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“You so poor, you don’t have a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of!


Heard this before? It has an origin. The etymology of this phrase is before the industrial revolution that brought us electricity, heat from the furnace, and running water. There was no sanitation plumbing so when one needed to relieve him or her self they would go in a bucket or pot and then it was taken somewhere away from the house and thrown out. This was the standard way for folks who were considered “well off” during those days.


When we review the lifestyle of the Black experience in America and how poverty has been synonymous, we didn’t have the luxury of having a pot, thus, the saying, “You so poor, you don’t have a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of!”


Blackfolk in America don't realize the reason we are the most consumptive race on the planet is because of our lack in understanding money. It’s the main reason we collectively don’t have a pot to piss in.


When our Ancestors were freed from slavery, we had a total collective amount of 0.5% of the nations wealth. Today, in the year 2020—150+ years later—we've amassed just a half of a percent increase, or 1% of the nations wealth. Why? With the tenacious $1.4 trillion purchasing power, we are still 99% consumer, 1% producer. We have no wealth to transfer to our (and keep) in our communities because the topic of financial literacy is taboo.


Author, M'Bwebe Ishangi explores the cryptic (or hidden) practices of wealth building shared by numerous wealthy families for over 200 years. Whereas before we weren't privy to the strategic conversation of using money as as tool to work for us instead of we working for it.


From the Rat Race psychosis we're trapped in, to the misconception of putting your life and retirement savings in volatile money markets like stocks, 401k's, and IRAs, to the practices of banking arbitrage exercised by the very institutions that have convinced us our monies are safest in their vaults, while they 10x our deposits with dividends kept to themselves, Ishangi shares the systemic ploy to convince the masses our monies are safest in the traditional money markets that have historically failed in his 5th book, 'A Pot to Piss In: Intergenerational Wealth Planning for Black People.'


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“If you don’t design your own life plan, chances are you’ll fall into someone else’s plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much."

Over 40% of American’s struggle to come up with $400 if there was an emergency. For it to be nearly half the citizens of this country, it has to been seen as alarming!  Why so many? Well when you realize the place we all attend the first 20 or so years of our lives—the educational system—systemically does not teach how to manage money, we can see why this is so.


We are not taught in school how to open a business, how to invest for immediate and retirement living, or even how to buy a car. This is by design! In today’s world, ignorance is bliss to the exploiter!


There is no emphasis on financial literacy because if we were literate, the system as we know it would not exist. There would be no upper and lower class. It would be more like the Utopia we imaged life to be where everyone is equally treated with little to no exploitation at all. Today’s world feeds on ignorance. The rich need the poor for without, there’d be no profit to create. They’d be just like everyone else.


So our predicament is not totally ours to blame, BUT, what you do moving forward will be. If you take stock in where you are financially now and you’re not satisfied—or worse, don’t feel safe in your retirement—if you haven’t done anything to address this, you really can't be upset about the outcome. Which is the reason I decided to write this book. We simply haven’t been taught how and this is by design. For too long we haven’t had a pot to piss in. Now we do!



Commecial #1: Dollars-Circulate

Inner-vew with Brotha Insight - Aug. 17, 2020

“If people understood how the economic system works, there’d be a revolution in a minute.”

— Henry Ford


What folks are saying...

Let’s support this brother who knows the financial game set up against Black people. Learn about the financial game used against people of color, that is still being played today. This book will get you angry enough to no longer be the low hanging GMO fruit they designed. Let’s instead  plant the seeds of financial wisdom our offspring look for us to nurture...

— P.James, NC


If you're looking for a way to both leave the rat race and retire well before 65 with little to no debt, this is the book you need to get!

— B.Jackson, Miami, FL


This book is DEEEP! I never knew the systemic racism behind banking! Even more, I didn't know I could participate in wealth planning because the power in using money was never fully explained to me... UNTIL NOW!

— Alicia M, Oakland, CA


Wow! Just WOW! Always been intimidated to learn about money but Bro. Ishangi made it easy. I bought several copies for my family and friends because I know if I lent my copy out I would never see it again!

— Catherine F., Washington, DC


After reading this EPIC book, for the first time in my life I'm excited what my financial world will look like in the coming months!

— Daryl J., Union, NJ


Never have I read a book that delivers history AND solutions! The history drives home the purpose of learning how to create wealth for our families!

— Aisha P., Harlem, NY


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