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(written 2003)

The body's biochemistry (ration of nutrients and hormones) changes for each mood, behavior, state of wellness and disease. The biochemistry has to be flexible and adapt to changes inside the body and outside the body. This is similar to a tree branch being blow away by the wind. If the branch does not adapt to the wind by bending with the wind then it will break. It has to adapt its biochemistry or it will break (ie. become disease). The body's normal biochemical changes are called the circadian rhythm.

The circadian rhythm is regulated by melanin (gives Black folks skin dark brown color). The melanin derived hormone serotonin is high during the day while the melatonin hormone is high at night. In fact, between 8 and 11pm, serotonin is low and melatonin is high resulting in drowsiness and sleep. The energy output is low and starts to increase between 7-9am resulting in more deaths between 7-9am. Between 4-6pm the sense of taste and smell increases. Short-term memory is high in the morning and long-term memory ability is high in the afternoon. In the morning, between 9-11am, anxiety and pain sensation is decreased which can mean it's best to make important decisions in the morning. In men, the testerone sex hormone decreases between the ages 50-60 years old which can cause a decrease in talking, while in women, testerone increases which can cause an increase in talking, assertiveness and a slight decrease in voice quality (deeper voice).

The circadian rhythm causes a change in biochemistry as well as your mood, thoughts, behavior and outside psychosocial responses. For example, when you are stressed, the testerone sex hormone is high, serotonin nerve transmitting hormone (neurotransmitter) is high, calcium absorption is high, pH (balance) is acidic, insulin hormone is high, the use of water-soluble vitamins (vitamin C etc.) is high, the eye's pupils become wider, the small hair on the back slightly becomes erect, the sense of hearing increases, the sense of tastes decreases, there is a decrease in blood circulating to the sex organs, digestive organs, kidneys and skin blood decreases, short-term memory increase, emotional control decreases, blood pressure increases, immunity decreases, the sense of smell increases, the growth of new cells decreases, dead cells increase, bacteria increase, flora (fungus, yeast) increase, the desire to fight or run away (sympathetic response) increases etc.

The stressor that causes the above biochemical changes can be emotional, physical, spiritual, real or imagined thoughts or white supremacy (white racism) or the side effects of slavery, trauma. The body's total biochemistry changes when you are stressed. Stress causes the body to be acid while calm or happy moods causes the body to be alkaline. Only healthy organs and a holistic lifestyle can allow the biochemistry to switch from acid to alkaline easily. The natural foods diet has to be a diet that is adjusted for the stressor of being traumatized by white supremacy. In other words, a professional soccer player should not eat the diet of a professional chess player. Even if the chess player's diet is a natural whole foods diet, it will make the soccer player sick. The diet has to be relevant to the race, profession and culture of the person. A person cannot be healthy and culture-less or healthy and non-racial. Diets are specific for cultures and races.

Cultures and races have foods that they eat. A race attaches culture to food. For example, if a Chinese, Korean, Asian, Mexican or Italian leaves their country to live in another country they will send for their food. In other words, when Chinese people move to a European country (ie, Britain, USA, etc) they open a Chinese market and send for their culture's food. The Chinese cannot eat unless they see China on their plate of food. Their health is attached to culture. You cannot be healthy and culture-less.

African people must attach culture to food. Historically, African people ate only whole foods, no white sugar, no bleached wheat flour, no sodas, no fried foods, no yeast, no vinegar, no salted food, etc. In other words, junk food is not African food, junk food is European culture's food. Only a dysfunctional Black person finds pleasure in junk food and junk culture (European). A Black person that is off their African whole foods diets is off their culture. In other words to be off your diet is to be off your culture.

A dysfunctional Black person has dysfunctional emotional attachments to food. They eat pig feet because they subconsciously think it will help them run away from white racism. They eat chicken wings because they subconsciously think it will help them fly away from white racism. The Black women and men eat penis shaped chocolate candy bars because they subconsciously want to give oral sex pleasure to the white slave master. They eat food that is round shaped to symbolically represent the white woman's vagina. For example they eat, round pizzas that is a menstruating (tomatoes) vagina with semen (cheese), round donuts are vaginas coated with white sugar (semen) and donuts have semen (custard) or menstruation (red jelly) inside, and cheerios and lifesavers are vaginas that Negroes eat because they socially and sexually crave serving their white female slave mistress. White culture is attached to white folk's food. White folks (Europeans) take their food wherever they go. Where there are white folks there are hot dogs, chips, candy bars, sodas, cooked animal flesh, hamburgers, fried foods etc. White folks attach culture to food. And, there health condition is attached to their food and culture. Health is attached to food and culture.

European culture's food is based upon their races biochemistry and circadian rhythm. The white races rhythm is different from African rhythm. For example, when white folks try to dance to Black folks music, they are out of step, out of rhythm and out of their culture. African people's melanin gives them superior rhythm and a unique biochemistry. An African that eat white folks junk food is out of circadian rhythm and out of their culture and out of their minds(dysfunctional). Junk food causes a biochemical stress reaction in the body resulting in diseases of the reproductive organs, lungs, circulation, digestive system (ie, diabetes), colon cancer and weak immunity. Junk food alters the circadian rhythm and hampers or destroys the ability to be Black. White folks junk food gives Black folks a white undernutrition program. And, you can never access Black intelligence with a white program (ie. education, diet, lifestyle).

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