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(released 2013)

No people can flourish without a recalled past...
xxxxxx— Makeda, written by Randall Robinson

Back in 1993, A Tribe Called Quest released their third album, Midnight Marauders (ironically the same year I started DGT). Obviously the first thing I saw when I got the CD were all the personalities who were the faces of Hiphop at that time. I saw it as ATCQ paying homage to their fellow comradz. That album cover stuck with me all these yearz, and as we embark on DGTs 20th Anniversary (April 10, 2013), I was cryptically reminded.

As a continuous student of 'Knowledge of Self', humility is a constant principle I strive to practice and honor. With that said, it is important anyone who answerz the call of preserving the history of Afrikan people be it for themselves, their family and/or the Collective Diaspora, establishing a constant relationship with those whose shoulderz we stand on is a prerequisite—alive and transitioned! After all, what we learn comes from somebody!

Respecting our teacherz not only gives credit to what you share, it continues the lifespan of those who did so much for us in their time for us to know what we know today! That's why you hear KRS-One sayin' "We will be here forever," when you logon to

We at DGT proudly honor the works of our Afrikan Scholarz, for their contributionz enable us to know who we are and where we're going. Ase'!

So take a moment, download this FREE dope poster created by Nebulution Studios, and reflect on the works of our transitioned and living Ancestorz who've given the ultimate sacrifice: reclaiming Ourstory so that we may live our true life's purpose:

*Marcus Garvey *George G.M. James *J.A. Rogers
*Chancellor Williams *John G. Jackson *John Henrik Clarke
*Cheikh Anta Diop *George Padmore *Frantz Fanon
*Kwame Nkrumah *Ishakamusa Barashango *Del Jones
*Sonny Carson *Amos Wilson *Ivan Van Sertima
*Asa Hilliard *Bobby E. Wright *Steve Cokely
*Listervelt Middleton *Khalid Muhammad *Edward Wilmot Blyden
*Steve Cokely Yosef ben-Jochannan Anthony Browder
Mwalimu Baruti Wayne Chandler Francess Cress-Welsing
KRS-One Llaila O. Afrika Jewel Pookrum
Neely Fuller, Jr. Runoko Rashidi Charles Finch
Eraka Rouzorondu Ayi Kwei Armah Marimba Ani
Ashra & Meri Ra Kwesi   * = Deceased

In the spirit of their works, read my piece, 'I Am the Future of Black Media'

Each One Teach One MANY!


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