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(written circa 1996)

This piece is dedicated to those that strive to unrelish the many yearz of lies and lost information the caucasian hoped we would never ever find again... the true relationship between the Afrikan and the white man from the caucus mountainz.

For one to understand the relationship of any two subjects, it is vital to start at the beginning. We Afrikanz, as the true heirz of civilization, must realize that this war, or struggle (as some call it), is not just a physical one—I find it's just as much a spiritual one. The physical will take a part, but seemz to be a small one. There's been a spiritual war going for nearly 6000 yearz and it's reachin' the boiling point. As we strive for understanding and righteousness, we will get a clearer view of the beast who standz invisible before us. With that in mind, I now pose the following questionz: (1)Who was the first man and woman on this planet? and (2)How did we get all these different ethnic races from this one, or same man and woman?

These questions have caused many to consistently attempt to sway away from gettin' to the real hard-core truth of the matter. Often tymz, the seeker has been told by their parents, teacherz, and preacherz that "it doesn't matter, God made all of us." Many may agree and leave it at that, but for me, knowing why and how can answer many questionz—especially the topic of white supremacy.

I forewarn those sensitive, fragile mindz who might not be able to handle the in-depth perception I'm about to parlay, so for those, I suggest you go and pick up a copy of the "white-version-of-what-history-is" Reader's Digest or even contact your local pimp, oops, I mean preacher to soothe (more like numb) your mind that instinctively craves to know more, so that you may run yet another hundred yardz from the truth.

For those trekking with me, I pose another question, which happenz to be the focal point of this piece, "IZ YT Human or Mutant?"

See, western science got people in a whirl. We don't know if man evolved from primitive apes or whether it just started with Adam and Eve. Western science—a more politically correct name for whitefolks philosophy—is so quick to say we were once apes but can't tell how and why we evolved. The best theologianz can tell you about Adam and Eve is that they parented all the different colorz of people today. There is some truth to this Afrikanz, but you must separate it from the rest of the B-S they want you to get entangled in.

Ask yourself, as far back as you can go, what group of people has a history of killing, raping, stealing, and suppressing other people? Everyone knowz what race is responsible for the deterioration of cultures [ie, the near total annihilation of the so-called native americanz (history proves black people where in the America's first. Read Ivan Van Sertima's 'They Came Before Columbus' and Dr. David Imhotep's, 'The First Americans Were Africans')] and the earth (the depletion of the ozone, oil spillz, toxic animalz used for food). The question is why? Why do they act the way they do and possess this vendetta against the earth and people of color? It leaves me to conclude they do because they are not human. See, the root word of human is hue, which meanz color where some may even say it meanz black. So when we talk about humanity we talk about the black-faced people. But when we talk of mankind or this 'kind of man', this is where YT fallz in.

When studying the origin of wo/man you cannot start with Genesis, nor even the Bible for that matter. Afterall, this book didn't exist until many millinneum later. Before Adam was even a thought, Afrikan people lived in a civilized manner. The bible attempts to claim the origin of Adam and Eve around 4000BC or 6000 yearz ago. Whereas, western science has contradicted it's fellow theologianz by finding almost a full skeleton of a woman, in Afrika! Her bones dated to be some 200,000 yearz old! What's typical of YTs ego is that they improperly gave her a european name, Lucy!

Our history goes back much, much farther than the bible. The original trinity came from ancient Kemet (YT eroneously callz egypt). The Ausarian Drama talks about the origin of Ausar, Aset, Heru, and Seth—you may know them as Osiris, Isis, Horus, and Set. Seth (the first name of satan) was the brother of Ausar, who also, some say, was a homosexual.

After some extensive research, I found the first theory of creation of Godz (I'll explain what God meanz later) brought forth a set of twinz. Each pair of Godz were only supposed to bear one offspring. Each offspring consisted of a set of male and female twinz. The first creation of Godz were the God Shu and Goddess Tefnut. Next came the God Geb and Goddess (of the sky) Nut. They bore Ausar and Aset. Geb and Nut unwillingly, had another set of twinz, Seth and Nepthys. The forced manifestation of Seth disturbed the regular process of creation. From day one, Seth was not right. On some wallz and scribes inside pyramidz in Kemet it can be read how Seth's own mother disowned him because of his wickedness.

Many wonder, if we were so in touch with ourselves and our maker in ancient Kemet, how did we lose everything? This is a story very seldom told as well. Most do not know that Seth was, at one time, elevated to a deity of God of state beside Amon, Ptah, and Re. First, it must be known, that our Ancestorz initially wasn't down with the concept of Seth who, later in his life was known as the lord of the desert people (will explain later).

If you read Psalms 82:6-7, it readz (in so many wordz), "I have said ye are Gods and children of the most high, but you shall die like men." The term 'God' comes from the Hebrew term, 'Elohim', which is the plural term for male and female. Elohim, or God, was never meant to be a name, it is a title. If you look metaphysically, God comes to 180°, or half of 360°. Which explainz why wo/man has the "choice" to either be a God, or a Dog (a beast, spelled backwardz). This concept is synonymous with Her-Em-Akhet (incorrectly called the sphinx), because it represents the body of a lion, the king of the beasts; and the head of a human, which is the God in you taming the beast, or 180° of negativity in you (watch the Video Article, 'The Riddle of Her-Em-Akhet' on DGTv).

This, of course, was our original mathematics before the concept of evil. Before that time, our Ancestorz possessed 360° positivity; which meanz they knew no degreez of negativity. So it was hard for them to not trust this wicked clan, who came back to Kemet, claiming they were our 'lost cousinz' and were victimz of being "grafted" into their current mutative state. So they took the desert people into their heart. Gettin' ahead of you? Ok, let's go back...

To get biblical on you again, if you read Genesis 1:26, it sayz, "Let Us make man in Our image..." Who is Us?!!? Is that not in plural form?! The bible never sayz that Adam was the first man nor never that he was good. Adam was most likely the first who sinned. It was through Adam where sin entered the world. In the 14th century, Tomas Scoto, a spanish monk wrote a book, 'Collyrium Contra Haereses', published in 1344, said:

"There were men before Adam and Adam was made by those men."

It must also be noted that he was executed for displaying such truth to the people.

If you read the Holy Qu'ran 2:28, it talks about the Angelz warning that the arrival of Adam would only "cause mischief and cause the shedding of blood."

We also were never told that Adam and Eve represented a group of people; they were not singular. The word, Adam, was originally written Adham, and is plural for male and female. This word stemz from the hebrew root dm, which meanz reddish or ruddy in color. When you look up the word ruddy, we get the definition, "pink colored or reddish". Because Adham lacked melanin (skin color), his blood showed through his skin. Adham was the first albino. This is where we start building: Adham and Edom both mean red. Edom was another name for Esau, the twin brother of Jacob, or as muslimz know him as *Yakub.
*YT standz for Yakubian Tribe

In Genesis 25:22, we read of Jacob and Esau struggling with each other in Rebecca's womb. We must note that the story of Jacob and of Yakub are one-in-the-same. When Jacob(Yakub) was 6, while playing with two pieces of a magnet, he discovered that opposite poles attract and the like poles repelled. He later drew the hypothesis that unalike attracted alike. Later, he swore he'd make a race of people, who would be unalike, and teach them how to rule the alike (Gen. 30:35).

At 18, he mastered all the sciences and realized 30% of the Nile Valley people were dissatisfied. He put together a plan where the 30% would benefit. He became so influential, the pharaoh had him put in jail for potential disruption of what was the original (and natural) way of life. But that didn't stop him. While incarcerated he took his theories and recruited more believerz. The pharaoh, getting word of this, met with Jacob and asked what could he do to appease him. The pharaoh ended up granting him the island of Pelan (or Patmos) in the Aegan sea which presently sits above the Mediterranean sea between Greece and Turkey.

Jacob took, along with him, 59,999 followerz and settled on the island of Pelan. One the island, he became the ruler and set up birth control lawz. Marriage was based on how light the skin was. At the same time, he ordered all dark-skinned babies born to be killed at once. He lied to the motherz telling them the babies were angelz from heaven and needed to be sacrificed so that they could prepare a place in heaven for them. While, on the other hand, the motherz of the lighter-skinned babies were told to take good care for their children. They were instructed to educate them so that one day they would be a great people. This process of elimination was referred to as "the grafting process".

Common sense would tell you that annihilating all black babies to where there are only light-skinned babies, leading them to they grow up and have children of their own, that their child would not come out as a dark baby. That is because you cannot get a dark color unless you merge it with a dark color. If there are no dark colors in existence, the color will, over time, turn lighter and lighter, generation after generation.

It is said Jacob, or Yakub, lived to be 150 yearz old, but his grafting process lasted 600. At the end of of those yearz, the once melanated and dark complexioned Afrikan from the Nile Valley was a weak-boned, reddish, melanin-deficient, pale-faced species. They then returned to the Nile Valley and cried unto the Original black-faced people, claiming to be descendants who had been badly mutated. The Originalz took them in providing food, clothing, and shelter.

Some 6 months later, these new "visitorz" began causing mischief, mainly through the use of tricknology. Spreading lies, pitting Original against Original, causing them to fight and eventually begin killing each other—an ancient version of black-on-black crime; which was and still is, instigated by someone who isn't black! It must also be noted that historianz can recall that around this same time, nearly 6000 yearz ago, disruption began in ancient Kemet. The Originalz could not understand why they could not reestablish peace so they consulted the Pharaoh, who in turn told them who was the root of their problem... the pale-faced visitorz!

The Pharaoh instructed the Originalz to round them up (Gen. 3:24: "So he drove out the man; and he placed at the east of the garden of Eden Cherubim, and a flaming sword which turned every way, to guard the way of the tree of life."), strip them of their clothes, put an apron on them to hide their nakedness, take all literature from them and make them walk across the Sahara desert (2200 miles) to the caucus mountainz! They were instructed to not allow them to look back. As they walked across the desert, the Originalz rode on camelz. If anyone looked back, or tried to escape, they were killed instantly. If they were able to cross the desert alive, they were left to live in the caucus mountainz (is that not where the world 'caucasian' comes from? Think Afrikan!).

They were sentenced to live there for 2000 yearz—does this sound familiar? It should, because it strongly resembles the legend of Adham and Eve being exiled from the garden of Eden, which was in the same region of Afrika. It wasn't necessarily the apple that made them evil, they were wicked from the beginning! They were instructed to watch the garden and never eat from the tree of life, the symbol for knowledge, not food for your stomach but food for your spiritual development, which they've proven to be incapable of doing!

To ensure they would not escape, or return to the Nile Valley, they were "roped" inside this area, which evolved into the word Europe. There was a great wall built, said to be 666 miles in circumference, around the roped in area where they dwelled for the next two millennium. Sentinelz were placed along the wall to guard them and keep them from paradise (ironic this is the same name used for the huge robots on X-Men. This toon has it backwardz 'cause they got us thinkin' the Sentinelz are evil. Who are they trying to annihilate? Mutants! But that's a whole 'nother story!).

They went through a physical and psychological change. By being cut off from civilization, and led into the cold, wild, and uncultivated mountainz of the northern hemisphere, over time, they lost their knowledge of Kemet. They lost the concept of God, and eventually lost their ability to speak stooping to the level of grunting and growling to communicate. The only life left to imitate were that of the wildlife that roamed the land. They soon began to act like as well as bond with these animalz, which eventually led to develop the psyche of an animal. This is probably where we get to terminology "survival of the fittest" starting.

At the same time, the environment had an equal impact on them mentally and physically. They were already pale-skinned and became even more because of the lack of light and heat from the Sun. This is where their lips became thinner and hair began to change from kinky to long and straight. This is where their noses became longer so that the nostrilz could warm the air before it entered the lungz. The hair grew to cover up the body so that they could be warmer (ever see the amount of hair that growz on their backs?) This can also be linked to them practicing beastiality. Could this be where we get doggy-style from?

The survival tactics changed. Think about it. If you, and a whole bunch of otherz were starvin', plus you madd cold, and you come upon some food you saw some people devouring, you'd probably end up fighting, and possibly killing each other before you would go for the food. Why? 'Cause that's how animalz act. They'll hunt together but are reluctant to share, 'cause they don't know when the next meal is comin'! These pale-faced hedz lived in caves, trees, and trenches! The trenches were holes they dug up and used as shelter. They would use their body waste to seal up the holes because the steam from their feces would warm the hole! But then again, they didn't wash, so why should this come as a surprise? They also started eating raw, unseasoned flesh, because they lost the knowledge of fire. You see, Afrikan when they talk about people coming from apes and living in caves, they're correct. Except we must know that it doesn't include us! This was the sentence the Godz (Originals) gave them for being what they are...imbalanced unoriginalz!

However, there came a time when a man by the name of Musa (or Moses) left Kemet and came to this land to "civilize" them. He taught them how to live respectful lives, how to build a home, and some forgotten tricknowledge their father, Jacob (Yakub), gave them. The forgotten tricknology consisted of 1)Devilishment; 2)Telling lies; 3)Stealing and; 4)How to master the Original man. It was Moses who taught them to wage war against us! He is also greatly responsible for the demise of ancient Kemet. Christianity wants you to believe Moses was good. But due to his "good" work, they came back to Kemet as the persianz, romanz, greeks, and now modern caucasianz (along with arabz and asianz) and currently have been on a rampant move to destroy the Original wo/man and the earth!

This bringz us to the here and now. We all know that YT despises us, yet wants to be us! We know this because you can go to any vitamin store and see the increasingly popular sale of a new product called "Melatonin"! What is the root of the word? Melanin. It is what gives us our skin complexion. Melanin is also responsible for the rhythmic affiliation we have with the Universe and life itself. We must understand this is a war based on good versus evil, black versus white, and the melaninites versus the melanin-less.

You can also see the infatuation with blackness YT has. The need to get a tan bearz confirmation to this fact. The fact they've taken rock-n-roll, blues, jazz, and hip hop bearz truth. The fact that a womanz ideal man is, "tall, DARK, and handsome" bear truth. The fact that racizm and white supremacy still exists bear truth. We must understand that dating back to the first time we dealt with YT they tried to take. We welcomed them back into Kemet, feeling sorry for being grafted, and what did they do? They alwayz will front, comin' to us as peaceful and a loving people at first, but behind our backs they are the same barbarous, unbalanced, heathenish hedz their foreparents were.

But they knowz their time is soon up. This Yakubian Tribe (YT) was given a chance to walk the earth for 6000 yearz and try to take the Original people away from their God complex. He has done so by using white religion (known as christianity, judaizm, and islam) to have you believe that we are all one. It is time we begin to seek the truth ourselves, AND YOU WILL NOT FIND IT IN A CHURCH!!

YT can never attain a God complex and he knows it. YT knowz that we are God. That is why they tried to destroy everything in Kemet and stole our arts and sciences. That is why they brought us over there along with raping our resources to build their nationz. It's also why they're trying to genetically merge with melanated people via interracial coupling and Biochip technology!

Knowing that we are God, they also know that they are not. Yet, still they want to be. They are trying to be, but their genetic makeup has limits, so he resorts to do it artificially. However, that does not mean we should have pity on them. We've been doing that for too long and, instead, we are the ones who die spiritually and physically from it. That is why they are able to sell melatonin. That is why they think they understand our music; everything they do is artificial. They artificially think they get the holy ghost, they artificially think they are of The Creator (notice these white evangeist's are starting to act and sound more like our black ones?), they artificially think they can dance, and artificially think they are going to bring the Original wo/man down with them to their version of (mental) hell.

As we draw near the ending contract of their influence and existence, know that they are not going without a fight. This tribe of mutants will try to kill everyone on the planet if they must. The revolution just may happen within our lifetime Sista and Brothaz.This is the day of a new awakening where Afrikanz will no longer let otherz dictate to us what we should and should not know. The knowledge is out there, you just gotta dig for it. Remember, "Knowledge of Self Can Only Be Found Undaground!" Besides, who's side are you on, the Humanz or Mutants?!


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• I believe this was forced on most Africans by the so called missionaries at gun point. Please find a way to get more coverage [in this]. The world has to know this .
xxxxxxxxxxPosted byJames Mungandu ( on Wednesday, April 11, 2012 at 4:37 AM

• Thank you for this article. Although there are certain things I may dispute, the fundamentals are spot-on, i.e. is YT human?.. I have spent time over the years just observing him (and her), because I feel, deep in my soul, that they're essential. Humanity is simply not there when their goal, wherever they go, is to lay the environment and communities to waste, bring disease through their poisoned food and drink, and vaccination programs (think Bill & Melinda Gates foraying into the heart of Africa to kill innocent babies through Gavin Alliance).
xxxxxxxxxxPosted by Susan ( on Wednesday, April 4, 2012 at 6:29 AM

• no sunshine... no melanin... nature influences race... simple.
xxxxxxxxxxPosted by Jamie Rae Geyen Brown via Facebook on Monday, July 19, 2010 at 8:59 PM

• I just read your artice "IZ YT Hueman....". I am a follower of Allah through Islam, but I agree with what you've written. I am developing more knowledge of self and it feels good. Even when I was saturated in ignorance I felt there was something more to us.
xxxxxxxxxxPosted by Aiwal Ture ( on Tuesday, December 8, 2009 at 11:34 PM

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