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(written 2010)

Like most, when you heard about the earthquake in Haiti, a feeling of sorrow came about followed by the question, "What can I do to help?" And although many people and organizationz are galvanizing resources in aid, we have to realize this need didn't just come about because of an earthquake.

With a population identical to New York City, the comparison stops there. Many of us wouldn't last a week, much less a night if we lived there. Mainly because they don't have the technological advances we have here; and more importantly, the most basic necessities are mostly non-existent falling well below the standard of decency.

But it's not the people of Haiti's fault. They should be honored, for they are of the few from the Afrikan Diaspora who successfully fought for their independence. But what did they receive as a reward? Social, Political and Economic isolation, thanks to eurocentric countries playing an ital role in the decadent demise resulting in an impoverished state, along with many other Afrikan countries around the world (see the movie, Life & Debt. Although we can't control natural disasterz, global poverty, we can. I bring this to our attention because there are some startling thingz that need to be addressed.

I was havin' a conversation with one of my comradz about what happened in Haiti and we started wondering how much (or little) the U.S. government and other organizationz will play in Haiti's recovery from the latest disaster.

On Thursday, January 14, 2010, President Barack Obama announced the U.S. government will give $115million toward relief efforts along with ships, helicopters, transport planes and 2000 Marines. Otherz contributing are The World Bank ($100million); the United Nations and Britain ($10million); Australia ($9.3million); Norway, Japan and Canada (approx. $5million), to name a few. In total, it is believed Haiti will receive over $300million in aid as well as resources like food, water purification equipment, medical aid, tents, etc.

On the surface it looks good; certainly much better than what George Bush handled Katrina. Nevertheless, its PC (Politically Correct) to help; I mean, what country would want to be known not to have helped? My beef is the timing, as well as the amount.

Not counting the potential millionz from donationz of civilianz, at first glance this is commendable; almost to the point where you feel thingz will be taken care of. But when you compare the entire wealth the aforementioned countries have, it is merely a crumb off the table! I'm totally convinced if it were a european country hit, the amount would be double, if not tripled! Let's face it, that's not being gracious, that's gluttony!

What's worse, I found that on Wednesday, January, 13, 2010 (the day before the Haitian pledge), Obama asked Congress for $708Billion for the Defense Department for the Afghanistan and Iraq war?!!? That's BILLION!… 708 of 'em for this never-ending facade of a war, destroying human life with no regard to the toxic waste war creates!

This is the world we live in, Afrikanz and it is obviously clear where the leaderz of the worldz focus exists. When you have no wealth, you are really at the mercy of otherz.

In addition to international aid, global organizationz like Unicef, United Way, Red Cross, and the Salvation Army, have relief efforts under way. But as I did my research on places I could donate money, a thought came to mind.

Most of these organizationz are a century-old. With that in mind, any type of entity that lasts that long has to have a superior business plan. Sayin' that, we must realize they operate as a business, for if they didn't, they would no longer be here.

If these global multi-million—if not billion-dollar organizationz are so effective, why are there still so many countries suffering?! Why do we still have so many unclean water, enduring starvation and homelessness?! What are these mostly non-tax paying entities doin' with these fundz?

According to, Unicef orchestrated an unsuccessful campaign in the prevention of the spread of malaria, spending $27million vaccinating Afrikanz in Ghana, Mali and Benin from 2001-2005. The question is, what was in those vaccines?

Too much monetary emphasis is on war—most of which may never be used (the Vaccination program is an act of war, read Curtis Cost's, 'Vaccines Are Dangerous' and read, Vaccines That Kill); and not enough on sustaining life—which can be used. This is a eurocentric concept, hoarding control of basic necessities like a pack of wolves.

With this mindset, these organizationz are not trying to end poverty because it would lead to their demise as a money-making enterprise along with political influence (aka, buying politicianz). That is a power they are not willing to relinquish. We must also overstand the eurocentric mindset is based on fear, the difference is, they don't ball-up into a corner, they throw the first punch! The eurocentric concept's #1 rule is 'strike first'! Even when the foe doesn't know that they're a foe!

Not to make this racial, but as said in the beginning of this piece, Haiti's need for assistance didn't start with the recent earthquake, nor flood from a couple yearz ago. Haiti has lived most of its existence well below the poverty line and no one gave two s#@t's about 'em until Tuesday, January 12th at 5:14pm.

Despite race, belief system or political affiliation, to my knowledge, a true Natural Disaster is color-blind to all these schizmz. We all live on this planet and there's no reason, in 2010, we still have underdeveloped countries! The main reason they do exist is because of this eurocentric mindset. Be it in the form of vaccination programz, religious mercenaries or bogus multi-billion dollar relief organizationz, the eurocentric mindset has spilled into ethnicities around the world.

What's more, six and seven-figure donationz is an insult from countries and corporationz who make tenz and hundredz of millionz/billionz! For instance, in the professional sporting leagues, some athletes with multi-million dollar contracts make six-figure each game they play; an amount that can develop large communities in other parts of the world! Haitian-native and Basketball player Samuel Dalembert of the Philadelphia 76ers personally donated $100,000 to Unicef at a January 15th game in Philly, also pledging to match the amount of donationz by Sixers fans. This is to be commended but could be celebrated if something like this were done on a consistent basis!

Why shouldn't playerz come together and donate game checks a couple times a month? I salute Dalembert as well as Dikembe Mutombo, who donated millionz of his own money to build a hospital in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. But where are the other playerz at? Better yet, where are the OWNERZ?!!? This is greed! The bonuses the chief executive officers of Goldman Sachs Group Inc., JPMorgan Chase & Co., Morgan Stanley and Bank of America Corp. used the $700Billion taxpayer bailout for themselves is greed!

The middle and lower-class pretty much give what they can and in many cases, even when they can't afford to. On the other hand, Corporate Exec's, Ownerz, Entertainerz, Athletes, should be given' not thousandz but millionz and not just once, but often! Knowing this, how can you make a difference and who can one trust to donate to?

1) We need a collection of influential people (entertainerz, athletes, etc) willing to target a country around the Diaspora and/or a city right here in the United States. They can galvanize their resources committing a 5-10-year pledge to raising living standardz bringing them up to code of human decency: water and sanitation, farming and electricity.

These countries need new water irrigation systemz, building codes (reported there are none and with many adding floorz to their homes minus steel rodz to support structure, so many literally flattened like a pancake) and an operational solar/electric grid. These are needz wealthy countries should be obliged to assist create to those unable. But again, reality hits, this is but a pipedream, for we live in a world currently governed by global white supremacy. Therefore, most likey, the people of Haiti, just like our people who experienced Katrina, will receive reactionary assistance.

Choosing to exclusively bring reactionary supplies other than that to enable self-sustainability is like bringing one fish rather than teaching them how to fish. This, of course, creates dependency; again, a eurocentric concept.

2) Middle and lower-class citizenz can refrain from supporting ineffective organizationz like United Way, Unicef, and the like and pressure politicianz, sport and entertainment franchises to sever ties with them as well and opt to donate to Haitian relief effort's that, according to ASCAC (Association for the Study of Classical African Civilizations) are run by people of African decent where 100% of the money will go to the effort are as follows:

  • Musician Wyclef Jean text " Yele to 501501 or
  • Friends of Fokel c/o Open Society Institute 400 West 59th Street, New York, NY 10019 or call (212)548.0332
  • Also, there's The Samuel Dalembert Foundation (

We need to become more verbal about this issue and become proactive for the the right for everyone to have receive a descent quality of life. It's obvious the political and corporate culprits don't want this, so it's up to us, the everyday individual to manifest this!

It should not take a catastrophe like this to get those that have the ability to help, to do so willingly. Maybe there'd be much less war and better race relationz if resources were shared.


No sooner than a couple dayz after hedz started donating money to Wyclef Jean's, NGO (Non-Government Organization) operation, Yele Haiti,YTs media made accusationz of fundz being used for reasonz other than providing relief. Here's a response I gave to an blog:

Although Yele now has to be forced to change focus from relief to clearing their name, I just want to point out we should also be mindful of YTs media. Even moreso, the same scrutiny should be looked upon organizationz like Red Cross, United Way, Unicef (who vaccinated Afrikanz allegedly to stop the spread of malaria UNSUCCESSFULLY), and the like. In my eyes, these white-owned, and operated cartelz are simply trying to derail the efforts any kind of Afrikan-ran organization. Whitefolk don't want Afrikanz empowering each other, it could become contagious!! One should wonder how much these century-old organziationz have pocketed as well as plagued the world with sickness!

Keep ya head, Clef, DGT supports you!

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• Do know that wyclef is a compromised figure. He is associated with the upper class that of haiti that helped to exile Jean-Bertrand Aristide. is a better place to give as well as amongst a FEW others. After I heard the the lady from speaking about the places to donate on mark thompson's MAKEITPLAIN show on sirus, she kind of poo pooed giving to yele. A guest that was on the next did the same thing but he got more into detail. I also did some of my own research and found out that that dude can't even step into certain areas where lavalas supporters reside. So even though YT put that story about his charity and embezzling, there was already a dark cloud around that dude. I know you will do your own research, as everyone should. Hotep.
— Posted by ( on Wednesday, March 24, 2010 at 12:49 PM

• I agree. We must send our support to Haiti through It accomplishes far more than the surface goal which itself is significant.
— Posted by Usiku ( on Tuesday, January 19, 2010 at 10:10 AM

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