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(written circa 1996)

It seems that YT can't get enough of this race-relationz talk. Why is there sudden revival of this topic in schoolz across the country? Why has the jewish pirate, steven speilburg, put out a movie about the Afrikan uprising on a slaveship (Amistad)? Could it be that the zodiac's prophecy is true? Could it be that we are entering the age of Aquarius—where the "need to know truth" is ever-increasing?? Could YT (Yakubian Tribe) be trying to set up a diversion so that the message will be confusing?? Since all the newspaperz and TVs are talkin' about race, I knew the Ancestorz were preparing me to come with a part 2 to the controversial piece, "IZ YT Hueman? or Mutant!"

YT has alwayz been anti-natural creation since their creation. Probably because they were not equipped with all the gifts that make up their parents, the Afrikan. Historian, Llaila O. Afrika, analyzed the historical behavior of YT to the deficient amount of natural elements in the caucus (root word for caucasian) mountainz—from whence they came. When the pineal gland is deficient of melanin producing elements (fruits and nutrients in the soil), it makes one think with their left (destructive) side of the brain. (It must be noted that the body is made up of pairz: two feet, armz, legz, handz, eyez, nostrilz and yes, even two brainz; the right and left brain.)

How did YT get to the mountainous region in order and develope deficient's in the first place?? If you haven't read part 1, here's a summary. NOTE: As in part 1, I will be using several books as a reference including the bible. By showing you certain jewelz within these very book many of our people have been programmed to revere, one can find some truth in it.

Between 6-7000 yearz ago, signz of disruption began to appear in the ancient civilization of the Nile Valley (which is in Afrika). Still Afrikan and not quite white yet, they first appeared on the island of Pelan, near the Aegean Sea; this is where the transformation began by a process of selective breeding called "grafting".

Yakub (biblically, named Jacob), a black man, was the leader of Pelan. He placed a system of birth lawz by which marriage was based on skin color with only the lighter complexioned babies being allowed to survive. After 600 yearz of grafting, the people had become very pale , almost a ruddy white in complexion. When these 'pale-skinned, but Afrikan featured' beingz showed up again in the Nile Valley, they were soon driven out and exiled to the hillz of West Asia where they remained for 2000 yearz. In West Asia (really Europe), over two millenniumz without the knowledge of Kemet along with an absence of melanin in the soil, they slowly slipped into a life of savagery, imitating wild life. This is where we see the grunting and walking on all fourz of the caveman evolved.

Even the (not so) great Charles Darwin and his theory spoke of some form of selective breeding had to have occurred in order for all the different ethnicity's to exist today—a little known jewel is that his cousin, Francis Galton, coined the phrase, 'Eugenics ', another word for 'Ethnic Cleansing'.

History showz the disruption that occurred in the Nile Valley I spoke of earlier, happened just BEFORE the sudden appearance of YT in West Asia. I don't know, nor can explain why Moses did it, but, according to the bible, he went to the caucus mountainz and gave YT 33 1/3 (we know as tricknology) of the 360° of knowledge of ancient Kemet. It is he who taught this mankind (kind of man) to wage war against our Ancestorz and Nature! They returned blazing temples, stealing and plagiarizing our history, and kill our people.

The bible never sayz Adam was the first man. Gen. 30:35, speaks of Jacob being able to produce unusually colored flocks of sheep and goat through a skillful technique called breeding (grafting). Biblically, it took him 6 yearz to change the flock (Gen. 31).

Tomas Scoto, a 14th century Spanish Monk, was put on trial and executed after he tried to reveal this information in his book, 'Collyrium Contra Haereses', published in 1344. He said the 'Adam & Eve theory' was simply the making of one group of species by another. He was quoted in recordz—still held in the Church of Spain—saying, "there were men before Adam and Adam was made by these men." Even in the Holy Qu'ran (2:28) the angelz give warning before the making of Adam, saying his arrival would "only create mischief and cause the shedding of blood." Has there not been more bloodshed since YT's arrival? Have not the number of warz more than quadrupled??

Early followerz of the biblical jesus also believed people lived before Adam. The early church fatherz, St. Paul and St. Augustine wrote about it. In 1655, Isaac de la Peyrene, an orthodox priest, published a book entitled, 'Men Before Adam'. He stated that Adam was the "one man through whom sin entered the world."

If you read Gen. 1:26, it states, "...and God said, Let US make man in OUR image..." The english word "God" is from the translated hebrew word, "Elohim", which is plural. 'El' meanz God, divinity, from which comes the second, a feminine form, 'Eloh', meaning Goddess; and 'im' is masculine plural. So we see that Elohim isn't a name, it is a title!

In Gen. 6:1-4, it talks about the rape of the Afrikan woman and the birth of a mutant kind-of-man (or mankind), birthed from a man not of a woman. What we have living with the Originalz (Afrikanz) is a mutated half-brotha, a Half-rican if you will. Those who govern the material power of the earth [the one world government (OWG), aka new world order] are those who have fallen from the "higher (mental) heaven". The fallen are imperfect (lack melanin) who use their power to establish themselves as godz in the lower (physical) world. The global genocide against natural creation, the properly called 'Maangamizi' or Afrikan holocaust/Middle Passage (which is mistakenly called the 'Maafa'. Maafa is of the arabic language and it's funny when using 'Maafa' to speak of our 'Maangamizi', the role islam played is cleverly omitted), is a planned event by the descendants of the fallen ones, the OWG. In essence, there is no Afrikan-American, Haitian, Jamaican, nor european for that matter. These are nothing but neocolonial titles set up by the OWG who just so happenz to be our evil half-brothaz, the romanz, greeks, so-called jew and arab, who are nothing but a carbon-copy of creation.

In Ethiopia, a group of 19th century explorerz uncovered an ancient document called The Book of Adam & Eve, believed to be part of the Lost Books of Eden. It talks about a people's forced walk across a desert and them living inside a cave. "And, indeed when Adam looked at his flesh, that was altered, he wept bitterly, he & Eve, over what they had done...And as they came to it, Adam wept over himself and said to Eve, 'Look at this cave that is to be our prison in this world, and a place of punishment." Now what do they mean by Adam's flesh being "altered"... from what to what?!!?

This is where it get's deep! See, this historyisn't entirely secret! Once a year, on the eve of the Jewish Day of Atonement, a ceremony is traditionally performed in which a goat (Azazel—another hebrew name for the white race, or the devil) is tied to a rope and led away from the people out into the desert and abandoned in a place of hillz and rocks. This ceremony can also be found in Leviticus 16:21-22: "He shall put both hands on the goats head and confess over it all the evils, sins and rebellions of the people of Israel, and so transfer them to the goat's head. Then the goat is to be driven off into the desert by a man appointed to do it. The goat will carry all their sins away with him into some uninhabited land." Also if you read Leviticus 14:4-7, white birdz are used in the so-called "purification" of leperz. Goats, white birdz (doves) and leperz are all representatives of YT.

The Book of Enoch was removed from the bible probably because it spoke of Azazel being made to live in the caves for 2000 yearz. The life of the caveman was a grotesque punishment indeed. Not only did he reside in caves, he also lived in man-made holes. The holes usually were 10-15 feet. In the winter, he would cover the hole with his feces, which served as a blockade against the cold air. The steam from the manure also proved useful as a humidifier. No question, it was a good place for a 'Stick-Up' or any other kind of deodorant, Febreeze... somethin'! To top that, through study of the history of Europe, I found staying beneath massive piles of human waste was commonplace throughout!!

The 'mind fuck' put on Afrikanz started with the bible. Historian and Ancestor, John Henrik Clarke stated, "during the period of slavery, Africans in America estranged from their culture and their religion wanted to associate with a people who had escaped from bondage. Those who could read the Bible accepted the story of the Exodus literally. This story of Jews escaping from bondage in Egypt became more real to them than to others because they were slaves holding onto the thin hope of escape. Jewish folklore became real to them. This is a part of Black America's sentimental attachment to the Jewish people, sometimes called friendship and an alliance... Today, a large number of Black Americans think of the Jews as people of The Book, and they look more favorably on them than on other Caucasians. These poorly informed Blacks do not know that the Jews of Europe played the same role in their enslavement, oppression and colonization as other Europeanz." He further stated, "This charge (being labeled anti-semetic), too often repeated, tends to inform the Jews are not to be judged by the same rules as are the rest of humanity." It must be noted that the word 'Jew' is nothing but a European creation.

Although YT created confusion with man-made translated religion, there are thingz in the bible that the youngest searcher for truth could find and decypher. Up until the last century or so, YT had not one care for people of color. Not once did they think the hundredz of thousandz of rapes, lynchingz and murderz were "non-christian". Psychologically speaking, they were being true to themselves, for that is exactly what they learned being in the caucus mountainz, away from the touch (knowledge) of Ra (the Sun). Their behavior has and alwayz be correlated to the wild beasts of nature, the lower self; the lion part of Her-Em-Akhet (the Sphinx) we studied in Kemet (watch the Video Article, 'The Riddle of Her-Em-Akhet' on DGTv).

Just recently has YT been "acting" like they're humanitarianz; save the whales and whatnot, but notice how they raise millionz of dollarz to save whales rather than starving, homeless and/or uneducated people! Now they want to reverse gearz and claim we are all the same. Why the sudden change?? Probably because the root of truth is breaking through the concrete pavement of white supremacy. As YT seez more and more Afrikanz on a quest for Sankofa, or reverting to their natural selves (growing locks, moving from 'negro', to 'colored', to 'black', to now 'African-American' and hopefullynot in any particular order, 'American-Afrikan', 'Afrikan', ending with Akebulan, Nowe or Wo'se), they shook!

So they try to drug us again with religion. But even the biblical Jesus showed he wasn't down with YT. In Mark 7:24-29 and Matthew 15:21-28, he refused to help a woman because she was white (a greek) and also called her a dog! Since she was so persistent, his crew of disciples persuaded him to help her before her cries attract the Roman soldierz. Matthew 10:5-6, he commanded his crew to go NOT to the Gentiles (YT), "But go rather to the lost sheep of the house of Israel," (Afrikanz).

After the making of YT, Yakub's revelation was soon lived out. Yakub, through his birth control lawz, had each and every dark seed killed, leaving the lighter complexioned babies to survive until eventually there was a pale-skinned race of people. They were told that one day they would rule the world.

The way YT colonized Afrika was somewhat complex, yet very simple in principle... simply divide and conquer (read 'When Knowledge Became Kryptonite' for more)! There were tribal warz at that time with the stronger Afrikanz pushing the weaker Afrikanz to coastal areas. YT approached the weaker Afrikanz offering gunz and ammunition to help them ultimately conquer the stronger Afrikanz. After alliance with YT, the weaker Afrikanz now now had superior weaponry and was able to attack the stronger Afrikanz effectively. YT came in as the fight promoter, oops, peacemaker, or better put, a covert missionary to allegedly calm the war amongst the two, but in all actuality, they were serving as the 'middleman' instigating tribal confrontationz; all-the-while knowing the weaker Afrikanz would protect them as they attacked the stronger Afrikanz from the inside.

For yearz, science has been trying to understand the similarities and differences between the cornerstones of people in particular, Afrikan people and whites. Author, Michael Bradley (a european) stated, "Caucasian descendants are significantly more aggressive than other major genetic groups because of their unique glacial evolution... Neanderthal bones exhibit a much greater number of violence-inflicted injuries than any comparable number of bones from other groups of human ancestor's." Think about it. Who invented Slam-dancing? Daredevil stunts and bungie jumping?? Not an Afrikan! And look at the size of their headz. You think they didn't emulate wild animalz like the Ram bashing their headz into each other in battle?!

And their aggression hasn't stopped for one second! Knowing they are the minority, they are tryin' to balance the scales, but of course, unnaturally! One of the war tactics is Eugenics' (an updated form of this is cloning). Eugenics is the categorization for the manipulation of genes in order to bring about a more desirable kind of human. In the book, 'Skeletons In The Closet', by Adrian Woolridge, she writes, "Eugenics, the pseudo-science that tries to improve the human species by controlling reproduction, remained fashionable long after Hitler committed suicide in his bunker."

The money behind the Eugenics project was funded by none other than the notorious Carnegie and Rockefeller families. Woolridge goes on to say, "Swedes not only introduced eugenic laws at roughly the same time as the Nazis but also left them on the statue books until the mid-1970s. Between 1935-76, no fewer than 60,000 Swedes were sterilized, including children of racially mixed parents, unwed mothers with large broods of children, habitual criminals and even a boy deemed 'sexually precocious'". Dam! This soundz just like what Yakub did almost 6000 yearz ago!!

The Swedes enforced eugenic lawz as early as 1929. About 11,000 were sterilized, more than half against their will. The Finnz have confessed to sterilizing 11,000 people with 4000 involuntary abortionz performed between 1945-70, and the Norweiganz sterilized 2000. How many do you think the great 'ol U.S. has involuntarily killed?? The State of Virginia alone sterilized more than 7500 people up until the 70s, with a particular emphasis on unwed motherz, prostitutes, petty criminalz and juvenile delinquents.

All these countries introduced eugenics for similar reasonz, primarily to prevent the degeneration of the race. "It was invented not in the Germany of the 1930s but in the Britain of the 1880s, and not by some deranged Nazi but by the respectable gentleman Francis Galton, a cousin of Charles Darwin and a leading member of the scientific establishment," Woolridge states.

Think there's not a governmental conspiracy? Francis Crick, the co-discoverer of DNA, suggested putting chemicalz in drinking water to sterilize the entire population, and then distributing an antidote to a eugenically desirable few. This ain't made-up drama, Afrikanz! There are serious people who want to see us annihilated and no longer are doin' it wearing white hoodz... they're wearing white lab coats!!

Prenatal genetic screening has enabled parents to avoid having children with defects. Sperm banks specialize in providing women with greater opportunities (playing God) for breeding with "superior" men, allowing scientists to manipulate the basic hereditary process, eliminating defects as they go.

Woolridge was quick to point out that "many anti-poverty campaignerz happily have added contraceptive drugs such as Norplant to their armory." What's deep is that sterilization is far more common among Afrikan and American-Indian women than among white women. Of the 750,000 hysterectomies performed each year in the U.S., well over 90% of the patients are Afrikan! Dr. Jewel Pookrum, an Afrikan doctor, is the first person to address this hidden agenda. If this number is combined with the other sterilizationz of Afrikan women around the world, experts predict that within the next 12 yearz, Afrikan people COULD BECOME EXTINCT! Hard to believe, but somebody's tryin' to make it happen! All Afrikan sistaz, Y IZ it Dat 1 out of every 3 Afrikan women living in a eurocentric society have fibroid tumorz?! You can't have a seed without them! Here's a hint, look into soy consumption!

This is about a mutants declaration of war on all natural creation! This is what global white supremacy is about: genetic dominance! YT is well aware they are the real minority of the world, making only 10% of the population... a number that contiues to fall annually. They buggin' over the concern of the low number of birthrates. They're the only one's with sperm banks, and the only one's wylin' over some white chick who gave birth to 8 babies—what they overshadowed is that she received numerous birth enhancement injectionz 'cause she couldn't conceive a child naturally.

In addition, according to writer, Suzar, their genes are recessive to the genes of all people of color, especially Afrikanz because we have the most dominant genes on the planet. If a white person has a child with a black person, the child turnz out to be more black. "The reason for their recessive genes," Suzar states, "is because white skin is a form of albinism. If you understand this science, then you overstand why there's the creation, refinement, maintenance and brutal enforcement of the worldz greatest system of mass injustice; white supremacy — which is the ONLY racism that exists..."

Dr. Francess Cress-Welsing addressed this in her lectures and book, 'The Isis Papers', and although this is a plausible assessment. Although the child is less white, they're also less Afrikan (hence Yakub's experiment has merit)! Bro. Kwasi Imhotep recently released an information rebuttal to Cress-Welsing worth a read and further research.

In closing, there are some other significant points to consider. One being that our history can be seen in YTs religious system. Our slavemasterz still have us worshipping the Sun and we don't even know it. SUNday is the day for the Sun and on this day, our enslaved Ancestorz on the plantationz of the south would go to our slavemasterz church. Are we worshipping the Son of YT or the SUN which is the dominant light-giver/life-giver of our galaxy responsible for all living thingz we see and experience on this planet? As well, who do you think you're praying to when you end it with "Amen"?!!? Amen comes from the ancient Kemetic Afrikan Pharaoh named AMENhotep.

YT has clearly shown through movies (like the 'Aliens 3' flick) what their intentionz are since cracking the DNA code: they intend to create a being just like they were created. They are merely doing what was done to them. If our half-brotha has the intentionz of creating a child for himself, we've got double trouble!


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• I believe this was forced on most Africans by the so called missionaries at gun point. Please find a way to get more coverage [in this]. The world has to know this .
xxxxxxxxxxPosted byJames Mungandu ( on Wednesday, April 11, 2012 at 4:37 AM

• Thank you for this article. Although there are certain things I may dispute, the fundamentals are spot-on, i.e. is YT human?.. I have spent time over the years just observing him (and her), because I feel, deep in my soul, that they're essential. Humanity is simply not there when their goal, wherever they go, is to lay the environment and communities to waste, bring disease through their poisoned food and drink, and vaccination programs (think Bill & Melinda Gates foraying into the heart of Africa to kill innocent babies through Gavin Alliance).
xxxxxxxxxxPosted by Susan ( on Wednesday, April 4, 2012 at 6:29 AM

• no sunshine... no melanin... nature influences race... simple.
xxxxxxxxxxPosted by Jamie Rae Geyen Brown via Facebook on Monday, July 19, 2010 at 8:59 PM

• I just read your artice "IZ YT Hueman....". I am a follower of Allah through Islam, but I agree with what you've written. I am developing more knowledge of self and it feels good. Even when I was saturated in ignorance I felt there was something more to us.
xxxxxxxxxxPosted by Aiwal Ture ( on Tuesday, December 8, 2009 at 11:34 PM

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