“It is said that it only takes two willfully ignorant generations for a people to completely lose their way.”
— Mwalmu Baruti

Let’s ask ourselves, how do we know what we know of humankindz historical eras — that being started with the Nile Valley Civilizationz of Kush and Kemet? Writing. Despite colonializmz intense effort to erase our past, had our Ancestorz not literally written thingz in stone, we might not even know they existed!

And although ancient relics like the Mirw (pyramidz) and Her Em Akhet (the sphinx) are two "Wonderz of the World" with inscriptionz from our Ancestorz on or inside the wallz, the rise of non-Afrikan religious folk who wish to demolish these symbolz of our past put the future of preserving our story in jeopardy.

Have we lost our way? Not entirely, but are we losing our way? Let's just say you look at it two wayz:

1) We're either on a continued integenerational spiraling down slope, or

2) We are at the beginning of an upward swing

Baruti also stated,

“For those who define warrior hood from an Afrikan center, means there is only one truth, one vision, one thought — the full, unqualified liberation and empowerment of Afrikan people on planet Earth, now and forever.”

Finding this daily quote from Baba Baruti’s book, ‘Nyansasem: A Calendar of Revolutionary Daily Thoughts’ speaks the sole purpose of DGTs (Da Ghetto Tymz magazine) inception—especially with this being our 25th year in existence—to be unapologetic in our stance in the need for the Afrikan Diaspora to have a countering and historical relevant as well as truthful stance on our experience exclusively to us and no one else... in the field of media.

I am humbly proud to say, that for twenty-five yearz, we’ve dispersed ideas and values strictly for the betterment of Afrikan Diasporic people as we continue the reclamation process of our precolonial identity.

I emphasize "media" and also ajoin  the term "multi" as todayz world operates on TMZ and Bossip's standardz of what's considered relevant info to no longer speak at the water cooler or the dinner table about, but to be scrolling through your social media feedz on your phone.

We live in an era where there is over saturation of the same type of media with none of its intent to uplift or promote something positive. And as one who's persistently published historical and mental, physical, and spiritual content one year shy of two-and-a-half decades, I fear "folks like us" are fewer than when I began in 1993. But as the Djhuitic Principle teaches, there is a rhythmic pattern; it just so happenz at this phase we appear to be at an decline otherz may say "a pause".

But it is not something to feel down about and I am giving thanks to you for keeping your interest in alternative thought the likes we've dispersed in DGT through the yearz.

Twenty-five yearz ago I launched the premiere issue of Da Ghetto Tymz magazine mainly because the media outlets we had were, in my opinion, not speaking nor had an intent in educating us. They were instead morphing us into the burnt sticky undesirable-but-needed coating for the rest of this melting pot stew to taste so white—I mean so good!

Now more than ever is there a need for new vanguardz of Our-story. In the past two yearz, we've had two of our greatest and latest giants transition in now Ances-Starz Dr. Yosef ben-Jochannan (March 19, 2015) and Dr. Cress-Welsings (January 2, 2016) as the Dr. Finch, Nana Sekhmet Newton and Anthony Browder's assume position, so must ensuing generationz make the preservation of our history of major importance!

Many of you who've supported us at DGT over the yearz are in alignment, as I aspire to be for the next wave. But as we prepare, our strategy faces a greater challenge. Although the internet has allowed instant global access, so have the flood gates of satirical nonsense nearly swallowing every ounce of space in its path and with it, so have our collective attention span making the time one must commit to study a serious task as I noted in my piece, 'When Knowledge Became Kryptonite'.

The challenge is, how do we make Knowledge of Self popular amongst mainly the youth? Do we dust off the old Afrikan Black medallionz or instead sharpen our writing and orating skillz while learning HTML5 code, After Effects and Premiere to repurpose the same thingz that made us luv our Ancestry so in a new and innovate way?

This is what you I aim for you to see from DGT over our next twenty four yearz, and as alwayz, we welcome those who wanna rock with, alongside, in the front of and yes, continue to back us!

Humble thanks for your yearz of interest, and support in DGT. I hope to continue being a worthy source of your mental and spiritual development, "From '93 'til infinity…"

"We will be here forever..."
     – KRS-One

Abibifahodie (Afrikan Liberation),


M'Bwebe Aja Ishangi
Founder & Creator
Da Ghetto Tymz magazine | DGTv: Conscious Webvision
***Celebrating 25 Yearz: 1993-2018***
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In 1993, Da Ghetto Tymz magazineDGT for short, was created by M'Bwebe Aja Ishangi; an Afrikan-centered publication that shares the Historical, Health, and Spiritual experience of Afrikan people. DGT also serves as an outlet to address the ever-increasing muted voice of a generationz cultural and spiritual position unknowingly at the onset of the virtual revolution, the internet.

Ishangi, a 1970s baby, comes from a generation that embodies the identity of a hybrid if you will: integrated into the post Civil Rights era, yet not far removed from the Black Power movement. As he humbly ascendz to the rank of Elder, he acknowledges Black America's voice in media still findz itself at the bottom due mainly to the resignation of our own media—thanks large in part to Integration.

M'Bwebe recognized this need, and soon the accessibility the world wide web could offer. The internet provided a new opportunity to engage, one providing direct entry to mass appeal without having to go through the traditional filter of "elite acceptance". From this DaGhettoTymz.com was additionally created. DGTv soon followed in 2005.


  • April 10, 1993 — Da Ghetto Tymz magazine starts
  • January 1995 — DaGhettoTymz.com debuts on the internet
  • April 10, 2003 — 100th issue of Da Ghetto Tymz magazine printed
  • February 2006 — DGTv: Conscious Webvision debuts
  • April 10, 2013 — Da Ghetto Tymz' 20th Anniversary
  • April 10, 2017 — Da Ghetto Tymz' 24th Anniversary
  • April 10, 2018 — Da Ghetto Tymz' 25th Anniversary

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