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(written 2001)

“Whoever controls the image and information of the past will determine what and how future generations will think; and, whoever controls the information and images of the present, will also determine how these same people will view the past.”
— George Orwell, author of the book 1984

"At the time we came into this ship, she was full of black people, who were confined in a dark and low place in irons...many of us died everyday. When our prison could hold no more, the ship sailed.”
— Slave story about Middle Passage

The so-called jew talks of the holocaust they went through during World War II at the handz of adolf hitler. They estimated a couple million of their kind were viciously murdered for racially oppressive and experimental meanz (no one ever metionz the untallied number of Black people who lived in Germany who were also tortured and murdered). Not long ago, they constructed a museum so the world will never forget what was done to them.

Which leadz me to the question, "where’s our museum so the world never forgets our holocaust?!" The descendants of Afrika at home and abroad continue to experience this ongoing holocaust for thousandz of yearz, including the invasionz that happened in the Nile Valley, which lead to the dissection of the Afrikan family into numerous tribes and languages. Afrikanz have been victimz of malicious and callous crimes ever since the caucasoid realized we were the descendants of the founderz of mathematics, arts and sciences, chemistry, astronomy and so on.

One startling stat is a 25-year period during the Atlantic Slave Trade cost over 100 million deaths of Afrikan people! That's an average of about 4 million deaths per year (who never made it to land after leaving the ‘Door of No Return’, in Senegal, West Afrika)! Four million per year for 25-yearz, B! Think about that; our entire race in the U.S. could been completely wiped-out in merely 3-4 yearz!

There was a practice they had, when a slave ship began loading Afrikanz. Oftentymz the first two on board would be male and female who would be recorded in the log as ‘Adam and Eve’ and the rest were numbered 3, 4, 5 and so on. They were packed into the slaveship as if they were sardines. There was the belief that a slaveship leaving Afrika should sail on the sabbath day (Sunday). There was a popular saying that “God will bless the journey.” It obviously was not our Deities they were speakin’ of.

Because of the enslavement, today we do not know matter-of-factly what to call ourselves. According to a survey done in 1990 by the Joint Center for Political Studies, 72% of American-Afrikanz preferred to be called black; 15%, African-american; and 2% negro. Historian Tony Browder feelz,

“The name that a people call themselves must provide them with an understanding of their history by religion, a philosophy and so on. If a people’s name fails to accomplish these tasks, then their name is useless.”

Chancellor Williams, in his book, The Destruction of Black Civilization noted our earliest names we used for ourselves were Wo'se, Nowe, and Thebenz. However, because neither the more widely used Mercator Projection Map, nor the barely known and more accurate Peters Projection Map (which showz Afrika as the largest continent) uses neither of these ancient names on the globe, I use Afrika so folk know what landmass I'm speaking of.

There is a reason virtually every other ethnic race chooses to use a name that has a geographical existence on the globe. Italianz are from Italy, the French are from France, Polish from Poland, Europeanz from Europe, etc. But what about Afrikanz?!!? Where on the map do I see a land called “African-american”?? It simply does not exist! Malcolm X once said,

“if a cat had kittens in an oven, you wouldn’t call them biscuits."

So why would one call an Afrikan, who had been kidnapped and transported across the Atlantic Ocean, “African-American”?! I will say that being called "Black" might not necessarily be a bad thing because it does identify one group, and we find these "Blackfolk" living all around the globe.

(For a detailed account on the rise, fall and split of Afrikanz into various tribes, who fell victim to enslavement, read Chancellor Williams book or this piece, 'When Knowledge Became Kryptonite'.)

The first european settlerz came to the America’s in search of freedom and a better life. With them, however, they brought kidnapped Afrikanz. There were many overseerz who believed in the motto, “We came here to serve God and the king, and also to get rich!”

The Slave Trade began in 1502 and ended in 1808. It was rooted in YTs craving for goodz seen for the first time during their crusades (from 1095-1200s) over Arabz, Indianz and the Chinese. There they competed for goodz but couldn’t overtake Muslimz inland routes, so they were left with using unchartered all-water routes from Afrika to Asia.

What many may not know is in addition to the Atlantic Slave trade, there was an internal trade in the United States ran by overseerz who needed workerz for the then booming cotton and sugar business [*watch Video Articles on White Sugar on DGTv]. In 1820 an internal slave trade was created in the Upper South states, Maryland, Virginia, Kentucky, North Carolina and Tennessee. By 1830, these states were selling 80,000 Afrikanz a year over what was called the Cotton Belt.

Slave traderz packed Afrikanz aboard ships in voyages similar to those of the Middle Passage, unloading them in cities like Charleston, South Carolina and New Orleans, Louisiana and marched them to plantationz.

It’s funny how everyone get’s on christianz for their involvement in using the bible as a tool during the enslavement process, but few are aware that christianz were not the first to enslave our Ancestorz. In fact, the first to do this has shown a resurrection in the Afrikan community over the last 60+ yearz! Yeah, that’s right, I’m talkin’ about islam!! Followerz of islam were stealing Afrikanz several decades before YT got involved.

YT wanted in on this dehumanizing profit-making scheme of selling Afrikanz just like you would sell spices and furz; so they aggressively began to compete. However, as said, they were unable to take the land routes from the Muslimz to Asia and as a result began looking for all-water routes. One was around the tip of Afrika, an area where no European ship had ever sailed more than a few hundred miles along the coast. Sailorz feared the Atlantic Ocean, calling it a “green sea of darkness.”

Led by Prince Henry the Navigator, the Portuguese began voyages into the coast with hired, sellout Afrikan navigatorz and guides and encountered their first Afrikanz they wanted to kidnap in 1444, where they literally stole 200 Afrikan Moorz and took them back to Portugal to be sold at a public auction. Within 10 yearz, Portugal was trafficking over 1000 Afrikanz a year.

Most Afrikanz came from an area bordering a 3000 mile stretch on the West Coast coming from over 1000 villages and townz, including tribes like the Hausas, Mandingos, Yorubas, Ibos, Efiks, Krus, Fantins, Ashantis, Dahomeans, Binis and Sengalese.

When you look at someone from Portugal, you can see the Africoid features, which may lead you to believe they are black. Well actually they are because they had stole so many Afrikanz, and you know YT has this insatiable sexual appetite for Afrikanz, they were soon outnumbered.

The Portuguese saw possibilities for trade in Afrika and as they pirated along the west coast, they renamed parts of the continent after the leading product from each region. The area with an abundance of pepperz and spices were called the Grain coast; the Ivory coast where they slaughter madd elephants tusks for profit; and the Gold and Slave coast's which are self explanatory.

Because the slave trade was becoming very lucrative, Afrikanz were seduced by YTs greed and got involved. This has become an argument mainly with white historianz and scholarz who claim their foreparents weren’t the only who enslaved Afrikanz. It must be made clear that there was a very small percentage of Afrikanz involved. There were several who resisted, like the Senegalese King of Almammy, who in 1787, passed a law that made it illegal to take enslaved Afrikanz.

Another was Captain Tomba, a leader of some country villages, who fought and opposed invaderz and their trade at the River Nunes. He didn't think twice to kill anyone who intended to enslave his people. He eventually was ambushed and as a captured Afrikan, a white slavemaster took notice of him. Tomba scorned at the other slaves for their readiness to be examined and ice-grilled the buyerz, refusing to rise or stretch out his limbz as his "master" commanded. This got him an unmerciful whipping and his eventual death.

As well, some of these same scholarz claim enslavement of Black people happened in Kemet. This is not so. True, there was some type of system but not like what our Ancestorz experienced here in the US. The difference is that our Ancestorz did not practice what’s called ‘Chattel slavery’. ‘Chattel’ is greek for cattle, which is moveable property. We were labeled as moveable property and could be exported to anyone the overseer chose; like how professional sport leagues works today. With free agency, you could be playin’ with an East coast team one year and be shipped to the West coast the next week!

In Kemet, the form of “slavery” was synonymous to todayz labor force. You work for x-amount of hourz and receive compensation. What you do on your off-time is yourz.

Chattel slavery was the complete opposite; you weren’t paid, and your off-time (if there was off-time) was not yourz. While a partnership was forming with white kidnapperz and few Afrikan sellouts, this enabled missionaries to set up camp and convert Afrikanz to christianity.

With the discovery of the new world, there was a large demand for labor. The number of europeanz who came as workerz could not meet the growing demand so the Spanish enslaved the 2nd Native Americanz (because Afrikanz were in the new world thousandz of yearz before the so-called Indian, read Ivan Van Sertima's, 'They Came Before Columbus') to work in the mines of Peru and Mexico and sugar plantationz of the Caribbean islandz. There became a problem when YT realized the natives could not endure the hard labor needed as they started dying by the thousandz.

This turned YTs attention towardz our Ancestorz. It was said that 1 Afrikan was worth 4 natives and the same money would buy an Irish or English servant for 7 yearz would buy an Afrikan for life. The enslavement of Afrikanz emerged from the Caribbean which then spread to the new world. It is said that the slave trade yielded such high profits that Afrikanz became known as “Black Gold."

One, John Hawkins, lived among our Ancestorz for 30 yearz, all the while gaining our trust before he began his tricknology. When he wanted to show off his fine ships, our Ancestorz trusted him. When they invited us aboard their ship, we thought they were safe, but we were so naïve. Our Ancestorz were held captive and brought across a grueling 3-6 month travel across the Atlantic Ocean. This was properly called the ‘Maangamizi’ or ‘Middle Passage’. It must be noted the Middle Passage is more commonly and erroneously called the 'Maafa' by many of our people. This word is of arabic origin and we should all know that the arabz have been just as, if not more involved in the enslavement and degredation of the Diaspora than YT. So we should know the proper Afrikan term for our Holocaust is Maangamizi.

On the ships, our Ancestorz were forced to lay very closely together just like how cattle are packed tightly in trucks today. What’s deep is the Pope and the catholic church gave blessingz for the Portuguese to enslave our Ancestorz. Pope Eugenia IV, in 1442, granted the request. In 1452, Pope Nicholas V gave King Alphonso of Spain general powerz to enslave ‘paganz’, a term that meant any Afrikanz who hadn’t been converted to the white version of christianity.

In 1588, the English navy smashed the Spanish Armada, ending their control of the Atlantic. In the next century, England planted 13 colonies up and down the Atlantic seaboard of North America. By controlling the eastern border, the english received all royalties of international trading.

After being stolen from villages, traderz marched our Ancestorz over 500 miles to the coast over mountainz, through forests and across riverz...BAREFOOT and naked and sold to their enemies! Soundz just like what was done to YT some 5500 yearz earlier — Read IZ YT Hueman? or Mutant! Series. Those who rebelled were killed. Those who fell ill were left to die.


"The men who fastened irons on the mothers, took the children out of their hands and threw them over the side of the ship into the water. Two of the women leaped overboard after the children...One of the two women was carried down by the weight of her irons before she could be rescued; but the other was taken up by some men in a boat and brought on board. This woman later threw herself overboard one night when we were at sea.”
— From the Book, Before the Mayflower.

Other injustices during the voyage were frequent brutal whippingz; forced feeding, where many instances occurred where Afrikanz who protested by not eating had their jawz and teeth broken from the overseer forcing food down their throats; because our Ancestorz had to lay in their waste, blood and oftentymz deceased bodies lay next to them. The stench of death and funk could be smelled miles before even seeing the slaveship. Sea sharks and vultures followed these ships in hopes of a meal for hundredz of miles.

The actual layout of the ship would make even the ruffest neck cry in fear and agony. Each stolen Afrikan were paired off with shackles at the arm, legz, ankles and sometymz neck. They were packed on the bottom of the ship like you would see a pack of sardines: one over each other. Because of these unsanitary conditionz, this was the breeding ground for madd diseases such as smallpox, yellow fever and hookworm. This caused them to lose oftentymz half the human cargo they started out with. But YT knew this and in fact, they already factored this in!

They purposely overstuffed their ships with 50% more than what they actually needed for pleasure and obedient purposes. They could rape, castrate and murder thousandz of Afrikanz as long as they reached their destination with the right amount of captives.

The holdz of most slave ships measured only 5ft high. But the spaces was cut in half by a shelf that extended about 6ft. The Afrikanz were chained by the neck and legz to the shelf or to the deck below and had only about 20-25 inches to sit up. On storm-tossed seas, they banged into one another, and the chainz cut deeply into their flesh. Amid the suffering, many Afrikanz went mad. Some killed each other fighting and clawing for breathing space. They reduced us to act like a pack of hungry wolves.

YT needed to create 2 steps to divide themselves with our Ancestorz to justify slavery. Using religion, they first created an ideology of racizm that would justify subordination of Afrikan people. They dreamed up the notion that Afrikanz are a little better than lionz, tigerz and other wild beasts, which Afrika produces in great numberz. So because Afrika had so many Afrikanz, it was ok to enslave some. This was their rationale!! This is the excuse they used to rape thousandz of women and killing men!! As if to say, “because there was so many of us, it’s ok to take a few (million!)”

They tried solidifyin’ this wicked mindset by rewriting the “Holy” Bible so that many would cherish, as well as incorporating a Slave-version of the Bible for our future children to follow. The number of Afrikanz were rising, so was the fear of some type of revolution. By 1710 there were over 50,000 Afrikanz in the United States; by 1776, 500,000; and by the Civil War, over 4 million.

Over a course of 64 yearz, they were finally able to break the first group of Afrikanz they kidnapped. There were numerous tactics used to break us down and we were broken down in a similar fashion as to how YT breaks down a horse. The process wasn’t easy though, madd resistance was rampant. We did not conform to their wayz easily. One theory is that an overseer by the name of Willie Lynch, in the late 1770s devised a way to enslave us and guaranteed it to last at least 300 yearz. Enslaved Afrikanz outnumbered their overseer 50-1. This proved how potent the Willie Lynch program was (and still is, globally, Afrikanz outnumber all races, yet we’re at the bottom end of the stick).

In 1863, during the Civil War, good ol’ Abe Lincoln declares nergroes “like other people.” Exhilarating, huh. To know that Abe was a person who "liked" us negroes so much, he wanted the world to know that he saw us as equalz...NOT! There’s a catch. He wasn’t talkin’ about all Afrikanz. He was explicitly referring to those enslaved Afrikanz-turned-soldierz for the Union, and of course, it was temporary!

Pure and simple, Abe was a racist like the rest of ‘em, not a liberator. The Civil War had nothing to do with slavery. In fact, slavery wasn’t even recognized as a situation until the war! The 13th Amendment doesn’t even mention slavery. It dealz with the right to vote and in section 2 you’ll find the 3/5ths clause, an idea from the southern overseerz.

Abe was seen as cunning, a liar and a cheat. It was not until after his death they made him a saint — just like they do all of ‘em! Before 1863, Lincoln never spoke of freeing Afrikanz, because he knew 90% of the soldierz would rebel. In fact, he followed Thomas Jefferson’s attempt to send Afrikanz back to Liberia, Afrika and replace them with European servants but they realized it would be too costly.

It was Abe who later blamed Afrikanz for the Civil War. Right before the Emancipation Proclamation, he met with several free Afrikanz and told them that they may think they are free but they are not. He wanted them to go back to Afrika (where he hoped they would die) because he knew if they stayed they would be a threat to the country. And today, in school, we are taught that Abe was a man who loved us so that he wanted to free us from bondage.

The truth is out there, it’s hidden in those thingz YT think Afrikan people are afraid to use...BOOKS! No other race of people have endured such pain and strife as Afrikan people! The key is that only we can cease the pain and begin healing the woundz, but this can only happen through self-study, cultural awareness and a factual chronological analysis of the historical relationship of Afrikan people with the rest of the world. Can U handle it? Let’s hope so.


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