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(written 2008)

When asked to name some of the worldz most notable protectorz of peace, the pope usually is in the top 10. And why? Because the roman catholic church (RCC) have been one of the hardst working hedz who’ve masterfully concealed the worldz greatest of conspiracies as they've convinced more than 95% of the world that they are 'saints' and they’ve used religion to keep the masses in ignorance of the true role they play in history for centuries!

Many are unaware of the nearly 1000-year connection they have with the beef between the Arabic ‘Hassassinz’ — the origin of todayz 'assassin' — and the Knights Templar aka The (King Arthur) Knights of the Round Table aka the Knights Hospitalerz, dating back to 1119AD; a not so friendly feud that physically re-ignited September 11, 2001 with the bombingz of the World Trade Center and alleged attack at the Pentagon — not sayin' it was muslem arabz behind the attack. See my lecture DVD on 9/11).

It was these Knights that fought muslemz over stolen land they themselves stole, as well as protecting the church of their wealthy possessionz they amassed from the RCCs global pirating conquest. The church professes the belief in "god" even though its been argued by many that several memberz of this clergy (clan)—dating back to Galileo, don't even believe in "god"!

What's worse is that they want you to believe in a mystery god for good reason! If the masses embraced science (nature) instead, the church — self-proclaimerz as the sole vessel through which wo/man can understand 'god' — would lose their power, WEALTH and influence on the world!

The wealth of the RCC is the greatest in the world with all their (stolen) real estate, the paintingz and sculptures, priceless artifacts, stock, gold, carz, jets and helicopterz, not to mention the untaxed millionz, probably billionz they receive in tithes. Although it’s hard to get an exact figure, in 2001, the Vatican was valued at nearly $425 BILLION!!

Avro Manhattan wrote an article a decade ago entitled, ‘The Vatican Billions’, stating their large investments with the Rothschild's of Britain, JP. Morgan and Rockefeller’s Chase-Manhattan Bank, Shell and Gulf oil, General Motors, General Electric, plus more amounting to more than $500 million of U.S. interests alone — and this was 10 yearz ago!

The RCC make the best of the worldz elite prowlerz because they have somethin' higher than diplomatic immunity, using a mystery god as their shield against truth seekerz and the lead spokesman for them bein’ the Pope. Here are a few thingz they wish you not to know:

• In 1306AD, Pope Clement V headed a bloody christian crusade against the world stealing land via torture, slavery, genocide and organized crime. In 1454, 10 yearz after the first Afrikanz were stolen and sold into slavery by the Portuguese, Pope Eugenius IV gave the churches blessing of the slave trade.

• There are pictures of Pope John Paul II kissing the feet of an Afrikan-featured version of the Black Madonna (a carbon copy of Aset, erroneously called Isis) in a basement under the Vatican, the same building he holdz his annual Easter Sunday sermon in front of a stolen Tekhen at St. Peters Square [Watch my Video Article, 'Secret in the City' on DGTv].

• The limestone that once protected the outer layer of the pyramidz of ancient Kemet was stripped and used to build the majority of churches standing today in Rome—as well as 13 stolen tekhenw (plural).

Have you seen Pope Benedict XVI's Coat of Armz? The latest Pope (Benedict XVI) certainly echoes the wicked attributes of his fore-brethren. A Coat of Armz is a shield that holdz distinctive symbolz giving honor and power to a person, family, corporation of country.

Among the many interesting thingz about Benedict's shield, two really stand out. First, since the dayz of Pope Benedict XV (1914-1922), his is the first with a human being on it. And (2), the color of this being is an Afrikan (or Moor) wearing a crown!!

Designed by Andrea Cordero Lanza di Montezemolo, Archpriest of the Basilica of St. Paul-Outside-the-Walls. It incorporates two symbols from the arm of the Pope's former diocese of Munich-Freising. (The bear and the moorz head) It also uses the escallop shell that the Pope chose as part of his coat of armz when made a bishop. They have been re-arranged on the shield. The correct emblem of the Papal office (the tiara) has been erroneously discarded here in favor of a mitre that still suggests the three crowns. As another innovation the pallium is included. A rather pathetic attempt at communicating ecclesiology in pictorial form. That is not the function of heraldry.

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