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Saint: (Middle English, from Old French, form Latin Sanctus, sacred from past participle of sancire, to sanctify, consecrate.)

Valentine: A Roman Christian martyr of the third century A.D.

From the American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language; Saint Valentine is the name of a Roman Christian Martyr who was killed during the reign of Claudius II Gothicus (originally Marcus Autclius Cladius, born May, 214 A.D., in Dardania, Upper Moesia, died 270 A.D., Sirmium, Modern Stremska Mitrovica, Yugos.) Claudius II fervently opposed the marriage of young men. His palace was filled with corruption, similar to the transgressions of Sodom and Gomorrah. Orgies were frequently performed, homosexuality was encouraged and enforced, while chastity was condemned. As a result, Cladius II suffered from a diseased body filled with sores due to his abnormal sexual tendencies and uncleanliness (syphilis, notice how White Historians try and blame the **Native Americans for giving the world Syphillis.)

The Christian Martyr Valentine has been portrayed, according to various accounts, as a Roman priest and a bishop of small province in Rome. However, the priest and bishop seem to be the same man. He secretly married young couples, thus breaking the law of the land set by Claudius II. He believed that he was inspired by the so-called angel Cupid (fictitious character used to symbolize love, which again relates to pagan idolatry) to rebel against Claudius II's tyrant rule. After Claudius II found out about the secret marriages, there was a massive search for all this who participated. Once the new grooms were found, they were castrated and their hearts where cut out. These hearts were sent to each of their brides in a box. Valentine was beaten by clubs and later beheaded on February 14th, during the last years of Claudius II's reign. Valentine's heart was also cut out, then cooked and eaten by Claudius II.

On the eve of his execution, Valentine sent a note to the jailer's daughter who had befriended him. In it he thanked her for her care and kindness and signed it" "Your Valentine". Thus was born the modern pagan practice of exchanging similar notes to special Valentines on February 14th. Since Valentine was a member of the church, it was decided in 490 A.D., by Pope Gelatius that February 14th should be dedicated to this so-called Christian martyr.


Native Americanz are mistakenly called 'Indianz' who from here on will be referred to as 'Redmen'. the question of 'native' is also under scrutiny because of over- whelming evidence the first Chiefs were Afrikan. Afrikanz interaction with the Redman began well before whitefolk brought kidnapped Afrikanz to the Americas. there were many free Afrikanz that reached the shores as traderz and settlerz long before YT arrived. Afrikanz not only came before Columbus and Clovis (an agricultural city in new mexico dated 11,000 yearz ago), they were in the Americans far before any other group, at least 60,000 yearz ago—also well before the Vikings! They left structures above and below the waves in far away places in North america. in 1975, two Afrikan skeletons were found in the U.S. Virgin Islandz. One wore a pre-Columbian indian wrist band dated around 1250AD. In academic, this fact forbidden to be shared. Researcherz who dared to bring out these findz going against the accepted history were intimidated, funding terminated and in some cases careerz put in jeopardy. Read Dr. David Imhotep's, 'The First Americans were Africans' and 'Africans and Native Americans: the Language of Race and the Evolution of Red-Black Peoples' by Jack D. Forbes.
— M'Bwebe Ishangi from 'Urban Unrest: Afrikan Burial Ground - Remnants of Slavery in New York'

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