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Just to be clear, I have tremendous respect for Dr.. Welsing, her dedication, her unrelenting defense of people of Afrikan descent, and her courage in speaking out against what she calls racism/white supremacy. However, I hold the opinion that her theory does not adequately explain the causal elements of the destruction of Afrikans by our enemies. Therefore, I offer this analysis in the spirit of advancing the knowledge in this regard. Perhaps this effort will spur us more directly towards an effective solution to the continuing atrocities imposed upon us by our oppressors.

My review focuses on three very central positions upon which her theory rests.

1. On pages 124, 128 of her book, the Isis Papers, she says that "white supremacy (racism) began with the production of the first albino mutants from Black mothers and fathers in Africa." And by mating with each other, they produced, "what is now known as the white race."

In order to save time, I will mainly summarize my technical sources, but will provide a few direct quotes. I invite you to read the full information for yourselves from two of the pertinent sources, Civilization Or Barbarism, part one , by Dr. Cheikh Anta Diop and Echoes Of The Old Dark Land chapters I & II, by Dr. Charles S. Finch

First, albinos in pre-historic Afrika would not have survived! They would have died out from cancer caused by exposure to the sun. This is why Diop said that, "Humankind that was born in the Great Lakes region (bordering Uganda, Tanzania, Zaire and Kenya) is necessarily pigmented and Black, the Gloger Law calls for warm bloodied animals to be pigmented in a hot and humid climate." This 'pigmentation' that Diop refers to above was due to the high melanin content of the world's first people in Afrika. Melanin disperses the sun's rays on the human body and more effectively utilizes them to produce energy and vitamin D than would a light/white skin in Afrika, which would soon develop deadly cancers.

Afrikan albinos do not simply have light/white skin, they have super white skin which would have been a virtually fatal liability in pre-historic times especially given that they would have to overly expose their skin to the UV rays of the sun in order to do the things necessary for them to live. Also, we need to remember that in Afrika, the sun's rays are more direct, thus more intense. One study shows that the sun is 35% more intense in Afrika than in Europe!

Even in current times, with modern technology, Finch says that "the outlook for Afrikan albinos is grim; they are stricken by grotesque, devastating skin cancers by the end of the second decade of life, rapidly bringing an uncomfortable and distressing life to a close. In Africa, albinism is a high morbidity, low survival condition." He is talking about present day Afrikan albinos whose survival is greatly aided by modern technology: cancer surgeries, chemo-therapy treatment, medication, air conditioned buildings and cars, ready availability of food, clothing, and shelter, thus eliminating the need to spend much time in the sun. In pre-historic Afrika, Dr. Welsing's Afrikan albinos would not have these modern advantages and would therefore have to constantly expose their white skin to the cancer-causing rays of the sun in order for these albinos to hunt, gather, and grow food, clothing and other necessities of life. Their death rate would likely be much higher and sooner than the twenty year typical life span of today's Afrikan albinos.

Further, it is highly unlikely that those Afrikan albinos could have survived long enough to produce enough people of Dr. Welsing's "white race" in Afrika. This is because Finch said that we need vitamin D to make strong bones which are particularly vital for a female to push a baby through the birth canal. But, in pre-historic Afrika, the Afrikan albino would need to spend long periods of time in the sun in order for their body to make vitamin D. But, if the Afrikan albino spent long periods exposed to the sun, they would produce deadly cancers sooner. It's a catch-22 for them; they can't make babies without vitamin D and they can't get vitamin D from the sun because they would soon die of cancer! And remember, in pre-historic Afrika, there are no GNC vitamin shops available for them to buy artificial vitamin D supplements. So, it's very clear that white people could not have developed in Afrika from Black Afrikan albinos as she says!

White people (euros) today in Afrika are also threatened by cancer from the sun, but because they do have some low level melanin in their bodies (particularly in their hair, eyes, etc), that helps diffuse the sun's rays enabling them to survive, together with modern technology which removes the necessity for them to overly expose their bodies to the sun, and with modern medical cancer treatments and surgeries that greatly aid their survival. But, in pre-historic Afrika, they too would have not survived for the reasons Diop points out.

Finch goes on to tell us how white people came into existence in Eurasia, not in Afrika, from migrating black Afrikans during the extreme freezing of the last Ice Age, and who mutated into albinos but, importantly, these Afrikan albinos in Eurasia also underwent more cold weather environment-induced adaptations that eventually produced the euro/white people of today! You can read all the details in his book. In addition, if you look at the photos of the two Black Afrikan albino children and their parents, you will see that those Afrikan albinos still have typical Afrikan hair texture, Afrikan noses, Afrikan lips and Afrikan body structures. They are Afrikan albinos, just as Dr. Welsing's pre-historic Afrikan albinos probably looked, but they still do not have typical white/european straight hair, thin noses, thin lips and euro body mass. These Afrikan albino children that you see in the photo could, if possible, mate with other Afrikan albinos in Afrika to reproduce other children, and theoretically multiply, but no matter how many children they or other Afrikan albinos have from mating with each other in Afrika, they will never, ever, produce a white/euro phenotype race having straight hair, thin noses, thin lips, and the other traits of what we call the white. European people, unless another genetic mutation occurs! They are not white/euro types and neither, in reality, was Dr. Welsing's pre-historic Afrikan albinos! Since they are not white people, they could not/did not develop "white supremacy (racism)" in Afrika as she claims!

Dr. Finch further explains the pivotal need of the human body to regulate body temperature and how that need affects the body's phenotype (or physical traits). In hot and humid Afrika, the typical broad, flared Afrikan nose, full lips, pepper corn hair were essential in the developmental stages of humans to allow them to effectively ventilate body heat, and thus maintain a normal range of body temperature. But, in the cold, ice age environment of pre-historic Eurasia, after the Black Afrikan migrants had genetically mutated into white-skinned albinos, further cold environment-induced adaptations were necessary for them to effectively maintain body heat. Thus, the broad, flared Afrikan nose, full lips, peppercorn hair were a decided liability in Eurasia because they ventilated much needed body heat, and thus they underwent adaptation changes to thin/aquiline noses, thin lips, and a profusion of longer hair that even covered the neck area as a means of retaining body heat in this frigid environment.

The lighter/white skin of the Afrikan albinos in Eurasia was a vital part of the survival mechanism there because less melanated, or lighter/whiter skin was more effective than a dark skin in the ice box of Eurasia in utilizing the comparatively low sun light, overcast environment of Eurasia during the last Ice Age in producing vitamin D that was necessary for the proper mineralization of bones. Once the entire set of phenotype changes of the Afrikan albino in Eurasia had taken place, we then find the phenotype advent of what we call the white/euro people! But, the process was still not complete.

Both Diop and Finch inform us that other psychic, mind set changes also occurred to the previous Afrikan albino in Eurasia due to the harsh environment that ultimately transformed their world view to one that was opposite of the typical Afrikan world view. This further set of psychological, world view, adaptive changes of the Afrikan albinos in Eurasia, now a white/euro phenotype, are basically summarized in Diop's Two Cradle Theory.

Diop tells us that, due to the harsh, ice age, extremely frigid environment in Eurasia at the time, the now fully mutated Afrikan albino, now having white/euro physical traits that occurred over perhaps a 20,000 year span, also due to the need to survive in this ice box became extremely competitive due to the vital need to contest others for the scarce food supply; nomadic, to follow the animal herds that they hunted for food, and also burned (cremated) their dead due to the hard earth and the need for heat; very masculine-oriented, strength was a prime asset and females were subjugated (denial of the feminine principle) because they likely could not/did not have the strength or stamina need to continually hunt wild, moving animals and also because they slowed down the men when they became pregnant with babies; nature haters, living was very harsh compared to the relatively easy living in Afrika, thus they developed a phobia against nature, with a need to control and dominate it, and a host of other non-Afrikan traits such as xenophobia, war-like, conquest-oriented, possessive, restless, need for adventure, risk takers, anti-Creator (their 'god' was a "man of war), and so forth.

2. Dr. Welsing also says that due to "the albinos or whites genetic defect of albinism (the reason for which they were originally cast out of Africa by their Black mother and fathers)." Isis papers, p.200-01

Since I have shown above that whites could not have developed in Afrika, then they could not have been thrown out of Afrika! Where is the historical support for this statement? Where in Afrika did it happen, when did it happen, who were the Afrikans who supposedly threw out the albinos?

Also this casting out of children from Afrika is diametrically opposite to traditional Afrikan culture and love of children. Dr. Clarke has taught us that the traditional Afrikan culture was, among other things, very cosmopolitan, open and welcoming. He further said that this openness was part of our Afrikan downfall because as he said, "we failed to mis-trust the stranger." Our people welcomed the first white euros into Afrika, just as the Indigenous people here welcomed the first white euros to the Americas. And in both cases our friendliness worked against us! Even today, although Afrika has been successively invaded and is now ripe with alien, sinister influences, religions, and cultures, we still find Afrikan authors informing us that children in Afrika are prized, that they, in effect, belong to the entire village. community, that children are free to walk into any home in the community eat there, sleep there, and be cared for as if they were born into that household.

Dr. Welsing also talks about these Afrikan albino/white people hating their Black Afrikan parents as a cause of their racism toward Black people. Is this a variation of the Greek mythological Oedipus Complex which Freud tells us that some children want to kill their fathers and have sex with their mothers? Our conclusion is, as we have said, this contention is irrelevant because we have shown that any historic Afrikan albinos could not have survived long enough to develop into the phenotypical white/euro IN AFRIKA, therefore since they did not become white people in Afrika, they could not have been thrown out of Afrika for any reason!

Looked at from another perspective, if these Afrikan albinos had survived, multiplied into the white race, as she says, they would have to develop enormous power, as a minority, to be able to enforce racism/white supremacy in Afrika. According to Dr. Welsing's theory Black people today cannot be racist because they do not have the immense power necessary to make it stick as euros do. Racism/white supremacy as it exists today is deadly simply because the euros have developed enormous military, political, economic, legal and other areas of un-matched strength to be able to forcefully impose racism/white supremacy on the majority of the world's population. It then follows, that sense Dr. Welsing said that these Afrikan albinos were "cast out of Afrika by their Black mothers and fathers" it is logical to assume that their Black mothers and fathers had superior power to their Afrikan albino children. But if so, then how could the Afrikan albinos even enforce racism/white supremacy on their Black Afrikan parents if they were weaker than their parents?

This is another catch-22 situation in Dr. Welsing's theory. In order for the Afrikan albinos to impose racism/white supremacy in Afrika, they would need to be stronger than their Afrikan parents. But, if they, in fact were stronger than their Afrikan parents, how could their weaker Afrikan parents "cast them out of Afrika?"

And further, if these Afrikan albinos did have such power, they likely formed a federation, a state, nation, tribe, whatever, and if so, then who were they? A white/euro phenotype people having such power in Afrika would be very, very obvious in pre-history. If they did exist, why hasn't Dr. Welsing identified them? My position, based on the information that I have cited above, is that these Afrikan albinos never existed as a comprehensive, powerful unit, at any time in pre-history. And they would of necessity have to have come into existence in pre-history, well before 40-50,000 years ago because Diop and others who study these issues, say that the fossil record doesn't show the euro phenotype in Eurasia prior to that period in time!

3. Dr. Welsing said whites/euros "have been aware since they circumnavigated the globe, that they were a minority. White males having sexual relations with Non-white women found out that the children all look like their mothers, meaning the White was annihilated." Interview with the of 12/22/03.

This is the vaunted centerpiece of her theory that whites fear genetic annihilation, thus they developed racism/white supremacy.

First, whites/euros in the 15th century when they began to leave Europe, taught that the earth was flat, so it's problematical just how much of the outside world they actually saw. Let's do a very simple experiment to show the falsity of this concept. Let's suppose that when the whites began to leave Europe, there were 100 Black people and 10 white people in the world. Let's also say that those 10 whites had sex with 10 Blacks and produced 10 mulatto children. After those children are made, there are still 10 white people in the world; they have not been genetically annihilated! So sexual contact of whites with Black people does not genetically annihilate the existing white population. Further, if those 10 base white people have more white children, or do not have sex with Blacks, there is similarly no white genetic annihilation, in fact the white population will increase instead of decreasing via genetic annihilation!

Second, Diop said that it was impossible for anyone to know the world's demographic population and composition at that time because that kind of information simply did not exist. (Diop "Great African Thinkers" edited by Van Sertima)

Third. If whites did fear genetic annihilation from having sex with Blacks, it was a fear that was easily fixed--simply avoid sex to any extent with Blacks. Which is basically what has happened. For instance, the 2010 national census shows that only about 700,000 people say that they have a Black and a white parent out of a total population of over 313,000,000. That's far less than 1% of the population! Even if we double the number of people to 1.4 million, that's still less than 1% of the population, so clearly whites are avoiding sex with Blacks to the extent that children develop for the most part, so why would they fear genetic annihilation from sex with Blacks? White genetic annihilation is obviously not a fear or a problem for white people no matter what Dr. Welsing says!

And further, since white genetic annihilation has not happened in over 600 years since she said that whites developed the fear, and white genetic annihilation is NOT happening today, it is very illogical to say that whites continue to fear something that hasn't happened in over 600 years!

Also, the typical human response to things one fears is to just avoid those things. Most people, not all, who have a fear of heights (vertigo) do not put themselves into situations where they are in high settings. Most people that have a fear of flying, for instance, such as John Madden and Whoppi Goldberg, simply stay away from airplanes.

Fourth. When Dr. Welsing appeared on the Donohue TV program years ago and recited her fear theory, Donohue shouted out to his predominantly white audience "We white people have got to have more children". Dr. Welsing was speechless with Donohue's very simple solution to her fear of genetic annihilation talk. Donohue stated a simple, but very effective counter to Dr. Welsing's claims that whites fear genetic annihilation--just white people have more children, or avoid sex with Blacks. Either way-genetic annihilation disappears!

Fifth, when a Black and a white person have a child, we are seeing that the genes of the white parent appear to annihilate the genes of the Black parent to roughly the same extent as Dr. Welsing says the Black genes are annihilating the white genes. Look at the picture of President. Obama, his Black Afrika father and his white euro mother. If the Black genes were so dominant, then Obama would not have a light skin tone. So obviously his white mother's genes are doing something to his Black Afrikan father's genes as well.

Afrikan albino children with their parents
Photos of President Obama, his Black Afrikan father and his white euro mother, with Father
Photos of Sidney Poitier and his white euro wife and daughter
Photo of Frederick Douglas

Ditto for the photos of Sidney Poitier and his daughter and his white euro wife. Check out the photo of Frederick Douglas. We don't have his parents pictures, but we know that his mother was a Black Afrikan and his father was a white euro. Again, we see from his light skin tone that his white fathers genes have annihilated his Black Afrikan mothers genes to approximately the same extent as Dr. Welsing says the white genes are annihilated by Black genes..

So based on this empirical evidence, Dr. Welsing's theory of white fear of genetic annihilation is baseless! It may be possible to find cases where a mixed race child looks totally Black or totally white. But that would only show that total white and total Black genetic annihilation was a possibility, which is not her theory. Since we have already seen in the examples of Obama, Poitier's daughters and Frederick Douglass, we know that genetic annihilation appears to be happening to both the Black as well as the white genes!

Dr. Welsing says that she sees a Black man when she looks at Obama, so do most people. That's because his phenotype (or what we see) looks like some other Black people that we know. My daughter and granddaughter have lighter skin than Obama, for instance, but we do not have any white people in our family tree as far back as we have researched it which is back over 180 years ago to 1820. But while Obama may appear to be a Black man, biologically, he is a mulatto, which is defined as having both a Black and a white parent.

Also she sees a Black man because Obama classifies himself that way, and although he is 50% white, the euro power structure will simply not allow him to classify himself as white. Although at this point in human development, it's very likely that white people are genetically mixed as well. I challenge them to take a full series of DNA tests as some whites have done and are in total shock to learn that they have Black, Brown, Yellow or Red blood flowing in their veins.

If any group should fear genetic annihilation, maybe it's us because our history is replete with mulatto people who have been our enemies. (See Chancellor Williams "Destruction of Black Civilization", or check out the history of the Caribbean, or the history of New Orleans, etc.)

It has been 23 years since Dr. Welsing's book, and as of today she still has not given us a fix for what she calls racism/white supremacy. Wonder why? Where's my prescription, you may ask me? Don't push me, I'm already close to the edge! And I'm not an MD as she is, it's illegal for me to write a prescription.(lol) Actually, my concepts are in the very early stages of development and maybe someone a whole lot smarter and younger than I will pick it up and run with it.

Also, when I ask Black people what racism is, their answers were all over the place, which told me that maybe there are a lot of Blacks who are not paying any attention to Dr. Welsing's theory anyway. Which is not a good sign for us if we are not at least seriously discussing racism, because racism is paying attention to us in very deadly ways.

We do not dismiss racial hatred from a causal role in deadly, destructive treatment of Blacks by euros by any means. Dr. Bobby Wright (The Psychopathic Racial Personality) teaches us about the psychopathic nature of the euros mind set when it comes to Black people. We, however, put forth a position that rather than purely a racial hatred, it is more a cultural basis that is at the core of euros animosity and mistreatment of Afrikans! The euros have done similar things to their own people where race is not a consideration, from 7th century euro enslavement of Germans for over 200 years, to the euro enslavement of their own fellow euros in the Americas before they began to enslave the Indigenous people and finally to enslave our ancestors, to the hundreds years long and millions of deaths and tortures of euros by euros in the Inquisition, and in the Crusades, and in the deadliest white death toll of any US war in the Civil War destruction of euros by euros, and on and on and on.

We see similar levels of destruction of Afrikans by the Arabs beginning in the 7th century in Afrika, killing and enslaving over 135 million Afrikans (John Azumah's "The Legacy of Arab-Islam in Africa"). And the so-called euro jews funding of and enslavement of Black people here. (NOI's, "The Secret Relationship of Blacks and Jews"). Per Dr. Welsing's definition, neither of these catastrophic destruction of Afrikan lives can be attributed to 'racism/white supremacy', because these villains classify themselves as Arabs and Semites, not as "white people."

We posit that cultures such as the euro, Arabic and others that deny the feminine principle are as a consequence, out-of-balance, masculine oriented, war-like, possessive, dominating, xenophobic, greedy, amoral, predatory, conquest oriented, excessively competitive, seeking to control nature, contradictory, chaos oriented, without remorse or shame, and much, much more. It is these cultures that history has shown are the most deadly, destructive and domineering on the planet.

Time and space does not allow me to elaborate more on my contentions that cultural issues, specifically, the denial and/or subjugation of the feminine principle with the consequent cultural imbalance, in certain societies, is the root of what Dr. Welsing calls racism/white supremacy.

Afrikan albino children with their parents
Photos of President Obama, his Black Afrikan father and his white euro mother, with Father
Photos of Sidney Poitier and his white euro wife and daughter
Photo of Frederick Douglas
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• A thought-provoking analysis that definitely stirs the mind. It reminds me of the importance of researching claims that otherwise remain blindly accepted. Many thanks for posting!
xxxxxxxxxxPosted by Nebthet Sekhet Hotep via Facebook on Tuesday, June 26, 2012 at 12:44 PM

• For years, "The Isis Papers," have been a blessed read of mine. It has to be something that is gone over at least two to three times a year...despite all of my other daily duties that need to be acknowledged.
xxxxxxxxxxPosted by Tremayne J. Smith via Facebook on Saturday, June 23, 2012 at 3:29 PM

•I wish to publicly say that Dr. Welsing has been approached about what we see as some flaws in her work, but she sees no reason to change or correct them. Before we put this review together, we were very troubled in our mind about how it would be received/perceived by our people. But, it was because we are as concerned for our people as we believe Dr Welsing is, that we decided to continue our review.

I think it is instructive to know that other scholars (I don't classify myself as a scholar) have similarly, publicly critiqued other historians works. Further, Dr Diop left us the challenge to review his massive body of work and bring it to perfection. If Diop's work can be challenged, then others work can be challenged as well. Indeed, Dr. Oba T'Shaka has done that in his critiques of Diop's two-cradle theory via his book, "Return To The African Mother Principle of Male and Female Equality". In addition, other scholars have publicly critiqued their fellow historians, including public challenges issued by Drs Hilliard, Asante and others.

It was with the view that we, as oppressed people, need a better understanding of the causal nature of our oppression, that we undertook to bring forth an alternative approach, because we did not consider Dr Welsing's theory to be historically sound in view of the documentation that Drs Diop, Finch, T'Shaka and others have brought forth. Our analysis utilizes their body of work to bring more clarity, or at least an alternative path of inquiry that, hopefully, will lead us to an effective way to counter and defeat the arsenal arrayed against us.

xxxxxxxxxxPosted by Bro. Kwasi Imhotep ( on Sunday, June 24, 2012 at 3:51 PM

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