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[UPDATED 08.26.07]
The transformation of the physical back to the non-physical (some call it 'death) happenz to us all. That is why it is important to do your life's work while you're here. We at DGT express our condolences to the Hilliard family for the recent passing of Asa Hilliard (August 22, 1933 — August 13, 2007). Although we have had reported and undisclosed conversationz with Asa and an unmentioned family member of the yearz regarding his involvement in the Boule' (aka Sigma Pi Phi). We both recognize and are in debt to the great contributionz he made to Ourstory. For that, we are grateful.

But I must also point out the unfortunate side of Asa's admitted membership to the Boule'. His reluctance to neither explain nor reveal the reasonz for his association left us without answerz about the Boule' that could explain why an Afrikan-centered historian such as he would remain a member of this now known bastard offspring of the racist Skull&Bones secret society.

Because he left this earth revealing no secrets of the Boule', he put himself in the same company as Carter G. Woodson and WEB DuBois rather than the self-sacrificial choice of author of Stolen Legacy, George GM. James who revealed the history of masonry, greece and its role in altering Afrikan history to seem of european ancestry KNOWIN' it would cost his life. So for that, we are disappointed the Afrikan Nation will have to continue to wait until a 'spook' inside the Boule' elite sect decides to come forward.

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Asa Hilliard is not a sellout! Or was he?

Many people walk through life riding the fence choosing whatever side when it is to their benefit. This happenz a lot not only on personal levelz but also with our so-called leaderz. The people that surround these chameleonz unknowingly serve as a buffer because they choose not to correct them. So not only does this dampen the direction these leaderz are supposed to lead the people in, it creates an even greater dependency and eventual immunity from doing any wrong because the people refuse to step up and challenge this now deified God. This can be seen when we speak of King Solomon and even Elijah Muhammad.

As Historian, Ashra Kwesi sayz, "The enemy has become our deity!" This case is no different. On December 6, 2000, Africentric scholar, Asa Hilliard was in Harlem speaking about the need for a more structured stance on Pan-Afrikanizm. Through our studies of the Boule', aka Sigma Pi Phi — America's oldest fraternity of elite negroes, founded May 15, 1904 — we are aware that this organizationz principle founding was to be a black version of the notorious Skull&Bones secret society.

Now it doesn't take an rocket scientist to realize that if a group of negroes who want to create a secret society based on values of white supremacist's, what kind of mindset of self-hate these negroes possessed! Logic will tell you they are ANTI-Afrikan or better yet, anti-THEMSELVES! This is what the Boule' was founded on and is still today!

We at DGT weren't gonna allow Hilliard to address an all Pan-Afrikan audience on how to be more effective Pan-Afrikanz untested, so we came prepared to address this Psychologist publicly about his involvement and his answerz were expected, while still disappointing. I say disappointing because I am a HUGE student of his works! He studies helpe me fine tune my Afrikaness. But to find his name on the Boule's national roster—the 10th chapter, Kappa out of Atlanta, GA, I was puzzled in confusion. What on earth would possess him to be an active member?

My humble request to the Ancestorz that evening was that I be given a chance to address him after he did his presentation during the Q&A session. The opportunity didn't present itself, so I was left to see if I could steal a few moments after his presentation. I waited patiently, watchin' several Afrikanz applaud his works. After the last one, I moved into position.

"Asa," I said sternly as he shook my hand (I held tight to his, in case he tried to walk away as I questioned him. "I wanted to know if you were still an active member in the Boule'," cutting right to the chase. He suddenly looked shocked, backing up a bit and said, "Well yeah, but all that stuff that was said about us is not true." He suddenly looked as though he was trying' to find a way out. Quickly sounding like a politician, he replied, "I don t know everything THEY'RE doing I just attend certain functions. We mainly throw banquets and social get togethers. I don't know anything else."

I pressed on for him to explain why he would be involved with an organization with such allegationz. He replied he didn't know much because he only attended certain meetingz and suddenly started to separate himself by saying 'them' and 'they' as I followed him as he tried walking away.

Now he painting himself as some sort of limited member with access to only certain info and benefits. Is this an act of honesty? Common sense would tell you that a person with such a reputation both in the Afrikan community and his profession of Psychology must have some intelligence enough to know whether or not to not join an organization he knew little of. The Boule' is too big! As well, I'm sure they wouldn't allow a part-timer as a member either!

Realizing he would not divulge any more, I then asked if he would be willing to set the record straight about the Boule' and their wrong doing, he replied, "I don't know nothing . I told you everything I know. If THEY are doin somethin , then GOOD FOR THEM. I only go to certain meetings. But if you know of something I should know, then we should talk!" I looked at him like, "WTF?! You don t even have the cahoonahz to back em up?!"

This is what I mean by ridin the fence! He admits he s a member, but only has limited info on what they're about. Are these the actionz of an man who's totally honest with those who support him or someone coverin' somethin up? Either way, in the least, the verdict is Guilty by Association!

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• I am disappointed to read your scurrilous comments on Dr. Asa Hilliard's involvement in a fraternity of his choosing. You sound like ol'Massa, trying to dictate to this brother what he can and can not do. Who are you? You say he is guilty by association, and you, are you without guilt? I think not, for your niggardly assertions and recriminations of a brother's legacy of freedom to his brother's and sister's throughout the Diaspora. I would say you are guilty as sin, and definetly warrant reproachment from afro people's the world for your dastardly deed of (1) Insulting the Dead, (2) Making unmitigated and false allegations that can bear no scrutiny due to the accused being deceased, (3) coming off like a pompous imperialist in speech, and message. What, I ask, have you contributed on his scale? And mind you, I only ask because you hit out at Dr. Hilliard when he can not defend himself, not that he needs any defending from you.

I know Dr. Hilliard personally, and worked in his office as a student aid, and never have I known a more generous human being, forthright and learned. How dare you try to besmirch his memory with your infantile outbursts of insipid, insufferable melancholic infused rantings and raves about something you are only recently privy to. You are but a driveling babe to Dr. Hilliard's galactic and widespread epiphanies of enlightenment that are even now being dispersed to people the world over, and that will take you a lifetime to comprehend. Moreover, you do not comprehend because like ol'Massa, you seek to divide us, to disinherit us of possibilities for truth while you seek to ride on Dr. Hilliard's coattails like a common usurper.

So what if he joined a fraternity that you find objectionable. Is not a man free to make his own way in life, so he can learn which way is up? Or down, in this case. So what, I ask again? Does that make him somehow less that the sum of all he tried to do to help enlighten Afro people? Guilt by association? There are numerous associations that you could be found profoundly guilty as I type this. For example, you ever watch reruns of Brady Bunch? Guilty!!! You ever watch the news, attend college, bath, eat apple pie? I could go on and on. Don't you see how irrelevant your argument is compared to the larger issues facing our generation, and folks who are hungry, and people of color who lack adequate housing and jobs. Why aren't you writing and calling folks about that? I don't see anything on your site about those issues.

Look, I do not disagree that one may question someone, but to stab at and to distort the message and legacy of Dr. Hilliard when he is not hear to rebuff your hybridly foolish claims, well, it stinks of hypocrisy, and a cowardice on your part. Why not use your site for the betterment of all peoples, to enlighten, and to engage, rather than malign peoples, any people. It is you who are guilty, of assigning your misconceptions and unguided ideology about what a black man should and should not do. Don't you realize that Dr. Hilliard would be very tired of having folks try and tell him what to do, who he can be, etc, etc… I became tired just reading your mantra. But all is not lost, and perhaps, you may see the error of your ways and begin to teach tolerance, peace, and hope. We can all agree to disagree without becoming purveyors of hate, bigotry, and oppression. Or, what do you think?
xxxxxxxxxxPosted by lynn peeples ( July 7, 2014 3:53pm

The nature of this article is simply an implication, questioning his role in america's first black fraternity. I have been researching Sigma Pi Phi since 1996 and learned in 1998 he was an ACTIVE member (note this was 9 yearz before he died). No, he was not obligated to tell me anything, but as a student AND follower of his work, to learn he aligned himself with an organization whose base is the emulation of a white supremacist organization (Skull&Bones), is unacceptable. As followerz of Pan-Afrikan history it simply makes no sense to be party to the same rapists, murdererz, and plagiarist of our people, land, culture, and spirituality. Maybe it's fine for you, but not at all for me!

As said, he was not obligated to tell me anything. But I was willing to give him this opportunity to explain his involvement on more than one occasion—yes, WHILE HE WAS STILL ALIVE so that trumps your ignorance of thinking I wrote this after he died. No, I confronted him merely to get his perspective. He had his moments (at least with me) to defend himself of which he chose not as detailed in the article.

The names you wish to call me is of no significance for it still does not erase him being an active member. (talk about being emotional. And it's interesting you acquaint the n-word when the word itself is associated with not using one's mind or "brain dead; revealz a lot of the person I'm speaking to). As well, whatever my guilts you wish for me to confess is also of no relevance for I am not a member of the Boule', nor ever trying to be. If you re-read my opening statement in the article, I conveyed a great deal of respect for his body of work while at the same time an even greater disappointment in his secrecy. Again, you may be fine with that. Me? There is no individual who should be pardoned when it comes to the countless Ancestorz who have and continue to be victimz of global white supremacy via secret societies, BGLOs, and the 10 Areas of People Activity Drs. Neely Fuller, Jr, Francess Cress-Welsing, and Bro Keidi Awadu speak of (Economics, Education, Entertainment, Health, Labor, Law, Politics, Religion, Sex, and War).

Giving these pardonz is the type of mentality that has us riding the fence. We did the same for Elijah Muhammad and his preying of young women who joined the nation later to be impregnated by him of which children he took care of, nor claimed—which led to the removal of Malcolm X from the nation and his eventual premature death. Same goes for Dr. York and his may fatherless children scattered around New York, Atlanta, and possibly everywhere in between. We thinks it's ok to "forgive" or even better, "not mention" the ill shit they did and concentrate only on the good. Well tell me then, how are the next leaderz of our people and even our individual families supposed to improve if they know there are thingz we're willing to allow? Not me...

I don't question his work; it's impeccable! I am a lover and student of his works; which makes it even more puzzling of his membership with the Boule'. Enlighten me, what "infantile outbursts of insipid, insufferable melancholic infused ratings and raves" did I present? If it's one thing I will never ever do, no matter how "great" a wo/man is and how much I marvel their works, they will not be deified to where they can do no wrong. It seemz you are under that spell. As a student and preserver of Pan-Afrikan history, I have a right to question my elderz as well as Ancestorz. And instead of talking behind his back, I made it a point to speak with him on more than one occasion in person and he downplayed his knowledge of the group and his involvement each time!

Since you like to bring up wild and non-relative scenarios (like the Brady Bunch example mentioned below), what if it came out that he was a child molester. Would it still be ok to honor him? Yes, his works are substantial and life-changing, but what if he raped little children? Does his work deserve to be championed while his predatory wayz are swept under the rug?? To your definition, yes. I wholeheartedly disagree!

And to your point of division, yes, my greatest wish is to be solely with those who have interests in helping Afrikan people heal ourselves. This whole melting pot theory is accurate in it's greatest definition, we represent the burnt sticky part at the bottom; the backbone of the whole stew while at the time, the part no one wants.

I take nothing away from one's choice to trod their own path. BUT, when you become an example, you do put yourself out there to be reviewed. So by your definition, Tallmadge Hayer, one of the shooterz who shot Malcolm X, turned his life around and should be pardoned for not only murdering another human being, but one of the most pivotal person's of our time? Jesse Jackson with all his keep hope alive speeches and presidential runs, should overshadow his involvement in the assassination of MLK?! Are we too forgiving or too afraid to speak up on these injustices. It is this acceptance that has allowed the collective Afrikan Diasporic body to remain "headless" in our leadership. I even read how there's a church in the south who banned children from attending just to keep their child molesting pastor, Darrell Gilyard ( When has an individual become bigger than the whole? Why should person's be protected to do and align with such wicked thingz and when one questionz, we're seen as just someone throwing shade?

Ask yourself, at this rate, who wins here? A person's image. And who loses? Children, our people, and yes, even those who aspire to "be like" these people never knowing the other side of the coin because so many want to sweep it under the rug as meaningless gossip or as you call it again, "infantile outbursts of insipid, insufferable melancholic infused ratings and raves".

On the contrary, my argument is VERY VALID indeed. And regarding what you say you do not see on my site, I never presented my work to cover each and every topic one can imagine. Surely you are wise enough to know that. It's so easy to sit on the sideline and speak of what someone isn't doing. But let's stay on topic...

Please inform me as to where I took a stab and distorted his message. His legacy, yes, I do question with humble critique; but as said, his work speaks well for itself; which again drives me back to the nature of this whole topic: how could he align himself with an elite organization that specializes in the desecration of Our-Story?! As much as I wish he was a "spook", we'll never know because he never revealed why he was a member, nor did he ever denounce his membership—same as Carter G. Woodson and WEB DuBois.

I'd like you to address what's so "hybridly foolish" of my questioning his involvement if you have studied just who Sigma Pi Phi is. Am I guilty? Yes, guilty of pursuing truth, absolute! No errorz here... And to think we live in a world where there is no hate, bigotry, and oppression is proof positive you are either asleep or wish to sweep this under the rug as well. So you just continue teaching this "peace and hope" -ish accepting possible double alliances/actionz of our "leaderz" 'cause it's working... FOR THEM! Because it certainly is NOT WORKING FOR US! The choice, as you say, is obviously yourz...

• What is your basis for carrying this completely wrong message about one of our greatest scholar warriors besides Steve Cokely tarring him with the Boule’ brush? I happen to know Baba Asa personally and can tell you categorically he is not a sellout. Rather, he has devoted his adult life to advocating Africentric education as the ONLY solution to educatin’ Afrikan youth. In doing so, he has received death threats and has been attacked from ALL sides.

Have your read ANY of his many books on the subject? Posing as an Africentric scholar? Check it. He is a founding member of ASCAC. On July 23, 2000, Dr. Asa Hilliard and his wife were enstooled as development chiefs at Mankranso Village in the Ashanti Region of Ghana. This honor being bestowed on him because of his HARD WORK in getting money and educational materials to the people. He co-developed the ever popular educational television series “Free Your Mind, Return to the Source: African Origins”. He proposed and largely wrote the Afrikan American Baseline essays for the Portland public school system in the early '80s. He worked in conjunction with the National Black United Front on the this project. Their work was so impressive that it was roundly attacked from all sides as pseudoscience. Yet, these same essays served as one of the fundamental documents used by the Africentric movement.

He, along with Dr. Ben, Dr. John H. Clarke and others, were attacked by Gates on behalf of certain Jews. Remember the full page article Gates took out in the the New York times in the 90's attacking the Africentric movement? Remember that it overlaid a star of david? Baba Asa's wife is the current mayor of East Point, GA. An attempt was made at one time to attack his wife by attacking him as a crackpot and antiwhite.

Baba Asa makes frequent trips to Afrika, taking many along on tours to many places that tourists NEVER go. For example, he took a group to visit the Dogon and was able to get info that no one else was able to get because of the relationships he has established there. AND, he made sure his informants were WELL PAID as recommended by Ayi Kwei Armah.

This is a bunch of bullshit!! If it's not, ya'll will have to come with something stronger than merely attacking him for being in the Boule'. Do your research; don't just accept something blindly from Cokely.
xxxxxxxxxxPosted by Cheikh Diop via email 2006 at 11:58 AM

I know enough about Asa and the Boule' to know that although he as done great works, it still does not exonerate his membership to an organization that's a black version of Skull & Bones. On the contrary, do YOUR research. Look into the background of the Boule', and no you don't have to take Steve Cokely's word for it, nor mine, just look at the affiliationz. By the way, your ignorance makes you THINK my information is/was from Cokely. I don't just regurgitate info, I'm not the one-dimensional researcher you may perceive me to be.

Yes, I've read Hilliard's master scholastic works, even sat front row in several of his lectures. But him being in the Boule' should be deemed unacceptable in the eyes of all who work to reAfrikanize ourselves. How can we truly liberate ourselves if we continue holding on the affiliationz, traditionz, and ritualz of the enemy?!

Have you read the Boule's history book (a book he himself must re-read thoroughly each May)? You can believe what you want, but as a student aspiring to right the wrongz of our people, we must never be too busy to give our house seasonal cleaningz!

What further disappoints me of his membership was his response when I confronted him. I had an encounter with him publicly about his membership in the Boule' in 2000 in Harlem. I asked him specifically why was he a member and was he aware of their connection to Skull&Bones. He acted like he didn't know nothin' about it. His response was that they were just a "social organzation who threw parties and picnics." Really?!!? Why would he lie like that? When you know the story of the Boule', it bringz into question and even casts a "white" shadow on the good he's done.

The work of Carter G. Woodson, Alain Locke, WEB DuBois, and even MLKing and Bill Cosby... any and everyone who's a part of the Boule'; they should be confronted because it just does not make sense to be "PanAfrikan" or for the advancement of the legacy of our people, then in the same breath, be in association with the very conspiratorz who’ve harnessed the strength of our history.

In this case and this case only, do I see Asa as a sellout and not for the volumes of work and research he’s done about our legacy. His continued refusal to (1)bellittle his role in the Boule’ and (2)continue the sacred seal of secrets takes a lot of sparkle from his legacy.

Why not ask him to come clean about his entire involvement in the Boule’? Ask him to share with everyone and prove Steve Cokely, Ashra Kwesi, myself and all otherz that believe the Boule’ to be co-conspiratorz to global white supremacy, wrong? Doing this only clearz the Boule’s overall perception by the PanAfrikan community. And if this community is as important as he claimz, he would want to tell us of these “secrets” and not follow the path of fellow Boule’ concealerz, WEB DuBois and Carter G. Woodson.

If you don't like the info we at DGT put out, exercise your right to not visit my site, PLAIN AND SIMPLE! This is YOUR choice; but I do welcome critiques, and as I've said, you can believe what you want to. You can do what you will, just as we at DGT will continue to lift the skirt of ANY and ALL perpetrator who defile the Red, Black & the Green! Ashe'...

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