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[written in 2003]

frequency — fre-quen-cy (noun) 1. a wavelength on which radio or television signal is broadcast and to which receiving set can be tuned

This will be a selfish piece; a piece I'm hopin' you feel, yet overstanding it is not necessary to. These thoughts have been brewin' in me for some time now and the wordz have now maturated to the level that I must release them. I promise you as I write this, I simply sat down and started typin', knowin' no format of this piece; I am freely allowin' the corridorz of my spirit to express itself...

(prerequisite readin' for this are 2 books in particular: (1)Ancient Future, by Wayne Chandler, as well as a basic knowledge of the principles of Maat) and (2)The Kybalion, by The Three Initiates

I make a point to note that everything happenz in divine time; nothin' is ever late, it's alwayz on "time". When dwellin' within a moment, the 'order' of everything happenz at it's right time and place. I say this because I find it not a coincidence that the thoughts that have taken me through this incubative process (slow development of somethin') was in divine order with my magazine's 10th year and 100th issue.

Prior to last April 2003 (our 9th Anniversary), I realized I had to step it up. Although I aim to sit on the giant shoulderz and work of Chancellor Williams, John G. Jackson, and John Henrik Clarke on up to present and living, Anthony Browder, Wayne Chandler, and Mwalimu Baruti, I realize, in order for me to really reach hedz in the streets (where most of us dwell), physical manifestation of overstanding self MUST happen. Face it, hedz ain't livin' in the past, so they really don't give 2 -ish's about how great we were back in the dayz of the Nile Valley with pyramidz and whatnot. On the real, I can relate! I mean, what can attainin' all this knowledge, buyin' the books and goin' to the lectures, how can that help me in my current condition?!

To myself, I pledged I would not come into my elder yearz just spittin' knowledge doin' lectures. I've alwayz felt I was close yet still felt so distant from my initial goal when comin' back into Pan-Afrikan-centered consciousness: to physically manifest somethin' from the mind. All this knowledge meanz nothin' if you cannot take it from the mind (the 4-6th dimension) and bring it into the physical (the 3rd dimension). In order to do that, for myself at least, the principle of Correspondence (As Above, So Below; As Below, So Above—or, in order to understand the unknown, study the known), led me back to the mind.


THE ALL IS MIND "The ALL is MIND; The Universe is Mental."
— The Kybalion

Everything starts in the mind and the mind is as infinite as the Universe. In the track, '2000 Seasons,' by Talib Kweli, he opened with a profound verse: "I'm not a human being gettin' on some spiritual s*#t, a Spiritual Being manifested as a human that's it..."

Thoughts are spirits. Once these spirits are physically manifested, they live. Think, when your mom and pops got together to make you, the genetic DNA codes of each came together and conferenced on a thought of makin' you. After they determined how many X and Y chromosomes there'd be, the incubating transition began to slowly turn this thought—which is as fragile as a tear drop. Approximately 9 months later, this thought/spirit manifested into the physical realm as a baby you which eventually transformz into an intelligent mass weighing (on average) over 100lbs, with everything from strong, sturdy bones, to velvet mahogany skin. This is a universal example, 'cause the same can be applied to how one can create somethin'... like my creating Da Ghetto Tymz magazine. This thought now has life, 10 yearz strong!!

Truly, the human body is one of the greatest creationz. To think, somethin' that is so frail as male semen and a woman'z egg can transform itself into dense matter (humanz) and function independently as well as reproduce—that's a phenomena we take for granted! Everything, I mean, everything the human body will need to reshape itself was there from its essence—from shootin' out the males penis, to breakin' through the vaginal wallz of the womb, fertilizing the egg.

This concept is hard to grasp because YTs school system stripped this Universal Law. And rightfully so, for had they not, how could global white supremacy exist??

When we can inner-stand how infinite the mind is and it's connection to everything, we can begin to overstand that we are truly limitless. See, we refuse to cross the boundary of what's known because someone or some-thing told us there are boundareez, but there aren't Afrikanz. Theyeffectively instilled the fear of Afrikan Liberation by assassinating Malcolm, Medgar and Martin, while infiltrating Garvey, the Panthers and MOVE, and today, we have enough intelligence to sit here and talk 'bout the Illuminati and Ancient KMT, yet have yet come up with a whollistic and strategic combative plan without some agent snitchin' on us to 'ol massa!

Another phenomena is the fact that we are electrical beingz, with a steady flow of currents radiating in and out of us at all tymz. What do you think it is that enables you to stick a balloon on the wall after rubbin' it on your head? What is it that allowz you to shock someone by just touchin' them after you rub your feet on a carpet floor? Electrical energy. Start to see yourself as a machine and you will be able to comprehend how electronics and machines work and thus, how the human body works. They are all based off the genetic makeup of ourselves with all these inventionz bein' first created in the mind as an idea.

Just like a battery, we have a positive and negative side. Just like the meanin' behind Her-Em-Akhet (erroneously called the Sphinx), whose reason for havin' Khafre's head on top of a lion was not because there were human-faced lionz walkin' the landz of the Nile Valley, but that it was symbolic, an ill-type subliminal.

As mentioned in my piece, 'Recharging the Revolution', in every person, there's a higher-self and a lower-self; a God-side and a devilish-side; a positive side and a negative side—just like a battery. Our Ancestorz taught that if you could suppress your lower-self or beastly nature—with the king of all beasts bein' the lion—you could elevate yourself to the higher level of God. In order to achieve the Summom Bonum (KMTic for 'Greatest Good') your frequency must be elevated to the level of God, but not THE God, because I don't think there is ONE, there are Forces (watch 'The God Complex' on DGTv).

So when we talk about real revolution, we need to redefine our innerstanding of what we are sayin'. See when you break 'revolution' down, we get RE- (to do over) -VOLT (energy, matter) -TION (action). In other wordz, Afrikanz, WE NEED TO RECHARGE OUR FOCUS WITH ACTION! But in order to do that, we must assess what frequency we are vybrating on. What frequency are you on, Sun?!

The higher side is usually on top and the negative on the bottom. In any case the 2 poles are opposite in charge. In some cases, the highest point transmits and the lowest point consumes or takes in, case-in-point, shockin' someone with a touch after rubbin' feet on carpet. As well, there are cases where the highest part (where your brain sits) receives frequenceez. This high point also can be described similarly to how an antennae functionz.

Back in the day, before cable, how did you get a picture on your favorite tell-a lie-vision (tv)? There was an antennae on top of the roof—the highest point of the house. See, after all the temple break-inz in Kemet, YT learned SOME thingz. One in particular is that you can transfer information using wavelengths, aka frequencies. Knowin' this has enabled them to create all kindz of info transmitterz, exchanging data without us even seein' it, provin' the point that just 'cause you don't see it, doesn't mean it don't exist.

Think about it, when you're in your car and you turn on the radio, most do not think about the phenomena of takin' a current—that is neither seen nor heard—and have it change into sound, which is heard. The only challenge is how does one change the vybration level? It is very clear the currents most of our people tune in to is 'Self-Destructive Power 120FM' with the 'Wannabe and Jigaboo show' startin' the day from 7-11am; 'Closed Third-Eye' takin' up the lunch hour 'til 3pm; 'DJ Sellout' comin 'on strong from 3 to 6pm; DJ Snitch on the wheelz of (mental) steal 6-10mp, then with 'DJ Kill Dat N*gga' warpin' your mindset from 10 to 1am, closin' with the quiet storm, lullabyin' yo ass to an even deeper mental sleep with DJ Comatose.

It is my belief that there are a number of Ancestorz that still try to communicate on these higher frequenceez, much, much higher than 'Power 120FM.' I'd like to call it 'Power 360 FM' or better yet, 'Power 720FM (notice the numerology? 360 bein' 'whole' and 720 bein' 'whole' both positive and negative and both equally 9 — watch 'Numerical Mystereez' on DGTv)!'

You may think this is perverted verbal masturbation of the principles of MAAT, but I assure you, as life exists on the 3 planes (mental, physical, spiritual), there is a reason for this sudden madness that has had a serious impact on how we carry our daily lives. With calculated catastrophe after catastrophe, I see more and more of my fe/male comradz shook to the point they have become idle and an idle mind is clearly the biggest foe to Pan-Afrikan liberation.

Peep, we have an alert or scare practically every 2-4 months now! Before, around 9-11, hedz was like, "Yo, the sky is falling!" thinkin' we were in the last dayz. In a way, we are. But whose last dayz is what should be the next question. If you remain on their level, operating off their frequency, then this could very well be your last dayz. As for me? This is the beginning. The beginning of my life, havin' the ability to exist on both the higher plane, converting downloaded subliminal faxes expressed across the esoteric wavelengths of the universe. In this life, I intend to maintain a strict code: know thyself and thy enemy! Just doin' this is somethin' different than what our Elderz have done. In doin' this, I intend to prove one can take one of our most ancient principles (the Universe is Mental) and bring into physical manifestation.

Think of your body as a remote controlled machine or computer. Instead of pluggin' yourself in a wall, your battery — or body — is recharged when you sleep. For every movement you make, realize there are electrical currents flowin' throughout your body enabling you to do these actionz. These electrical currents are bits and pieces of intelligence flowin' from your brain to a particular body part of region, tellin' it to move, then the signal is transferred back to the brain. When you place your hand on a hot stove, your hand sendz a message to the brain that it's hot, the brain receives this signal and replies, sending data to tell the hand to rise and shake wildly, tryin' to cool it off. At the same time, the brain already sent a message to the neck to move forward, the mouth to open, the lungz to inhale and blow on the hand, while the vocalz yell out, (curse word)!!
All these thingz happen pretty much simultaneously, yet we do not recognize the enormity of this phenomena because it happenz naturally.

We have microcosmic replicas of the human body all around us. You think computerz today are fast? You sit at your computer typin', switchin' from Microsoft Word to Photoshop to iTunes, and you're impressed by how swift your computer performz under software applicationz that require more and more RAM and memory from your hard drive. True, a 100GHZ (gigahertz) processor on a computer seemz lightning fast (as if lightning is that SLOW), but the human processor is infinitely higher than 999EHZ bytes.

To date, there's no man-made machine that can exceed the level of a the human body, but their fast at workin' on it! Havin' an inner-standing of this also points out how information is transferred by electro-magnetic frequenceez. Not only do they transfer data, or matter; they can also instruct and decisively control a thought or action. Case-in-point, the nature of this piece, 'What Frequency R U On??'

There is a reason for the mindset we are in. There is also a reason why it is so hard to break our dependence of this mindset. Even hedz who claim they deep are as deep as the book they just read, because quite a few can retain what they learned because of the lack of linkin' the importance of mental calisthenics with physical and spiritual fitness, but YT does. That's why we can look at probably our greatest foe and their greatest weapon, 'massa'-media (mass-media)!

How effective are they? Corporationz put billionz of dollarz in advertisement each year tryin' to control your wants and desires by convincing you to purchase their products. The most successful meanz of doin' this are tv, magazines and airplay. Take, for example, how successful the "Got Milk" project has been. They've used everyone from athlete's to movie starz to convince you that this radioactive piss and feces, called milk, does a body good.

How many of us eat at fast food joints? What do you know about them? They're blazed across the tv-screen and radio day after day, hour after hour. If you hear somethin' long enough, you will begin gravitating to it. How many wack songz have you heard on the radio, but since they played it almost every half-hour, you find yourself singin' the melody while you wash the dishes? YT overstandz that repetitive consistency is the motivating factor to submission and success. This is a strategy we Afrikanz fail to exert. We do madd functionz, but we're not consistent, nor do we do these projects collectively. There's madd hedz tryin' to reach the same audience with the same message yet refuse to link because of ego, sharin' the shine, or not wantin' to split the proceedz.

YTs mental brainwash through 'massa'-media has our frequency on idle. We sit and wait for YT to tell us what's goin' on in the world. They fill our mentalz with fear of war, biochemical terrorizm, a slumping economy, increasing unemployment ('cause we still ain't figured out we can create our own jobz), a non-existent social security plan; and now many businesses no longer match 401(k) contributionz. They got our mindz stuck in the present while they plan our future.

We sit here, with our mindz on a blank screen; a silent signal, awaiting instructionz. As soon as the puppeteer deliverz their next staged catastrophe, like robots, we react. Cypherz have changed. When I build with my people's, hedz talk about them not knowin' what we gonna do and how we gonna survive this. I say, we gonna survive, 'cause we gonna change our frequency and tune into a higher one and LIVE, PRODUCE and MANIFEST! Anything else is a form of what author Dr. Bobby E Wright coined, 'Mentacide', which is mental-suicide (four yearz before Dr. Wright's untimely death in 1982, he wrote a profound article entitled, "Mentacide: The Ultimate Threat To The Black Race." In defining Mentacide, Dr. Wright explained that it is "the deliberate and systematic destruction of a person's or group's mind [which] may give a clue to why the Black race, after developing such an advanced civilization, has for the last 400 years been assisting in its own destruction and the nearly total subjugation of Africa by foreign invaders."

YT makes it a profession to go against the Lawz of Nature. As Earth makes it shift toward the Summer solstice, we find they want to come out with the threat of war with Iraq not during the season of death or slumber (winter), but during the season of life/rebirth (Spring).

Realize that this is a carefully designed scene in a play called "Life: Under YTs Control." I'm not sayin' become oblivious to wha'gwan in the world. If you wish to attain 720 degreez of Knowledge of Self, half of that is knowledge of your foe. As much time as you wanna study Ancient KMT, we need to apply balance and plan/live our lives and our childrenz lives. Anything else would be 'Mentacide.'

We will survive this Afrikanz! Elevate your frequency. Through the balance of MAAT, using in particular, the Djhuitic Principle of Rhythm (everything moves, nothing rests) and literally "keep it movin'" with MIND, SOUND, POWER!


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