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(written 1998)

YT has alwayz been astounded by the history of our past. Basically everything that exists in the modern world has a base in the history of the Nile Valley. I can recall while in college during my "wanting to be a mason dayz", one of my comradz was gettin' initiated into the first 3°. I expressed to him my wanting to be one because my grandfather was one. As well, at the time I was still in a frat, which stimulated my interest in societies that hold secrets. Inevitably, my friend told me I was unfit to be a mason — I knew the game, those interested are never worthy. But my man was serious. He told me I wasn't fit because "I couldn't keep secrets." Immediately, without thinkin', I replied, "Yes I can!!" But he was right. 5 yearz later I'm exposing the origin of fraternities and sororities, the Boule', the Illuminati; etc! And today, I'm uncovering some secrets of masonry. Scalpel please...

This piece we'll get into some of the metaphysical subliminalz that make up masonry. In particular, we will break down some numberz, basic geometrical figures, some of the ritualz both initiates and memberz experience, and their connection to other secret societies. For the foundation of masonry, you might wanna recap here as well as watch the Video Article, 'The Classified Origin of D.C.' on DGTv, otherwise, this piece will be difficult to follow...

We've learned that masonry has a connection with the 3 large Mirw (erroneoiusly called pyramidz. Mir is singular/Mirw, plural) of Giza, in Kemet (erroneoiusly called egypt). Each of them are positioned consistent with the alignment of the 3 starz of teh Sahu (erroneously called Orion's belt). Historian, Anthony Browder has made mention of this connection to the Sahu and how they're the constellation from whence we came. The Mirw also hold the key to extraterrestrial — more appropriate Ancestral/Spiritual — communication and entrance to and from our world. We find that Masonry also has a connection to the life of King Solomon, the king of Israel (960BC).

One of the masonic degreez practiced is the Templar degree, which has an origin with the Knights Templar (KT), a military and religious order established in the middle ages, around 1119AD in Jerusalem [quick note: the Rhodes/Rothschild secret society also goes by that name, as well as the Round Table Group (RTG)]. The RTG and KT have links to the history of King Arthur who had 11 Knights he also called the Knights of the Round Table. As alwayz, when doing research, eliminate the word "coincidence". In most cases, thingz are done for logical reasonz and purpose.

King Arthur was in search of the holy grail, the alleged cup the biblical Jesus drank out of. When I looked in the Dictionary of Symbols, by JE. Cirlot, the holy grail is not a cup, it is symbolic for the "Third Eye" or "Kiss of Ra"; which is Melanin. He was not after a "cup" per say, he was after what YT has alwayz been after, melanin or carbon; the key element to life which they have low to no counts of! It was revealed to me by a 33° mason that the 33rd° tellz you who God is... the black wo/man!

Because of YTs inability to possess even mid-levelz of melanin, their outer appearance is of a pale essence. It has been scientifically argued that mentally and spiritually, the absence of melanin eliminates the ability to be "good". That is why historically, the white race has alwayz had the vicious nature of a beast: stealing, lying, murdering, war and plagiarizing! These aren't racist comments, this is historical fact! Of the 360°+ of knowledge we are capable of obtaining, they've only cyphered 33 1/3rd! That is why their every move is destructive and counterproductive to life. Evidence can be seen all over the world throughout the history of their existence. They went to Kemet and blew off the nose of Her Em Akhet and had Aristotle change the complexionz from dark to multi-ethnic on all the paintingz on the wallz of Kemetic structures. This is also why 50 of the 56 signerz of the Luciferian Conspiracy (just over 2 month's prior to the Declaration of Independence on July 4th) made a pact with Lucifer on May 1, 1776 — the same exact day the Illuminati was founded in Bavaria, Germany a few thousand miles on the other side of the world! A coincidence? Not at all!

In masonry, the 6th° callz for INTIMATE secrecy, and if you recall our series on Skull & Bones, intimacy went as far as homosexual activity.

The numerology of masonry is deep! Before I parlay on, it must be noted that the number system is based on 0-9 (see 'Numerical Mystereez' on DGTv). After 9, the numbering system is repeated. Each of the 10 prime numberz have a meaning. In Kemet, the #9, as well as #13 have positive energy. But as alwayz, YT altered it into a negative one. It hasn't been revealed to me yet as to why I keep seeing the #9 in masonry and black societies who hold secrets like the Boule', but it must be there for a reason. You be the judge for yourself.

In the 14th°, the tetragrammaton is mentioned. A tetragrammaton is 9 squares hidden inside 72 squares and here you'll find the hidden name of God, which is YHWH (Yahweh). I've come across the number 666 when studying this geometrical figure as well. It's definition dates back to mean God in Hebrew now pronounced Adonai or Elohim. This name had been held sacred since 2-3rd century BC. In masonry, it has a numerical value of 9, for the 9 squares also resemble a checkerboard with 72 black and 72 white squares.

The tetragrammatonm, defined as "the Hebrew word for God, consists of the four letterz yod, he, vav, and he, transliterated consonantally usually as YHVH, now pronounced as Adonai or Elohim in substitution for the original pronunciation forbidden since the 2nd or 3rd century BC. What's deep is we find this stemz connection to Masonry and can also seen on the Boule's logo.

We are in the last dayz, but not the kind of dayz where the world is gonna end. In fact, you will be in the last dayz if you decide to let society think for you. Your life can be somewhat similar to hell if you do not seize the knowledge that is out here to combat this beastly subservient mindset. We are at war but most American-Afrikanz think it has to do with the Middle East. And while most do not really comprehend their belief system, they do believe in some sort of way, our dayz are numbered.

The last dayz does not pertain to Afrikan people but has every thing to do with YT. They are the one's responsible for the inception of "the earth coming to an end" and "the sky is falling" mentality. The world cannot end under the power of any wo/man, white or Black (unless they nuke it). Outside of that, it isn't wo/man who makes the earth rotate around the sun, or changes the seasonz. Because of our lack of knowledge, we sometymz believe that wo/man is mightier than The Creator of which I simply call 'Energy'. Rightfully so to think that, afterall, we cannot process the unseen forces of Nature like we can the wickedness of YT. But that is the trick in tricknology, we think YT reignz supreme over our fate!

When I see what Nature's doing, I know it is their last dayz! See, the only people on the planet who aren't havin' enough babies are caucasianz. They're the only one's with the sperm banks, artificial insemination and cloning. The decreasing ozone layer obviously has something to do with it. As the sun gets hotter and winterz feelz like spring, the ultraviolet rayz of the kiss of Ra literally burnz their skin resulting in skin cancer. Soon, their recessive genetics will not be able to take the heat and who knowz what will happen then, only Nature knowz!

But they ain't goin' without a fight! Ignorance and dependency has proven to be one of their greatest weaponz. Think about, just about everything we know was taught by who... YT! Even if you were taught by one of your relatives, who taught them? When you trickle it down to its root, most likely the ideaz and philosophies Afrikanz (globally) believe come from the mind of whitefolk. Racist or not, this cannot be disputed. Take a look around the world, where are we in power? If we are (as so many Blacks ignorantly say) descendants of Kingz and Queenz, where are signz of that royalty today?? Besides, everybody does not descend from a bloodline of royalty, only some for if everyone was a King and Queen, there'd be no kingdomz and no flock.

The ignorance of the history of how religion came to be has kept our people more scrambled than eggz! The obvious result of this is evident when people walk around thinkin' Jesus is comin' back! If you saw the steven speilburg's flik, Amistad, you saw his audacious and boldly view that the stolen Afrikanz related their situation with christianity. In one scene, these so-called "good" christianz would come outside the prison wallz where the Afrikanz were held captive. When the trial began an Afrikan took a bible from one of the missionaries. He then, without knowing the english language mind you, was able to understand the trialz and persecution the biblical jesus went through, coming to the conclusion that he and the white jesus were one in the same. Let's also not forget, Afrikanz were not allowed to read, so thise isn't consistent! Further, there is no historical fact that this really happened, just spielburg's imagination, just like how king james put in (and took out) different passages in the bible read by millionz today.

It is evident religious folks are being exploited from the instillation of a prescription of procrastination into the mindz of each denomination of a "Second Coming" of sort that's supposed to take them to this imaginary heaven. Millionz of buddhists are awaiting for their Mitraya; orthodox (wannabe) jewz are awaiting the Messiah along with the other christian faiths; and even the islamic world stand awaiting the return of their Imam. Most, if not all, believe their knight in shining armor will be returning "soon". Many believed this would all happen by the year 2000. All this, instigated by the one world government, made up the main ingredient to create a scenario that fit the needz of the belief systemz of all the world's major religionz.

How much of a factor was religion when slavery existed? How many Afrikanz called on "God" to save them from white kidnapperz who would give them 100 lashingz on the back each day to make them obedient. How many relied on the biblical Jesus to stop the overseer and his boyz from gang rapin' countless Afrikan women on the plantationz? Do you think those Afrikanz that rebelled did so only after a flying Jesus came by? No, they did what they had to do. They didn't put their fate in someone they couldn't see, because lynchingz, rape and torture were real! That's the difference between now and then. The promotion to mental enslavement has robbed us of the will to fight for freedom! I betcha if someone was crackin' your back with a whip you'd murder his ass! But because we feel no physical pain, we think everythingz -ight!

The justification of slavery was needed so Afrikan people would believe the continual enslavement and habitual inheriting of the word "struggle" would haunt and delay rising the true Goddess' and Godz of this earth. If this didn't exist, we would've been back where we were before the creation of YT.

The Illuminati (including all secret societies like masonry) have learned more than we care to know from their break-inz of our ancient Mirw in Kemet. They are fully aware of the role and history of Afrikan people and even the origin of their race. They also have some understanding of astrology and know that the current Gregorian calendar isn't as authentic as portrayed. In fact, it has been said the calendar is off ranging from 4-6 yearz. This meanz that it may not actually be 1998, it could already be 2004! It must also be noted that the original Kemetic calendar has us dated around 6234.

What does this mean? Because most have been duped to believe that once 2000 comes, all hell is gonna break loose and the biblical Jesus is gonna come flyin' down to rescue ONLY 144,000 soulz, leaving the rest to remain in this fictional everlasting hell.

Look at it through the demonic eyez of the Illuminati. If you have the power (money and control of massa-media), you can literally play Revelation's to a "T". You can create alleged earth quakes (most said to actually be the aftershock from exploding bombz underground), you can make everyone think we're being visited by little green men. Movies like 'Independence Day' and 'Men In Black' as well as making UFO aircrafts yourself — I mean, how hard is it to put a jet engine inside a metal disk?!!?; how hard is it to hire a bunch of midgets to put on an alien outfit and walk the night?? You can abduct as many civilianz as you want, they all say the alienz look the same and they don't remember much in detail probably because they were drugged the whole time!

You can even play Revelationz as if it were a script in a movie by making certain thingz happen like breeding millionz of colonies of locust's and releasing them in a highly vegetated area. The point is if you are in control of what everyone seez, via tv, internet, newspaper and radio, you can literally play God because we believe what we see without question!

Are we in the last dayz? It dependz on what you believe and beliefs should be based on individual interpretation and research. By the way, if you do believe once the clock strikes 12 on January 1st, 2000 that Jesus is gonna come and take a few while leavin' the otherz, I will gladly relieve you of your earthly possessionz. I'm sure, if I can't use it, a needy person can. LIK SHOT!!

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