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(written 2012)

I. Prelude
II. Intro
III. Origin of New York: The Birth of American Terrorizm
IV. Colonializm, Incorporated
V. Who's Who Among New York Overseerz
VI. Hidden in Plain Site(s)
VII. Libation


Samuel Angola was kidnapped from his home. His christian captorz labeled him with a first name with his last name coming from his home country in West Afrika. Imprisoned by European slave traderz, he survived six weeks on board a filthy, disease-ridden slave ship. When he arrived in America, it was not to the welcome that most non-Afrikanz immigrants received. Instead of standing on the deck and watching the Dutch city of New Amsterdam appear on the horizon, he laid in the bottom of the stench-filled ship, shackled to a dead woman who had given birth to a baby during this barbaric journey.

When he arrived in Manhattan, he was brought to an auctioning block today known as Wall Street. This was where white human traffickerz bid on kidnapped Afrikanz. After sold, they were forced to perform agonizing labor in the cotton and tobacco fieldz of the south, the shipyardz of the northeast, and householdz across the new colonies.

Slavery certainly wasn't just a southern phenomenon, as we've been led to believe. New York, renamed from New Amsterdam when the British took the city from the Dutch, would have the second largest population of enslaved Afrikanz on the eve of the American Revolution. Afrikanz were used in the city to accomplish the backbreaking work of creating a new industrial world.

A man who needed strong Afrikanz to length and widen the city's main street (Broadway Avenue) bought Samuel, who was seen as commodity; to be bought and sold as another slaveownerz property. When he died, no recordz were left of him except his age, gender, and physical condition which were marked into a slave ledger.

Neither Samuel nor any other Afrikanz were allowed to be buried in the townz Trinity Church graveyard. All Afrikanz were to be placed instead in the Afrikan Burial Ground, just outside city limits, where perhaps 20,000 Afrikanz would eventually be laid to rest over a period of 78 yearz--an average of 250 each year.

This cemetery became an important meeting place for Afrikanz, who were not allowed to be seen talking with each other in groups larger than three. It was only at funeralz that they could assemble in bigger numberz without the threat of the crack of the Crackerz (Overseer) whip or other punishment hanging over their headz. Because of this, the groundz became sacred to American-Afrikanz who lived there, and the descendants who came after them.
(excerpt from article written by Rebecca Anne Kroll)

"In this country American means white. Everybody else has to hyphenate."
-- Toni Morrison

The history of the Afrikan Burial Ground is heavily embedded in the history of one of the largest cities on Earth. New York grew from an "island of rolling hillz"--that's what Manhattan translates to--into a bustling metropolis of some 9million people today.

As the city ran out of space to spread, it began to grow upward. Each generation of buildingz in New York was stacked on top of the last and the skyline rose higher and higher. It was not rare that on one city block ten or twelve different buildingz stood on one spot at different tymz in New York history.

The graveyard eventually became a row of stores and even a parking lot before the U.S. Government decided to bulldoze the lot to build a new federal building.

In 1992, this destruction of the land underneath, where the Afrikan Burial Ground lay occurred in the heart of lower Manhattan. As blueprints were drawn for a 34-story federal office building to be erected on the site of the old parking lot, archeologists, following a 1966 Federal law designed to protect important sites before any public buildingz are built, began to dig into the earth looking for the existence of important historical remainz.

What they found was exactly that; extremely important historical remainz 16 feet below ground level. They had penetrated the six-acre site of Samuel's 18th century Afrikan Burial Ground! They uncovered hundredz of Afrikan skeletonz that would provide new insight into the chattel enslavement experience in New York City... in the North, where everyone's led to believe slavery didn't happen!

The problem was YT wanted to build a skyscraper in this busy financial district, regardless of this historical find, to house organizationz like the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation), CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) and EPA (Environmental Protection Agency). We, the descendants, protested wanting to preserve and memorialize the final resting-place of thousandz of our Ancestorz. Mainly because, as expected, the government did an extremely rushed job removing just 415 of the over 20,000 bodies from the area, leaving the rest!

They wanted the area cleared so they could begin construction as soon as possible, figuring moving quickly would keep this epic find on the low. The bones and artifacts were further disrespected when they were improperly wrapped in newspaper and stored in a musty, humid gymnasium at a local college. All the while, activists were pleading that the bones of our Ancestorz be treated with dignity. Where most felt the bones should never have been removed in the first place, while otherz wanted them studied carefully by American-Afrikan scholarz before being returned. Even more demanded that all construction stop on the new building.

To no avail, the large federal building was built anyway--minus a small grass area that was sectioned off and identified as a site of the Afrikan Burial Ground that standz today. As a very small gesture of the importance of the sacred ground it was built upon, five pieces of artwork was chosen by the federal government to sit inside the Federal Building, not by the American-Afrikan community. Further insult is the fact the artists were predominantly not Afrikan of any kind. The 400+ skeletonz were relocated to Howard University's Frederick Douglass Hall in Washington, DC, where they lay to this day.

Another issue at hand is that the funding for the DNA research on the excavated skeletonz ran out. To date, scientists have already determined from the bones that the Afrikanz were extremely overworked, undernourished and had an incredibly high death rate, especially amongst young girlz. What's key is they were even able to tell which area of Afrika the bodies came from, information that was never before available to modern descendants of kidnapped Afrikanz.

I must echo the infamous wordz of one the worldz most notorious criminalz, napoleon bonaparte, who once said, "history is a lie agreed upon." Although many of us are well aware of the monstrous and barbaric acts chattel enslavement brought on our Afrikan Ancestorz, few know of it being anywhere else other than in the southern region of the United States. In contrast, an in-depth analysis of the settlement in the New World, in particular the North, is an area that's been strategically underexposed.

His-story--meaning, whitefolk's version--has done an effective job in havin' people think slavery in the United States only took place below the Mason-Dixon line. And they're doin' an even better one in concealing its role of forced Afrikan free labor while under subhuman conditionz in both the building and maintenance of the most famous metropolis of the world, New York City. Thanks in large part to Tingba Apidta's book, 'The Hidden History of New York: A Guide for Black Folks', we now know the truth.

I took interest yearz ago as an undergrad when studying about slavery in America. I kept hearing it didn't exist in the North--something I honestly had a hard time believing. A couple yearz later, I was at a KRS-One lecture where he spoke of the Emancipation Proclamation really only freeing the slaves in the South and not the North; the first time I heard of any reference of there being slavery besides in the South. Then came the year 1991...

In Lower Manhattan, New York City, some workerz uncovered 415 graves that had been the resting place of some 20,000 kidnapped Afrikanz. Apidta correctly referred to them as the "forgotten Black builders of the 'greatest city in the world'." These Afrikanz were worked to point of exhaustion and premature death with their bodies piled up in what became the Afrikan Burial Ground.

For centuries these graves bellowed a story the world needed to know that went unheard: that there was chattel slavery in the North; that this system was the way the worldz greatest city was built; and that the way Afrikanz were treated were no different than what our Ancestorz experienced in the South.

Of the remainz, Apidta writes:

"Stacked five deep, they told of starvation deaths, chronic infections, and unspeakable suffering. Muscles had been ripped from bone, necks had been broken, and spines jammed into skulls--all injuries from lives cursed with carrying heavy loads. If they had not perished in infancy, they had lived just long enough to be worked to death."

What's even deeper is where our Ancestorz corpses were found... in the heart of Wall Street! Yes, Lower Manhattan is sacred ground, but not for what happened on September 11, 2001--of which a newly erected monument resides where the Twin Towerz once stood. *Wall Street would not be without the forced free labor, which led to starvation and death of tenz-if not hundredz-of-thousandz of Afrikanz brought here against their will.

*NOTE: It's interesting to note the only two tymz anything Black can be been seen in a positive light in YTs eyes is Slavery and Finances--ever heard the term, "in the black"? In business that standz from profit gained. The Dictionary defines it as "of a person or organization not owing any money: solvent". Knowing this, YT can never be "in the black" for their very existence is based on colonializm!

Today commemorating this act standz the Afrikan Burial Ground National Monument, but the important thing to note is this monument serves as but a fraction of what the city of New York--and the world for that matter--owe Afrikan people.

In Lower-Manhattan, on the cornerz of Duane and Elk Streets, you'll find this monument. The Visitor Center opened February, 2010 and now serves as the City of New York's haphazard way of acknowledging what they did to our Ancestorz; additionally serving as a diversion to the fact the financial empires they've built over this sacred Afrikan land from profits of history's most inhumane atrocity enables them to keep this wealth (doesn't sound much like a memorial now, does it?). And even though this monument pales in comparison to what we really deserve, what was there before that was worse! From 1991 up until 2010, it was a small fenced-in patch of grass!

What's as important is the seldom-known history of slavery in New York and its role in the creation of this 'Mecca of Menace'. To truly comprehend the enormity of this secret, I felt compelled to write this piece. I hope it will touch you as it has me...

"Although wild animalz prey together, as any savage will do, they won't think twice about attacking their own."
— M'Bwebe Aja Ishangi

When one hearz the term 'terrorist', 9/11 comes to mind. And although the area where the Twin Towerz were struck by unmarked planes--of which the second plane (American Airlines Fight 175) was caught on camera having a long missile-like explosive device attached below--is correct, something more menacing began some 400 yearz before 9/11.

As said in the prelude, New York's original name was New Amsterdam; before that, it was New Netherland. The first invaderz were the Dutch and their history is interesting indeed. Havin' left western Europe, the now New Netherland was formally created June of 1623, when 30 families and a ship containing 103 horses and cattle settled in present-day Albany, New York. Not long after, Peter Minuit settled on what's today known as Governor's Island. All this was financed by the Dutch West India Company, a wealth-development firm in Holland who stole territory between the Delaware and Connecticut riverz and north along tidewaterz of the Hudson--obviously the wealth they "developed" was through colonializm. At its heart was the trading facility of New Amsterdam on the southern tip of Manhattan Island. This was the beginning of european occupation and eventual theft of aboriginal/indigenous land.

Now Holland is another name for the Netherlandz. In 1648, they fought against the Spanish Habsburg empire, winning independence quickly becoming a leading imperial tyrant who used this power to colonize Afrika, brining our Ancestorz here against their will. I must note it never ceases to amaze me how whitefolk--oppressed by their own--can have the audacity to fight for freedom, then turn around and perform the exact same behavior on others. Proof positive they are psychotic indeed. With this analysis, we Afrikanz must relinquish the idea one day YT will "come around". Rape, pillage, plagiarizm, and murder is as common as their "American Apple Pie." It's what they're made of; from inception to present-day--it's in their genetic DNA. Study melanin and you'll overstand why.

Knowing this gives a new perspective on the subliminal meaning of the infamous Holland Tunnel, an underground tunnel one drives through coming from New Jersey into New York City. This symbolic figure mimic's a fort of sort, where the entrance encases this mecca of stolen wealth from the outside world, or better put, blocks outsiderz from the only city which also has a high entrance fee (currently $12)!

New York quickly became the center of the slave trade with its bankerz backing the growth of plantationz in the South. It must also be noted slavery in the North and South were interconnected; both relied heavily on the "success" of each other. This insidious and diabolical project expanded YTs physical and sexual infatuation of Afrikan people into a formula accepted by hedz the world-over. This was the beginning of where we see colonializm and the global economy generate a new form of wicked wealth.

"It is not to be wondered, that when slaves can be bought for $25 and sold for $1200, men will engage in this brutalizing trade; and knowing that for an outlay of $15,000 the sum of $720,000 can be realized."
— Anti-Slavery Standard, July 7, 1860

What many don't know is Afrikanz were enslaved in New York the same way our Ancestorz were in the plantationz of the South. Why the sudden preference of Afrikanz and no longer the *Redman? Thomas A. Janvier, author of 'New York Slave-Traders' said it best, we were needed to do something "the whiteman had no history of doing--building a civilization for another race of people."

*NOTE: Native Americanz are mistakenly called 'Indianz' who from here on will be referred to as 'Redmen'. The question of 'Native' is also under scrutiny because of overwhelming evidence the first Chiefs were Afrikan. Afrikanz interaction with the Redman began well before YT brought kidnapped Afrikanz to the Americas. There were many free Afrikanz that reached the shores as traderz and settlerz long before YT arrived. Afrikanz not only came before Columbus and Clovis (an agricultural city in New Mexico dated 11,000 yearz ago), they were in the America's far before any other group, at least 60,000 yearz ago--also well before the Vikings! They left structures above and below the waves in far away places in North America. In 1975, two Afrikan skeletons were found in the U.S. Virgin Islandz. One wore a pre-Columbian Indian wrist band dated around 1250AD. In Academicia, this fact forbidden to be shared. Researcherz who dared to bring out these findz going against the accepted history were intimidated, funding terminated and in some cases careers put in jeopardy. Read Dr. David Imhotep's, 'The First Americans Were Africans' and 'Africans and Native Americans: The language of Race and the Evolution of Red-Black Peoples', by Jack D. Forbes.

"...beings of an inferior order, and altogether unfit to associate with the white race, either in social or political relations, and so far inferior that they had no rights which the white man was bound to respect."
xxxxxxx-- Chief Justice Roger B. Taney Dred Scott v. Sandford March 6, 1857

A typical mentality YT continues to possess is arrogance fueled by ignorance, for anything they could not comprehend was viewed as beneath them. This is the way they see everyone who's not white, which I can again, only conclude as a genetic disorder--meaning there's no cure--mainly from the bio and psychological deficiencies one lacks from little melanin. This translates into the fictitious superior complex mentioned before where they feel there's no need to respect anything they cannot understand.

By no meanz does this logical diagnosis make whitefolk victimz of their own actionz. That would be too easy, for they have and continue to perform such demonic acts that result in benefits to their agenda: genetic world domination aka Global White Supremacy. We Afrikanz should know these acts to be a complete violation of the Djhuitic Principles. This unnatural hatred serves as fuel for the monstrous acts they exhibit on indigenous people throughout the world in addition to the trickery that lead to the theft of the land, cultural ritualz, and practices (those they could grasp).

With them now beginning to get a control of this new land, the Dutch investorz were salivating at the theft at hand. They wanted this new territory colonized so they offered an incentive: any whiteman who could bring 50 settlerz to the colony would be awarded as much Redmen land as they could cultivate--land that wasn't even theirz! In addition, those on said land would be bound to serve 1-6 yearz (believed to be the first and mildest form of slavery practiced in New York).

How'd they get this land, you ask? They were able to steal it because before YTs arrival, land was never seen as something to be owned, it was something used and cultivated. What followed was the beginning of the Red Holocaust where countless Redmen were tortured, enslaved, and murdered for senseless reasonz other than that they could.

Other wayz they used included biochemical warfare. In 1760, one, Jeffrey Amherst and his 10,000-man army used devious tactics to end French rule in North America. But what he did to the Redman was more wicked. It was he who devised and executed the spread of smallpox with infested blankets. He felt they were, "the vilest race of beings that ever invested the earth," and with them dead would be a "meritorious act for the good of mankind." (Apidta)

By 1788, New York officalz drew up a greedy, I mean, treaty that had the Onondaga Tribe cede and grant all their land to them forever! YT reveled knowing they reduced the strongest of all Redmen confederacies to nothing, leading the enforcement of the Six Nationz onto reservationz.

Another corrupt treaty was the one of Buffalo Creek in 1838 where the Senecas, Onondagas, Cayugas, Tuscaroras, Oneidas, St. Regis, Stockbridges, Munsees, and Brothertowns were driven out of New York. Apidta noted, using this bastardized english language, they worded it so as one would think they desired their own extermination.

Greed begets greed. Now conquered, this land was financed and operated solely by the 19-membered Dutch West India Company known as the Heeren XIX (the Lords Nineteen), who now wished to govern exclusively, cutting out the Dutch parliament. The Redman proved ineffective in the amount of physical labor YT required to build their city, so their attention turned exclusively to the Afrikan.

Apidta pointed out there were three periodz of slavery by YT. From 1626-64 (38 yearz) the Dutch started it all when 11 Angolan males were kidnapped and brought to New York. At the same time, the Lords Nineteen had a sale of 10% off the purchase of Afrikanz to encourage settlement in the New World.

NOTE: It must also be noted when we hear today of Afrikanz they call pirates who raid ships that are in their territory, the Dutch were the first and by far the worst! They would rob every vessel it met on sea. In fact, of those that had Afrikanz aboard would end up in New York! The British followed for the next 112 yearz from 16643776, followed by the Americanz from 17763827 (51yearz).

The first known recorded ship to arrive in New York was the Tamandere in 1646 where they were traded for pork and peas. Because of the amount of labor that was needed to build this city, YT became desperate in their desire for more Afrikanz, a need the Lords Nineteen was happy to fulfill.

I must also note there's a seldom known and thus discussed topic on the relationship of Afrikanz with this so-called Jew. If you know anything about New York--Brooklyn specifically, you know their setup is a lot like their co-pirates in Israel, with over 500,000 and 250,000+ in Manhattan. What's really deep is Crown Heights, Brooklyn is named after one of Nathan Simson's slaveships, the "Crown" which arrived in 1717 and 1721 with a total of 217 kidnapped Afrikanz, two of the largest human haulz of the 18th century!

More ships followed with naked Afrikan men and women, many who died from the drastic weather change. Apidta writes, "According to historian Edwin Olsen, 'it was not until 1655 that slaves were carried to New Netherland in any great number.' This date concedes with the arrival of Jews to America after their evacuation from Brazil in 1654." Once they got here, the slave trade accelerated exponentially! There was a large concentration of Afrikanz being sold to the Caribbean Islandz. From this we find the link between Rasta and Judaizm; read, 'Do Rasta's Have 'Jewish' Roots?'

I must reiterate, our Ancestorz were treated not as humanz, but as goodz to be sold to the highest bidder, and of course, many (bloody) handz reaped both financial and physical (via rape) benefits. The British royalty took a large cut and in 1753, they created a tax on the importation of Afrikanz with the amount based on their ages.

According to A. Judd Northrup, who wrote, 'Slavery in New York', in 1900 the initial average price for one of our Ancestorz between 1626-47 was about $100350.00. By 1654 the price almost doubled at $280.00! As the yearz went by, the price rose. In South Carolina, 1801 an Afrikan man was sold for $500. By 1860, the price was $1400.00!

In total (actually, range, because there's no official tally) some 1535 million Afrikanz were sold at these prices and in some cases, even more! You want to talk about an amount for reparationz? According to 2005 U.S. Census figures, some 39.9 million American-Afrikanz live in the United States, comprising 13.8% of the total population. This alone amounts to as much as $35Billion! If we were looking for a base dollar amount for Reparationz we'd have to include suffering, punitive damages, AND an interest rate at nearly 500yearz! This would be the starting figure--and that doesn't include all the wicked culprits globally! That figure would more than triple especially when you tally the total Afrikan Diaspora! This would more than cripple the global economy, it would bankrupt it! So overstand Afrikanz, we ain't gettin' reparations from whitefolk willingly!

We must come to realize the history of New York is a violent and callous one, who's streets and land is covered in insurmountable amounts of innocently slaughtered blood. The Big Apple, this "great city", probably sits atop the murder capitalz in the history of man... right next to Rome.

In order to conduct any kind of investigation to bring these culprits to justice we need to know the names! When you know the names of the responsible, you can trace them to today--the wicked beneficiaries! Apidta realized this and included an abbreviated list of several hundred in his book.

"It is said that if you know your enemies and know yourself, you will not be imperiled in a hundred battles; if you do not know your enemies but do know yourself, you will win one and lose one; if you do not know your enemies nor yourself, you will be imperiled in every single battle."
— Sun Tzu, The Art of War

We have to overstand practically all thingz with a name were given that for a reason. When we study white-biased American history, it is easy to conclude they exhibit the habit of honoring those who, despite their monstrous acts and war crimes against humanity, did them for the advancement of not the nation, but whitefolk... exclusively!

I reiterate, the sooner we Afrikanz accept this and rid the psychotic notion whitefolk has an ounce of decency toward Afrikan people, the sooner it will determine how quickly we'll recover from the now mental enslavement we're experiencing, allowing us to move toward liberation that has cultural self-reliance as its base.

So it should no longer be a shock to find there are numerous places, streets, and schoolz named after these conspiring serial killerz and abettorz of the Maangamizi we still suffer from. Nevertheless, this is foreign to many. I note it is imperative we make it our business to become aware of the names, their rapsheet, the location of such sites, and who they were in relation to Afrikan people so we can discontinue celebrating their memory out of ignorance. This is one way the cycle of ignorance and cluelessness can be broken. Here's a few we should make our collective business to know about:

Giovanni da Verrazano (Bridge) [1485-1528]
An Italian navigator and explorer pirate for France who was the first european that had his eyes on the riches New York possessed entering the harbor in 1524, but he didn't stay long leaving the opportunity of colonial onslaught to Henry Hudson who pulled into the harbor eighty-five yearz later, in 1609. To New Yorkerz, the name should familiar: the Verrazano Bridge is named after this serial killer.

Henry Hudson (River) [1565-1611]
The Hudson River is named after this murderer. He brutally slaughtered Redmen after feasting and trading with them, sparking the beginning of the Red Holocaust of New York.

He pulled into New York harbor in 1609 working for the Dutch as a pirate seeking wealth at whatever cost. When they first landed, the Redmen immediately spread out food with mats for Hudson and crew to sit on. The Canarsie chief gave them a bunch of gifts and even helped repair Hudson's damaged ship, plus restocked his ship with beanz, wheat, and fish; and sadly, they even offered their own women to them! And how did Hudson respond? Apidta writes,

"After one of the many feasts provided for the Europeans by the local chief, one curious brave sought to examine some European clothing. He was shot in the chest and killed by one of the crew. The frightened Indians fled in their canoes, while some jumped into the water. When a struggling brave reached to hold on to the boat, Hudson's cook seized a sword and cut off one of his hands and the Indian drowned."

It's believed by some historianz he was the predecessor to the term 'pirate', but his-story (as usual) has played a key role in changing fact, cleaning it up, then changing to folklore. To them, a pirate was really an 'explorer' and with the presence of these new pale-skinned assasinz, they gave the inhabitants a simple choice: cooperate or die.

Willem Kieft: Original King of New York [1597-1647]
Kieft served as the first dictator, or 'King of New York'. Some historianz say he was the first Hitler on behalf of the Dutch West India Company from 1638-1647. His first order of business was imposing a tax on the Redman, immediately starting a beef and jeopardizing the fur trade, one of YTs most lucrative schemes. On top of that, like a true warlord, he sought to create a one religion system--one that obviously was of the pale-skin persuasion. It is clear this man wanted nothing more than to colonize the Redman, yet we find these crimes against humanity are not mentioned in school history books, and for good reason, it would be to global white supremacy's detriment.

In Hiphop, we have MCs like Jay-Z, Nas, and years before, Biggie Smalls who rap about them being the "King of New York", not knowing this man was the original don-dada! When we think of a king, we thing of a powerful and ofteymz noble man. In this case, however, we know him to be the complete opposite! [Is it coincidental New York's largest borough (Brooklyn) is called, "Kings" County?!]

On one account in 1641, a swedish settler was killed by a Redman near Yonkers. Keift armed a group of Afrikanz (enslaved by the Dutch West India Company) with small axes and half pikes. The Redman was captured and spoke of how he witnessed his uncle murdered by Dutchmen fifteen yearz earlier as a child, and that he saw this as revenge adding his sorrow for not killing twenty more christianz. In retaliation, eight white men were sent out to burn down his tribe's village; ordered to kill anyone they could get their handz on. From this, the Redmen saw them coming and chose to negotiate a treaty that was signed in the home of Jonas Bronck (of whom the Bronx and Bronx River was later named after).

Between 16423644, the raidz escalated. Now, the Redman did get a few good licks in. In retaliation to one of them killed by a Dutchman who stole his furz, a group of Redmen confronted some english intruderz at the house of Anne Hutchinson (of which the parkway is named). They wound up burning her house to the ground sparing only the daughter, then they ventured over to the Throckmorton settlement (where we get Throggs Neck, the southeast portion of the Bronx).

Of course Kieft felt the need to retaliate. He later called the Pavonia Massacre, where present-day Jersey City, NJ stands—Keift's soldierz slaughtered 120 Redmen hacking babies to death as well as tying them to planks for torture… we're talkin' babies! They also severed their headz and were known to even play a game of kickball with them!

We've come to recognize these murder-fests actually led to the first "Thanksgiving." After a successful conquest, these serial killerz would proclaim a day of thanks?! In 1644, they invaded Westchester County, killing more than 700 Redmen, women, and children. This slaughterfest lead to the various Hudson River tribes signing a peace treaty on August 30, 1645.

The thing about Keift was he never got his handz bloody, actually having never stopped outside the "safe wallz" of the Dutch compound. Because of this, he started gettin' the rep of a coward which led to an attempt on his life which he barely survived (ain't that like all these politicianz and colonelz in the armed forces today who get otherz to do their dirt?!). Apidta notes, when he was confronted about the unjust attacks on the Redman, in typical noodle-back fashion, he passed the blame on otherz.

He was immediately fired by the Dutch West India Company and to Amsterdam to stand trial but died in a shipwreck en route.

Christopher Columbus [1451-1506]
The only thing he discovered was that slavery was very profitable! This country honorz his monstrous deedz by having his name as streets, cities, and schoolz, with Columbia University and Columbus Circle bearing his name in New York City. He should be remembered for orchestrating the near distinction of the Redman on the island of Espanola from 3million when he arrived in 1492, down to 300!

I wrote an article about him entitled, 'Christopher Kill-umbus: The Mind of a Serial Killer'.

Jonas Bronck (Bronx named after him) [1600-1643]
Jonas was a Scandinavian immigrant to the Dutch colony after whom the Bronx River and the Bronx are named. Bronck's decision to relocate from Europe was prompted by a number of factorz. During the late 1630's events in both Holland and America induced significant changes in the governance of New Netherland.

There were only about 400 people in New Amsterdam with the number barely increasing from the decade before. Tymz were hard, company properties showed signz of physical neglect and law and order were less than acceptable. Faced with a possible government takeover, the company hired Kieft as the director whose instructionz were to increase the territory's population and spirit.

Kieft arrived in 1638, and immediately stole additional land in Manhattan from the Lenape tribe and encouraged private settlement by other white colonists. This shift did not escape Bronck's notice. He was among the first to recognize the opportunity and crossed the Atlantic to settle in New Amsterdam's backwoodz.

In June 1639, Bronck navigated up the East River in a ship, De Brant Van Troyen (The Fire of Troy), and made home on another piece of land across the Harlem River from the village of Harlem.

His farm (known as Emaus, Bronck's Land, and then just Broncksland, or simply Bronck's), covered roughly the area south of today's 150th Street in the Bronx. This land was stolen from the Siwanoy and Wecquaesgeek groups of Lenape.

There's a river that runz north to south through the area so Bronck's River became the name, eventually being abbreviated or misspelled as 'Bronx River'. This name stuck and the Bronx was named.

Rev. John Throckmorton (Throggneck Bridge named after him) [1524-1580]
Throckmorton was a lawyer and member of the English Parliament during the reign of Queen Mary I.

This cape area was called Vriedelandt, or "Land of Peace" (of all thingz), by the Dutch. The current name comes from an English Quaker whom the Dutch allowed to settle in this surrounding area in 1642. At this time, the region was also known as Maxson's point of the notorious Maxson family. The settlement was eventually driven out by a counter-attack by Redmen forcing Throckmorton to resettle in New Jersey.

Adipta writes, in 1668, the peninsula appeared on maps as "Frockes Neck". It was virtually an island at high tide: in 1776, George Washington's headquarterz wrote of a potential British landing at "Frogs Neck". At the bridge over Westchester Creek, now represented by an unnoticeable steel and concrete span at East Tremont Avenue near Westchester Avenue, General Howe made an unsuccessful effort to cut off Washington's troops on October 12, 1776.

In the decades after the incorporation of the Bronx into the City of Greater New York in 1898, the transit lines were extended to the neighborhood, bringing in many Italian farmerz and tradesmen. In the 1920s the large estates largely became converted into smaller row homes and densely built bungalow lots.

Peter Stuyvesant (Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn named after him) [1610-1672]
"Live from Bedford-Stuyvesant, the livest one…" We've all heard this from Biggie Smalls. But did you ever wonder who Stuyvesant was?

In April 1644, he attacked the Portuguese island of Saint Martin and was wounded. He returned to the Netherlandz, where his right leg was amputated and replaced with a wooden peg. In May of 1645 he was selected by the Dutch West India Company to replace Willem Kieft as Director/General of New Netherland. He arrived in New Amsterdam on May 11, 1647. In September 1647, he appointed a council of representatives.

Having kept thirty to fifty Afrikanz as slaves of his own, this wicked man embellished the typical whiteman's mentality, that they were divine over all and thus, what they were doing was ordained by, the "authority of God and the West India Company" ('A Short History of New York State', by David M. Ellis, pg.18). Via the Dutch West Indies Company, he had our captive Ancestorz do a slew of thingsz; from workin' the fieldz, military defense, cutting timber, clearing land, building roadz, crop maintenance, collecting garbage, waste, and roadkill. Whenever intense labor was needed, Afrikanz were forced to do it.

He also named the borough, Harlem in 1658, right on 125th Street and the Harlem River. He had named the area New Haarlem for the town Haarlem in Holland. To add a lil' numerology (watch, 'Numerical Mystereez' on DGTv), Harlem is about 11miles from the southern tip of Manhattan; the exact distance between Amsterdam and Haarlem in Holland. Our Ancestorz were the ones who built the connecting road. It is this area that served as a buffer zone against retaliation from the Redman. To do this effectively, this is the area they gave "half free" Afrikanz land. Common sense would tell you these Afrikanz would do whatever to protect the land they were given, hence, I'm sure there was some undocumented situationz.

In 1664 he was forced to surrender the colony to England (15923672).

Robert Hunter (Hunter College named after him) [1664-1734]
Hunter was governor of New York from 1710 to 1720 who focused on increasing the slave trade. In 1712, he intercepted an Afrikan uprising publicly executing 21 Afrikanz, with some tortured to a slow death. To him, it was about using public examples to create obedience, a similar practice our Ancestorz witnessed on the slaveships during their Maangamizi (Middle Passage).

Yearz later, as an officering Jamaica, he led a fight combatting rebellious enslaved Afrikanz called Maroons. It is here where he determined free Afrikanz were a threat to white society, writing into law extreme limitations on the activities, movement, and even occupationz of free Afrikanz.

James Madison [1751-1836]
Everyone should know who this man is, the 4th president of the United States. In practically every major city in this country there's a Madison avenue, school, like all of America's other pirates whitefolk honor. Although historianz say he opposed slavery, he didn't enough to free any of the 118 Afrikanz he had! He was also very instrumental in the idea of exporting us back to Afrika!
St. Nicholas
Allegedly, in Turkey, 4th century—who is said to have stood up in his first bath (as if whitefolk really bathed back then)—went on to become the face of Christmas. As a member of the catholic church, he would judge the children rewarding them either with gifts or pieces of coal. Sound innocent? What about his lesser known accomplice, 'Black Pete', a hairy, horned, and very black monster with clawz but was engulfed in chainz. Used as his muscled gremlin, Black Pete was used to scare the children into knowing their bible verses. Learn more about this merry mess here.
  Richard Riker (Rikers Island named after him) [1773-1842]
A lawyer and eventual judge who saw us on the lowest social level possible. Adipta writes, "When seven-year-old schoolboy Henry Scott was seized as a fugitive slave from his classroom, the kidnappers forcibly brought the terrified child before Richard Riker, the magistrate of New York City. They claimed that the boy was property belonging to white Virginian Clara Haxall. Though they could not produce paperwork substantiating their wicked claim, instead of discharging the case, Riker—reputedly a former slaveholder—postponed the case and sentenced Henry to jail in the interim." (pg133) Rikers Island, NY's main jail complex was opened in 1932 in commemoration of his deedz.
  Statue of Liberty
We've written extensively on the Statue of Liberty. Here's a few links to review:
Who's Liberty??
African Renaissance Monument vs Statue of Liberty

Wall Street
Today they trade stocks, yesterday they traded Afrikanz… Wall Street has alwayz been the spot for world trade. Today it is home to the worldz largest stock trade, the New York Stock Exchange. In the 1640s, Peter Stuyvesant was behind the building of it when he used kidnapped Afrikanz to clear the underbrush and build a 2,340 feet wall surrounding the newly Dutch settlement; today, this is Broad Street. They began buying and selling Afrikanz and the Redman there in 1711.

It is believed by historianz, the name 'Wall Street' can be traced to the Walloon people of Belgium, of which Peter Minuit, the 3rd Director of the Dutch West India Company, is a part of (more in him in a sec).

At the foot of Wall Street standz a statue of George Washington who, on April 30, 1789, stood there for his presidential inauguration—the same area where Afrikanz were sold. A few blocks up you'll find the George Washington Bridge which connects Manhattan to Brooklyn. Many are not aware this country's alleged "first" president (a lie, 'cause we know the first was an Afrikan, John Hanson, who served 363 dayz from November 5, 1781 to November 3, 1782, some 7 yearz before Washington), who's infamously known for never having told a lie and chopped down a cherry tree was also a breeder of enslaved Afrikanz, calling them his biggest "cash crop", who held captive 317 at the time of his death in 1799.

What's even deeper is that Wall Street was also the place where they passed the Bill of Rights, you know, the bill that's supposed to protect the "natural rights of liberty and property"? Obviously not for Afrikanz because this Bill initially included legal protection for land-owning for white men only excluding Afrikanz!

Other notables:
I. Dutch West India Company lineage:
• Cornelius Jacobsen Mey - Director/General of New Netherland; Cape May and City of Cape May, NJ named after him.
- New Netherland was a 17th-century province of the Republic of the Seven United Netherlands on the East Coast of North America today known as the Mid-Atlantic States of New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Connecticut, and parts of Pennsylvania and Rhode Island. The capital was New Amsterdam, aka Manhattan.
- Mey and company conceived this group to exploit the North American fur trade, merging into the Dutch West India Company

Willem Verhulst - 2nd Director of Dutch West India Company
- Oversaw the decision to locate the companys main fortress in Manhattan, which was before named New Amsterdam.
- Served only one year and was quickly replaced by Peter Minuit

Peter Minuit
- 3rd Director of Dutch West India Company
- this conniving pirate swindled the island of Manhattan from the Redman on May 24, 1626, for goods valued at $24USD (19th century estimate)!
- He's honored throughout New York:
» Peter Minuit Plaza next to the Staten Island Ferry Whitehall Terminal
» Inwood Hill Park, marking the site of the "purchase" of Manhattan
» Battery Park where there's a rock flagstaff base about the "purchase" - A school and playground in East Harlem

• Sebastiaen Jansen Krol - 4th Director of Dutch West India Company

• Wouter Van Twiller -- preceeded Willem Kieft

• Amerigo Vespucci
- an Italian associate to Columbus who gave America its name and had pillages identical to him.
- Avenue of the Americas named in his memory

These are but a few but it is clearly evident this country is in the practice of honoring hedz who view Afrikan people as subhuman and something more in the lines as an object rather than a being. The challenge for us is, now that we know, what do we intend to do with this knowledge? Hopefully the message is clear enough for us to realize we will never, ever be seen as equal (not that we should even strive to be equal with something so wicked). With that said, the only real solution is a return to Afrika, ala Sankofa, where we focus our attention on self-reliance and communal collective work and responsibility. This meanz Afrikan people must work with exclusively Afrikan people because if we continue to deal with the world allowing all the races to merge their special interests, we will remain on the bottom of the socio/economic/spiritual ladder. We must realize there is nothing wrong with Afrikan people working for the interests of Afrikan people!

"The best way to hide something is either in a book or right in front of your face."
— Unknown

The enslavement of Afrikanz along with the Redman was in high demand throughout the world and New York was no exception. At one time New York had a larger population of enslaved Afrikanz than Maryland or Virginia and were disposed of the same. In fact, "as many Afrikanz were murdered in Manhattan in the anti-Black Draft Riots of 1863 as were killed in the War of 1812" (Apidta). Not all Afrikanz in New York were enslaved, yet many lived in similar harsh conditionz. There was a large amount of Afrikanz in New York, yet were only welcomed as servants .

One good thing out of this whitefolks has kept out the school history books for fear of rebellion was the New York Conspiracy of 1741, also called the Negro Plot of 1741 or the Slave Insurrection of 1741. This plan by enslaved Afrikanz was to level New York City with a series of fires happened almost 100 yearz before Nat Turner's revolt in 1831.

Rumorz of this conspiracy came about mainly because of economic competition between poor whites and enslaved Afrikanz, a brutal winter, and recent slave revolts in South Carolina and the Caribbean. In March and April 1741, 13 fires erupted in Lower Manhattan, the most significant one at the home of the governor at Fort George. Mary Burton, arrested in a case of stolen goods, testified against the otherz as participants in a supposedly growing conspiracy to burn the city, kill the white men, take the white women for themselves, and elect a new king and governor.

Two Afrikanz were burned at the stake. Before their executionz and after obviously being tortured to near death, they confessed and named dozenz as co-conspiratorz leading to a stampede of arrests. Trialz and executionz followed through the summer. At one point, nearly half the city's Afrikan males over the age of 16 were in jail. The number of arrests totaled 152 blacks and 20 whites. They were tried and convicted.

Most of the convicted people were hanged or burnt. The bodies of two alleged ringleaderz, Caesar, an Afrikan, and John Hughson, a white cobbler and tavern keeper, bodies were put on a post left to rot in public. Seventy-two men were deported and sent to Newfoundland, various islandz in the West Indies, and the Madeiras.

But that's not the only positive thing our Ancestorz did. We were also ownerz of land in Manhattan. In fact, Afrikanz once owned Central Park! Remnants of our story can still be seen today. Most of these places we walk by everyday having no clue of its historical inception. What's more, many are blatant as there are subliminal! Here's two:

1. Seneca Village: The First Black WallStreet before Central Park
Many have heard about Black WallStreet--a district called Greenwood that existed in Tulsa, Oklahoma made up of wealthy American-Afrikanz in the early 1910s. This was the site the first bomb explodes on U.S. soil, which also happened to be deployed by the U.S. government themselves! Our Ancestorz were first torched then literally blown away purely out of jealousy there were Afrikanz living well-off by simply taking care of themselves during the era of the Great Depression. As historically profound this piece of history is, there's an older community that predates Tulsa, showing the first Black WallStreet actually originated in New York City!

At the near-tip of Manhattan on the site where the Dutch West India Company built Fort Amsterdam to keep the Redman out and Afrikanz in as slaves, sits one of the most monumental of New York structures.

Around 1825 land between 83rd and 88th streets and Seventh and Eighth avenues were up for sale. The first buyer was a 25-year-old Afrikan man, Andrew Williams, who purchased three lots for $125. Nearly half the land was bought by Afrikan families--one William Matthews owned almost five acres! This area turned into Seneca Village. This area was the future site of todayz Central Park.

Out of pure jealousy, the area became known as 'Nigger Village', but what was key was they were about property ownership. See, in order to vote, New York law required Afrikanz who wanted to vote had to own land. Afrikanz in Seneca Village housed the area where most Afrikan property owners in New York City. They built their own schools an churches and was an all Afrikan community until irish immigrants forced themselves in, eventually making up to 30% of Seneca Village by 1855 (this is nothing new Afrikanz, we see this today all around the country with whitefolk moving in to urban areas. Take a look at Bed-Stuy, Fort Greene, Brooklyn, or Harlem).

In 1852, city council decided to take over the area to build Central Park. By then, the area was pretty much a wasteland where over 5000 irish and german immigrants lived in huts and ate garbage" (The Park and the People: A History of Central Park, Rosenzweig and Blackmar).

On July 28, 2011, Columbia University archaeologist, Nan Rothschild (who's more than likely the blood lineage of Mayer Amschel Rothschild and his Rhodes/Rothschild Secret Society) found remainz of a 19th-century village beneath Central Park not far from where William G. Wilson--a free Afrikan--used to live more than 200 yearz ago.

Rothschild unearthed what's left of Wilson's home, as well as other remnants of Seneca Village, the first community of American-Afrikan property ownerz in New York City. The village existed from the 1820s until 1857, when its inhabitants were--in typical caucasian fashion--forced out to make way for the creation of Central Park.

Her team from the Seneca Village Project found the wallz of Wilson's 19-foot by 21-foot home, metal roofing, a stoneware beer bottle, kitchen utensilz, and clothing remnants from his home. They also discovered pots and animal bones near the home of another villager named Nancy Moore.

"Seneca Village was autonomous; a middle class African-American community." said Rothschild. "It had its own institutions, so its residents could live free from the everyday burdens of racism. It was a refuge. In a way, it was both in the city and out of the city--located about three miles from the densely settled portion of Manhattan."

Seneca Village was located between 81st and 89th Streets and 7th and 8th Avenues, in what is now a portion of Central Park just east of Central Park West.  

During its more than three decades, Seneca Village grew into a community of about 300 people where two-thirdz of its villagerz were of Afrikan descent, while the rest were predominantly Irish. The community included a school, as well as three churches.

The subliminally deep irony of it all is how interesting it is to find an ancient stolen relic, a tekhen--erroneously called Cleoptra's Needle--set there February 22, 1881, residing but a few meterz away between the Great Lawn and the Metropolitan Museum of Art (watch 'Secret In the City' on DGTv).

2. Four Women (dedicated to the spirit of Nina Simone)
It's interesting when you think (again) of the old axiom "the best way to hide something from someone is to put it in a book or right in front of you." Well, what I am about to reveal is the full physical manifestation of said phrase!

If you go down to the Financial District in New York City, a few blocks from Wall Street, home of the New York Slave, I mean, Stock Exchange, you'll find the Alexander Hamilton U.S. Custom House next to Battery Park at 1 Bowling Green. Most walk by without even knowing the history behind this building. But now that we're in the know, we can begin the process of reclaiming our truth!

In a recent Anthony Browder lecture I attended, he talked of the peculiar, yet seldom recognized artistic structure outside this building. As you approach, you will see four statues of women stretched across from corner to corner. This piece of art is called 'The Four Continents'. Each continent was given feminine names metaphorically because of the notion women give birth to nationz (although it's men who ruin them). Each woman is the physical representation of four of the six continents of earth (many scientists now refer to there being six instead of seven continents since Asia and Europe is really one solid geological landmass). In order from left to right, we have Asia, America, Europe, and Afrika. I will decypher in this order: Afrika, Europe, America, Asia.

No single artist was commissioned for the sculptures; rather, some of the most noted of the day were employed: Augustus St. Gaudens, Albert Jaegers, and Vincenzo Alfano, but were led by designer Daniel Chester French.

French, also constructed the Lincoln Memorial--which has its own controversial story. One being the first drafts of the memorial having Lincoln sitting in a chair encased by a giant pyramid. Browder also pointed out in his book, 'Nile Valley Contributions to Civilization, Vol. 1' this relic is a carbon copy of the Abu Simbel Temple of Ramses II of the 19th Dynasty.

There's a lot of symbolizm that can be found here, but it's not a coincidence we see evidence of YTs unforthcoming willingness to disclose the full description of each statue. But don't fret, after some further research and the help of Browder, I learned a jewel or two:

I start with Afrika because not only is she, as we know, the origin of life and culture, she's also the point of emphasis to the many ill subliminalz found at this site. According to a blog, 'daytoninmanhattan', Afrika is interestingly referred to at the end of the 19th Century as "the sleeping continent".

The first obvious subliminal is that this Afrikan woman is the only of the four who's sleeping at her throne accompanied by a sleeping lion—the king of the beasts, unalert. To her left is the head of Her Em Akhet [whose face is of Pharaoh Khafre of the Fourth Kemetic Dynasty like the one in front of the Mirw (pyramidz) of Giza]. Behind her we see an ill-lookin' european wrapped in a shroud. This cloak-covered man is not an Afrikan native but actually a thief who came to the continent to steal her knowledge, wealth, and people. This is a metaphor of what happened historically (and continues this moment). And we of course have insurmountable evidence against any rebuttal YT would have to say.

In addition to her "sleeping at the wheel" so to speak, we find because of her inattentiveness, the thief was able to sneak up on her without detection, even the lion. Like a thief in the night, we see him stealing our culture, values, and deities before our eyes, leaving us in a state of amnesia today, having forgotten we've forgotten—hence, 'the sleeping continent' aforementioned. This bearz the need to mention the wordz of Jomo Kenyatta:

"When the missionaries came to Africa they had the Bible and we had the land. They said 'Let us pray.' We closed our eyes. When we opened them, we had the Bible and they had the land."

The fact that she's seen sleeping is deep for the subliminal insult is that Afrika is unconscious, or better put, dead, with no memory—something we all Afrikanz suffer from which was best said in the poem, 'Transition 13' by Anthony Browder:

We knew not; We studied; We learned all there was to know; We taught others. Then we forgot what we had learned; And then we forgot that we had forgotten. Now we are taught (By those who where once taught by us) Knowledge (That we already had). So... We study. We learn all there is to know. We teach others. Will we forget...AGAIN?

To add further insult, she is the only one who's naked! From the top portion of her body on down to the middle part of her thighz is completely bare! Among other theories, this is nothin' but a fixation on the Afrikan woman as a desirable piece of meat while having little to any intellect despite the fact practically every societal norm we see today evolved from Afrikan people and life itself is cultivated in the womanz womb!


Here we see the bust of the greek imposter, Minerva (a plagiarized version of Neit or Nut, the original Afrikan Goddess of Wisdom, who's also on the shield of Delta Sigma Theta, a Black Greek-lettered sorority). Europe sits on a throne decorated with parts of the cloth of the Parthenon (a temple built for the greeks victory over the Persianz around 432 BCE), her right hand grips the bow of a ship with a lionz head, representing Europe's many tirades during the Age of Discovery. Her left hand, in a fist, rests on top of a book which is believed to be 'the Book of Life', stolen from Afrika—of which we also see the same thief reading, as well as holding a human skull wearing a wreath which denotes victory of death over life (the genetically barbaric way of the caucasian). This book sits on top of a globe, depicting Europe's relentless and merciless pursuit of world domination serving as a symbol of her countless colonial take-overz.


Along the sides of America's throne are Mayan glyphs. We also see she rests her foot—as a sign of triumph—on Quetzelcoatl, the feathered South American serpent god. A Redman squats behind her looking over her right shoulder. With America looking as though she's shunning him, it's confirmed when we see her left armed stretched out for the thief who now has his cloak fully removed and can be completely seen (although kneeling) who is allowed to see the (spoiled) fruit of their crusade: possession of the Book of Life, control over stolen land, and the future before them clear for further colonial campaignz, symbolically stating their position as beholderz of knowledge to the world.


The statue of Asia reflects the somewhat slanted viewz of the period. Her feet rest on a stool supported by human skullz, symbolizing the many lives lost in Asian slavery. In one hand she holds a poppy while a statue of Buddha sits in her lap. We see the rush of colonializm reaching the orient with an emerging cross that standz behind her, denoting the rise of Christianity through the invading missionaries. There are three dispirited figures, one curled on the ground with his face to the dirt and one with his handz tied behind his back representing, in French's wordz, "the hordes of India, and the hopelessness of the life of so many of the inhabitants."

Analyzing these four statues, we see one thing that's consistent is the cloaked thief and his relationship with each "mother". Now I may be reachin', but when you look closely at each one, you will find an age difference. For Europe, he's old; Afrika, mature; and America, he's young. What could this mean? Well, it seemz this bandit was not only after the land and its resources, he wanted to possesss the knowledge; knowledge that evolved out of the Nile Valley. The symbol used for that is a book, which happenz to be the Book of Life. Could it be, after colonizing then stealing Afrika, movin' it to Europe then settling in America, this thief was reborn since he had possession of the Book of Life—a sort of fountain of youth? Although unable to cypher the entire 360° our Ancestorz studied, caucasianz have been able to, as Browder states, "take less than a tenth (33°) and have used it to rule the world".

"Your will to be, lives in me. Ashe!"
— Ancestral Libation

They say there are over 8million stories in New York, we just revealed a portion of the foundation... the history. The history of New York and its role in the enslavement of Afrikan people, the insurmountable profits whitefolk the world-over continue to reap from it, as well as its subliminal plagiarized, I mean, preservation of the Afrikan & Redman experience should be no exception! This should be one of the most profound if not viral stories of New York if not the world!

For the millionz perhaps billionz of hourz in free labor endured by our Ancestorz—especially in Manhattan—there's perhaps a handful of Streets, Boulevardz, and Parks honorably named in their memory. We must come to termz that this is so because in whitefolks eyes, Afrikan people will alwayz will be seen as 'The Help" (like the movie).

No one should have to watch as their Ancestorz' bones are disregarded in death as much as they were in a life of slavery. It is not a good feeling knowing our Ancestorz still lay buried under humongous skyscraperz whose culprits created a global financial empire that stand a few feet above their now disturbed resting place. Those involved--as well as beneficiaries who continue the history of this catastrophic deed against humanity--should be tried and convicted as war criminalz!

A lot of answerz to our Ancestorz' history are hidden in broad view throughout the streets of New York. What we can see is there's a lot more to be revealed. There is this fixation to use the knowledge of our Ancestorz of the Nile Valley to bring the heavenz to earth only they fail to acknowledge this thing they're in search of was and continues to be obtained through ill-gotten wayz; a heaven this certainly is not!

Although I don't' fancy quoting this guy, but what Harry Truman once said is very profound, "there is nothing new in the world except the history you do not know." It is my hope this article serves as a resource for your continued studies on the Afrikanz role in the development of this country as well as our influences across the world. We must consider once knowing, to share; "each one, teach one" so that we all have an opportunity to know-the-ledge (knowledge).

I leave you with Howard University Professor, Dr. Greg Carr's libation performed at the Afrikan Burial Ground, circa 2008.


When Knowledge Became Kryptonite
Christopher Kill-umbus: The Mind of a Serial Killer
Thanks(for)getting: The Origin of Thanksgiving
Massacre, Murder, Mayhem: The True Story of Thanksgiving
The Terrorist Factory: 9/11 series
Giovanni deVerrazano --
Henry Hudson --
Willem Kieft --
Jonas Bronck --
John Throckmorton --
Peter Stuyvesant --
Alexander Hamilton U.S. Customs Building --
Seneca Village

The Hidden History of New York: A Guide for Black Folks, Tingba Apidta
Africans and Native Americans: The language of Race and the Evolution of Red-Black Peoples', Jack D. Forbes
New York Slave-Traders, Thomas A. Janvier
Afrikan Burial Ground:
The First Americans Were Africans, David Imhotep, Ph.D.
Dr. Imhotep provides documented archaeological, linguistic, and genetic evidence of the long antiquity of African people in the New World and how they contributed to the rise of civilization in the West in this book.
- his site:
Africans and Native Americans: The language of Race and the Evolution of Red-Black Peoples, Jack D. Forbes

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• This is very personal for me. I volunteered at the African Burial Ground downtown. At a new site opening, they had poets and singers grace the ground with blessings for Our fallen ancestors. It was such an honor to be near this place. Being there makes You want to look into Your past.
xxxxxxxxxxPosted by Nefer-Ra Zulu ( on Tuesday, May 1, 2012 at 7:25 PM

• Greetings... The info you spread is realy moving... I had tears in my eyes reading about the ancstors buried in new york and how the bones show how they were worked to death etc. Words cannot express the horror and hell they went through, yet our people (most) don't remember or recall any of it, so it would seem like they died for nothing. Now selling each other destructive substances (crack and heroin et al)... the females whoring out and expressing that kind of thing to the younger ones, musical performers using the talent for negative purposes. I could go on, yet I know you know. I wake up every day with a mystic pain in my soul... like i'm crying with no tears. I'm lazy with the reading though, video films are more appealing to me. Keep strong Bro, blessings to you and yours.One day the wrongs shall be righted.When I hear brothers like yourself blowing the trumpet I do feel a comfort.Keep sounding the sound. Peace..
xxxxxxxxxxPosted by Antony Robes ( on Sunday, February 5, 2012 at 10:22 AM

• This is one of the best articles I have read in awhile. If you wanna know the real about NYC and Slavery up North. Check out this article. And past this on to your friends and family. SALUTE to our brotha and friend M'Bwebe Ishangi for his continued great work. MA'AT HOTEP...
xxxxxxxxxxPosted by Dealow Morgan via Facebook on Friday, February 3, 2012 at 5:37 PM

• Once Again, Brother(In-law) M'Bwebe gives our quest for knowledge a much needed... and refreshing kick in the ass. I had vaguely heard of this sacred ground before, but after reading this well-written, right in your face with the facts masterpiece, information that was once cloudy=Is clearer than 20/20 vision. This piece is a MUST read for ANYONE that thinks they know the REAL story behind the insidious institution known as slavery.
xxxxxxxxxxPosted by Daryl ( on Thursday, February 2, 2012 at 9:31 PM

• I just want to say OMG OMG O..M..G! I am so excited to read this article brutha. FINALLY. Keep doing what you do M'Bwebe. Much love. And god bless. :)
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