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(written circa 2011)

This is a true testament of how YTs media cartel in the United States conspire to keep info that can have a global effect in a positive way, away from their tvs, newspaperz, and magazines! After this piece, I think we can all be clear the white-owned media outlets are doing their best to ignore anything good our people do around the world in particular, in Afrika.

For most here in America, if you haven't been to Dakar, Senegal in the past year, you might not even know something monumental happened on April 4th, 2010 Senegalz "National Day", commemorating the 50th anniversary of the country's independence from France; an era where Afrika "freed itself from several centuries of imprisonment in the abyssal depths of ignorance, intolerance and racizm," as said by Senegalese president Abdoulaye Wade. Standing perched on a hill at 160-feet and can be seen for miles, a statue standz erect symbolizing a declaration of Afrikan greatness, the African Renaissance Monument. Outside of Asia and the former Soviet Union, it is the the worldz tallest statue and just so happenz to be larger than the United States' Statue of Liberty.

The African Renaissance Monument was designed by Senegalese artist Pierre Goudiaby and engineered in North Korea by Mansudae Overseas Project Group of Companies, costing $28million. The project was launched by President Wade who's held a firm stance on the idea of providing monuments that appeal to the ideology of self worth, leading to the declaration of a new era of a revived Afrika and its people. Wade wants us to look ahead, "asking all Afrikanz to move forward for the sake of their children," sayz Dakar guide Pape Ndiaye.

Make no mistake about it, the brother seemz to be diligent in his purpose to link Senegal to America (I would hope more precisely, Afrikanz to American-Afrikanz including the rest of the Diaspora in the west). The need for Afrikan people to unite globally is at hand, and this statue serves a metaphor of it.

This past February a conference was held in Dakar entitled, "Detroit to Dakar", where they discussed the social injustices and similarities of the two cities. The year before, the conference was in Detroit.

Nineteen Afrikan heads of state attended the unveiling of the monument April 3, 2010, including Afrikan presidents of Benin, Cape Verde, Republic of Congo, Ivory Coast, Gambia, Liberia, Mali, Mauritania and Zimbabwe. Additionally, a delegation of 100 American-Afrikanz attended the ceremony (unfortunately two of them were the Boule's own, Jesse Jackson, and 'groping-teenagerz-on-stage'/entertainer, Akon.

President of Malawi and the African Union, Bingu wa Mutharika stated, "This monument does not belong to Senegal. It belongs to the African people wherever we are."

[SIDEBAR: If you read the piece, IZ Islam 4 Afrikanz, in my cyber debate the "culture-bandits" (phrase coined by our Ancestor/historian, Del Jones) who are now trying to take over Dakar. On a street named the Boulevard General Charles De Gaulle, Dakarz main street, is now called 'Chinatown'?!!? This is the same strip the annual Afrikan Independence Day parade takes place! Asianz contribute NOTHING to the suffering Senegalese economy. Come to think of it, take a look at our local asian restaurant, weave shops, and dry cleanerz; do they contribute to the local community here in hood?! They emphatically do not contribute to the Afrikan community in any way! They do what every other ethnicity does to us, they take our Black dollarz to their communities; yet we still wanna sit by and think our Ancestorz were somehow asiatic; an enormous insult to our Ancestorz!]

Wade subsequently felt that the Goree (Island) Memorial, our historical memory of the dark era of slavery, should be crowned with a monument turned towards the future. The African Renaissance Monument is made of 3-centimeter thick copper sheets and depicts a family group emerging from a volcano-like mountaintop. A full-length statue of a young Afrikan woman, her Afrikan husband who holdz overhead on his raised left arm, their child resolutely pointing west towardz the sea in the west. The site of it is spine-tingling!

This project was not immune to backlash. Local muslimz beefed because of the way the Afrikan woman is dressed, as well as some opposition from local politicianz. With half the current Senegalese population living below the poverty line, they felt the money should be focused on the anemic economy instead. And although in most cases I would agree, I feel the statue has an enduring effect; one that will encourage the Afrikan Diaspora to turn our attention inward, toward ourselves to liberate ourselves from the lasting viral effect of global white supremacy/colonializm.

According to a PDF version of their pamphlet entitled 'African Renaissance Monument Origin History Significance' I found, this monument didn't cost anything from the people of Senegal. In fact, they turned a profit and are projected to continue reaping revenue in the coming yearz. It was build in exchange for land evaluated to two tymz the original price which meanz the State yieldz a profit. Feel free to download and familiarize yourself with this colossal structure.

If you've read my piece, Who's Liberty, you're familiar with the history of this figurine that falsely depicts freedom using the features of a white woman.
The research behind the story of this statue points out the original draft was actually an Afrikan woman! According to writer, Jack Felder, the original Statue of Liberty was to be dedicated to the liberation of the Afrikan slaves recently freed in 1865! He also reported that the original model had broken chainz of slavery at her feet and in her hand, as well as having blatant Afrikan-featured face.

Frederic-Auguste Bartholdi was a young sculptor who was a true believer in the freedom of man and woman. At 19, he opened his own sculpture studio in Paris. He drew his inspiration from ancient sources, most notably from ancient Kemet, a land he visited in 1856 to view Her-Em-Akhet (erroneously called the Sphinx watch 'The Riddle of Her-Em-Akhet' on DGTv), the pyramidz and the giant granite statuary of Abu Simbel and Thebes. It was this man who was responsible for the development of this figurine.

This original model was presented to the American Committee on the Statue of Liberty. This committee thereafter denied the original model and demanded changes. The broken chainz in the left hand of the original model were removed and replaced with a tablet tucked into her folded arm and the Afrikan face was altered to have the features of a caucasian woman. On October 28, 1886, the revised model was erected and still standz today.

Of course, when newz of the African Renaissance Monument got out, it didn't go over well with whitefolk. On March 18, 2011, it was reported Republicanz in Congress wanted to suddenly cut foreign aid; with the African Renaissance Monument practically singled-out.

Republican, Ed Royce, asked why the Millennium Challenge Corp. had awarded $540 million to Senegal citing beef with it being manufactured in what he called "Communist" North Korea. "Our US taxpayerz put money into Senegal and that frees up money for this kind of an operation," he stated. Millennium Challenge Corp. CEO Daniel Yohannes concurred, "In termz of the statue, those thingz happen. We're not happy about it."

Fortunately, it's too late, for today it standz erect and shall stay unless YT tries another Black WallStreet and drop bombz on it. If not that, knowin' YT, they're probably planning to put a pair of stiletto's on ol' Lady Liberty just to get the height advantage back!

For Afrikanz abroad, it is a call to armz; a summonz, if you will, to take a course of action. That action being self-reliance and accountability.

DGT triple salutes the construct of the African Renaissance Monument. Now, Dakar, mainly known for the dreadful 'Doorz of No Return' of Goree Island an area that sits under a mile away from the African Renaissance Monument where our enslaved Ancestorz walked through never to see Afrika again as they began the inhumane trek of the Maangamizi (Atlantic Slave Trade) to the west has this enormous Afrikan trinity pointing the way to a more hopeful and greater future.


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• Great read family. I wish we could have gotten President Wade to have married a sista instead of a white woman. Considering over 95% of the women are Black Afrikans....SMH. But none the less I still love the statute. And a lot of people are mad about the womans hair and clothes. And I say u can't please everybody. I look at it as a modern day Holy Trinity....
xxxxxxxxxxPosted by Dealow Morgan via Facebook on Monday, February 6, 2012 at 11:14 AM

• I feel so privileged to have found this story...I have posted this story on FACEBOOK, with hopes that this will stur us up to realize that all of us, where ever we are, need to come together as one. THANK YOU
xxxxxxxxxxPosted by Charlene Walker ( on Wednesday, August 3, 2011 at 11:41 AM

• Thank you for sharing this important information, I shall pass it on! The article was a great piece to digest in my mind this morning. It is always good to learn new positive information about our people coming back together as ONE!
xxxxxxxxxxPosted by Aleda Allen ( on Wednesday, April 27, 2011 at 12:09 PM

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