the driving force, becoming a multimillion dollar business in the South. In the 1890s, Coca-Cola was advertised as "A Wonderful Nerve and Brain Tonic and Remarkable Therapeutic Agent." In 1906, after the passing of the first Pure Food and Drug Law, the federal government took a look into this liquid "Coke" phenomenon. The Bureau of Chemistry of the US. Department of Agriculture analyzed the drink and brought charges against Coca-Cola, charging misbranding against the manufacturerz and dealerz.

The main cat behind this was the BOC (The Bureau of Chemistry) founder and chief, Dr. Harvey W. Wiley, who later wrote how Coca-Cola got around the indictment:

"Those who adulterated our food and drugs foresaw that if they could cripple the activities of the Bureau of Chemistry, they could save themselves from indictments. They proceeded with successful lines to effect this paralysis."

None of the higher authorities in government would co-sign the BOC's findingz. Finally, the Bureau was order to override Wiley's case and cease and desist in its activities in trying to get Coca-Cola to the court system. How did this happen?

Well, a newspaper owner from Atlanta, Mr. Seely, came to Washington to ask Wiley why he was pressing criminal charges against the manufacturerz of ketchup and string beanz yet was layin' off Coca-Cola. He showed Seely the orderz from the secretary of Agriculture and Seely shot right over to the secretary's office to beef. He threatened to publicize all the gory detailz in his paper unless the secretary recalled the order. After a lil' pressure, Wiley was allowed to continue his prosecution. But here's the catch, publicly the DOA (Department of Agriculture) gave the go-ahead to prosecute because they had no choice. But on the private tip, they did every dirty and mischievous deed they could to derail Wiley's case.

Wiley wanted to try the case at Coca-Cola's bottling headquarterz, Chattanooga, Tennessee. After a hot-contested trial, the attorneyz of Coca-Cola moved to dismiss the case on a mere technicality, citing caffeine, the deadliest substance in the drink, was not an added substance under the law because it was part of the original formula. The judge granted the dismissal and Wiley tried it on the Supreme Court level. The Supreme Court gave them static, citing that caffeine was an added substance and that Coca-Cola was a descriptive and not a distinctive name. Coca-Cola was in deep -ish! What Coca-Cola undertook to do behind the scenes to save its corporate life, we can only surmise. When brought back into court in Chattanooga in 1917, Coca-Cola pleaded no contest.

Check what their sentence was... The company was ordered to pay all costs of the suit and the forty barrelz and twenty kegz of the drink that were seized from them, given back with the provision that they cannot sell or dispose of it outside of its founding state, Georgia. In addition, the judge added a safety valve clause: "...Judgement of forfeiture shall not be binding up on the said Coca-Cola Company or it's product except as to this cause, and the particular goods seized herein..." Say what?!!? We all know how YT likes to use tricknology and the English language can be one of the most at tymz. So, here's the DGT translation: in other wordz, this noodle-back, paid-off judge tellz Coca-Cola they can't sell the forty barrelz and twenty kegz of Cola that were seized before the trial in no other state than Georgia, BUT were free to go ahead and sell OTHER barrelz and kegz in states in and outside of Georgia! What a mind fuck!!

Yearz later, Wiley reflects:

"...Owing to a lack of these proceedings, the Coca-Cola Company has its stock now listed on the New York Stock Exchange. Its sales have been enormously increased, invading the North, as they previously invaded the South. The effect of drinking caffeine on an empty stomach and in a free state are far more dangerous than drinking an equal quantity of caffeine wrapped up with tannic acid in tea and coffee. The threat to health and happiness of our people is reaching far greater proportions due to this expansion of trade. The governors of the New York Exchange have admitted the stock of the Coca-Cola Company, the products of which have been condemned by a United States court as both adulterated and misbranded."

In part 3, I will get into the connection white sugar has to diabetes, the "Natural Ingredient" scam and how the FDA is aware that hedz are tryin' to make more conscious decisionz of what they eat and how they know if everyone became aware, the number of lawsuits would bury them for generationz! So, as with any war tactic, a cloned imposter was created... Aspartame! Lastly, I will introduce some therapeutic remedies you can use to eliminate the addiction white sugar has as well as how diabetics can rid themselves of insulin entirely!

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