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(written circa 1999)

This piece goes to all the Afrikanz who are on the quest of being our soldierz, the true saviorz of our people. A war has been declared on our immune system and many of us are not the least bit aware of it. Many think YT just hates us 'cause we're black and the only way they can kill us is with a gun. WRONG! They have been killing us all, including their own, with one of the most deadliest inventionz known to man. The instrument they use is no AK-47, nor the electric chair; something as little and overlooked as the needle is really all the weaponry they need.

According to the Global 2000 Report, commissioned under the Jimmy Carter Administration (1977-81), it blames virtually all the worldz problemz on the population growth of people of color. It recommendz the elimination of 2billion people by the year 2000 by essentially "any meanz necessary". We find since the report the origin of the AIDS virus ['82, the same year Ronald Wilson Reagan (666) became president], the crack-cocaine epidemic chauffeured by 'Gay' Edgar Hooverz, COINTELPRO, and the resurrection of the Ebola virus to name a few.

Dr. Alan Cantwell noted in his book, AIDS & The Doctors of Death, that the former Soviet Union may have worked with the U.S. in developing AIDS. He points out the sudden, almost overnight open friendliness between the U.S. and Soviet Union may reflect an understanding of their common global interests... global white supremacy. YT has been putting together their army for a last duel with Nature [this is not to cause fear but to expedite motivation in you, the reader. We must overstand we are seedz of The Creator (I call 'Energy')and as Nature duelz in battle with the wicked spirit, so must we, on the physical level. Alwayz know that Nature (Energy) is the first scientist and the only healer]!

This war isn't about gunz and grenades, its about food and vaccines! Your health is the seat of your every action. If you don't have your health, you have nothing. You cannot be about Afrikan liberation and not have a strong immune system. The food we ingest and health practices dictate whether our system will motivate us to be proactive or reactive. When you look at the last 500 yearz of Afrikanz in this country, we have definitely been on the reactive side in every category, (resaerch 9 areas of people activity by Neely Fuller, Jr.). We don't realize our streetz have become the warzone, whereas so many of us are disillusioned looking for the jungles of Vietnam or some other foreign country. Naw Sun, our battle beginz with the school system!

Our children line up each year to be vaccinated and we find, in fact, after these shots, they have a higher rate of measles, mumps, polio, etc, than the uninoculated. 20% or American youth (1 of 5) suffer from a 'development disability'. The prime suspect of these disabilities (encephalitis) point directly to the childhood vaccination program. A large percentage of these children suffer from autizm, seizures, mental retardation, hyperactivity and dyslexia. It has been proven the measles and mumps vaccine causes encephalitis, retinopathy and blindness, Giullan-Barre Syndrome (paralysis), and subacute scelorsing panancephalitis.

YT came to Afrika with 3 weaponz: 1)Bible; 2)Gun and 3)Germ warfare. Most are well aware of the first 2 weaponz, but have never been exposed to the most lethal, that being the 3rd weapon. Point blank, Afrikan people cannot entrust our health in the handz of whitefolk! YT has attempted to steal the whole continent of Afrika by colonization and today own and control the southern-tip of Afrikan and have no intent of leaving.

The Illuminati have established global white supremacy by the development of organizationz, foundationz and media outlets that control the knowledge-base most people acquire (these, of course, are those who settle to know only what society wants them to). These clanz have a history of using Afrikan people as guinea pigz for germ warfare — another control tactic used for those who diss the world order.

There's documented evidence that the World Health Organization (WHO), under direction of the U.S. government, actually injected the smallpox vaccine laced with the AIDS virus into millionz of unsuspecting Afrikanz. They also were the one's who injected syphilis into 400 Afrikan men in 1932 in Tuskegee, Alabama. According to researcher, Steve Cokely, some doctorz were in the Boule' hired under contract by the U.S. government.

A massive vaccination program was also cited by Dr. Kalokerinos in his book, Every Second Child. He notes how the campaign in Australia among the Aborigine people in the early 1970s killed up to 500 out of every 1,000 infants.

Vaccines are being used to infect our people with AIDS. Vaccines harm the thymus glandz (where T-cellz grow to maturity. T-cellz fight infectionz like cancer, tuberculosis and other intracellular disorderz) which is a vital part of the human immune system. The immune system is further weakened by the constant war with vaccines circulating within the body. Vaccines also destroy vitamin C, one of the most vital vitaminz that the immune system needz to defend itself against ailments from coldz to cancer.

Vaccines and other poisonz simply destroy the bodyz natural ability to defend itself from morbid matter thus making the body more vulnerable to disease. Afrikanz are victimz in the United States because of the large quantities of grease, sugar, salt, alcohol and decayed flesh (meat) we consume which already weakenz our immune system as well as every organ in our body.

Of the billionz of tax dollarz the Medical Trust gets from the National Treasury, not one cent is ever spent to find the underlying causes that allow these so-called "germz" to exist in the first place. In the London Times (May 11, 1987-Frontpage) Smallpox Vaccine Triggered AIDS, WHO's smallpox vaccine correlated with an estimated 50-70million Afrikanz in different central Afrikan countries with outbreak of AIDS. This article was carried around the world EXCEPT in the American press!

We have been led to believe the drug AZT helps prolong the life of a person with AIDS or one who is HIV+. AZT is a deadly toxic poison that was rushed to the market to make billionz for the pharmaceutical industry. In actuality, it destroyz a personz immune system and causes one to get sick and die quicker than AIDS alone including additional ailments: severe anemia, muscle disease, violent headaches, liver damage, kidney and nerve damage.

Vaccines are unnatural because poisonous substances and animalz are used to make them:

• DPT (Diphtheria, Pertussis, Tetanus) Vaccine — Formaldehyde (also used to embalm corpses and is a proven cancer causer), Mercury (toxic heavy metal) and Aluminum Phosphate [a carcinogenic (cancer-causing agent) toxin often used in deodorants]

• Polio Vaccine — Monkey kidney cell culture, Lactalbumin Hydrolysate, antibiotics and calf serum

• MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella) Vaccine — Chicken embryo (grown chicken eggz) and neomycin mixed with antibiotics

• Other animal parts include Pig or Horse blood, Cowpox puss, Rabbit brain tissue and Duck egg protein.

The British Anti-Vaccination League published a list of some even more hazardous substances. For instance, in the DPT vaccine they found rotten Horse Blood. The Tetanus they found pulverized felt hat. Sweepingz from vacuum cleanerz were found in Asthma and Hay Fever serumz. Mucous from throats of children with coldz and whooping coughs were in the Whooping Cough serum and decomposed fecal material from typhoid patients are in the Typhoid serum.

What seemz to be the case they inject you with the exact disease you're supposed to be taking the shot to prevent. It's been said by injecting you with the disease your body will build an immunity to it, but doesn't it seem logical that anything that 'attacks' the immune system, as these shots most definitely do, will break down the immune system and it won't be able to build any immunity?!!? Seemz to me if you're never injected with it in the first place, plus you have a strong immune system, chances of getting it is less than likely, unless of course, your poisoned or tricked! Hmmm, maybe now I can see why they want us to get these shots (again, population control)!!

The New England Journal of Medicine reported between 1985-86 that 60% of school kidz with measles were vaccinated. In Dane County, Wisconsin, 235 student cases developed measles with over 96% of them having had the measles vaccination. In 1989, 58% of the 1600 measles cases were reported having the shot as well in Quebec, Canada. There was a dramatic decline in polio before the invention of the vaccine in 1955. Through the vaccine, polio has increased worldwide from 50% (1957-58) to 80% ('58-59).

The Swine-Flu vaccine can cause paralysis, a disease otherwise known as Guillan-Barre Syndrome. 10,000 infants die per year of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). Many die from a few dayz to a few weeks after receiving the "immunizing" DPT shot. DPT can also be linked to screaming episodes, elevated temperatures — oftentymz to 104░F, and severe brain damage in youths. Longterm effects of vaccinationz can be leukemia, cancer, and multiple sclerosis.

Most parents don't know, as well as countless healthcare providerz that the pertussis portion of the DPT shot can cause convulsionz, shock, brain inflammation, brain damage and eventual death. Some 18,000 DPT shots has caused our youth to suffer from this reaction per year. On the contrast, adequate information about childhood vaccines, which must be legally required form entry to their schoolz is not provided! See, wha'chu don't know can kill you!

Thanx to concerned Afrikanz out there, we were able to get our handz on an affidavit (Senate Bill #942, Section 1, Chapter 7) parents can use to have their children exempt from having their shots in order to enter the public school system.

This is so detrimental that we open our own schoolz! Not only are their systemz reprogramming our youth, manufacturing negro (brain-dead) clones, they run a risk of even making it to the manufacturing plant because they may be murdered from the shots!

The hospital administration, including your doctor — because s/he took the hippocratic oath can you see the word 'Hypocrite'?), will never serve as your source for healing. Think Afrikan, hospitalz are not in the business of curing and making people well. If that were the case, the entire hospital administration, including doctorz, nurses, and medicare would become obsolete! There would be no need for the pharmaceutical industry because everyone would be healthy. They have to kill you, because it makes them money! However, their intent is not kill you immediately. They choose to do it slowly by creating a dependency. How many "prescription" drugz have you heard can be addictive?

If we learned and listened to our bodies, we could prevent and heal ourselves naturally. In addition, if you were to know that in the professional world doctorz have one of, if not the highest alcohol and suicide rate, would you still take their advice? It's obvious the constant lying takes a toll on them. Ask yourself how many overweight doctorz have you seen? In the true sense of the word they are living up to the hippocratic oath, for they cannot live healthy their own selves!

We need to create alternatives. Each September we risk losing more Afrikan youth by sending them to public schoolz. If they survive the trauma of the alleged "enforced" shots, they may lose their mindz. We owe it to ourselves and our future to make a change today. If you're gonna send them to their schoolz, use the linked affidavit so they won't have to have their shots. Secondly, after school, school them on Afrikan I-story, they get enough of his-story.

Whatever you do, refrain from compromising the future of our people because someone told you this is what you're supposed to do! We are at war! Eliminating shots would be a start to the road of victory. LIK SHOT!

UPDATE: See the effects the Swing Flu shot had on this young lady

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• I found your website and this article while doing a search online. First I should start off by saying I am not African-American. I am American Indian and my husband is Hispanic. My people have went through many of the same killings and hardships as yours at the hand of the white man and government mafia. Your article is amazing and full of truth that needs to be spread, I shared it with some friends that are African-American that always tell me I am crazy when I say vaccines are made for depopulation and I am hoping this helps them to make the right choice for their children. Unfortunately I have a vaccine injured child and try to spread the information as much as I can and save as many children and parentsá as possible from suffering. Thank you so much for your hard work!
xxxxxxxxxPosted by Charleen ( December 28, 2010 1:38:09 PM

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